Dream cum true


Dream cum trueYou ever have one of those dreams, when you’re right between waking and sleeping, and you can’t tell if it’s real or fantasy? Something like that happened to me the other night and, believe me, it was a dream cum true.I’d fallen asleep on the couch, watching television the other evening, some movie I can’t even remember. I don’t know how long I slept but, suddenly, I thought I was having a very vivid dream of getting my rock-hard cock sucked deep and slow.While I was watching television, I’d been idly stroking my cock, mostly through the thin cotton shorts which was all I was wearing. Occasionally I’d free the slightly-thickened shaft through the leg hole to stroke it semi-hard before letting it deflate and starting over again. I enjoy the feeling of my cock growing to a hard, throbbing shaft of meat, the sensations running through my rod.Anyway, my cock was at least partially erect when I fell asleep. Now, though, I was sure my cock was throbbing as I dreamed a soft pair of lips sliding up and down the shaft, a hot, tight throat squeezing the head. Suddenly, I realized I was hearing the television in the background, along with something else. The tube provided a quiet counterpoint to the wet, slurping sound of a cock being sucked, accompanied by the occasional moan and rhythmic huff of breath.Still thinking I was in the midst of a very vivid dream, I reached down to my crotch, fully intending to masturbate to orgasm before the dream faded. Instead of my cock, though, my fingers found soft, silky hair. Long, soft, silky hair.My fingers involuntarily twined into the hair, gripping and pushing down, forcing more of my cock into the dream mouth. A clearly female voice moaned in response, followed by a gagging sound, accompanied by an increase in the pressure around the head and upper shaft.“This is a really great dream,” I thought. Then: “This isn’t a dream!”My eyes flew open, taking a second to focus in the half-light from the television. I looked down to see my hand, entwined in long, silky, black hair attached to a head and framed with a pair of elbows resting on my thighs. My mind, and my senses, went into overdrive.“Fuck!” I moaned, as I felt my balls tighten and my cock jump in the unknown girl’s throat, sending stream after stream of hot, sticky cum into her gullet.“Mmmm,” she moaned as I felt her struggling to swallow my load. “Ooooh, mmph, mmmm.”She continued sucking, stroking her lips up and down my shaft, swallowing each blast as it came. I put my other hand on the back of her head, holding her in place, which wasn’t very hard as she wasn’t resisting.“Hello,” I said as the last tremors went through my balls and I felt her swallow one last time before she slid backwards, slowly letting my cock slip from her mouth. She looked up at me sexily from under a set of short bangs and wiped a dollop of my cum mixed with her saliva from her lip with her tongue.“Um, hi,” she said, sheepishly, her hand still wrapped around the base of my cock.I took in her slight Asian features, noticing each fingernail on the hand still holding my cock was painted a different color of the rainbow. I looked over toward the door, spying a skate board leaned against an antique secretary desk, and realized I knew this girl! She lived two or three houses down from me. I didn’t know her name, but I’d seen her out, skateboarding with a group of boys from the neighborhood. My mind flashed to one particularly vivid memory of her, riding her board, wearing just a pair of tight black lycra shorts and a tube top. Delicious.“What’cha doing?” I asked.Hey, I told you I just woke up.“Um, suckin’ your cock,” she said.“No, I mean, how’d you come to be sucking my cock in my apartment?” I asked. “By the way, what’s your name?”Cierra, as she identified herself, told me she’d been babysitting for a family at the other end of the complex. She’d been on her way home, past my apartment, and seen one of my cats looking through the screen. She’d bent down to say hello and, looking through the open inside door, seen me stretched out on the couch with my mostly-hard cock protruding from the leg of my shorts.“I don’t know what came over me,” Cierra explained, still holding onto my rapidly-renewing erection. “I, um, I couldn’t help myself. One minute, I was looking at you through the screen. The next, I was inside, kneeling by the couch and sucking on your cock. You’re not mad, are you?”I laughed.“Mad?” I said. “No, I wouldn’t say mad. No man is going to get angry over getting his cock sucked, especially by a pretty girl like you.”She smiled.“You, um,” she mumbled, suddenly shy. “You think I’m, like, hot?”“Yeah, baby,” I said as I pulled her off her knees an up to sit next to me on the couch. “I think you’re smokin’.”She finally released my cock, which rebounded and slapped türbanlı iskenderun escort against my flat, toned abs. She giggled at the sound, then moaned as I leaned in and kissed her, running the tip of my tongue across her glistening pink lips.“How old are you?” I asked as I ran my hand up her side to cup her small b-cup breast through the thin material of her shirt..“18,” she whispered.“Are you a virgin?” I asked as I pinched her tiny nipple, feeling it harden between my fingers.“Um, no,” she moaned. “But I’ve … oh, Jeez … I’ve only done it once.”“Relax, baby,” I said. “Let me make you feel good.”“’Kay,” she said.I ran my hands down her sides, gripped the hem of her shirt and guided it up and off, over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I was greeted with the sight of two small, firm, tits capped with dark brown, erect, puffy nipples. I pushed her back onto the couch, leaned down and sucked her right tit into my mouth, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her lips.“Oh, God!” she cried. “Jeez, that feels good!”I nibbled on her right breast, feeling the nipple tighten and harden further, as I ran my left hand up her side to cup the other tit. I started sliding slowly down the length of her body, keeping her nipple in my mouth as long as I could, running my tongue around the puffy areola, reading the wrinkles in the flesh like braille with my tongue.I finally released her breast, replacing my lips with my other hand, as I kissed my way down her body. I traced the outline of each rib with my tongue, eliciting moans mixed with giggles as I hit a particularly ticklish spot. I stopped at her navel, marveling in the delicate round cup, decorated with a tiny, blue piercing. I ran my tongue around the rim, dipped slightly inside, and was rewarded with a loud moan and a thrust of her pelvis. Her butt sank back to the couch and her legs came up to wrap around my upper body.I slid further down to find – those same amazing lycra shorts I’d seen her skating in several weeks ago, this time, from a different angle. The clingy material was stretched tight across her crotch, making a perfect, camel toe right in front of my eyes. I took a breath and could smell her arousal in the material. I ran my fingers along the seam separating her vulva and they came away wet with her natural lubrication. I pushed her legs back and replaced my fingers with my tongue, starting near the bottom where her tiny ass should be, pushing my tongue hard against the lycra as I d**g it up toward her clit. Her hips again flexed upwards, driving her crotch firmly against my face, as I started nibbling at the top of her split.“Fuck!” she moaned. “Oh, sorry.”“For what?” I asked, my voice muffled in her lycra-covered snatch.“For, ooooh, cursing,” she moaned.I just chuckled.“It’s alright to say ‘fuck’ when someone’s eating your pussy,” I said.She laughed, her head falling back onto the couch, her eyes rolling back in her head.“Fuck!” she cried.I resumed chewing gently on her clit. Her hips jerked in time with my strokes as I reached up and hooked my fingers in the waistband of her shorts. I slid them slowly off her hips, pushed her legs together and pulled her last item of clothing from her body.“Fuck,” I moaned, as I took in the sight of her naked groin for the first time.Cierra’s pussy definitely reflected her Asian heritage. Despite all the attention I’d already paid it, the lips of her vulva were tightly clenched, creating a line like the proverbial two halves of a peach. Her Mons was virtually hair-free, just dusted with a small patch of fine, downy-soft hair, as black as the hair on her head.I discarded her shorts, pushed her legs apart and revisited the path my tongue had taken moments before, this time on her naked flesh. If the scent of her pussy was intoxicating, the taste was overwhelming. She groaned even louder as I traced the tip of my tongue from her tiny, pristine anus, through her labia and up to circle around her clitoris before I sucked it into my mouth.Cierra’s hands shot down and wrapped around the back of my head, pulling me tighter against her snatch. Her legs clamped around my head, she crossed her ankles behind my neck, and she hunched against me in time with my sucking her clit and tonguing her hole.“Oh, god,” she moaned. “I think I’m … I’m … CUMMMING!”Her natural juices flowed from her pussy as her muscles locked and her orgasm hit. I reached up around her legs and gripped her breasts, pinching the nipples, as she spasmed under my lingual assault. Her tiny feet beat a staccato rhythm against my back and, I swear, she literally stopped breathing as the sensations overwhelmed her.As quickly as it started, her entire body relaxed, her brief but highly-intense orgasm washing through her body. türbanlı iskenderun escort bayan All of Cierra’s muscles collapsed, her legs fell open to the side and she lay there, her small breasts heaving as she struggled to catch her breath.“Oh … My … GOD!” she moaned. “What the hell was that?”“That was an orgasm, baby,” I said as I got to my feet, my rock-hard cock making an almost-obscene tent in my thin, cotton shorts. “Haven’t you ever cum before?”“I thought I had,” she said, laughing. “But never like that. Where you going?”“To get a condom,” I said.“You gonna fuck me?” Cierra asked, a hint of fear entering her voice as she took in the bulge in my shorts. “I’m, um, safe. I’m on the pill. You don’t need a rubber.”I turned back, grinning, and pushed my shorts down over my cock and stepped out of them. Cierra’s eyes got wider as she looked at me.“It’s bigger than before,” she whispered. “God, how’d it get bigger than before?”“It’s you, baby girl,” I said, buttering her up as I walked back toward the couch and knelt on the cushion between her splayed thighs. “It’s all you.”I repositioned her slightly, raising her right leg to the back of the couch, bringing her left leg back up and hooking it over my shoulder. I leaned down and kissed her, pressing my tongue against her lips until they parted, Her tongue came out and I sucked it into my mouth as I nudged the head of my cock against her swollen, dripping pussy.“Mmmmm,” Cierra moaned as the blunt end of my shaft parted her labia, notching itself at the entrance to her teenage vagina. She hissed as I pressed slowly inside, gently forcing her portal to part around the shaft.“Damn, baby,” I moaned. “Jeez, you’re tight. You feel so good around the head of my cock.”“That’s just the head?” Cierra said. “God, it feels like you’re splitting me open!”“Hang on,” I told her. “We’ll go slow.”She just nodded as I pulled back slightly before pressing forward again. I started slowly fucking in and out of her almost-virgin pussy, adding more and more of my cock on each thrust, gently opening her. It took several minutes, during which time I had to fight off the urge to cum more than once, but I eventually felt my balls come to rest on the upturned cheeks of her firm ass.“That’s all of it, baby,” I said. “You’ve got my whole cock.”“Hold still,” she whispered. “Just hold still for a second. Please.”I leaned down again and kissed her gently, Cierra wrapped her arms around my neck, holding me tight, as she kissed back, our tongues dueling between our mouths.“Okay,” she whispered. “Fuck me.”“What?” I asked. “Fuck me,” she said, a bit louder. “Please, fuck me.”I slipped back, slowly, until just the head remained in her clenching pussy, then pressed back inside, just as slow. I could feel every ridge and contour of her vagina as it slid over my rampant shaft. Cierra moaned, deep in her throat, as I bottomed out in her again and ground my pelvis into her crotch to stimulate the swollen pea of her clitoris.“Yeah,” she moaned. “That’s good. God, please, fuck me!”I slowly increased the frequency of my thrusts, maintaining a gentle pressure, until I was banging her snatch at a good clip. Cierra begged me to fuck her harder and it was easy to comply with her request.She started rolling her head from side to side, moaning in mixed pleasure and pain each time I bottomed out, the head of my cock colliding with the top of her vaginal sheath. She brought her right leg down off the back of the couch and wrapped it around my waist.“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she moaned in time with my thrusts. “Fuck me. God, yes, fuck me!”I gave up all consideration of taking it easy on her as she loosened up a little bit and started thrusting back at me. She worked her other leg free, sliding it down my side, hooking her ankles together behind my back to give herself more leverage.She wrapped her hands around the back of my neck and stared straight into my eyes, a look of intensity taking over her gaze, her lower lip caught between her teeth. tits were bouncing up and down on her chest in time with my thrusts and her pussy started clenching and releasing around my cock, making loud, wet, squelching noises as I speared her repeated with my full length.“Oh, yeah,” she cried. “It’s happening again! I’m CUMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!”Her leg muscles went rigid, which locked me in position at full penetration. Her eyes, which were still boring into mine, slowly rolled back until all I could see was the whites. Her pussy, tight before, became a velvet vice which rippled around the shaft of my cock as her orgasm washed over her body.She stopped using words, her voice rising in pitch in what I can only describe as keening, varying with each thrust of my cock into her pussy. Her legs tightened even türbanlı escort iskenderun further, pulling her body off the couch and locking her into position, her clitoris firmly pressed into my pubic bone. There I was, kneeling on my couch on my hands and knees, Cierra locked to me with her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. Her body was spasming, shaking like she was having a seizure, as she came in what appeared to be one continuous orgasm locked around my cock.As quick as she’d started, again, her body relaxed and she collapsed to the couch. I followed her down, my cock never leaving her juvenile cunt, throbbing and jumping against her inner walls. I pushed her legs back again, folding her essentially in half, and started to really hammer her little snatch as I worked my way to my own release.Cierra was twitching, like electrical shocks were going through her muscles, with each thrust of my cock. She groaned and a series of small orgasms, almost aftershocks, coursed through her body, nowhere near as intense as her first one but definitely causing pleasurable spasms in her vaginal muscles where it gripped my hard, straining shaft. It was enough to push me over the edge.“Oh, shit!” I yelled. “Here I cum, baby girl!”Her head rolled from side to side and her chest heaved as I buried myself balls-deep in her young snatch. It felt like the cum started somewhere around my toes, ran up my back to explode in my head, then rocketed through my cock to coat the top wall of her pussy. She groaned as the first blast filled her near to overflowing, crying out loud as her last and biggest orgasm yet hit her young frame.“God, I can feel it!” Cierra cried. “Hot, so hot! You’re cumming in my puss! Filling up my puss with your cum!”I pumped what felt like a gallon of cum into her young pussy. It filled to overflowing with the excess running out and down the crack of her slender, round ass. If I’d had any strength left, I could have fucked her ass, using just our mixed cum for lube.“Oh, shit!” she moaned, finally winding down for the last time. Her pussy continued to twitch and ripple around my cock as it deflated, finally slipping from her depths with a wet, plop.“Oh, my god!” Cierra panted. “Oh, jeez! I’ve never felt like that before.”I sat up, Cierra’s left leg d****d at an angle across my thighs, her right leg pinned behind me as I collapsed against the back of the couch. From where I was sitting, I could see a steady stream of my cum flowing from her still-gaping pussy hole.It took a few minutes, but we pulled ourselves together and caught our breath. Cierra looked up at me, her long, silky black hair plastered to her forehead, her skin glowing in the dim light of the television.“Wow,” she said, grinning. “I never thought it would feel that good. The first guy I let fuck me lasted about 20 seconds before he pulled out and sprayed his stuff all over my dress before I even got warmed up.”I offered her the use of the bathroom to clean up. She stood and a large dollop of our combined juices, mostly my cum, ran out of her pussy and ran down her leg. She cupped her hand over her pussy, her eyes going wide as she felt the amount of cum I’d deposited inside her.“My god!” she said with a laugh. “How much did you squirt? I’m going to be leaking your stuff for days!”I just shrugged. Still laughing, Cierra walked down the hall into the bathroom, it tight little teen ass twitching delightfully as she went. I felt just a hint of a response stirring in my groin at the sight. But I was too drained after two, massive orgasms at this girl’s hands to do anything but admire her teenage form.I was still sitting, naked, on the couch when Cierra made her way back from the bathroom and collected what few clothes she had. She pulled her shirt on over her head, then bent to slip her feet into the lycra shorts, pointing her ass right in my face as she did so. I’d turn the sideboard light on while she was in the bathroom, the light illuminating her swollen, red, just-fucked pussy lips.“Well,” I said, running my hand up her thigh in advance of her shorts to cup her little snatch, teasing her clit with my middle finger. “Looks like you’ve been well and truly fucked, there, Cierra.She danced away, laughing over her shoulder, as she tugged the clingy material into place covering her ass and once again outlining the lips of her pussy.“mmmmmmm that’s my name,’ you dirty old man?” Cierra laughed as she slipped her feet into a pair of tennis shoes and picked up her skate board. “Just be sure you leave the door open next time you take a ‘nap’.”With that, she was gone. I stood and stepped to the door to watch her walking – a little bit funny, admittedly – down the driveway toward the street and, eventually, home. Just before she reached the street, she came running back, dragged the door open and threw herself into my arms.“Thanks,” she said, kissing me on the cheek then driving her tongue into my mouth. “Thanks for the great fuck. Can I come over again sometime?”I just nodded, then watched her as she literally bounced across the yard to the top of the driveway, where she dropped her board on its wheels and skated down to the street and off home.

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