Double Duty


I was sitting on the couch in the family room, bored and lonely. That damn clock, that incessantly ticking five-dollar clock, was driving me crazy again. She was late again. Andrea, dear friend and–at least from my end–love, was half an hour late again.

Desperately I needed to see her again, and yet she was nowhere to be found. I thought of her beautiful face, those elegant green eyes, that silky brown hair. I thought of all the parts of her I’d never had the chance to see. I pictured her in that cute orange bikini she’d worn last summer in Miami, thinking of the way her nipples poked seductively into the tight fabric, the way I could just barely make out what I really wanted to see down below, just a little bit of that perfect camel toe. Finally, I couldn’t bear it anymore.

My right hand shot to my lap, unzipping my cargo shorts and placing my hand on the front of my panties. Already I could feel my juices soaking into them. I brushed my palm across my pussy. Laying down, I knew there would be no further turning back.

As my nipples hardened, my other hand reached up my shirt to greet them, one by one. Fondling my breasts with my fingers, feeling their perfect balance between firm and sensitive, I remembered why I loved even their smallness. And of course I was reminded of Andrea’s larger breasts, D cups as she’d told me with a giggle. How I wanted to touch them in that moment… but I’d held back. Why had I held back?

My right hand by now felt real wetness, fluid far sexier than simple sweat. I could feel the lips of my pussy engorging, my clit growing eagerly, my whole body begging me for more. I slid my panties aside with my thumb, and it was Andrea’s thumb, as she was playfully exploring my body, grinning with such joy at the sight of my wet pussy.

With the same vigor I would someday use to fuck her I tore off the shorts and panties, throwing them across the room, leaving me bare from the waist down, soaking in my crotch, and hot all over. I let my left hand glide down my stomach as my right beat it to its destination, greedily claiming my sizeable clit for itself. The left acquiesced and took up post at the next best place, stroking back and forth across the lips of my pussy.

And I took to rubbing my clit with two fingers; they were Andrea’s fingers, pressing just hard enough to move my hood up and down, covering and uncovering my clit. I rubbed it with my palm; it was Andrea’s palm, pleasuring me just the way she knew. Not to be outdone, my other hand–Andrea’s other hand–began massaging the lips of my pussy, increasing the warmth and wetness even further, gently drawing them open with affection and coaxing until finally it had revealed the full glory of my tight and eager cunt. There my left hand draws a teasing circle around, promising to go inside when the time is right. My bursa eve gelen escort cunt and I moan with anticipation.

My right hand pulls away, slides up my body; my clit cries out in loneliness. My left hand arrives to satisfy her as I assault the fingers of my right with my tongue. What is not already covered in my silky juices is dutifully coated in sticky saliva, and then my right hand plunges back to its post, where my left barely has time to move out of the way.

This is her tongue, gentle but firm, sweetly caressing me. I begin to moan, softly at first, then growing louder. “Oh, Andrea! Take it inside me! Now, Andrea!”

And two of my fingers, my surrogate, joyfully oblige, plunging in to join the warmth and wetness fully. How I wished I could take them deeper. I pressed them against the wall of my cunt, the other hand rubbing and pleasuring my clit. In two-part harmony they brought me closer to my goal.

Slowly I built up a rhythm, alternating strokes of my clit-hand and pumps of my cunt-hand, building in loud, heavy breathing and hard, tight muscle contractions. Soon another level of pleasure was mine. No longer satisfied with two, I forced in a third finger, feeling my tight walls stretch to meet the challenge.

Soon, my body started to spasm, rippling and thrusting at the place where Andrea should have been. The creaks of the old couch are drowned out by my moans. Before long I am in a full and forceful orgasm, feeling waves of tingling warmth and joy flow through me in a symphony. “Oh, Andrea! Oh God!” I cry, as my pussy vibrates with pleasure.

Unwilling to let it end, I stroke faster, press harder, moan louder. The bliss intensifies, taking me higher, higher, testing the limits of my body and the couch. Then suddenly and finally it hit a momentous peak, a glorious perfection, and warm, sticky cum gushed out of me, pulsing again and again, covering my hands and the cushions. Gradually the orgasm began to fade into sweet and gentle pleasure, and I lay there, cradling my femininity in joyful hands.

As my breathing relaxes, I gently remove my hand, drawing it up my body, leaving a trail of wet loveliness in its path, leaving its mark on my t-shirt. In my mouth it goes, where slowly I savor the sweetness of my femininity, wondering if Andrea could somehow taste and smell even better.

Suddenly I hear a click which draws me out of the bliss. I forgot I’d given Andrea a key! What would she think if she saw me like this?

As the clicks are followed by a creak, I force myself to stand, and begin searching frantically for my panties. At the last possible moment I grab them, turn, and do my best to cover myself, just as she walks in.

But she isn’t upset. Instead she smiles. “Oh, I’m sorry, Jessie.”

“Hi, Andrea. bursa escort I, um…”

“It’s okay. Actually, it’s better than okay. I’m sorry I’m so late; I guess I can’t blame you for starting without me.” I realized she had her hands behind her back, but the rest of her didn’t look sheepish. In fact she looked really horny.

My eyes went wide. “With… without you?” I stuttered.

“Yeah. You think I can’t tell how you feel about me? You think I’m so blind? I’m surprised you couldn’t tell what I feel. Here. I brought you something, Jessie.” And she brought her hands around to the front, revealing an enormous and gorgeous–and above all double-headed–dildo.

My jaw went to the floor, and I started muttering unintelligibly.

“I hope you like it. I know you like boys too, so I thought I’d get one that looks kinda,” she giggled, “you know. Realistic.”

“Yeah…” came out almost understandable.

“I tried him out already; I hope that’s okay. He’s everything they say he is. And I don’t even really like boys.”


“Better than okay, right?”

I decided to nod rather than trying to speak any more.

She drew closer, and so did I. As soon as she was close enough she began stroking my thigh with the dildo and my chest with her free hand. “You can drop that any time, sweetie.”

I’d forgotten I was still holding the panties, still hiding needlessly, and let go without hesitation. Gazing at my pussy, Andrea put on a wide grin, and through her sweaty t-shirt I could see her nipples firm up. Playfully, she rubbed the wetness of my shirt into my nipple, then brought the dildo’s firmness up my leg. “You’re all wet, aren’t you?”

“Wet for you, Andrea.”

And then she kissed me. That moment was all I would have needed; I could have died and felt fulfilled. Her lips conjoined with mine with such intensity, such depth, that I felt–and hoped–we’d never be able to let go. Her tongue caressed mine so eagerly, so playfully, I thought I’d cum right there.

As quickly as it had begun, the kiss ended, and a giggling Andrea whispered in my ear, “Well, since you’re all warmed up, it’s silly to wait, isn’t it?”

I nodded like a kid in a candy store who’d just been offered a taste of the finest chocolate.

Slowly but firmly Andrea shoved her gift inside my pussy, its firm girth filling and stretching my cunt. “How deep you want him, baby?”

“As deep as he’ll go,” I purred, taking advantage of my free hands to unzip her pants.

The thought that she had no fear, no reservation, about my body turned me on even more. She pretended to use my clit as support–I knew she was really just pressing it to excite me–as she shoved the proxy cock deeper, deeper inside me than anything had ever been. I felt him pressing against görükle escort parts of me I didn’t know I had, and still she shoved him deeper.

Fumbling around as spasms of pleasure shook me, I managed to get her pants to come down and drop to her knees. I was stunned, not least by her incredible beauty, as I saw she wore nothing under them but trimmed silky hair and glistening wetness. My gasp was her giggle, and she said, “It’s all yours, Jessie. Do whatever you want with me.”

Happy to oblige but nervous, I let my hand slowly sneak up on her clit, and rubbed it with the rhythm she was using to thrust the dildo into me.

By now he wouldn’t go any further, and was jammed into the back of my stretched and ecstatic cunt. I don’t know how, but somehow I’d managed to take eight inches of my love’s beautiful gift.

She gripped him differently, and pressed him against the top wall of my cunt, expertly finding and pressing my G-spot as if she’d done it a thousand times before. As I moaned she slowly but firmly thrusted him in and out, rubbing my clit as I rubbed hers. I tried to touch more of her, but was much too enthralled by the bliss she was giving me.

Gently but inexorably she took me higher, raising me to a new level, holding me there for a moment, then taking me higher still. Somehow she knew my body better than I did myself.

As I was about to cum, she drew the dildo out a few inches, and I let out a moan of excitement. “It’s not fair of me to hog him, is it?”

“Not at all,” she laughed.

Eagerly I turned around and bent over, displaying for my dear Andrea my taut buttocks, waving them as seductively as I knew how. She mounted me almost virilely, leaning down to kiss my neck and nibble my ear.

But she must have seen from the way I started rubbing my clit that I wanted it hotter than that, and I wanted it now.

Swiftly she pulled away, laughing with delight as she bent and took the other end of the dildo inside her cunt. I could feel her slide him in almost as if he were a part of me.

Immediately we shoved him deep enough for our pussies to sweetly kiss, then slid just two fingers between. I pulled him out of me and shoved him into her; she slid him out of her and pressed him into me. With our free hands we did not neglect each other’s clits, and soon we were perfectly alternating thrusts and sharing cries of joy.

Somehow she came first, and hard; her body’s forceful spasms flowed through the dildo and forced me to follow. The pleasure reached peaks neither of us had ever before imagined, and still we pushed it longer and higher. Each time I considered letting it end, she pressed me harder. Each time she thought about letting it fall, I stroked her faster.

Finally we both could take no more, had no more strength within us, and at the same time let out one deep breath and collapsed like an overloaded bridge.

As we lay in what must have seemed the silliest of positions, sighing and moaning, I couldn’t decide whether to pull away and hold her, or stay right where I was and hope the joy would never end.

I cannot imagine a more wonderful dilemma.

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