Donkey Dick


We’d only just got settled on our favourite nudist beach when we both noticed the gigantic dick attached to a man of about thirty-five. He hadn’t gone ten yards past us before we both realised he was the same bloke we’d seen on the beach last year.

There’s a story there if you’re interested, we were walking in the surf last year when this bloke walks past with the biggest dick we’d ever seen and we’re talking seven or eightr inches soft here and at least two inches thick. Any way we said hello as we past, smiled and nodded as we past a second time. Later in the day we were discussing the people we’d seen and Susan mentioned this chap in the surf. I said the one with the goatee beard and would you believe she hadn’t noticed he had one! Shallow or what.

So there we were, both realising this monstrous dick was the same one, Susan never forgets a dick and I’m pretty good with faces so between us we were sure. Giving him a decent start we decided to follow to get a better look. We past each other several times paddling in the cold sea. As last year we said hello and commented on the cold water. Susan unable to take her eyes from his tackle and he appreciative of her full breasts and slim waist. Or was he simple regarding my inferior equipment, who knows.

Wed returned to our stuff before he headed back to the dunes behind us. Just a he was about to disappear from view he turned to Susan who was mesmerized by his swinging dick as if it was a hypnotist’s watch! As he looked at Susan he flicked his head into the dunes as a signal she should follow him.

To say that Susan was gob smacked is putting it mildly, if asked she would say she hadn’t realised she had been so obvious but she had I’ve got to say. For the next ten minutes she did nothing but giggle and gloat at the fact that she could pull even with me there, ha ha!

After ten minutes I told her she should follow and see how his dick shapes up, they say that big dicks sometimes don’t grow much when the blood starts pumping, his might or might not grow to epic proportions. Susan tried to make out she’d never go up but just as I was about to cool to the idea she jumps up and say’s I’ll just see where he’s sitting and be right back.

Ten minutes later I’m still on my own so I decide it might be prudent to check. By then the thought that she might be in some kind of danger had entered my mind. I should have had more faith in my woman I suppose because when I found her she was sat across from the man sitting I might add with knees flopped apart and her pussy open for him to look at.

Her display was working on her quarry as his dick was showing the first signs of wakening. He said I should sit if I wanted and I did, making up a triangle with the two of them. This allowed me not only to view Susan’s dripping pussy but also to check on the developments in front of her.

They’d be making small talk it seemed. They’d got past the minimal introductions and were discussing his awesome tool. Paul was justly proud of it and with just a few strokes of his hand it grew quickly to ten inches and between two and a half and three inches wide.

Susan was sitting quietly just staring at the sight before her eyes. As I watched her she slipped her right hand between her legs and began to rub at her clit. I moved to sit behind her at this point and took over the job for her. As I slowly jerked her off I asked Paul about his dick, if he had trouble getting it up women and if he was able to get the whole lot in. Paul told me he always made sure his women were ready for him and he nearly always got it in. the head was some much bigger than the shaft that once it was inside the rest followed easily. Occasionally he’d bottom out for a few thrusts but usually it would all go in. Susan shuddered through her first orgasm at this point and began to giggle as she usually does sometimes.

Paul asked her if she wanted to touch it, with out a word she crawled across on her hands and knees to reverently touch the beast for the first time. I wished I’d brought my camera with me at this point as she looked just like a worshiper before her idol. Paul was resting back on his hands with his legs parted in front of him. Susan on her knees and elbows gently fondled his straining dick. Slowly her face moved closer and closer until she was able to touch the exposed head with her tongue.

After licking the purple knob for a few moments she took it carefully into her mouth. At this point Paul closed his eyes and let his head fall backwards. Totally unconcerned that I was there. As I watched the tableau before me, I suppose I should have been annoyed at the way Susan was acting. I’ve never seen anyone become so compliant so quickly as she had over Paul’s dick. I wondered just how far things would go the dunes offered so much privacy that anything could happen in the next fifty minutes, as they say.

Paul’s breathing had increased I noticed and he had begun to arch his back. Escort Eryaman Pretty soon he would come I knew. Susan did as well I’m sure, would she finish or would she pump him by hand. In the end she did both, keeping just his knob in her mouth but vigorously pumping him as he grunted and groaned his way though a powerful orgasm of his own.

As the first spurt of his sperm hit the back of her throat Susan involuntarily pulled her head back to receive the rest of his cum onto her face and then her chest. He ejected at least three times more sperm than I ever have. Susan reluctantly stopped her rubbing and once more sat back as she had been when I arrived. She made a big deal out of clearing all his cum from her face and tits with her one finger which she licked clean in an altogether provocative manner. Paul still resting back on his hands watched as well.

I glanced at his dick after Susan had finished to see that it was still fairly hard a full twelve inches I was sure. Paul thanked Susan for a fantastic blow job. Susan seemed to come out of her trance at this point, she was looking some what shamefaced as I looked at her. I gave her a wink and a smile and she smiled slyly back at me. I decided it was time I returned to our stuff and stood up. Susan jumped to her feet as well and after a slightly embarrassed parting we walked hand in hand back to the beach. We walked to the sea where Susan cleaned herself in the water.

As we walked along the shore Susan tentatively asked me if I was alright. I hadn’t realised I was quiet and told her I was fine, the sun was getting to me I said. A little later we were sat by our stuff again both thinking about what had happened. Paul appeared as he had the first time beside us on his way to the sea. His dick had once more receded to a size that mine only reaches when hard.

With a cheery wave he made his way to the waters edge where he walked up and down for a spell. On his way back he squatted near Susan , the glistening knob of his huge member just reached the sand as he was in conversation, a detail that I was sure Susan would notice, he once more thanked her for earlier before telling us he had to split. Before he left he gave us his phone number and said he’d like it if we called him. Before we could reply he’d jogged off into the dunes.

It had starting to turn cooler by then so we decided to leave as well. It wasn’t until we were on our way home that I asked Susan if she planned to call Paul. Her hasty response was that she had no intention of ringing him. I wondered if she regretted what had happed earlier, she always said she thought casual stuff was something she’d never do but I knew she had been completely helpless to stop herself.

Later in bed as we made love her enhanced response to my administrations told me she was thinking of Paul. I didn’t speak of my thoughts at that time I decided to give it a day or two.

About the middle of the next week I told Susan it would be alright if she wanted to contact Paul. We could meet him somewhere for a drink if nothing else. He’d seemed like a pleasant bloke and I knew Susan would go for the idea. At first she tried to make out she was totally against the idea but about a week later I asked again and she said it might be nice to meet him, just for a drink she stipulated!

I left it to Susan to do the necessary and the next evening she told me she’d contacted Paul. She’d arranged for us to meet him at a pub we’d actually been to which was near his home. That date was four days away and as it grew closer I couldn’t help notice Susan getting more and more excited. For my part I was trying to decide exactly how I felt about the situation. By the Friday night I had decided that as long as Susan was happy, I was and I would cope with whatever came along. After all she’d already gone down on him which hadn’t bothered me in the slightest. In fact I’m sure we both got a buzz from thinking about it.

All Saturday Susan was on edge. She took three showers and spent an age deciding what to wear, a fact which amused me. Susan usually dresses to show off her body to it’s full extent but here was a guy who had no illusions as to what she looked like, he’d only seen her naked!

The drive to the pub seemed to take for ever but was over in just over half an hour. At the last moment I thought Susan was going to loose her nerve. I’d opened my door when Susan asked me to wait a moment. She looked across at me and said she was just going to meet him, nothing else. I blew her a kiss and smiled before getting out of the car.

Paul stood as we entered and met us as we walked to him. I shook his hand before he and Susan kissed briefly. Stepping back from her he told her she looked great which never fails to make Susan feel like a million dollars. Paul led us to his table before getting a round in. For the next couple of hours we got to know each other, at closing time he asked if we fancied a coffee Eryaman Escort at his house which was only a short walk away.

Paul lived in a smart semi which was tastefully decorated Susan looked around her as we sat alone in his lounge. I watched her nervously sitting on the edge of the couch, I was sitting back on an armchair. Paul came in with our coffees which seemed to add to her discomfort.

I used the loo after my drink. As soon as I returned to the lounge Susan took my place. When she returned she stopped beside me. I put my hand on her leg and slid it straight up to feel her bare arse. When she didn’t move away I wormed two fingers into her crack and gently massaged her clit. I asked her in a quiet voice to remove her dress which she did .Naked before us both Susan soon gasped and shuddered as she came.

It took a few moments for Susan to get her breath back. When she had she stepped across to Paul and sat beside him on the couch. Just then we heard steps on the stairs Susan and I looked at each other as Paul said that it would be his mother and we need not worry.

I could see a look of panic spreading across Susan’s face. As the door opened she pulled her knees up to her chin and tried to become invisible. Paul’s mother didn’t bat an eyelid as Paul introduced us. As she came into the room I stood to shake her hand and couldn’t help smiling as she took Susan’s hand as well. Seeing her discomfort Paul’s mother, Wendy told Susan to relax, she knew why we were there! Wendy sat beside Paul on the couch which did nothing to alter the look of absolute dread upon Susan’s face.

Wendy began chatting to us as if nothing untoward was happening. It seemed she already knew where we’d met, Susan shrank even further into the couch when she realised Wendy knew about what had happened in the dunes! He has got the cutest dick though hasn’t he she asked Susan. With wide staring eyes she could only nod and mumble in agreement.

The evening had begun to take on a surreal air as I listened to Wendy telling us about her son’s willie. You’ve got to admit it was an unusual occurrence. But if I thought it was odd already it was nothing compared to what was to come.

It was at this point that we heard the front door opening. Wendy smiled and said that it would be her Ted and Paul’s brother Simon! If there was a trace of panic on Susan’s face before now it had evolved the manic appearance often seen on long term patients in mental institutions! Sure enough Ted and Simon entered and there were introductions all around. Neither of the new entrants batted an eye as they shook Susan’s hand.

A couple of minutes later it was clear they also knew about her exploits among the dunes. If Susan had been hoping for a chance to dress and leave she was unlucky as Ted had dropped into the spare arm chair while Simon perched on the end of the sofa by his mother. Susan was actively trying to become as one with the couch.

When there came a lull in the conversation Wendy asked Paul to get his todger out. It was she said ages since she’d seen it. As if he’d been waiting for this cue, Paul undid his jeans and pushed them and his shorts down to his ankles. Once more we were able to see clearly what could easily be imagined from his bulge. This had an immediate affect on Susan as she sat up and even lowered her knees to be able to look at Paul properly. Now as well as Paul’s manhood on display there was Susan’s tits and ming. Seemingly oblivious to every one else in the room Susan’s hands slowly snaked out towards her quarry. Around her sat four fully clothed people and there was she totally naked and totally unconcerned by the fact.

Paul’s dick grew quickly as Susan held him in her hands. As it reached full size Wendy oo’d and arr’d at the sight. Then she asked Ted if he thought it might be bigger than his now. This last comment seemed to cut thought the buffer zone in Susan’s mind as she looked first at Wendy and then across at Ted or more rather Ted’s lap! Simon was next to grab her attention as he said that he thought that he had always been bigger. Susan’s mouth dropped open as her gaze swung to Simon’s lap. I swear that she was even dribbling as the realisation that she was in a room which contained not one but three massive dicks hit her.

I looked at Wendy and saw how much she was enjoying the affect her men were having on Susan. Paul said he believed his was the biggest and Wendy decided the answer was simple. Ted and Simon should get their todgers out and Susan could decide. No sooner had she had this idea than Ted and Simon were standing and pushing their trousers down to reveal that they to had dicks every bit as huge as Paul’s.

Susan’s face was a picture of disbelief. Wendy came out with another shocker for her by saying that to make it fair, Susan should be the one to not only judge the three dicks but also be the one to get them hard! Birthdays and Christmas all rolled into one Eryaman Escort Bayan for Susan who practically leapt to her feet, to kneel reverently before first Ted’s member and then Simon’s before tripping back to Paul’s. If you’ve ever seen a plates spinning act, you’ll know what Susan looked like as she tried to get all three dicks to perform simultaneously.

Watching this erotic act was easily the hottest thing I’d ever seen. If it was turned into a game for the telly it would be a world beater, just imagine it!

It didn’t take too long for Susan to do her stuff. Using her hands mouth and body she soon had the men standing to attention. From my point of view they all looked identical. Each was around the twelve inch mark and each must have had a three inch wide head! Standing back to admire her handy work Susan studied each dick carefully, I’m sure she would have already know which was the greatest but I for one wasn’t going to raise this point. Finally she asked Wendy for her opinion. Wendy declined with a laugh to get involved. Which put the ball squarely back in Susan’s court.

If you can’t decide, Wendy offered you’ll have to find another way to find the best one; I’ve heard it said, that size isn’t everything, although I’ve never believed it myself she said before starting to laugh. I began to wonder where things were going at this point, but didn’t have to wait long to find out.

Paul said that the obvious that there was only one way to settle it. Simon said he’d go for that idea and started to pull Susan towards himself. Ted said that to be fare Susan shouldn’t see which dick was doing the business, which I thought made sense. Wendy came up with I thought that Susan could lean onto the dinning table on her front and each of the contestants good take a turn.

Susan assumed the requisite position readily and Wendy tied a loose blindfold over her eyes. I pointed at Paul who stepped into place. Here is when it became apparent that Susan was just a little tight for the job in hand. We all watched as Paul tried several times to get his monster even partly inside her. Wendy told him to hang on a minute and left the room. She returned a few seconds later with a tube of K-Jelly. She smoothed some onto her sons dick before squeezing some more onto her fingers. Wendy worked two fingers into Susan’s cunt. Just as she relaxed two more fingers were inserted, Wendy told her to relax or she’d never get any of them to enter. I noticed Susan do as she was told and seemed to flop onto the table to allow all her muscles to go loose. When four fingers fitted the thumb joined them. Wendy worked slowly and carefully on Susan’s cunt; eventually her whole hand slipped into Susan’s vagina at which point Wendy declared her ready and Paul stepped into her place and eased himself into her waiting cunt.

Susan already on a plateau of pleasure from Wendy’s hand was quickly tipped over the edge by Paul’s thrusting. Paul carried on for a few moments longer before making room for Ted who I’d indicated was second. He had no trouble entering Susan’s waiting pussy and began pumping as soon as he had got comfortable.

Susan’s second orgasm was even more vocal that the first. She screamed and grunted like a wild animal. When he had fucked her thoroughly it he withdrew to make way for Simon who was eagerly awaiting his turn. He had been slowly stroking his cock to keep it as hard as possible. I wondered at this point whether he was actually the longest of the three although I think Ted was the widest, which left Paul who was I think the second widest and the second longest. Make of that what you will.

The noises Susan made as Simon took her to her third orgasm were indescribable. She groaned and grunted and swore but finally she calmed into silence at which point Simon let his monster slip from her tired cunt. I wondered if Susan was still with us at this point as she had gone extremely quiet, an unusual occurrence for her!. I moved to her side and removed the blind fold. The look of complete contentment on her face told me things were ok with her and that she just needed a minute or two to regain her composure.

Mean while we all returned to our seats, Wendy to my surprise was slowly tossing off her younger son, Simon off. He was reclining back on the couch. He came with hardly a sound shooting a stream of sperm onto his chest. As soon as he’d been sated Wendy relieved Paul in a similar way. Ted she said could wait till later.

Wendy then came over to me, as she settled herself onto the arm of my chair she asked if I was ok. I told her I was fine, at which point she slipped a hand onto my lap to feel the contents of my jeans. Knowing I’d feel an overwhelming sense of inferiority complex in the presence of this unusual family I wasn’t too bothered about being relieved in the way she’d used on her sons.

Not being a woman used to being refused she soon had me in her hand. She smiled as she held me and a few seconds later she was kneeling between my legs giving me one fantastic blow job. Afterwards she told me she always loved doing that on dare she say smaller men as it was simple impossible on her men!

Who was the winner in the end it was never decided, well not that night anyway!

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