dress up with my sister pt 2

Double Penetration

dress up with my sister pt 2It was Wednesday morning and I was wondering when my sister Priya would have me do stuff with her again. We haven’t really talked about it much since the first crazy episode we had but still I couldn’t help thinking about it one bit. I was getting ready for school when my sister walked in and whispered in my ear that I have an appointment with the nurse and her assistant at 4 pm sharp and If I was late I would be punished. Just feeling her hot breath in my ear gave me a hard on. I went into the toilet and cummed into the sink before I went to school otherwise I would’ve have a boner all day. When I was at school I was wondering who the assistant was going to be. “was it that cute girl Simone she always hanged around with or was it Sarah that chubby girl that had massive tits???” my mind couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen when I got home. As the home time bell rang I ran to the bus stop and went straight home and had a shower making sure I was ready for whatever my sister had in store. This punishment was one I could live with. My sister was already home because I saw her shoes when I walked in and there were also another pair of trainers to next to them. I couldn’t wait to see who it was and was in my room just masturbating thinking about what was going to happen… türbanlı zonguldak escort Finally it was 4pm and I went and knocked on my sisters bedroom door waiting for her to call me in. But instead of a girls voice I heard a boys say “come in we are ready for you”….My mind was in shock I was dreaming about two girls all day and there was a boy in there with her…I didn’t know what to do and just walked in.As I walked in my heart sank there was that boy my mom and dad didn’t like….”Danny???? whats he doing here and why is he wearing a lab coat and stethoscope???” My sister told me to shut up and wear the uniform again but instead of normal knickers she had thongs and a padded bra out. I did as she said but it felt weird with my sisters bf in the room. I took of my pj’s that I had worn after getting into the shower and first wore the thongs which covered nothing and left my dick just stand out ..it was hard by this point…and then I wore the school skirt and then bra which again fit perfectly and then the frilly shirt and tie my sister use to wear at school. Again there I was in a schoolgirls outfit waiting for my sisters orders….both of them stood there laughing at me and touching each other….My sister was rubbing her bf’s cock türbanlı zonguldak escort bayan and mine felt like it was gonna explode which again was clearly visible because of my tenting skirt.She told me to open my mouth wide so the doctor could check it…..her bf came right close to me and stared down my throat after which he said “looks all good to me” he then grabbed me and made me lick my sisters boobs to which I did obey…she slowly unbuttoned the nurses costume and her boobs just popped out…I stared at them for a few seconds before sucking them as hard as I could…she told me to take it easy and that your mouth will get tired with the amount of stuff we are gonna do today so save your energy. I slowed down and sucked both nipples until my mouth hurt…by this point her bf had his dick out and was had cum on the bed already twice…my sister then told me to watch what she does….She got up and took Danny’s dick in her mouth and gave it a good suck…she carried on sucking for a couple of minutes taking a hole ball in her mouth every now and then….I was just stroking my dick and waiting on what she would tell me to do next….after he exploded in her mouth she licked her lips and showed me that she had swallowed all of türbanlı escort zonguldak it…She then said it was my turn to which I thought she was gonna give me a blowjob…but was I wrong…as I got up and walked to her with my small dick in my hand she pointed to Danny’s again hard cock….I was surprised that she wanted me to suck another guys cock and told her ”I don’t want to …I’m not gay …that’s disgusting have you gone mad!!!” she then got her phone out and showed me dads number and gestured towards calling him….”look if you don’t do as I say Ill tell dad and he will take your computer away forever and you’ll never be able to cum in your room ever again…not to mention the other trouble you’ll get in” Danny went on and said “come on little guy I’m sure you’ll like it and even if you don’t I will” ….I didn’t know what to say and reluctantly got on my knees and slowly took the tip of his cock in my mouth …it tasted salty from all the cum he had just shot into my sisters mouth…I tried sucking it like my sister but just gagged then my sister got up and forced my head into his cock and he then started to fuck my throat…after a while I got use to it and as 5 minutes passed my sister joined in by bending over and sucking my cock…I actually liked what was happening and didn’t want it to end….Finally a few minutes after cumming into my sisters mouth…Danny let his load go in mine it felt so salty and we both moaned in satisfaction when we came so we all knew we were liking what was going on..Then my sister lay on her back with her legs wide open…and shouted” who wants to fuck me??!!!!” What happened after that is another story….. thanks for reading 🙂

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