Subject: Doctor Who, Jesse, and Jeremy 148 “You must help yourselves…and Nifty and I know! I’m the Doctor! Donate!” http://donate./donate.html BONUS SHORT: GRAYSON’S FIRST RIDE…IN THE TARDIS… From the hallway as he rushed toward the exit, the Doctor called, “Grayson, there are some of your clothes in the TARDIS.” “How’d you get those?” “Never mind. K-9 show him, will you?” “Affirmative, Master,” K9 replied and rolled along to the doors. He lifted into the air and flew inside. “Follow me, Master Grayson.” “He’s got my clothes…” “Or reasonable facsimiles thereof.” “K9,” Grayson whispered and drew his head close the air bound dog, “He scares me.” “Affirmative. This unit is also sometimes…” “K9, what’s he doing in there?” “Not in yet,” Grayson strode through the doors. “Well, blow me!” “Already done that.” They heard the Doctor say. “Master Chance. Don’t touch that!” “What’s he…?” The Doctor heard the sound of the TARDIS wheezing, ready to take off. “OH NO!” Grayson went wide eyed. “K9, wadd I do?” The Doctor flung himself inside the doors and slammed them shut. “What the what?” In the wooden console room, Grayson found an old yo-yo, which had spirals like THE TIME TUNNEL on it. He was doing it quite well. “Doctor?” The Doctor was at the console, flipping switches. “Hmm? Where’d you find that then?” “In that old closet over there. All sorts of things in there, there is.” “Look, will you keep your hands off my stuff?” “You didn’t say that last night,” Grayson joked. “Besides, you said I had to keep it going up and down.” “On that part, I was talking ab out last night. Just kidding. Just …you can touch anything I own but not the machinery. It’s very delicate stuff. You could have ended up on the path to anywhere, anywhen…or no where, no when. Do you understand?” “Can I stop now? I thought it kept the console going up and down like the way it is now.” “Yes,” the Doctor said, irritated. “I thought it was inexplicable that this yo you made that go up and down.” “Welllll…” the Doctor shook his head. “…it did at one time.” “What the what? How? That is inexplicable…” “To the rational mind nothing is inexplicable, only unexplained.” “Forget about that. The yo yo, I mean. Rather, explain to me how this TARDIS is larger on the inside than the out.” Absent minded from the conversation and trying to get a read on the instruments. “Hmm? All right, I’ll show you. It’s because insides and outsides are not in the same dimension.” He moved to the closet and took out two boxes. He held them up to the boy in the speedo. “Which box is larger?” Grayson pointed bursa yabancı escort to the larger one, “That one.” The Doctor jolted to the time console and placed the larger box on the time console then returned to Grayson with the other. “Now which one is larger?” Grayson pointed to the one on the console. “That one.” The Doctor smiled. “But it looks smaller.” “Well, that’s because it’s further away.” The Doctor held the box in his hand up and pointed at Grayson with his other hand. “Exactly. If you could keep that exactly that distance away and have it here, the large one would fit inside the small one.” Grayson absently put a forefinger in his navel. “That’s silly.” The Doctor grew somewhat more irritated. “That’s transdimensional engineering, a key Time Lord discovery!” “Affirmative.” K9 put his two cents in. “See. Even K9 agrees that it is not silly.” “Negative.” “Oh, K9!” The Doctor snapped. They all heard the groaning, wheezing sounds. The TARDIS began to materialize. “This is the exciting bit.” “Even telepathically I can’t understand that stuff.” “Don’t worry about it at all.” The Doctor hit the scanner button and the slides opened from covering it. “THIS is the exciting bit. Seeing what’s outside.” The scanner showed two men shooting rifles. Grayson squinted. “Well, where are we?” “I don’t know.” “You mean you can’t control this machine?” “Didn’t your telepathy tell you that?” “Most of it.” “Well, of course I can control it. Nine times out of ten. Well, seven times out of ten. Five times. Look. Never mind, let’s see where you…made my machine mess up and bring us to.” He pointed to Grayson’s chest and laid a hand on it. Grayson smiled, took the hand and kissed the back of it. K9 used his sensors to open the doors. “Look, K9’s already outside.” “Good. He’s got a blaster, right. And those men had guns.” The Doctor frowned. “He won’t need that.” Grayson shrugged a freckled shoulder. “How do you know?” “I rarely carry weapons. If people see you mean them no harm, they never hurt you. Nine times out of ten.” Grayson smiled. “Like the horse and the deer?” “You mean the lion and the mouse? Or was that the alligator.” Grayson looked outside as they moved out. “You mean the scorpion and the frog?” “Or the farmer and the snake. I forget…” Soon enough, the duo emerged from the TARDIS doors. “It’s called transcendental dimensionalism…don’t you forget it…” “Wait? What?” Grayson asked but knew the Doctor was taking in the area. “It’s hot.” “Yes, for you.” “And it looks like a lot of the green has turned bursa sınırsız escort yellow.” “Yes. Still, there’s a lot of trees in the area…not thick as usual, though.” “So what year?” “I’d guess about 2015…maybe.” “So, let me take this all in. We’re about seven years in the future? My future?” “Welll, give or take a few months. Of course, I’m only guessing…there’s a way I can…” K9 returned to them, hovering nearby. “Master. Need recharging. Regret that I cannot accompany you and Master Chance…” They heard shots. The Doctor patted K9. “That’s all right, my good boy. You go in and do that. We’re not staying here one moment more because…that was a gunshot or I’m a budgie’s cousin…and that…was an the sound of an…” “…an elephant being shot!!!!!! They’re killing an elephant!” The boy ran off. “Why do these boys always run off? Aye? Why do these boys never listen…to me?” “Unknown, Master.” “Oh, go inside, K9.” “Regret having to do so.” “I know. Look, I have to go and find him before…” They heard another shot so the Doctor ran forward. He stopped short. There was a dead man on the yellow grass. “Africa. This must be Africa. Not 2008 though…” The Doctor knelt to feel for a pulse but he already knew the man was dead from a gunshot wound. He put a finger in his mouth and one in the air. “2015…?” He shrugged his shoulders. He found a small pistol in the man’s hand. He took it. “Accidental shooting?” He shrugged and put his lower lip under his upper. “YOU FUCKING MONSTER!” Grayson yelled. “Who are you!” The man asked. “Who are you, to kill a baby elephant like that and tear its trunk off. I fucking hate you!” Grayson started to pound on the man’s chest. “You fucking piece of shit!” The man jumped back and leveled his rifle at the boy. A small hole formed where the bullet hit the man’s forehead. He fell down dead. Grayson looked around. He saw nothing but the sparse trees and heard nothing but the bird sounds. Grayson checked the dead man and knelt to do so. He noticed a stupid expression on the man’s face. Was it frozen in glee at the moment of his death? Was he that happy to kill a teen? Before he knew it, Grayson started to get up and out of his kneel and the Doctor’s hand touched his bare freckled shoulder. He jumped. “Doctor…he…he’s dead.” “Yes, I know. I mean I can see that. Who…?” “I was going to ask you that same question?” “Oh, we’d better get back before that same someone kills us!” “Yeah.” Grayson nodded. “That beast deserved it.” “Welll, I don’t know. No one deserves to die that way, or at all görükle escort in violence. Still, karma and all that.” “It’s really strange…” Grayson looked around. “There’s no one else around here…” The Doctor took him by the bicep and moved him along. They made their way to the TARDIS. K9 flew out. “Partial recharge.” “No need, K9…” Grayson found a pistol in the grass. It wasn’t hard to find with the sun shining on it. He was kneeling over it when he called, “K9, come here, please.” K9 flew over Grayson. “K, can you get a DNA sample from this gun?” From the TARDIS doors, the Doctor called. “Will you two quit fooling around, will you? We have to get out of here, before something I…we do, changes the course of history. Unravels the casual nexus…” Grayson waved him off. “We might get a clue as to…” “K9 blast it.” The Doctor ordered. K9 destroyed the gun. The blast startled Grayson who fell back on his haunches. “Why’d you do that?” Grayson blinked. “To get you to move it. Those two men…I think one must have shot the other in a shooting accident…they must have had transportation here. Whoever did bring them out here will be coming back. I don’t want to get caught and blamed. I’ve had enough of that for the past 5000 years or so…” Grayson raised an eyebrow. “Okay. If that’s your only reason.” “Good, good!” The Doctor strode inside and began to reset the coordinates. “K, I suppose you didn’t get enough time to take a DNA sample?” “I didn’t say that, Master.” The Doctor reappeared at the doors. “Blast!” On Gallifrey, two Time Lords checked on a huge row of computer screens. Many Time Lords were at seats in front of the screens which were set against a wall. Some looked older but were younger. Some looked younger but were older. The two standing men talked. “There seems to be a small change in time on Earth.” “Really? Isn’t that the Doctor’s favorite planet?” “Yes. He might be involved.” “What happened?” “Someone named Donald Trump Junior has died before he was supposed to.” “Oh, good.” In the TARDIS, at the console, the Doctor and Grayson were quiet. Even K9 wasn’t speaking. Grayson looked absently at the crystal clean floor. The Doctor stared at the console. Pretending to make calculations. But staring absently, also. Grayson finally said something. “Did you…?” The Doctor turned and looked at him. He looked sad. Then, he forced himself to smile. The Doctor lifted his right arm and for a second moment, Grayson thought he was going to get slapped by the Time Lord. The Doctor, instead, put his right hand to Grayson’s cheek. There were tears in the Doctor’s eyes but they refused to exit and instead, faded. “Grayson Chance. I wanna take you to so many places. I’d so do anything to save you.” With that, the Doctor leaned in and kissed the boy on the lips and left the room via one of the many doors into the TARDIS. “K, did he just answer my fty/donate.html

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