Doing Eva Ch. 05


Ch 5: Shaving Kati

When I woke up the next day, Kati had already left my bed. I had slept so soundly I could not remember when she had left. That girl, or rather, young woman had really made an impression on me. I wasn’t quite sure how to handle it. I had to talk to Eva about things.

When I had washed up and dressed, I headed down to breakfast. It was almost 11 am, much too late for breakfast. Apparently I was not the only one to have slept in as both Ray and Eva were still having a late coffee; Kati was nowhere to be seen.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” greeted Ray. “You must have been awfully tired.”

I said nothing, just helped myself to a coffee and sat at the table with my friends.

Eva filled me in, “Kati is not even up yet. She must have been exhausted from travelling and all the excitement of her birthday, to say nothing of that ride on your bike.”

I thought I saw a tiny smile almost break on her lips, but not a word about the previous night.

In a few minutes Ray had finished up and announced he was heading out to run some errands. “You’ll have to entertain Paul by yourself, hon,” he said, without a hint of irony. Good thing, too, as I wasn’t sure I could handle the kind of entertainment that Eva was capable of providing.

The two of us made small talk over more coffee and a pastry — I was ravenous.

Eventually Eva broke the conversation open asking me, “is there anything I should know about last night?”

“What do you mean?” I played coy as I wasn’t sure how having sex with her granddaughter might sit with Eva.

“You know exactly what I mean, Paul. Don’t play innocent with me. I’m pretty sure you had a visitor last night, and it wasn’t me.”

“How do you know that?” I protested.

“First, Kati and I talked a lot before she even moved here, and then with more detail when she finally arrived. She had a lot of questions about losing her virginity and once I showed her a photo of you, about what you were like.”

“Really? She did?”

“That girl was so into it that she convinced me to take her shopping… to my favourite shop, that lingerie place downtown across from the Post Office.”

“I can’t believe that was all her idea. I know you too well.”

“I did encourage her thinking and helped a bit with planning so by the time we hit the store, she knew exactly what she wanted. Did you like it?”

I weakly denied understanding what Eva was telling me.

“Paul, it is very sweet that you are trying to protect Kati, but I also know you only too well and given this kind of opportunity, you would never disappoint a young lady. Besides, we could hear a lot of it through the wall.”

With that little factoid dropped in front of me I gave up. “Thank you, Eva. Kati was so beautiful and completely open to whatever was happening.”

“She had fun? And did you?”

I proceeded to tell Eva about everything that had happened during the night, starting with how Kati had surprised me in the dark.

“That was my idea, actually,” Eva explained. “But that was pretty much all my contribution: sexy undergarments and the whisper-soft entrance.”

I told Eva more of what we’d done, including the first time I had come all over Kati’s chin and chest.

“No! Really? I have seen you cum by the cupful so that part doesn’t surprise me, but that Kati took to it as you describe is incredible. What a sexy little wench,” she said of her granddaughter.

When I had pretty much described the whole night, Eva asked me a most unusual question: “Was there anything you would have liked different or better? Anything about Kati you were unsure about?”

I must have looked as confused as I felt because Eva asked me again using different words.

“No. I don’t think so.”

“Did you introduce her to cunnilingus?”

That’s when I figured out what she was digging for. “No, I didn’t. I wasn’t sure she was ready.”

“That’s not it, is it?”

Much as I did not want to criticise my young lover, I had to admit to my older lover: “Kati has pretty thick pubic hair, actually.”

“And by that, can I assume you mean she has a forested area instead of pubes?”

“How do you know, or did you just guess?”

“I Kati get ready before she came to your door last night so I got a good look at her whole body. That girl is spectacular all over, but for that excessive bush, don’t you agree?”

“No kidding. It doesn’t bother me that she has a thick bush, it’s never stopped me before, but that could be a lot better I think.”

“For both your sakes, I hope she gets the idea that cutting it back a bit. It’s going to make sex better for her, and for you, too. Besides, once she’s had a touch of your tongue, she’ll never doubt the decision.”

We discussed Kati’s pubic hair for a little while, beating around the bush as it were, wondering how to get Kati to trim her pubes. Eventually, Eva suggested it might be best for her to approach the topic herself. After all, the two women had already had intimate discussions and now had something to talk about together.

“Does Escort Kati know you and I have had sex?” I asked.

“I did tell her we had been lovers but never got into the details. She knows nothing about your aunt Suzanne, either, nor about Ray’s involvement in our threesomes and more.”

“How did she take it?”

“I love her attitude and her free thinking. When Kati learned I had fucked you, she wouldn’t stop asking questions about what you were like in bed; what your cock looked like; how big it was; what your come tasted like. It seemed never-ending, but she finally relented when I told her she’d get personal experience later and she could tell me what she thought of all that. In fact, she started telling me this morning, until Ray came down and she went back up to bed.

By the time Ray got back, we’d talked ourselves out and I was ready to hit the road. Kati was still upstairs and instead of waiting for her, wait and maybe embarrassing her, I decided to take off back to my dorm.

I left with instructions to Eva to find out a little more ‘stuff’ so we could chat later.

– – –

Eva watched Paul ride off on his bike, then turned to Ray. She hugged him close and pressed her tits against his chest. She put one of his hands under her loose shirt while sliding one hand into his sweat pants to cup his still-soft-but-huge penis. It only took a moment for it to start moving under her hand.

“Looks like you and Paul had a bit of fun.”

“We talked about last night and about Kati. Seems she is as sexual as we are, Ray.”

“What’s got you so hot? Did Paul get into you a bit?”

“Nope. That’s the problem. Our conversation was detailed and incredibly sexy, but he was ready to go before I could drag him upstairs.”

“Oh, so I get the payoff, then?”

“Fuck me now, big man!”

Eva grasped Ray by the waistband and dragged him into the sunroom off the kitchen. She closed the door and pulled down the shades. By then Ray had dropped his pants. As usual he wore no underwear so was ready in no time. Eva turned towards him, dropping her own clothes as she approached her husband.

“Sit on the table,” he told her.

Eva knew Ray loved to fuck her standing up between her thighs and this table was exactly the right height; they’d fucked here many times.

Eva, naked but for a tiny pair of panties, hopped up on the table and reclined onto her elbows so she could watch the action below. Her generous boobs spread across her chest, falling off the sides slightly. Her nipples were already thick and hard, crinkly and demanding attention. Ray ignored them, but she took one of them into her mouth, chewing on the nub in anticipation of Ray introducing his cock into her pussy.

Ray stood there between his wife’s strong thighs, nothing moving other than his super-thick cock bobbing in anticipation.

“Take me, Ray. I need your big cock, daddy.”

Ray took is cock into one hand and guided it towards the gash in front of him. He slipped a finger under the crotch of her panties to pull them aside for his entry. Eva’s pussy was amply wet and when she slipped a hand down to open herself up for him, Ray started to press his erection into space between her labia. His thick glans slipped easily into her pussy, but he only pushed in the glans itself. For at least a minute all he did was to bob his cock as it sat inside the entrance to Eva’s pussy. She responded by trying to grasp him with her pelvic muscles (those Kegel exercises sure paid off, she thought).

As Eva enjoyed the knob that was opening her up, Ray started to push further into his wife. Her pussy was well-accustomed to his size but as wet as she was, Eva still felt herself filled by the her husband’s cock, as she always had.

Again, Ray paused once he’d pushed all of himself into her. He knew that Eva enjoyed him just sitting in there while she massaged his cock with her cunt. It would not be the first time that she had actually made him come without ever withdrawing or driving himself back in. This was not going to be one of those times.

“I need you to fuck me, Ray. Pound me. Hang on to my hips and give me all you got, you fucker.”

Ray knew this was one of the times his wife needed all he could give her. He pulled out slowly, just once, then thrust hard into her with his rock-hard cock. Again and again he pounded into his wife as she groaned and muttered “fuck me, Ray. Harder!”

It was all Ray could do to hang on to his wife as she bucked and rolled on the table all the while he was fucking her.

Ray was getting close and he signaled to Eva that he was about to come.

Eva was all ready for it and she grasped his cock inside her cunt even more firmly. “One more, Ray.”

He knew this meant she needed only a couple more thrusts to bring her to orgasm so that’s exactly what he did: pounded his giant cock twice more into Eva and as he did so, several things happened.

First Eva started to come, the Ray felt the first pulse of cum rising from his balls, and then the table collapsed, dropping Escort Bayan Eva (yes, as she was coming) riding onto the floor and leaving Ray standing between her legs, cock standing out from his crotch and shooting the first of several streams of sperm towards his wife below him.

But that wasn’t all. The noise of the collapse had alarmed Kati who was just then coming into the kitchen. She ran to the sun room, ignored the blinds and pulled the door wide open scared at what the noise had been.

The scene that greeting young Kati could not have been scripted any better. She stood there, mouth open, eyes wide and short of breath. Her grandfather was standing between her grandmother’s legs with his immense cock (could they even get that thick, she wondered instantly) spurting white goo towards her grandmother on the flattened table, and they were both completely naked.

All three of them were frozen in place. Jaws dropped, skin showing and dramatically silent.

“Good morning, Kati,” said Eva. “Did you sleep well?”

That was enough to break the ice.

“Good morning grandma, grandpa. I slept great and now I need a good breakfast.”

“I’ll get something ready for you in a few minutes,” offered Ray. Just then his cock shook and a long dribble of cum was released. All three watched in amazement as it stretched towards the floor.

That was when Eva started to laugh; Kati joined right in and after a while, so did Ray. This was a most incredible introduction to family sexuality for all of them.

“Give me a hand up, Kati, and we can get breakfast started while your grandpa wipes off his cock.”

So nonchalant, so unalarmed. And so sexual.

Eva and Ray went off to clean up as Kati waited in the kitchen. She had been so surprised by the scene with Ray and Eva that it had not shocked her. But she was now thinking about all that she had seen. Not sure what to think, nor how to face her grandparents later, Kati was equally turned on by what she’d seen. Her grandma’s melons were not much bigger than her own, even if they were clearly not as well supported; and that hugely thick cock! How could Eva take that into her pussy? Then again, she had given birth, thought Kati.

As she considered the thick, forceful shot of sperm she had witnessed, Kati realized she was getting turned on. She was about to press a hand against her mons when she heard Ray coming back down.

“Let’s get you breakfast, then,” he offered. “Waffles okay?”

“That would be great, grandpa.”

“Why don’t you call me Ray now, and your grandma Eva? I think it’s time we treated you like an adult.”

Eva came into the kitchen as Ray was mixing up the batter. “Can you make us some more coffee, Kati,” he asked.

“Sure, grandp… Ray.”

Eva noticed and said, “glad we have that out of the way.”

Not quite knowing what she meant, Kati wondered if Eva was talking about what she had just witnessed.

Seeing the quizzical look on her granddaughter’s face, Eva added, “I mean treating you as the adult you are now. First names make sense.”

The relief on Kati’s face must have registered because Eva followed up with, “or did you mean that sex thing with Ray?”

“I suppose I mean both. Eva and Ray make sense since I feel more like friends, and the scene in the sun room did surprise me a bit.”

“That’s an understatement. You REALLY surprised us, Kati. Did seeing us like that bother you?”

“At first I was mostly stunned and it took a second for me to figure out what was going on. When I realized you were making love before the table collapsed, I felt a bit turned on. I hope you don’t mind my saying that, grand… Eva.”

“Of course not. I am much more concerned that we gave you too much of a show — it’s only your second day here after all.”

“It’s fine. I didn’t mind at all.”

“Honest? Because it was quite a bit to take in I thought.”

Kati was realizing that her grandmother was more excited over what happened than she was concerned now. She decided to push the issue.

“You looked fantastic naked, Eva. And those tiny white underwear almost glowed against your dark skin.”

“Th-th-thank you,” replied Eva, once again surprised at the openness shown by Kati. Nothing seemed to phase this kid, she thought.

“It was kinda sexy to see Ray shooting his come on you, too.”

Eva was now officially shocked. “What?” she exclaimed.

“I thought Ray coming on you was pretty hot, especially how you seemed to enjoy it, too. That’s all.”

Silence from the older woman.

“Are you okay Eva,” asked Kati.

“Uh, yea. You just surprised me. I didn’t think you had seen all that.”

“I certainly did, and I saw how his cock spewed a second time, then dribbled onto you below him. Grandpa sure has a thick cock.”

Eva was beginning to get more comfortable but was still cautious about how this might affect the young, inexperienced woman. “Are you okay with that? Really?”

“I loved the shock on your faces as much as the sexy tableau you both made. And it Bayan Escort was pretty funny, too, when I realized what had happened…” she tapered off, thinking she might have gone too far.

“Do you really know what happened?”

“I think Ray was fucking you a bit too hard and the table just broke, landing you on your butt. And grandpa was just about to come so it was too late to stop.”

“True,” replied Eva. “Exactly what happened, but you sure made it into the room fast!”

“I have to admit I almost anticipated it. I was getting a glass of juice and I could hear some soft grunting in the sun room. I had no idea that it was you two, but I wanted to see what was up. I was about to sneak a peek through the door when the table broke — I already had a hand on the knob so it was quick to open… and there you were, though I saw Ray first.”

“I am happy you are okay with all this because it’s not the way I wanted to introduce you to our sexuality. I had no intention of you seeing us naked, much less fucking in the sun room. Ray and I talked after you left and we decided to come clean with you.”

“What do you mean? What else is there?”

“Ray and I are very open about sex and about who we have sex with. We both have occasional lovers; sometimes we even share them in threesomes or more.”

“Oh. I didn’t think about that. I guess I don’t know much about sex, do I?”

“Never you mind, Kati. I am just happy you are not stuck up or scared off by something so positive as sex.”

The two women enjoyed a light lunch as they talked. Eva was still cautious but Kati kept asking more and more detailed questions. She had already known that Paul had slept with Eva, but now she knew just how close they had been, and how often. Kati laughed out loud at the image of Ray coming all over the window as he watched Paul and Eva fucking and playing in the pool.

“So I’m not the only one Ray has demonstrated his cum-power to then?”

“Shush. He might hear you.”

“Hear what,” said Ray as he walked into the kitchen.

“Oh, nothing,” said Eva. “Kati just told me a girl’s only joke.”

Ray only stayed around a few minutes then headed out to work in the garden. “You girls behave, now,” he said as he closed the door.

Kati got back on to the topic of sex. “Can I ask you a really personal question, grandma?”

“Of course. We have no secrets here.”

“How big is Ray’s cock really? It seemed so huge poking out there towards you.”

Eva smiled. She had known this question would come. “Ray is about nine inches — that is a very big cock.”

“How big is Paul, then? I thought he was really big.”

“I have never measured Paul, but I am pretty sure he’s almost eight inches.”

“Wow. You say those are big, and I think so too. What’s a regular cock like?”

“Most men are pretty happy at about six inches; a few are shorter and an occasional one is even bigger than Ray.”

Kati stared for a moment. “What’s the biggest you’ve ever had?”

“The biggest I have had is your grandpa’s, but I have seen on much bigger.”

“How much cock did that guy have?” Kati asked.

“It was at a sex show in Amsterdam where they actually perform right on stage. This guy’s cock as it started to harden was almost down to his knee. It looked fake, until it got hard, but even then it only made it up to halfway to horizontal, but we could tell it was real.”

“That’s amazing, but I don’t think I would ever want more than I have already had. Paul was huge enough, he filled me completely, grandma.”

“Paul does have a great cock,” agreed Eva, smiling slightly. “The real difference between Ray and Paul though is in the thickness. Paul is nicely proportioned, but Ray is incredibly thick and that makes even more difference.”

“That’s what I thought, but I didn’t really want to ask.”

“It’s okay for us to talk about anything, Kati, even my husband’s giant meat.”

Kati giggled at hearing the description. “It’s only meat at first — then it becomes man-meat, right?”

“You got it, Kati. And Ray’s man-meat really fills me up and that’s saying a lot because I have had quite a few cocks in there.”

“How many men have you had sex with?” asked the young woman.

“I never really counted, but it would have to be a couple of hundred over the years.”

“That is really hot, grandma. Who was the best?”

Eva was briefly flummoxed by the question. Who indeed?

“I think overall it has to be Ray. He and I have fucked in every place you could name and a couple you wouldn’t, and every time he has made me happy. Even the times I did not have an orgasm.”

“What about Paul?”

“He’s a great lover as well, but I will let you decide what you think on your own. That is, if you want to have him in your bed again.”

“I sure do. I just want to be sure he wants me as well. I am pretty inexperienced and if he’s used to lovers like you, I can’t compete.”

“Honey, it is not about competition, but have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You are probably the sexiest woman I have ever seen, and I have seen quite a few of them, too.”

Kati knew to take the compliment. She just smiled at Eva. Getting up, she gave Eva a soft kiss on the lips and said, “I need to have another shower, maybe with the handheld shower head.”

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