Double Trouble Ch. 3


Ch. 3: Three’s Cum…pany

I was the first one to open my eyes in the morning. I had a piss hard-on so I gently made my way past the lovely flesh beside me and headed for the bathroom. I decided to brush my teeth wanting to get rid of morning breath. I rinsed and spit and followed the direction my dick pointed out straight to the throne. As I lifted the cover and prepared to let fly another hand grabbed my stiff rod and pointed it at the bowl. I jumped at the touch and then felt two big tits press into my back.

“Good morning my big stud son! Mind if I hold this big hose while you open the valve?”

Mom’s hand felt good wrapped around my shaft. I smiled and nodded my consent.

“Your aunt and I talked for quite a while after you fell asleep and we both agreed that if you are willing, we want to sell the both houses and move away and live together as a family. That way your prick of an old man won’t be able to bother us and we can pretty much do as we please. Genni-Ann and I both want you and will abide by your decision.”

The last few drops fell from my rod and mother held on to my cock as if it were made of gold. Her hand began to slide up and down ever so softly coaxing another drop out the slit at the end. I smiled at her as she looked into my eyes, seeking an answer. Then without missing a beat she pulled me around and slipped the end of my cock into her warm wet mouth. Her eyes locked onto mine and I watched as my shaft slowly disappeared into her mouth. Her moist lips gripped my cock keeping it away from her teeth. Her hand continued to milk the remainder of my cock, trying to pull yet another load of rich white cream for her taste buds. “Fuck mom! How am I suppose to refuse you when your sucking the life right out of my cock. I love the way you do that and I honestly can’t think of any reason to not want you and aunt Gen together from now on. I can’t think right now because I am going to fill your throat with some cock juicccccccccccccccceeee!”

Mom pushed her face into my stomach swallowing me to the balls, my cum erupting directly into her throat. It was the quickest I had Escort ever cum. She held me there until the last squirt shot out and only then pulled back until my cock-head rested on her tongue. She cradled my balls and pulled her mouth off, a trail of white cum connecting my cock to her lips. When she spoke the string broke.

“Son I truly love you and do not want to hurt you. I have lost one man in my life, and I don’t want to lose another. I am willing to do anything to keep you happy. Anything just name it.”

“Can I have a while to think it over mom. I promise I will give you an answer by lunch time. Now why don’t you go back to bed and I will fix us all some breakfast. If I don’t eat soon I may not be able to build up my stamina or supply of that white stuff you and aunt Gen grave so much.”

She stood and smiled and kissed me pushing her tongue into my mouth and pressing her naked tits into my chest. I could taste myself on her lips and swallowed the remnants of our sexual tryst. She turned and headed back into the bedroom.

I prepared a hearty meal and after I picked up the dishes, I said I was going for a walk and would be back by noon with an answer. I left and headed into the park, where I knew I could ponder my problem. I had an idea what I wanted all I had to do was convince my lovers. I walked and walked and finally decided to just tell the what I felt I wanted. I returned and found both ladies sunning themselves by the pool. I went in and grabbed a soda and joined them on the deck.

“Mom, Gen. I have decided what I want to do. I want to do as you said and move away from here and live as a family. I also need something else. I need to know that you would both be willing to share me if I decide to have a girl my own age, and would you both be willing to be my sexual slaves. In return I will give you both some freedom to explore your own endeavors. Under no circumstances are either of you allowed to fuck or suck anyone unless I say so and you must do anything I ask as long as it does not threaten you with bodily harm. If you are both willing to do this then you need not answer. Escort Bayan Simply take off you clothes and make your way over to me and suck me off until I cum. Then you will both share my cum to seal the pact. “

I didn’t really mean any of what I said except the part about agreeing to sell and move away, but to my utter amazement both women looked at each other and then stripped and crawled over to me and pulled my trunks down and started to suck my cock as if I were there master.

“MOM! GEN! I was only kidding! You don’t have to this, I was only foolin! I was reading this story I saw on the Internet about this guy and his women and I thought I would throw it in for a laugh.”

“”What do you think Gen? Would you like to be a sex slave to your nephew?”

“You know Gerri………..It may be a great way to live. We would surely get all the sex we could handle. And I have to admit I like his handle……………Yep! I’m in if you are!”

“Well son it’s up to you! Are we to be you wanton sluts to do with as you please…..or are we to go back to what it was like last week, when you were still chasing young bimbo’s?”

“Well………….I have to admit the idea is very intriguing, and we all love one another. I would never hurt either one of you. There is just one thing more. I will have to call you by your first names in public as I wouldn’t want to give our mother-aunt-son relationship away. So if you really want to go through with this there will be no turning back. Deal?”

“Gerri-Ann I think I know the perfect way to seal this deal. Why don’t we go over and give our new master a double blow job, and we’ll share his cum, and swallow it to show our sincerity.”

“”Why sister dear. I do believe you have the perfect solution. Let’s do just that!”

“Hold it ladies. If you want to suck this cock, you only do it nude. Off with the swim suits and on with the head.” The women looked at each other and ripped their suits off and crawled on their hands and knees until they were in front of me. Mom lifted my rising cock and sucked it into her mouth, swirling her tongue Bayan Escort around the blood filled tip. Gen ducked her head under and took my balls into her warm wet cavern and put just enough pressure on my sack to raise my pole to full attention. I watch mom’s full lips slide up and down my cock. It set a shiver down my spine just watching her and how much effort she put into it.

“You like sucking my cock don’t you mother.” She started to pull her lips away but I held her head in place saying, “Don’t take it out of your mouth, just hum if you like it!” her humming approval along with Gen’s sent vibrations clear up to my brain. I nearly dumped my load it felt so wonderful.

“Oooooooo ladies! You both love sucking cock don’t you. Hmmmmmmmm yes my sluts humm all around that big fat prick and those cum filled nuts. If you do a good job you will be rewarded with my thick gooey load. Yes mother dear suck your handsome son’s hard cock so you can get what you so desperately want. Suck the big cock so I can fill your belly.

Gen! Put that pretty little tongue on my asshole and like me there. I want you to suck my back hole while mother sucks my cock. Oh yes dear aunt, you are a real good slut. Stick you pink little teaser up my dark ass. Make me cum you bitches……………yessssssssssssssssssssss suck my fucking cock mother! Eat my FUCKING CUMMMMMMMMMM!” I unloaded into her mouth a huge load of cum. Mom didn’t let one drop escape her lips. She pulled back so just the head stayed in her mouth, capturing all my warm seed. Gen was right below her making sure if any escaped she would catch it. When the last droplet was squeezed out mother motioned for Gen to open her mouth and lay down under her. When Gen was in position mother very slowly opened her mouth and let long ropy strings of cum dribble out and into Gen’s open mouth. The long thin strands united sisters and as the mouth of my aunt filled mother’s came closer to her sister’s lips. Mother stuck her tongue into Gen’s mouth and scooped out as much rich creamy goo as she could. They tongue fucked each other’s mouth sharing the thick copious load. Finally they joined their lips in a sensuous kiss. I could see them both swallowing my cum, savoring every bit. They broke their kiss and looked directly at me and smiled. This was going to be on hell of a family affair.

To Be Continued…

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