Doing Time


Doing TimeKeno Reese finished his lunch of a chicken patty, one slice of white bread, baked beans, apple sauce, and two-percent milk surrounded by the other three hundred plus inmates at the prison. He walked his tray up to the front and hurried to his cell to sneak a quick call on his contraband cell phone. The former d**g dealer asked his mom to put a few dollars on his books via Green Dot. She agreed to send him fifty right then. He waited on the phone as she completed the purchase online. Then, the five-foot-ten-inch, slim light-skinned biracial brotha walked out of his cell and onto the yard.Keno strutted up to area where the punks were braiding hair, giggling and just being all around sissies as they watched the real men play ball and smoke. Keno said, “Baby girl.”A short, slender, chocolate dude looked up and replied eagerly, “Hey daddy!”“I’m finna hit up the canteen. You want some Li’l Debbie cakes.”“Oh please, daddy. Thank you!”“Aight. I’ma get it. Why don’t you come over here and kiss me so I know you appreciate it.”Winnie, as Keno called him, stood up and walked over to his cell mate and owner. His modified uniform was cut so that the orange jumpsuit was now a pair of booty shorts and a midriff top. He hugged and pecked Keno on the lips.Keno squeezed Winnie’s ass and said, “I’ma fuck the shit outta you tonight.”Winnie giggled, “I can’t wait, daddy!”“Hell yeah! Let me get to the canteen. I got us some hooch too.”“Oh! That’s awesome,” exclaimed the bubble booty faggot.Keno smacked Winnie’s derriere for good measure and walked away.One of the other punks, called Macy, said, “Damn. He be doing you right.”“I know. I’m lucky,” Winnie announced.At that moment, Rock subbed out of the basketball game and walked up on the group. The six-foot-two-inch muscular caramel man opined, “Come with me, Macy.”Macy stood up and said, “Okay, Rock!”Macy switched in his tight modified uniform. He was tall and chubby. As they walked back to the cell block, Rock kept grabbing Macy’s fat booty.“I’m so goddamn horny, bitch! I gotta get in that faggot ass,” Rock confessed.“Ooh yes, daddy,” cooed MacyWhen they got in Rock cell, he pulled down his pants and sat on the toilet. He began taking erzincan rus escort a dump. He looked at Macy and order, “Go ‘head and start sucking this dick, punk!”Macy dropped to his knees and licked Rock’s sweaty, musty balls. He grabbed the hard seven inch tool and put it in his mouth.“Take that damn shirt off, bitch! You know I like to see them big ass fag boy titties,” Rock scolded his sissy.Macy pulled off his top and his jiggly boobs fall out. Rock finished his business on the toilet and stood up. “Wipe my ass, punk,” he ordered.Macy complied as always. He got on his feet, grabbed some toilet paper, and cleaned his master. He threw the used tissue into the commode, flushed it, and washed his hands.“Get back on this dick,” Rock said.Macy dropped back down as Rock sat on the bottom bunk. Macy sucked the super thick cock with lots of vigor and plenty of saliva.“Rub them big fag titties on this dick,” Rick groaned.“Ooh, Rock,” Macy lisped as he took his generously fleshy breasts and squeezed them around Rock’s tool.“Damn, you a bad muthafuckin’ faggot! I’d fuck you in the world too.”“Really, Daddy!”“Yeah, bitch. You ready for this dick?”“Yes sir!”Rock stood up and squatted while Macy wiggled his ample booty. He spat on his dick head as it touched Macy’s hole. He slid it in as Macy held his butt cheeks open.“Damn, punk! That pussy stay tight,” Rock shared as went balls deep“You like that sissy ass on your dick, Daddy,” Macy whispered.“Hell yeah, faggot,” Rock confirmed as he reached up to massage Macy’s tits. “You just like a woman.”“I’m your woman, Daddy!”As Rock pounded away and Macy screamed, another inmate walked up. “Fuck that fat ass faggot, Rock,” he yelled out. The medium-height, medium-build Black man called Veep rubbed his dick and went on his way.“Get on the bunk. I wanna fuck you on yo back,” Rock decided.Macy hopped on the bed. His fat rolls were shaking as he put his legs up. Rock slid back inside his rectum and went to work fucking him. Rock began to suck on his boobs.“Oh, nigga! Fuck me,” wailed Macy.“Hell yeah, bitch,” Rock groaned.“Fuck this ass! Fuck it like a real pussy, nigga!”“Hell yeah! Fuckin you like you erzincan rus escort bayan my baby momma.”“Ooh, yes!!!”“Ah shit you bout to make me nut. You want this nut on them titties, bitch?”“Please sir.”Rock pulled out and shot a river of cum onto Macy. He then hopped on the top bunk and said, “Clean yo faggot ass up and go back to the yard.”Macy washed up and headed outside. On his way back to the yard, he saw Veep coming back inside with a five-foot-ten-inch white punk that had purple hair and ass injections. It was a bit unusual to see white sissy with a Black man as most of them were owned by the Billies. Veep’s faggot had gotten released two weeks ago and he had not yet claimed or bought a new one. Macy knew the white boi walking with his was owned by a burly biker. Veep saw the questioning look in Macy’s eyes and said, “Cost me a carton.”Veep led the punk into his cell and pulled down his pants. The white boi said nothing. He just dropped down and put the ten inch prick in his mouth. Veep grabbed his head and face fucked him furiously. The cocksucker began to tear up and gag. Veep pulled out quickly as he was about to cum.Veep said, “Take off them shorts and show me the round ass.”The white boi stood and removed his shorts. He began twerking and Veep started spanking him. Veep enjoyed seeing the sissy’s cheeks turn red. Without any notice he shoved the bitch against the wall and pushed his gigantic meat inside. The white boi screamed.“Take this big Black dick, white boi,” Veep commanded.The sissy replied, “Yes sir!”“You like being a li’l ho ass faggot?”“Yes sir.”“Stop movin’, bitch!”Veep hammered away fully aware that he had only been able to negotiate fifteen minutes with the sissy. When he got ready to cum, he pulled out and pushed the bitch to his knees. He came all over the white boi’s face and then let a loud grunt. “I ain’t gay, bitch. Get the fuck out,” he scowled. The girly bottom scurried away.Later that evening, Winnie was inside the cell he shared with Keno straightening up. It was almost lights out and Keno finally came back in from his game of dominoes. “Hey, sexy,” Winnie smiled.“Hey, baby girl,” Keno rus escort erzincan replied.“Thanks for the Little Debbie’s.”“Yeah! No problem boo. We gone make that ass real fat. Pour me up some of that hooch and get on this dick.”Winnie moved quickly and handed Keno a cup. Then, he dropped to his knees and pulled out Keno’s eight inch yellow dick.“Damn,” Keno huffed as he felt the warmth of Winnie’s mouth on his manhood. “I been thinkin’ bout that mouth all day.” He grabbed Winnie’s Afro and pushed his head all the way down. Keno loved that Winnie never gagged. “Grab one of them Li’l Debbie cakes and eat it while you ride me.”Winnie retrieved one of the snack cakes and removed the wrapper. He took a huge bite and pulled his thong to the side. He straddled Keno, who was sitting straight up.“Put that dick in that ass,” Keno instructed.Winnie took the last bite and positioned Keno’s member at his hot hole. As he sat down he grimaced slightly. Keno pulled his head close and launched into a deep passionate kiss. Winnie started grinding slowly. The pair kept up their passionate lovemaking when suddenly Keno smacked Winnie’s ass so hard he could be heard three cells down.A random inmate yelled out from the distance, “Keno bout to pack that fudge.” Others laughed wildly. Keno smiled as did Winnie.“Let’s give ‘em a show,” Winnie giggled.“Hell yeah,” he said quietly. Then he yelled, “Bounce that ass on this dick!”Winnie did as told and screamed, “Oh that big yellow dick feels so good in my chocolate faggot ass.”“You sexy fucking faggot! You like this big yella dick in that pussy.”“Oh yes, Daddy. Fuck it!”“That boipussy so tight! You got that present, bitch!”“Yes sir!”“Then give it to Daddy,” Keno ordered loudly.“Tearing that ass up,” called out anther random inmate.“He bout to shit on this dick,” Keno returned the chatter.Right then Winnie relaxed and let it come out. Keno kept right on fucking his messy asshole. He picked Winnie up and put him on the bed.“Told yo ass I was gone fuck the shit outta you,” exclaimed.“Yes sir! I love it,” Winnie wailed.“All these niggas in here wanna get in yo pussy. But you my bitch.”“Really, Daddy?”“Hell yeah. That’s why they listenin’ and cheerin’ us on. They just thinkin’ about you on they dicks.”“Oh Daddy! You’re fucking me so good.”“Yeah I’ma get you pregnant tonight.”Keno thundered away going balls deep until he put his seed deep in Winnie’s anus.After Winnie cleaned cell, he climbed into the top bunk with Keno. Keno’s dick was hard again and went back inside Winnie nice and slow.

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