Dominating Susie to save our marriage


Dominating Susie to save our marriage****** This fantasy is one I have shared with my wife on a few occasions and been lucky enough to partially live out. I would LOVE TO HEAR YOUR COMMENTS!!! What do you like about this? Have you done any of this? How did it turn out? You get your jollies reading my shit. Give me your feedback so I can have my own jollies!! At least rate it when you read it, please!!! *****When our youngest moved out last year, my wife and I talked a lot about spicing things up in our bedroom. We have always been vanilla in our love making. No gymnastics, no other people, few toys and not even much porn. Well, at least she has never been much into porn.Anyway, we did some things outside and we made certain that each room got re-initiated and even did a little role playing. But all in all it was a flop and it was not three months after we were alone that we were right back into the same rut.Last week, her computer bit the dust and I told her to just use mine for a while (tuition payment had just been made and so things were tight. That night, when I walked in, she was pissed. She did not have to say a thing. For a moment I thought that she had blown up my computer too. Then she said she found my stash of porn and started digging into my browser history and … HOW COULD I????I let her go on and on until she finally ran out of breath and then I said. “You are right. I should be getting my sexual satisfaction from you. You are my wife. Unfortunately, for 27 years I have had to put up with stuff that did not satisfy me because you are satisfied with what we are doing. I am not. So there are several choices to be made. I can continue to supplement our sex life with porn, which you seem opposed to. You can step up to the plate, learn what I really want in a sexual partner and become a partner that meets my needs as I have yours all these years. Or we throw away the whole sham, I can get a sexual partner to relieve me and if you cannot handle any of those, I guess there is always divorce.”That stopped her in her tracks and she just stood there staring at me as if I had just slammed a sledgehammer into the top of her skull. Then, after about a minute of just looking at each other, she turned and ran to the room crying and slammed the door. I figured that was the end of our marriage. I ate a cold sandwich for supper, slept on the couch and got dressed from the clothes that were in the laundry room waiting to be hung up.At lunch time I called home but got no answer and I almost left work to see what was going on. For all I knew, everything I owned may well be getting thrown onto the front lawn of the house or she could have packed up and moved out. But I sent her a text saying I loved her and stayed at work.Her car was in the drive when I got home. Nothing looked amiss. I walked in and called out and she replied she was in the bedroom, so I put down my briefcase and headed upstairs to see which direction she was leaning. I took a deep breath and stepped into our bedroom and froze. My wife was kneeling beside our bed in the ripped and torn remains of a white stretchy shirt that probably had been too small for our daughter when she was 12!! Susie is 5’8” and 145 pounds with D cup tits and a fabulous set of legs that hold up a nice round ass. Seeing her in a shredded shirt, kneeling beside our bed was a little shocking.“Are you okay?” I asked and started to go to see if she had been attacked.”I am your slave for tonight. All I ask is that you show me mercy tonight as I learn your world. Tomorrow, you can learn it from me.” She did not look up she just stared at the floor in front of her. As I stared at her, I realized with the exception of the ripped shirt, she was naked!! My wife was really willing to submit to me!I went to the closet and took off my tie and tossed it on the bed. I grabbed a couple of other older ones and put them on the bed as well. I took off my dress pants and hung them up and took off my socks Then, I walked over to where she was kneeling and pulled the tail of my shirt open. My cock was straining at the cotton fabric and there was a small dark wet spot in the gray material that strained to hold the tip of my cock in check. “Blow me.” I said.She looked up at me and then looked at my cock. I could tell she was nervous. There had been no discussion of limits, no safe words, no rules or boundaries set. She was submitting Carte Blanche to me and it was scary to her and truth be told, to me too!She rocked forward up onto her knees so that her mouth was at the right height to do its stuff. She ran her hands up my thighs and I saw that she had painted her nails purple today. She dragged them lightly up my thighs and the sensation was powerfully erotic! But rather than pulling my briefs down, she grabbed hold of my package and pulled all of my equipment out a leg hole and began to fondle and roll my balls, while dragging her fingernails across my tender scrotum.My cock was now pointing out at her, its tip glistening with pre-cum and I could not think of a more lewd image. She had done up her eyes with heavy purple eyeshadow and eyeliner. Her blue eyes seemed to flash as they played over my body. Her shoulder length bronze red hair, shimmered in the sunlight that poured in through the french doors to the balcony. And then she took hold of my rod and began to point my head toward her red lips.Susie rarely wears anything more than the lightest amount of makeup. So watching my cock slide into a mouth that was as shiny red as anyone could imagine was mesmerizing.. At first, she would just pop my head in and then suck as she puled it all the way out, finishing with a kiss to the tip of my slit. Then she began swirling her tongue around the base of my cock each time she pulled me out. Now usually, this type of slow suck does little for me, but watching her mouth work, türbanlı manisa escort seeing her turn her eyes up to look into my face to judge my response to something she was doing… It was damn hot!Just when I was about to say stop because I was getting close to the point of no return and I wanted this to last a long time, she suddenly lurches forward and rams my whole boner as far in as she can!! The head of my cock hit the back of her throat and I could the muscle of her throat tighten and contract over and over again! I grabbed hold of the back of her head and moaned as she just held me there for a few seconds before rocking back on her heels, leaving my coated cock throbbing and on the verge of explosion as she grabbed a deep breath Then she rammed my cock deep into her throat again and it was all she wrote!Somewhere along the line, she pulled my still throbbing cock out of her throat as it shot jets of white pearly cum all over her lips, cheeks and then across her right eye as I reached to steady myself by holding onto the post of the bed. I sat back on the bed and told her to get me a towel as I tried my best to not think that the evening was already over. She came out wiping her face and then knelt down and cleaned the globs of thick cum from where they had fallen.As she stood to toss the towel in the laundry, I caught her wrist and threw the towel to the floor. She stared in my eyes and I could see just a flicker of hope, maybe a little of fear. I grabbed hold of the bottom of her shirt and pulled as hard as I could, and the flimsy material parted from her waist all the way to the thin band at her neck. Her beautiful big breasts spilled out into view. Susie has tiny areolas that almost disappear when her nipples harden to their full length and width. I swear to God they are the sexiest tits I have ever seen, let alone tasted.I pulled her to me and began sucking on one nipple while holding and pulling on the other breast. This was the moment I had dreamed of for decades. As I felt her nipples harden and heard her begin to moan my plan took more and more shape.A minute or two later, I stood up and laid her down on her back in the center of the bed and began tying her to the posts of the bed spread eagle with the ties from my closet. Once I was certain that she was secure and comfortable I took my socks and made them into a blindfold and covered her eyes and told her to be good while I ran out to the garage for some supplies. She began to protest but I was out the door and heading to the garage before I could hear a word of her complaints.It may have taken between five and ten minutes to gather all of my supplies, but when I came back, Susie was in just the highly state of awareness that I had hoped for. She asked me what I was doing and I just laughed and told her that a good slave did not question, only submitted. She thought about that for a moment as I went into the bathroom for a couple of things before she said she was not certain she wanted to be a good slave. “You do, trust me. You are about to enjoy sex like you have never had before!!I took the heavy mill black plastic and ran it under her naked flesh until it covered the bed like a fitted top sheet. By now Susie was really not comfortable with what was going on and I was afraid that I was about to taste her for the last time, but I decided to go for broke. She froze as she hear me open the drawer to where she keeps a couple of toys and she listened carefully as I squirted some of the toy lube on the one I selected. I walked back to the bed and said, “You have given me great pleasure this evening and now it is time for me to give you pleasure.” With that I reached down and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth.She relaxed. For maybe the next five minutes I made sweet slow love to her breasts in ways that she had never allowed me to do before. She squirmed and within the first minute she was already squirming, wanting more, asking for more. I glanced at the clock and judged the time about right. I reached over to the pile of things I had brought in and picked up three of the large rubber bands and stretched them and worked them around her right breast until they were up to the base of her chest and I allowed their pressure to press in on the soft flesh. A few seconds later the second breast was likewise banded. That was when I picked up the lubed toy and realized that I really had not needed to use so much of the lotion. Susie was as wet as I had seen her in years!! She arched her back to adjust the route of the toy that I knew she loved the most. I began slowly moving the toy in and out, but I did not turn on the motor for a full five minutes. By this time, her breasts were just beginning to show a little color. “Now, hold this vibrator right where it is. I need something else.” I told her as I pushed the veined vibrator deep into her hot wet pussy.I found what I had hoped for quickly and returned to the side of the bed. Years ago, we had bought vibrating pads for my back, when I had a strain. They operated off of a power pack you plug into an outlet. I plugged in the converter and took two strips of duct tape from a roll and taped the buzzing pads across the fronts of each of her tits and right over her nipples!Susie had no idea at first what it was that I was taping to her. But once they were secured, I turned the switch to the lowest throbbing speed and I wactched in delight as she spasmed and arched her back!! “OH GOD, No!!! Oh that is sooo …. Oh my God!!!” she trailed off.As I looked lower, her pussy was clamping and pulling on the dormant vibrator, causing it to move in a most obscene fashion. I leaned down and kissed the top of her pussy and blew my warm breathe across the pink flesh of her clit’s hood. She writhed and began calling me all kinds of names türbanlı manisa escort bayan as she strained against the bonds that held her fast. I laughed and flicked the tip of my tongue briefly once, twice and a third time across the sensitive fleshShe began to cum. I could tell it was only a minor orgasm, and she longed for more. So I reached down to the base of the vibrator and turned it onto a medium speed and intensity and as I hoped, just as she would almost finish the orgasm, a new, slightly larger orgasm would shake her.By now she was whimpering, swearing, and thrashing as the power of each succeeding orgasm took her higher and higher. That was when the doorbell rang. “Ahhh, dinner. Please excuse me dear, I have to go meet the delivery man. Be a good girl while I am gone.” I laughed as I got up off of the bed. She called me an avalanche of names and begged me to stop the vibrators. Instead, I flicked a number up higher on the breast pads and gave the vibrator a slightly higher twist!!I could hear her moaning and thrashing as I pulled on my pants and walked to the door. She had once told me that the idea of strangers hearing us have sex always pushed a perverted exhibitionist button within her and I could only imagine what she was thinking now!!I could just hear her as I paid the young man and gave him a tip. At one point, Susie cried out, “Oh God, not again!!” and the guy’s eyes met mine and I just smiled. The fact that she was experiencing an orgasm was unmistakable.. But that was when I thought, what the hell, “She is a perfectly willing participant in this, but if you need to come and ask her yourself, as a good citizen, you may. “ I told the young man.His jaw hit the floor and then I told him to come in, and follow me. To his credit, he looked around a moment before he followed me up the stairs. At the door, I stepped to the side and said, “See, she is fine, just a little orgasmic, aren’t you dear?” She suddenly convulsed and shook as if she were in a seizure!! I looked at the k** and I swear I could see his heart pounding in his chest!! Then my wife yelled, “Oh shit, you bastard, I am so damn hot that if you don’t get over here and fuck me soon I am going to wet the whole bed!!”“That’s why I put plastic sheets on the bed, dear, go for it while I walk our guest back to the door.” Before we even turned to leave the door, she came and her pussy juices gushed out of her stuffed cunt like a perverted fountain!! “That’s your cue, there young man. I need to get back to her soon, so, as you can see she is fine.” “Damn Fine!” He said to me as he turned to walk back out. “She is the hottest MILF I have ever seen in my entire life!!”I laughed and he refused to even take a tip as he headed out the door.By the time I got back to the bedroom and cast my pants onto my chair, I had a raging hardon and my wife was a sweating body of sexual ocean awash in the waves of orgasms crashing through her time and again. I turned off the vibrations to her b**sts and then undid the ties to her ankles and then I climbed up on the wet plastic and pulled out the drenched phallus and turned it off before tossing it to the floor. I could tell by the way she relaxed, she thought she had weathered the storm. I gently pulled off the tape from her breasts which were now swollen and super sensitive. I then clipped each of the bands, allowing fresh blood to rush into her soft pillows. The gasp let me know that my window of opportunity was quickly closing so I aimed my raging hard on at her wet stretched pussy and in one smooth motion I went balls deep into her!! I am just slightly larger than her toy, so she fit like a glove around my cock and muscles I am certain she had forgotten she ever had tightened, twitched and trembled up and down the shaft of my cock. I bent down and took a nipple in my teeth and gently twisted my head back and forth, shaking her massive breast. Her moan was a****listic! I pulled back and slammed into her one more time and just held my cock deep in her as I felt her hips begin rotating and then grinding for release. That was all I needed and I pulled back and then began a good regular fucking of her wet cunt. She was panting, begging and writhing as I kept up the assault for almost ten minutes and four more orgasms on her part before I blew my load deep in her womb.I collapsed on top of her and said simply, “Now, that was not so bad an appetizer was it?” We kissed and then she pulled back and said, “Appetizer? Showing me naked and in the throws of an orgasm is just an appetizer to you?!?!?”“Oh yes! Wait until after supper!!!” I whispered in her ear and then bit her ear lobe, causing just one more little wave of pleasure to wash through her core.I untied her and she went and showered while I ate the pizza and breadsticks and drank a beer. She came into the family room with just a long silk robe on. I smiled at her and she came over and kissed me on the lips and said, “I so fucking cannot believe you let some k** see me naked!”“From the doorway, he could see your pad covered boobs and a vibrator sticking out of your twat. He could not even see your face, because of your pillows and the socks. But I figured that would send you over the top!”“You are such a bastard! Why the hell did you not talk me into this before?” She then opened her robe up revealing her beautiful body to me, leaned over and picked up a piece of pizza and sat down across from me. I noticed then that she had shaved her pussy bare and I about dropped my plate. “What? You see something you like?” She asked with an arched eyebrow.“Oh yes dear, very much!!!! In fact once we finish with our meal, I think we will have to see what some other people think of your bald beaver as well!!”After dinner, we went up to the bedroom. I noted that she had taken the plastic and türbanlı escort manisa rinsed it off in the shower and it was drying over the shower rod. I walked to her closet and looked at her clothes and asked her to take off her robe. After a few moments, I reached in and grabbed a pair of high heels I knew she liked and look fantastic on her. As she put those on, I grabbed up a black fitted raincoat that went down to her knees.She looked up and said, “What am I wearing underneath that?” I just smiled and she said, “I am not going out in public with just that raincoat on!” I walked over to her, staring her in the eyes the whole way. “You will do as I tell you, when I tell you, tonight.” She was standing there in her heels and nearly as tall as me, with not a stitch else. “Put it on, and I will show you how covered you are.”The daggers she was shooting at me were lethal, but she did as I said, and then I helped her cinch it closed. We then walked over to the full length mirror. “You are more covered in this, than you are in shorts and camisole and I have seen you go to the ice cream shop in that many times.”Her eyes shot to me. “In the mall? You want to take me to the mall like this? On a Thursday night?” “Yes.”She looked back at herself in the mirror and turned this way and that and then looked outside. It was a crisp fall day with a misty rain falling. It was the perfect evening for wearing a coat just like this one. She looked at me and said, “As you wish.” And I breathed a sigh of relief.20 minutes later she was walking up the large open main concourse of the mall with me. She had not clutched onto my arm like this for decades and it had me hot. “I feel so vulnerable and yet so powerful at the same time.” She whispered to me as we stood in line to order our treats. “No one even thinks twice about you like this. So when we sit down to eat, then you can start having some fun.” She looked up into my face with a mixture of horror and excitement. “I will leave it up to you, but I would like you to flash at least a couple of people your bald pussy and one or two a good look at your tits.” I know I had a leer on my face like a Cheshire cat, and she called me a bastard again, but I also noticed she began looking around for the best way to accomplish her tasks.After we ordered the ice cream, I turned around just as she was loosening the raincoat’s belt and undid a button. There was no one in line behind us. Just as the young lady turned to give me my shake, Susie leaned way forward toward the ice cream display and pointed and said, “What flavor is that creamy one back there?” Then she looked up at the cute brunette little girl behind the counter. I could just see a reflection in the glass of what the girl was staring at. Susie’s tits were both hanging nearly clear out of the coat!! The girl was so shook, she dropped my shake! Susie stood up and said, “Oh, they all look so good, don’t they?” and then without waiting for a reply she turned and faced me and then kissed me hard and full on the lips. “There is one view of my tits! And my pussy is soaked!” she whispered in my ear.We got our ice cream a few minutes later from a very red faced young lady and Susie led me to a small bistro table for two near the entrance. A moment later, an older couple started to walk past us to order some ice cream themselves. Susie “dropped” her napkin and bent over to pick it up. Again, her magnificent boobs spilled out and while the old woman walked by completely oblivious, the old man nearly popped his eyes out of his head trying to memorize the look of my wife’s mams!!! Susie blew him a silent kiss and laughed as she turned back and continued eating her ice cream.She really did not have much of an opportunity to do anything else without being seen by a dozen people, so we finished our dessert and picked up our trash and headed to the trash can. I put my stuff in and then I heard her go, “Oh, damn!” rather loudly. I turned around to see that she had dropped her paper on the ground. I was about to squat down and pick it up for her when she bend over at the waist and picked up items and put them in the trash. When she turned around, her coat had opened all the way up and she was showing her bald pussy to about a half dozen patrons of the ice cream shop. Almost every one of them stopped what they were doing and stared like they had been shot!! She then casually closed her coat, turned to me and said, “Take me home and fuck me, I am hot as hell.”We walked quickly to the SUV and an idea struck me. Her hanging on my arm all the way through the mall had revived my lust and my cock as well and I was no more willing to wait than she was! So I drove over to where a row of trees separated the parking lot from the main boulevard. I pulled so the SUV blocked all visibility of the passenger side from the mall. I then turned it off, got out, and went around to her side of the SUV. She got out and I turned her so that she was leaning into the passenger seat and then I lifted up the back of her raincoat. I did not have to tell her to spread her legs and she did not need lube. I slid my cock head easily into the entrance to her cunt and leaned up over her shoulder and said, “I am going to fuck my little slut hard and fast now!!!” She moaned and I shoved her head down and then thrust my cock all the way into her as my hips slammed into her ass.We probably did not last five minutes before she yelled, I felt her orgasm grab my cock and I locked myself as deep into her pussy as I could and felt the “shot heard round the world” blow through the tip of my cock again and again and again!!! When we looked up, there was a security car at the entrance to the mall and they were talking with a woman who was gesturing our direction. My wife cursed and I quickly pulled up my pants and went around to my side of the car and Susie hunkered down in the passenger seat. We pulled out of the parking lot without anyone following us and a whole lot of nervous laughter. Then, about two miles from home, Susie slipped off her seat belt and leaned into my lap. “I need to clean someone.” she said. And before the garage door had closed completely, she drained my cock one more time, for good measure!!!

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