Doing Dad’s Girlfriend Ch. 03


I got a call from Adrianna about a week after our night of fun. She was mysterious, just saying that we should really talk. We agreed to meet at an out-of-the-way café the next afternoon. I had no idea what was going on but I really liked her and at the very least, we could visit as friends.

Adrianna walked in about 20 minutes late, apologizing and explaining she’d been held up with a new dance client, ‘someone big’ she said. Of course, I understood and told her so. “I’m just happy you made it,” I said.

We got our coffees and a scone to share and sat down side by side, legs almost touching. I could feel an electricity but decided not to mention it or nudge closer. “So what’s up, Adrianna?”

She took a long moment to think about what she was going to say, but then said “I thought we should have a serious talk after our near-disaster the other night.”

“I think that’s a good idea, but what are you thinking?” I asked.

“It’s like this,” she replied, “I really like you and all that…” she trailed off. I got the feeling I was getting dumped from a relationship that I wasn’t even really in, and it felt pretty bad.

She continued, “I really like your dad so it feels a bit complicated.”

No kidding. We were both sleeping with the same woman and to be honest, I had forgotten about feeling guilty after the night in her apartment. Maybe I should be standing back a bit and considering this as a fun-but-done connection that would become a very, very fond memory.

“What I mean to say is that as much as I like your dad, I find him a bit boring in certain ways.”

“Go on.” I was becoming intrigued.

“I don’t really know how to say this… hmmm… your dad’s great but he’s, you know, not that exciting in bed.”

This was interesting enough, but I wanted more. “What do you mean? I thought you had sex all the time according to him.”

“Oh, we have sex a lot, but let’s just say the lights are mostly out when we do it but he is seriously lacking in imagination. Wild sex is eating me out before fucking me. He does get it up easily enough but that’s not enough for me.”

“It sounds like you are not exactly happy with my dad,” I offered.

“I don’t mean to make it sound like that. Barry treats me just great. I get anything I want; he’s always there if I need to see him; and a gentleman at all times. We even have sex often. It’s just that…” she petered off again.

“The sex?”

“Exactly. He is perfectly adequate in bed but that’s not my style. I need a man who’s adventuresome, built, if you get my drift, and as creative as I am.”

I said nothing, waiting for her to complete the thought.

“I wish I could get him to do more to make me happy in bed, but he’s not receptive to my ideas or finds ways to ignore them.”

I was becoming confused. My dad had a long history of affairs, some of which he’d told me about, and many he had not. My sense was that he’d been cheating on my mom since I was born. That wasn’t the picture you get of a successful philanderer. I as much as said that to Adrianna; she had an answer.

“Barry and I have talked about his affairs. I asked him early on since I knew he’d screwed around before and I wanted to keep him from straying with me. Your dad explained that he might have bedded a lot of mistresses, but most of them seemed interested in his wallet more than himself. Eventually, they would tire and dump him, he told me.”

“Did he say anything else?”

“No, but I got the sense that it was in the bedroom that they were least interested in him.”

That made a total sense to me, but now what?

“So what are you going to do?” I asked.

“That’s what I wanted to talk about. I don’t want to play around on your dad, but at the same time, I already like what you’ve done for me.”

“Okay. Sounds like you have something in mind.” I was quite ready to hear her say she’d keep me on the side and was all set to agree. Instead, she had another idea completely.

“I was thinking that if you were to date my mom like I am dating your dad, it might work out.”

I couldn’t follow her logic, but she wasn’t finished.

“Then, then your dad could find out and I’m sure he’d be fine with you dating my mom.”

“Go on.” There had to be more to it, although I was starting to like the strategy of me doing her hot mom.

“We could maybe double date, you and my mom and me and your dad.”

I didn’t have a problem with getting friendly with her mom, but neither did I want to give up Adrianna’s amazing body. It’s not like I wanted a deeper relationship, but I did want access. Would I be happy with her mom?

“That might be okay, but how do we convince your mom to go along?”

“That’s the best part: it was her idea! I was telling her about my ‘problem’ having both you and your dad and how I couldn’t figure out how to get it all without upsetting you or your dad.”

Her mom’s idea? I was aware they were close but this was something altogether different. Her mom had suggested taking over the fucking for her Karaköy escort bayan daughter? At first thought, that was absurd, even if I’d considered mom Alexa eminently worth a shot if circumstances allowed.

Adrianna continued to explain. “And then when we are both couples, she and I will engineer a night together for all of us, you know, for a little sex party.”

She was suggesting we would swap partners. My dad and I. This might be too weird for me.

“Your mom is suggesting we swap?”

“More than that. She thinks we should do it as a foursome so that your dad can see a little more variety and maybe get some ideas from you.”

That was the most bizarre thing I could have come up with, but I did not reject it out of hand. We talked for a while, considering the details and complications that could come up. I kept quizzing her to make sure her mom really was into this arrangement and each time, she convinced me anew that she was completely on board. “In fact, she’s hoping to see you at her place later tonight.”

I was getting more confused. Adrianna was trying to set me up with her mom. And then we’d have a foursome together with my dad? As adventuresome as I considered myself sexually, I really had not been expecting anything this far out. I must have looked pretty doubtful as Adrianna hit me with a hardball question: “Don’t you wish you could fuck my mother? She’s really hot, you know.”

That was easy. “Of course I’d like to fuck you mom, but are you okay with it?” Dumb question, I know.

“Of course I am. I wouldn’t have offered otherwise.”

“Sorry. I am just a little confused about all this. Are you okay having sex with my dad when your mom and I are both there, too?”

“I would love to have a foursome with the three of you. You’re three of my favourite people. Besides, it’s one way of getting your dad to release some of his inhibitions.”

“Well sure, but will he be okay with it do you think?” I knew he wouldn’t be and didn’t want to be there for the fallout, and the blame.

“You just let us look after that little detail. Are you interested?”

“With your mom, fuck yea! The four of us, you might need to convince me some more, but I’m not against it if that’s what you want to hear.”

Adrianna agreed right away and was pretty much on the phone to her mom at the same moment. I overheard her telling her mom to get ready for me, “he’s a really fun fuck, mom.”

She actually said those words. And to her mother yet. Adrianna turned to me and said, “she’s expecting you as soon as you can get there. Here’s her address,” she added, slipping me a card with an address on it. She must have been expecting success because it was already laid out with driving directions.

I stood up, getting ready to leave, then leaned over to her full lips and gave her a soft, sensual kiss, tongue and all… I was already getting horny.

It took me all of 15 minutes to get to Alexa’s house, but I decide to circle the neighbourhood a few times so I wouldn’t look too anxious. As I kept thinking this through I would freeze up each time I got to all of us being together with my dad. I didn’t know if I would be ready for that. Then I thought ahead to Alexa waiting for me right now. So much for driving around. I went straight back to the house and rode up hard to her driveway.

Leaving my helmet on the bike, I walked straight to the front door trying to look more confident than I was. Before I got halfway up the walk, the door opened and there was Adrianna’s mom looking absolutely splendid in a pair of body-hugging white tights and a loose cotton top that fell off one shoulder and giving a teasing look at her chest. I slowed my walk to take in this older woman who looked as good as any woman I had ever bedded, other than her daughter, of course.

Alexa stood there waiting for me. She could tell that I was taking time to absorb her completely. She was a very good looking woman that I might describe as a young Nigella Lawson with something of a Nordic look. She was shorter than Adrianna and more rounded, soft with curves at her hips and breasts that were larger than Adrianna’s easily appreciated set.

Alexa’s hair was light brown with a few golden highlights mixed in and she wore it a bit long, down to her shoulders. She had on a bit of makeup but it was not obvious, just enough to bring out her best features.

She greeted me with open arms, calling me in for a hug but she did not overdo it, much as I wanted to hold those large breasts against me already. I was also shockingly nervous as this was a situation I had barely dreamed of, much less imagined becoming a reality.

Alexa took my hand and pulled me in to the vestibule where she helped me off with my gear. Underneath I had on a tight-fitting T-shirt along with my usual jeans and riding boots. She had me kick those off and pulled me into her kitchen where there was already coffee on the table. She directed me to sit on one side of the breakfast nook while she sat a couple of feet Escort Kayaşehir away next to me.

We made small talk; both of us were clearly nervous. It wasn’t long before Alexa took the lead and asked me what Adrianna had told me about her. I explained about how her daughter was very impressed with her mother’s attitude and that they were clearly good friends.

She seemed to be fishing for something else but I was still unsure about the situation. Yes, the woman had seen me starkers at her daughter’s house, but I didn’t feel quite so brave any more. And though Adrianna had said it was her mom’s idea, I just wasn’t sure enough to act on it. Instead, I delayed some more. But Alexa wasn’t having it. Instead, she point-blank asked me if Adrianna had told me whose idea it was to have me come over today.

“Well, she did mention you might want to see me.”

“Then she didn’t really tell you the whole truth.”

“What do you mean? Didn’t you want me to come over?”

“Of course I did, but I didn’t say it that way. What I told her to ask you is whether you’d be open to fucking an older woman like me. And I told her to get you over here as soon as she could. At least that part seems to have worked as planned.”

I was floored by her openness, not that I should have been. “Actually, Adrianna pretty much said that. I was just concerned about being too forward with you.”

“Adrianna told me you were sweet… you sure are. Thanks for your concern, but I am interested in getting my own taste of you now that she’s told me all about you.”

I stayed silent and let my crotch tighten up as the blood flow began to focus on my penis.

“Tell me, Thomas, have you ever slept with an older woman? I mean, I am more than 20 years your senior.”

“In my senior year at high school I was seduced by my best friend’s sister; she was a senior so had to be about 23 at the time. That’s it for older women.”

“That doesn’t really count; would you fuck someone my age?”

I didn’t know what to say, or I was just not ready for her bluntness, so I said nothing.

Alexa was looking me over, sliding her eyes up and down my body as I had hers in the doorway. “You’re a good looking man and I would love to try you out if you’re interested in finding out what an older woman can do for you.”

This time I knew what to do. I slowly pulled my t-shirt over my head, exposing my tight abs and swimmer’s muscled shoulders. I took my time, too, and when I was done I gave her an answer, “would this be what you’re interested in, Alexa?”

“Oh my, yes. Can I see more?”

“You’ve already seen it all, haven’t you? How about you take off your top first?”

Alexa grasped the hem of her shirt with her hands and snuck the fabric up until it was tight under her breasts. She tucked it under their heavy fold and took a breast in each hand as if weighing them for me. Each overflowed her hands and with the fabric tight against her boob flesh, I could see nubs developing where her nipples would be. She kept that up a bit, teasing me with a wonderful show of her not-quite-naked chest.

My stare was probably burning a hole through the fabric because she commented, “I take it you are enjoying my big breasts.”

“I surely am,” I replied. I decided to encourage her some more and stood up at the table just a couple of feet in front of her. My cock was clearly outlined against the denim of my pants.

“What a lovely, thick bulge,” she said. “Is that for me?”

I let her stare, then reached out to touch her hand directing it to pull up the fabric of her top. Alexa got the idea and whipped off her top, letting it fall to the floor. I was greeted by breasts so awesome that I was stunned silent.

Alexa’s breasts were a full cup larger than her daughter’s and despite her age, were still rather firm, dropping only slightly from their weight. Crowning each breast was a dark brown areola about the diameter of a golf ball. Rising from this soft flesh were thick nipples a little larger around than tall. They were as hard as my cock, I remember thinking.

Alexa again took her breasts into her hands, this time offering them up to me. I couldn’t resist leaning over for a mouthful, and a handful of one then the other tit. She was very responsive to my touch. Her breath caught each time I sucked on a nipple and grabbed a handful of boob.

I pulled back after a couple minutes of this, leaving Alexa breathing heavily. Her chest rose and dropped making her boobs more noticeable each time. Instead of standing up to take off her tights, she reached out to me and without a word, unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my jeans and tugged at the denim to pull them down.

I went to reach for her at the same time but she stopped me firmly. “Let me do this my way, please.”

Since she was doing it so well, I couldn’t argue and simply stood there as this very hot older woman was taking my pants off.

Much like Adrianna, I think she was surprised that I always go commando, not wearing briefs, Küçükçekmece escort so the minute the denim reached my crotch, out popped my thick, granite-hard erection. I swear I heard Alexa gasp; I loved it.

Adrianna’s mom just stared at my erection, not touching it. She just continued to pull down my pants until they were at my feet and I was as naked as I had been in her daughter’s kitchen. But this time, I also had an erection fitting the situation.

“That is a fantastic cock, Thomas,” she noted. “I am really going to enjoy this.”

There are times when I do understand the need to just shut up and enjoy the moment. This was one of those times. I stood there in the middle of this woman’s eating area, naked and erect. I was thrilled with how great her boobs right in front of my hard meat. Alexa seemed to understand my fascination with her tits. She stood up a bit and dragged their flesh across my cock taking time to rub each one along the length of my meat then she casually ran my cock down in the canyon between her boobs as she held them together. Alexa rubbed my cockhead with her nipples, holding my cock in one hand and her tit in the other as she aimed my tip at hers.

It was obvious that I was supposed to just stand there and endure her ministrations. Now standing up, she slid her breasts all over my chest, down my arm and around my back, standing so close that I could have penetrated her if she’d wanted that. My response to her treatment was mostly to breathe heavily and to watch my cock push against the strain of its physical limit, drooling pre-cum.

Alexa kept this up for quite a while and when she stopped I thought we’d move to the bedroom and have a fuck, or three. Instead, she left me in the same position but pulled up her chair so she was eye level to my balls. Then she leaned in and gave my knob a kiss, licking off the gathering moisture.

“Do you like to get your cock sucked?” she asked nonchalantly.

“I certainly do, but wouldn’t you like to fuck me instead?”

“Oh honey. There will be plenty of time for that later. For now, I want to get rid of your first load so you will last longer later.”

It seems that I spend half my time with the women in this family with my jaw flapping. This was no different.

Alexa did not wait for a my agreement, she just got a start on my penis. She kissed along the shaft, kept her tongue busy, nibbled with her teeth. She took my balls into her mouth and played with them using her tongue. I felt her licking all around my cockhead and sucking hard on my purple knob.

All I could do was lean back, still standing but now with my hands holding me up on the counter. Good thing, too, as Alexa took that moment to show me what she could do. She was positioned with my crotch centered in front of her as she took my balls into her hand ever so gently. She then took my cockhead entirely into her mouth, holding it there for a long while. Then she surprised me: she leaned in and engulfed my entire cock into her mouth and throat. I’m talking balls-deep here. This was the first time I had ever experienced a deep throat, and it was spectacular!

I was just enjoying the feeling of her throat and active tongue as she held on to my balls, now at her chin. She took her other hand, grabbed my ass and pulled me even deeper. What an amazing fucking moment, one I have never forgotten.

She let my cock out but started to fuck me with her mouth. Actually, she was pulling me in and out of her mouth with her hands now both on my ass, holding on tight with her nails! I took up the rhythm and was soon fucking her mouth on my own. I could see that she had a hand down the front of her tights; she was rubbing herself hard to the same motion of my cock travel.

When I came it was just perfect. Alexa felt it coming I’m sure because she just grabbed my ass tight and took me to the back of her throat, letting me release my come right there. I watched as she pulled off my cock leaving it hanging, half-hard but dripping with her saliva and a coating of my thick, milky fluid. Just like her daughter had done, Alexa pulled me back to her mouth to give me a good cleaning, licking me off and visibly swallowing the results.

“I so love your cock, Thomas. It’s exactly as Adrianna described it.”

I felt rather proud, especially since I was already starting to feel a new boner coming on. I let it develop as Alexa watched me, taking in every bit of the growing shaft. I was moved to tell her about what I was feeling. “You are the best cocksucker I have ever experienced, Alexa. I can’t believe you were able to take me down so easily. It was the most amazing feeling that I wish I could share with you somehow.”

She smiled at me and pulled me forward by my hardening cock and she did it again. She swallowed my meat completely and tickled my balls with her tongue. I just groaned, not sure what was going on.

She let me fall out of her mouth after a few deep thrusts of my hips saying, “You’re making so horny, young man. I just want to eat you all up, but I think I need your cock elsewhere.”

I reached for her ample bosom but she took me by the handle and tugged me towards the open doors of her patio. I hesitated and sensing my reticence to be that far out in public she told me, “there’s only one neighbour who could see us, and she works all day today. Don’t worry.”

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