Down on You…

Big Tits

Down on You: Your Foot in My Mouth

I can barely remember what it feels like
to have a man in my mouth.
A man I can trust to be good with me while I show him
what I can do.

A man who will let me lace my fingers through his and pin his hands above his head.
Who will let me lick up the saltsoup dripping from him like I lick my arm when the ice cream escapes the well-licked scoop at the top of the
cone (uuunh! so good, you taste so good!).

A man with the ocean washing from his Cyclopean eye, who will let me take that sweet sadness from it, whose shudder tells me

“Move on, lick me! Goddd–” I have to take his hands back in mine, gently but firmly, spread them golden on the pillows at the top of the bed. Too greedy, lacing your hands through my hair, my dear! I turn my face up towards you, my eyes alight with lust and mischief.

I bring my palms back to the playing field, and they touch down on the light fur at the top of your thighs. As I -oohhh. yes, please- massage your inner thighs, my fingers, nails neatly trimmed and nicely smoothed for you, brush against your full, heavy balls, over and over, and I -mmmm, you dirtysweet minx, moooore- spread you legs so that I have access to that little

-OOHH, you, oh christ, right there, your tongue-spot!!! the one behind your sac, the one that feels so –mmmmm– like it is humming with aching pleasure, the one that tastes so like gorgeous, musky, distilled and passion-ready Escort kolej you. I lllliiiick itttt oncccce, and your gaze clouds, twwwwiiiiccccce, and your toes spasm and curl, thrrrrriiiice, and your cock is harder than Madame Knight below you ever thought it could be. I have been knighted by your sword, which taps me on the shoulder, twitching with joy, each time my tongue touches that spot, each time my silk-soft hair brushed your engorged sac.

I lift myself for a moment, never breaking eye contact, and come down astride your right leg, my slit brushing against your knee, a hard, shuddering breath escaping me as she sucks at your knee-skin.

She has the right idea and I follow her suit, lifting his rock-hard length from your belly, putting my soft, full lips, with infinite care, upon his tip, putting my tonguetip gently against his opening, catching the precum as it leaves and swallowing with relish. My hips want to buck, my cunt making wet sounds of want against your leg as you softly groan, your arms moving blindly to do — something! god, anything! — to my willing body. I cover my teeth with my lips, taking a millimeter at a time, listening for each tick of the clock, taking the seconds as cues to take another one: first millimeter ssssuck! second millimeter lickunderneath, third millimeter hummmm, ssssuck-tick!more in me!-lickunderneath-tick!more in me!-hummmmm-tick!more in me!

By the middle, I can’t control myself sihhiye escort anymore, and I slide all the way down — almost. You’re a bit longer than my throat expected, but that’s a part of the challenge. I take the last length suddenly, your lance going deep and hitting home, and bathe his underside, humming and moaning offkey, letting my wet pussy drool on your knee.

She brushes in time with my tongue on you, wetly, sounding like deep kisses. My hands free, I guide your now-madly grasping ones to my breasts, and you gather the concentration to work them softly and hotly, first massaging -ooooh! mmmmm! your cock jerks joyfully with the sounds you literally milk from my chest- then – aaaagh! so good, you feel me say around your cock. I start to thrust my face up and down, making gorgeous little suction noises each way. My pussy starts to grrrind against your knee, and you improvise in this heat by bringing up your right leg, lifting me off your other a bit, and -AAAgh! such a shock!- penetrating me with your huge, clean first three toes, all the way. You flex them backward, setting me back on your knee, me still moving up and down on him at a furious pace now, knowing that at any minute…!

My hands lift up and find your nipples, rubbing, twisting, pinching, as if my own orgasm depended upon it. My pussy jams, jams, jams, down on your toes, and I see an extra smile in your face every time she does. Three or four seconds sincan escort bayan — minutes — hours? of this, and you jerk — HARD-, your toes curling the opposite way inside me, kicking ever so lightly as then smaller tremors, then a delicious, low-pitched shriek, and – ahhhh! I am ready for it, and I ssssssuck it all in, swallowing like a woman lost in the desert for a week, all of it keeping my mouth on you even when you soften and it’s aftershock-juice. Something in my head says you probably can’t stand that, but that something is soooo far away right now, driven from me by your hard and incomparably nimble foot, and now your fingers massage inward, into the centers of my breasts, pinching my nipples, your deep bass chuckle breathing silver and gold into my skull, my hips out of control, and my lips can’t help but let your cock free for a moment



spurting all over your foot, jerking wildly, eyes rolling back, closing, fingers clutching at the bedspread beside me, nearly ripping it. You wiggle your toes, drawing a drowsy, onesided smile to my lips, leaning over your spent seed to taste your salt in my lips’ sweetness. “Oh, darling,” I barely groan,”oh, sweet heart, so good, good, sooooosweeeeeet,” breathing hard, stomach muscles aching and twitching, cunt oozing what she spurted and the cream that comes after. I fall to the sheet and you feel honored to watch my orgasm at ebb tide, gathering me up to your belly with your strong arms, feeling me lazily kissing the sweat from your abdomen with my eyes closed.

We fall asleep as you pull me up to lie on the pillow next to you, your breath streaming across my shoulder, a tropical wind in my dreams…

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