Down by the Lake Ch. 11


October Proved interesting.

We began preparing for winter, I had to get Nelson put to bed, teacher conferences to be attended, Madge and Jeannie to be loved, and Shelly added to my schedule.

We’re twelve hundred feet above sea level, which means we get frosts long before the areas down hill. We’re also on the front face of the Cascades, which means we also can get snow earlier. So I begin stocking up. Along with plenty of food, fire wood, and gasoline, I also made sure everyone had plenty of warm clothing, the cars were equiped with chains, and we always had one hundred pounds of dog food.

There were conferences at school in mid October, that proved interesting. Jeannie, Madge and I attended them. Which threw off the teachers; oh, well, the parents are here, talk to them.

First up was Miss Coburn for Clark in the first grade.

“Clark is one of the smartest boys I have seen. But we have one major problem; he won’t sit quietly when we are doing arithmetic and reading.”

“Is he running around, making noise?”

“No, he’s talking to other kids. I can’t have him disrupting class.”

Clark was waiting in another part of the room, so I went to him, “Clark, Miss Coburn says you’re talking to other kids when you should be doing your math. Is that right?”

“Yes sir. I do my work, then I help Larry. He can’t do pluses and minuses.”

“Do you help him do the work, or do you help him understand?”

“Oh, I can’t do it. That would be cheating!”

“Ok, you wait here.”

I sat down with the three women again, Miss Coburn was talking about how well Clark got along with the other kids.

“Miss Coburn, Is Clark’s work done on time? And is it correct?”


“Were you aware he’s helping other kids that aren’t understanding something?”


“Clark! Come here. Tell Miss Coburn why you’re talking to Larry.”

“He can’t do it. So I help him. I show him how we do it at home.”

“How you do it at home?”

“Yes, Miss Coburn. Me and JD do it on the ‘puter.”

She looked up at us, “They do math on the computer?”

Jeannie smiled, “As soon as we moved in, Josh insisted the boys get used to doing math and reading. Now he’s starting them on basic biology.”

“Soo…What am I supposed to do with him?”

“Try to keep up.” Laughed Madge.


Mrs. Cox was next, and it was more of the same; great kid, well liked, always talking to others.

This time Madge took the lead; “Is his work done, and is it correct?”

“Why…yes, it is.”

“JD, why are you talking to the other kids when their doing work?”

“Mama Madge, they need help, so I show them.”

“Are you doing the work for them?”

“No, I just help them. They still do it.”

Madge explained about our home computer time, and how well the kids did on it.

“What is this program, and how can I get it?”

So I laid out the what and where for her. I had the feeling, many of her kids were going to get computer homework from then on.


We celebrated the good grades with ice cream at Sundgren’s. Shelly came in as we were ordering, came over and gave me a big hug. Sungren just sighed, dug out another cone, scooped where she indicated. “Murph, should I get you more of the horse pills?”

“Double the order.”

We all sat together, Clark and JD telling Shelly about school, the rest of us just nodding along.

Once again the girls had arranged that Shelly would be next to me, and she took advantage by playing with my leg. Madge and Jeannie just smiled as if nothing were going on, but they knew.

As we were leaving, Shelly invited me to her place, before I could answer, Jeannie stepped in; “Tonight he’s with me, I won’t have much time the rest of the week, so Mondays and Tuesdays are mine.”

She said it pleasantly enough, but their was no mistaking the message; ‘We’ll share, but don’t encroach on my time.’

“Oh, honey, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize. We’ll do it another day.”

Madge stepped in, “Come over to the house, we’ll come up with a schedule that’s fair to all.”

“Don’t I get a say?”

“You can always say you don’t want to love one of us. Is that what you’re doing?”

“Not me. Just keep the food and vitamins coming!”

“Good answer.” said three voices at once.


Soon the rains came, and the wind,and everyone was happy to stay inside, when ever possible.The coastal cities get 20-30 inches of rain in a year. we can get that much in three months; so we prepare for it.

I took every one down to the lake one day, actually to the creek the lake exits through. Every one got to watch a salmon run. Fish were thrashing up stream ten and twelve at a time. They’d rest in the lake a day or so, then push as far up the feeder creek as possible to spawn.

“Josh, I thought salmon were a beautiful fish, these don’t look too healthy.”

“Jeannie, these guys haven’t eaten since they started up stream, and when they spawn, they’ll die.”

“Papa Josh, do they have to die?”

“Yes, Escort Karaköy JD, they do. Their death helps feed the river, which then helps feed the young fish when they hatch out in the spring. Plus the bears feed on them too.”


“Yeah, they’ll be a little way up the feeder, where it gets pretty shallow.”

“Do they come down here?”

“Madge, they go where ever they want. We don’t argue with them. I always figured this was their territory first. But if we get one that is too persistant about hanging around, we’ll scare it off.”


Twice a week I’d go to Shelly’s for dinner, then stay the night. Loving Shelly was a new experience in a way; I had known her for years, and we had a friendly bond that allowed us more friendly ribbing while fucking. She could tease me about having to keep up with an old gal. I could joke back that she was just getting what she deserved. We didn’t mind long foreplay, spending twenty or thirty minutes going down on each other. breaking apart for a drink, then sucking on something sticking out (or in).

Shelly loved ass play. I could swirl a finger around her rosebud, and it would start opening like a welcomeing flower. I’d slowly stroke in and out with a finger, then a thumb, until she’d clamp down; “Enough of that. Cock. I want cock. fuck me now.”

And I would lube my cock in her pussy a few times, move down to her ass and slide in. She’d lift her ass to take me in, locking legs around my waist, and hunching up against my cock as i drove into her. The faster I would drive in, The harder she would hunch up (It was like she were doing Super Crunches). We urge each other on, me gritting teeth, dripping sweat, aching in every muscle. When we did crest, it would be a great shouting explosion, both just making noise.


One problem did crop up that seemed to have originated at school. The clerk Jeannie had met when signing the boys up; Mrs. Hoffman, was bad mouthing my family at school and, I found out later, at her church.

Now the people around town that knew us didn’t listen to her but a lot of others did. And they wouldn’t let their kids play with mine. I let it go for a while, but after a few weeks of my kids not understanding what was going on, I’d had enough.

I went into town by myself. Straight to the Principal’s office. I didn’t have an appointment, didn’t want one. I walked past that Mrs. Hoffman; waving her to follow. She had developed a worried look, and well she should.

The Principal, Mrs. Wayne, looked up in surprise when I burst in, phone in hand. “I’ll have to call you back, I may have a situation.”

“My name is Murphy, and we have a problem that must be resolved to my satisfaction.”

“Oh yes, JD and Clark live with you.”

“No. Let’s get a few things clarified. They are my sons…”

“Not according to our records…”

“Mrs. Hoffman. I will not argue semantics with you.”

“Mrs. Wayne-this woman has been going about town making derogatory statements about my family. I’m here to get this settled amicably. If not, well… don’t piss me off more.”

“Mrs. Wayne, he has two women living with him doing God knows what…”

The Principal’s head snapped around to the clerk; “So you’re the one that has been spreading those stories. Go to your desk. We will talk about this in a few minutes.”

“Mr. Murphy, I had heard some of the rumors, but didn’t realize they were coming from my office. How you live is not our business, as long as I feel the kids are not being harmed. And from what I’ve seen of JD and Clark, you have done remarkably well. many of my friends in town have told me about your ‘unusual’, shall we say, household. But those boys are bright, happy, and healthy. So it’s not for me to judge.”

“Can we try something? I don’t want Mrs. Hoffman punished without a chance to change her mind about us on her own. I would like to invite you and her up to the house for a…shall we call it a conference?”

“You don’t want her disciplined?”

“Only if there is no other way.”

“Well, it’s an unusual request, but she’s really a good person. tell me when, and we’ll be there.”

“I’ll talk it over with the mothers and get back to you.”


“The boys have two. And love it.”


We invited them over for Saturday. I hadn’t told Jeannie or Madge why we having the home conference, just left the impression the Principal was curious about us. But when Mrs. Hoffman appeared at our door, both women’s hackles went up. They had heard the stories also. And knew where they came from.

“Be as calm and pleasant as you can. I’m trying to defuse her. And if we can do it nicely, it’s better than starting a fight in a small town. I don’t want anyone having to pick sides.”

So we got on with the visit. After a while the girls calmed down. Mrs. Wayne seemed to enjoy the visit; the boys showed her their computers, then took her out to the barn to see the canoe and their bikes. Mrs. Hoffman remained in the house, having coffee Kayaşehir escort and talking with us.

It turns out, she was divorced with two kids about the ages of ours. Slowly she began telling more; no child support payments, no help at all. Soon Jeannie, then Madge were consolling her, offering tissue for tears, comforting words. They couldn’t change her situation, but at least offer a friendly shoulder. She realized she resented how things were working for Jeannie, apologized for the stories.

Towards the tail end of all that, Mrs. Wayne had come in, heard part of it. “Evelyn, if you had come to me, I could have at least lent you a friendly ear.”

“But…I didn’t want to be a burden…”

“Nonsense. Besides, if Mr. Murphy hadn’t invited us up here, and if we hadn’t cleared the air, you could have been facing disciplinary action.”

“Oh…I hadn’t thought…”

“As long as the stories stop, and you tell everyone you were mistaken about the Murphys, we’ll put this to bed. Understand?”

“Yes Ma’am, and I’m sorry to all of you.”


The Dervishes spent Halloween weekend at their Grandparents. Just telling you that, you know the adults had the house. All of it. Well, not the kid’s rooms. But everything, everywhere else. Plus we had Shelly over for the whole weekend.

Jeannie arranged to have Friday and Saturday off, so she got in on the majority of the fun.

We started on Friday with a costume ball. The theme was Roman Orgy and we dressed just that way. I had a short (really short) toga that left everything in the breeze. Shelly chose a long, flowing affair; draped over her left breast, the right completely bare. The skirt portion split up both sides. Her hair flowed around her face, the makeup highlighting her eyes.

Jeannie came out in a shorter version of Shelly’s; draped over her right breast, the conical left tit pointing straight out, the nipples rouged. And then there was Madge; Playing up her auburn hair, lots of make up around her eyes, and a diaphanous white smock over both breasts and barely covering her ass.

We sat to a dinner of pheasant and wild rice, with roasted vegetables and wine. Lots of wine.

Dinner finished, I put music on that we could dance to. Or fuck to.

I took Shelly in my arms first, rubbing her back and sides as we slow danced, then Madge cut in, and we caressed each other. Out of the corner of my eye, Shelly and Jeannie were together, smoothing each other, then kissing lightly. “Look at them. They are lovely together.”

“I know. They’ve been building to this. That may be their first kiss. Hmmm, I’m going to have to try her too.”

“Try me for a while first, then we’ll all do Shelly.”

“Mmmmm…I like that idea. I wonder how she eats pussy?”


For the next hour or so, we played with each other; a caress on a tit, a hand against a cock, maybe a finger drawn through a pussy, then licked seductively. The women’s nipples were constantly at attention, and my cock tented my toga straight out.

It was bewitching to watch the smaller Jeannie lead Shelly to the middle of the den, pulling her face down for a kiss. Madge stood in my arms, my hands cupping her breasts as we watched the final stage of Shelly’s seduction. As they kissed, Jeannie’s fingers danced over Shelly’s exposed tit; tweaking the nipple, then smoothing it. As they kissed, the clasp on Shelly’s shoulder was released, the tunic captured between them, then sliding down. Jeannie circled, caressing breasts, sides, back.

Shelly stood before us, Jeannie’s hands roaming over her; cupping tits, sliding between legs, fingers dipping between labia. She looked at us, eyes glazed over, a half smile on her face; a long moan escaped her. Madge moved over to them; running hands over backs, then moving to breasts, tweaking nipples. Shelly was moaning and murmuring, occasionally I could hear her commenting how nice it was. Jeannie was kissing her while caressing her face. Madge was sucking on nipples, running fingers into a flowing pussy, then offering them to the other women to suck on. Eventually Shelly had reached her limit as she buckled to the rug; pulling Jeannie with her; her hands tugging at Jeannie’s nipples, drawing them into ever sharper cones. Madge and Jeannie returned the favor; working as a team they went after Shelly’s breasts, smoothing them, sucking, pulling, biting. Shelly would arch left, then right, trying to get more attention on each tit. The girls ran fingers into Shelly’s pussy, seeking every fold, pressing in, then back out, drawing up each side of her clit, then taking turns strumming. Shelly finally hit her first peaked, suddenly spasming into a ball, holding hands to her pussy, clamping legs tightly, quivering.

Slowly she relaxed, her eyes regaining focus. She looked around, smiled at the women; “Wow…That’s the most intense orgasn I’ve had in a long time. I may want to do this again.”

I offered wine all around, everyone regaining their breath. “That was beautful. The three of you…I’m happy that worked.”

“I’d Küçükçekmece escort bayan never had a woman make love to me before. I think I’ve been missing something. Jeannie, you really got me going.”

“Would you believe you’re only the second woman I’ve made love to?”

“You could have fooled me.”

“Well,” Madge chimed in, “we’ve been learning as we go.”

After a while Shelly took Jeannie by the hand, led her to the center of the room.Now it was her turn as aggressor; ripping the toga away from Jeannie, inhaling her tits sucking them to sharp points, then moving down her belly until she reached the little tuft of clipped hair. Her tongue searched for Jeannie’s clit then moved a little further down.Burying her nose in Jeannie’s vagina and inhaling deeply,”Mmmm, smells lovely. Tastes good too. I think I like girl sex!”

While we watched, they shifted into a 69; licking pussy and nibbling on clits, clasping heads between thighs, moaning into their lovers boxes. Madge and I watched as they rolled on the floor; hands claping asses, pulling pussies firmly to mouths, seeking more and deeper. They did finally slow down, break apart, looked over at us, “Josh…”

“Yes dear?”

“Can we keep her?”

“Well Shelly does have a vote…”

“I want to be kept…if it means I get more of this.”

We took another break, sipping and talking when Jeannie asked about anal sex. “I’ve heard it really hurts. That would be such a downer.”

Now, I’ve often dreamed about Jeannies ass. It is beautiful; just the finest shape, like an inverted heart, tapering into her waist above, and legs below. I chose to sit out this discussion, waiting to see if Shelly, who loves anal, would speak up.

“Mmmm, butt fucking…I love it. And Josh over here…does it so well. I just love having him slid into me back there. It’s so different from pussy fucking…”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Not if you’re properly prepared. And of course, the more you do it, the easier it gets.”

“Can I learn? Will you teach me?”

“Josh…should we teach her?”

“Jeannie, I love your ass. It is gorgeous, I would delight in teaching you, but only if you really want to because it takes a bit of preparation, and a lot of trust on your part.”

“Josh honey, you have never done anything to make me distrust you. I’ll trust you and Shelly on this. I really want to try it. What did She call it? Butt fucking. I want to be butt fucked.”

While Madge went to the bedroom for lube, Shelly and I started turning Jeannie on. We kissed, stroked, caressed her. Slowly we rolled her to her stomach, massaging her butt, running hands down her legs and then back up. Shelly kept smoothing Jeannie’s butt spreading her cheeks, pressing her rose.

Madge returned with the lube, squirted some on Shelly’s hand, then some on her own. They centered on Jeannie’s butt hole; rubbing more and more forcefully, pressing in with their thuumbs, finally stroking deep into the opening rose of Jeannie’s ass. Soon she was groaning and pushing back against Shelly’s thumb.

Madge began rubbing my cock with her lubed hand, bringing me to full hardness. She led me the last few inches to Jeannie’s ass; placing the head against the partially open target. I began pushing. Just getting pressure against it while Shelly talked to her, keeping her relaxed as I eased in. At first it was difficult, then suddenly my head slid in her ass easily. I held myself there, looking over at Madge. Her eyes were huge! “God…I didn’t think that was possible. Jeannie,” she whispered, “what’s it feel like?”

“like he got a log up my ass…” she whispered back. “Don’t move Josh…”

“You call the pace. I have to say…that is one tight ass.”

“Ok, push in a little…oh, god…more, a little more…wait…ooohhh… more…”

While I was following her lead, Shelly was reaching under, strumming Jeannie’s clit, then pushing fingers into her pussy. She was still talking quietly; focusing Jeannie on her ass, having her explore the sensations. Finally I was bottomed. Holding my hips against her butt, i ground against her, making her feel me in her butt. She groaned; “Oh God Shelly, that’s amazing, I feel every bit of it…it feels good now. Josh, start moving, fuck me now, fuck me… fuck me…OH GOD I’M COMING…COMING…ooo…so good…so…”

And she slipped down, taking me with her. I had so concentrated on her and her feelings that I didn’t come, but as I withdrew from her ass I felt how hard I was, aching to come. Shelly quickly cleaned my cock, then laid back, drawing me into her pussy. By now I was desperate to come, stroking forcefully into her quim, driving in with all the power I had. Shelly reached down; clasping my butt cheeks, pulling me hard to her, finally jamming a finger up my ass. With a roar I came. It felt like I’d never stop. but eventually I did, collapsing onto Shelly. I didn’t have the strength to hold myself off her, but she took a little roll and I slid to the side.

I looked over at Jeannie; she was coated in sweat, eyes glazed, still on her stomach. I crawled the foot or two to her; “How was that honey?”

“Jeez…did my butt close back up? I feel like there’s gale blowing back there. Josh, honey, that was awsome, you can have my ass anytime you want it. But can we wait a little while? I don’t know that I can move right now.”

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