Discovery Days Ch. 01


John had always felt restrained by his wife, Catherine. She was raised in a strict catholic village and had no interest in sex after the kids were born. Sure, there was the occasional fuck on birthdays and anniversaries but nothing like as much as John desired, or in fact needed.

His sex life now consisted of clandestine masturbation sessions when Catherine was out visiting her mothers or doing something with the kids. Over the years john had moved from quick 2-minute shuffles in the bathroom, blowing his pent-up load into toilet tissue to quickly dispose of the evidence to more extravagant sessions.

John had fallen out with Catherine’s parents about a year ago and since then refused to go with her to see them, this now gave him more time in the house alone. Over this time he had developed a substantial stash of porn, both magazines and DVD’s to watch on his PC. He had all manner of pornography, straight, fat, pissing, black etc. but his favourite was one he had found quite by accident on a building site he was working on.

He stumbled across a plastic bag shoved behind a toilet cistern and upon opening it he instantly recognised its bright lurid colours, the instant twitch from his cock told him it was porn. He quickly hid the lot in his work bag and forgot about them till he got home. bursa escort

When he returned from work Catherine informed him that she was taking the kids to see her mom, the first thought that crossed John’s mind was about the session he could have with those new-found magazines when she left.

As soon as he heard the car pull out of the drive he almost ran to his work bag and dug out the magazines. When he opened them, to his delight he found that there were three! He quickly flicked through the first two but the third came as a surprise and he pored over it intently.

The magazine was called “Anal Studs” and was the first gay pornography John had ever seen. He was mesmerised by the first few pages of fit young men wanking their big, fat cocks and showing their strangely hairless, tight, pink ass holes. To John’s surprise his cock was bulging out of his pants and had to unzip and give it some much needed stroking to satisfy himself.

As he continued to flick the pages he came across scenes of these young studs fucking each other, first tugging on each others cocks, then sucking them, licking them, sucking on their balls. They all seemed to follow the same pattern. After the sucking many of the would show them eagerly licking and fingering each others pink assholes.

Precum görükle escort was dribbling out of John’s cock by now and he hadn’t even been touching it. He lowered his hand down to his swollen cock and ran his fingers around the head. When he bought his fingers back to his mouth they were covered with his sticky juice, he had an uncontrollable urge to suck them. He had never tasted his own juices before but was soon eagerly cleaning every last salty drop from his fingers. He then started to wonder whether spunk was as tasty.

He turned the next page and was overwhelmed by what he saw. It was a full page picture of a gorgeous young man lying on his back with his legs in the air, between his legs was another, this time blonde, man with his cock firmly pushed into the other guys asshole. The guy being fucked was holding onto his cock tightly and was squeezing the last few drops of creamy, white cum from his fat tool, his belly and chest already covered with jet after jet of this sexy fluid.

John could hold himself no longer. He applied a big wad of spit to his rock hard cock and another to his right hand. He wrapped his fist around his thick, veiny cock and wanked himself into a frenzy, all the time staring at the picture in the magazine. As he felt the familiar ruch of orgasm bursa escort bayan begin he remembered about tasting his juices, this only served to speed up his orgasm. He took one last glance at the picture, closed his eyes and felt a mighty orgasm begin. He felt it build from his asshole, through his balls to the base of his cock. As he pumped his cock he felt the cum working its way up, he let out a small yelp of intense joy and pleasure as he felt the spunk spurt through the tip of his cock. Jet after jet of thick, sticky man juice shot from his cock and felt hot and sexy as it splashed against his torso.

John looked down at the puddles of cum on his body and the last few preciuous drops falling from his cock and decided that he had to clean himself up. Her sucked his fingers first which had a coating of used spit and spunk. They tasted delicious, salty, musky and filled his mouth with a taste he had to have more of.

He wiped the spunk from his body with his hands and hungrily ate it with his fingers. He had never done anything so dirty in his life and found it such a thrill to be sucking down his own jizz. As he looked down to his torso and cock to see if there was any more of this delicious juice he noticed that his cock hadn’t begun to soften as was usual but was still rock hard. Dissapointed not to find anyomore cum to eat he decided it was too risky to attempt a repeat performance as Catherine and the kids woould be home soon but was already planning his next experience, a trip to the local adult cinema was in order…

To Be Continued

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