Dumb Jocks Ch. 05


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Leaving the library, I headed back to my room. After that intense fuck session, I was exhausted. With a big grin on my face, I had a warm shower and then fell into bed.

The next day, I was up early. Going to my lectures, I also had a session with each of the guys throughout the day. This time we kept our clothes on and just studied. Obviously, I wanted to jump them, but I also wanted them to pass and there was the tricky issue of having to share the study rooms with other students.

Meeting up with Colin and our D&D group, we went to the diner where we had the Monday night burger deal. With a couple of drinks inside me, I trekked back to campus with my dizzy head swirling with images of my dumb jocks.

Reaching my dorm, I decided that I needed some water and fresh air if I wanted to avoid a headache in the morning. Grabbing a big bottle, I filled it up and then left for the football stadium, knowing the stands would be empty while the band rehearsed.

It was close to ten at night and it was pitch black, apart from one floodlight illuminating the pitch. No one took any notice as I climbed up the bleachers. Drinking my water, I watched the band practice their pre-game routines. The way they moved across the field while playing their instruments lulled me into a tipsy stupor.

Swaying with the music, I was starting to fall asleep, completely oblivious to the person coming up the bleachers to sit behind me until they tapped on my shoulder. Jerking awake, my heart skipped a beat as I turned around to look into the familiar bright, blue eyes of Rocky.

“Hey, nerd.”

“Hey Rocky, how’s things?”

He didn’t reply, and after a couple more moments of silence, I turned back to the field where the band was finishing up.

“Heard you met with the others today?” Rocky eventually said.

“Yeah… yeah, they’re doing well. I reckon they’ll pass the test… probably not as easily as you though,” I replied, throwing in the last part to compliment the competitive footballer.

“Well, we did have more sessions together, didn’t we?”

“True, I was very hands on with you…” I grinned, and Rocky paused before grinning back.

“Nerd… um, I’ve been thinking that we should talk.”

Rather than speaking, I waited for him to continue. There was something he wanted to say, but he clearly didn’t know how to put the words together, and not wanting to interrupt his thought process, I stayed silent.

“After the game on Saturday, I was with a cheerleader… she’s hot as fuck but… but I didn’t feel anything. I mean, we still banged but…” he stopped, and shook his head, “what’s happening to me?”

“Well, it’s not really simple. Like, okay, when you were in the changing rooms, seeing all the other guys naked, how do you feel?”

“The same as always. They’re my bros. We drink together, we play together, we fight for each other, you know? And… and then it was just me and Hunter in the showers and I wondered…” he paused.

The band had finished their session, and still Rocky hadn’t continued, so I spoke up.

“And when you saw some hot cheerleaders? Did you wonder what they would look like naked riding your cock?”

He looked at me with those piercing blue eyes and shook his head.

“Do you get turned on by thinking about cock? Like, how it would feel inside you? Stretching your tight ass… does your asshole tingle at the thought?”

I saw him bite his lower lip and shift in his seat.

“Sometimes…” he began, before matching my gaze.

“I saw you watching me during the game and all I could think about was how I felt in that locker room. How good it felt being fucked. You just dominating me! And then I thought about that orgy. Seeing my bros naked and getting fucked, sucking me off… and I had to jerk off twice just thinking about it.”

Leaning over, I grabbed his crotch and squeezed down, making him groan. Shuffling up two benches so that I was on a bench higher than him. The height difference meant we were at eye level.

“It’s okay to be turned on by guys and girls, Rocky. It just means you get to enjoy the best of both worlds, you know. One night you can be fucking some bitch and then the next you’re getting fucked… like a bitch!”

As I spoke, I got closer and closer to his lips. Only millimeters away, I whispered the last part before kissing him.

He hesitated slightly and then kissed me back.

My fingers ran through his thick blonde hair, almost stroking him as he groaned in my mouth.

Where it would usually be me doing the instigating, Rocky made the first move and got between my legs. I watch his hands drop to my jeans and yank them loose. Lifting my hips, he pulled them down along with my boxers, freeing my hard cock.

Looking up at me, Rocky smirked and the confidence that he usually had on the football field was there in his eyes. He knew what he was Ankara bayan escort about to do, and he was going to enjoy it.

Dropping his head, he let me see his long tongue stretch out before he pressed it against the base of my cock, and slowly dragged it up to the tip.

“Ohhh my god!” I stuttered, and Rocky did it again.

Licking along my shaft. He soon had it covered in slick saliva. I was seconds away from grabbing his head and forcing him to take my prick when he finally took it in his mouth.

Bobbing up and down, I had to drop my hands to the bench and grip it to stop me from face fucking him.

This needed to be all Rocky. He had to do this rather than have me take charge. Besides, it was fucking hot seeing him get more and more into blowing me.

Moving further down my rod, his tongue kept on swirling around. Stopping with most of my dick engulfed inside, he began to suck hard, his cheeks hollowing as if he was trying to draw the cum from my balls.

“Goddam!” I moaned.

This slut was going to make me cum far too soon for my liking if he kept this up.

Fortunately for me, Rocky stopped. Pulling off, he grinned mischievously.

Seeing drool dripping from his lips, my cock twitched and accidentally slapped him on his cheek.

With my sight hazy from pleasure, I didn’t notice that he had been busy trying to undo his jeans until he stood up to kick them off, leaving him in just his varsity jacket, white shirt and timberlands.

Slipping something out of his jacket pocket, I blinked, clearing my vision to see that he was holding a bottle of lube.

“Looks like someone is horny!” I grinned.

“All I’ve been thinking about is how your cock feels inside me. Smashing against that spot deep in my ass. How it makes me feel so fucking full! I’m hard just thinking about it… fuck me, nerd! I need it!”

While he was speaking, he poured half the bottle of gel onto my cock. I groaned as his hand smeared it all over my length.

Ripping the lube away from him, I poured the rest of it into my palm. Giving his cock a tug with my spare hand, he gasped and fell forward.

Gripping the bench on either side of me, his bent position caused his ass cheeks to split. It was an open invitation to explore.

Wrapping my hand around his hip, I moved two fingers south. His smooth skin tingled under my touch and he tried to lift up, eager for me to find his hole.

“Ohhh, yesss!” he moaned when I found my target.

Letting the lube glide from my palm, down my fingers, Rocky gasped as it dripped on to his warm rosebud. Circling my digits around his ring, I made sure it was nice and slippery before I pressed a finger against his opening.

“Yes! Do it!” breathed Rocky, while staring me in the eye.

Holding his gaze, I put more pressure on his tight entrance until I finally popped in.

“Fuckkkk! Fuck yes…” he cried, getting louder as I slid in up to the second knuckle.

Even with the lube, he was tight. His muscle clenched around my finger while he gasped above me.

Pulling out, I slowly began to finger him. I went deeper, spreading the lube around his tunnel and getting him used to the invasion.

“More, I need more…” Rocky panted.

Coating a second finger with gel, I pressed both against his entrance and slowly it opened to allow them in.

This time, he needed less time to adjust, and soon I was pumping them inside his tight tunnel. Hearing his moans, I arched my thumb up to stroke his perineum, making him gasp and grip the bench harder.

“Faster… faster!” chanted Rocky as he thrust his ass back against my hand.

I could see precum oozing from his tip and I knew he was close to cumming. With my free hand, I circled his cock, teasing it. Feeling the way it throbbed, I gave it one sharp tug, and he came hard.

“Shit…” he grunted as spunk erupted from him, coating his jacket, the bench and landing on my groin.

Mid-climax, I pulled him towards me, huffing as his huge frame straddled my lap.

Guiding his feet higher so that they were planted on the same bench I was sitting on. The footballer moved into a squatting position above me.

“That’s it Rocky, let’s put all those hours of gym work to good use!”

Gripping my cock, I angled it towards his ass and thrust up. My head came into contact with his balls, making both of us groan in frustration. Sliding down, I rubbed my length along his perineum before I came to his entrance.

The slick hole seemed to greet me, catching the tip of my prick with his puckered ring and not letting go.

“Now fuck me!” I demanded, wanting to see this slut impale himself on my cock, fully giving in to his desire.

I could see the need in his eyes before he closed them. We both gasped as he slowly dropped down, his tight hole stretching to accept my thickness.

Sinking lower, Rocky groaned as I filled him up.

“So big…” he muttered between deep breaths, but he didn’t stop until he came to a rest on my lap, with my entire length embedded Escort bayan Ankara inside his tunnel.

“Goddamn!” he breathed in awe.

After a couple of seconds of adjusting to having his hole full, he leaned forward slightly and gripped the bench behind me.

Using that as a lever to pull himself up, we both sighed, him with longing and me in pleasure as his clenching ring milked my shaft. It was almost unwilling to let my cock leave.

“Come on Rocky, fuck me!”

He looked me in the eye, and with both his hands still holding the bench, I reached up, gripped the back of his neck, and kissed him hard.

Forcing my tongue inside his mouth, they dueled one another, making his softening cock twitch and start to harden.

Holding the kiss, I managed to thrust up, burying my cock back inside, and causing him to groan in my mouth.

“Fuck me, you slut… my jock slut!” I taunted, then slapped his ass.

Maybe it was the kiss, maybe it was the tongue action, or maybe it was the slap, but whatever it was, it set something off in the linebacker and he quickly lifted up before dropping, grunting as my rod stretched him out again.

As soon as his smooth muscular cheeks hit my legs, he sprung up, showcasing his amazing core strength as he skillfully rode me.

“So fucking good!” he gasped while picking up speed.

His cock was now rock hard and bobbing with each downward stroke. My hands had moved to his ass, squeezing and spanking the firm flesh in equal measure while I tried to hold off my impending orgasm.

Rocky was in a rhythm. Like a seasoned slut, he was riding me faster and faster, but I wanted to reassert my control.

“Stay!” I growled when he had only the head of my prick throbbing inside his ass.

Moving my feet up, I gripped the collar of his varsity jacket and pulled him towards me. His ass thrust out and his cock rested against me. He was in the perfect position to get railed, and that was what I was going to do.

“I’m going to make you scream!”

“Fuck me… fuck me hard!” he moaned as I slammed into him and quickly picked up the pace.

“This is where thousands of people scream your name! So tell them what you are…” I teased, pulling out halfway and holding my body still, knowing that he was all mine.

“I’m Rocky Edwards, linebacker for MWSC and I love cock!”

Leaning down, he kissed me hungrily, and I felt him grind against me. His hard cock smoothly rubbed along my belly as he fucked himself on my prick.

“Please fuck me, nerd… please!” he begged between kisses.

Gripping his hips, I took back control. Thrusting in and out of his tight, warm ass, I felt his hand move in between us and stroke his shaft.

“Cum for me Rocky, show everyone here that you’re a slave for cock!”

“Fuck… my… ass!” he cried as he came, spitting cum all over my chest.

His ass tensed and massaged my prick. With my precum lubing his tunnel, I continued to ram into him while his hole quivered in orgasm.

“Cumming…!” I choked before tensing as my balls throbbed.

The first spurt nearly made me blackout, I had to close my eyes and if it wasn’t for the bench behind me, I would have collapsed.

Another shot of cum fired deep into Rocky’s ass. followed by another and another. The linebacker groaned above me, his own cock still twitching from his orgasm.

Feeling that there was no more cum to be had from me, he rolled off and fell to the floor, whimpering. With no control over his body, his ass leaked cum all over the bleachers.

“I feel for the guys who have to sit here on Saturday.” I chuckled weakly.

“Fuck, that was intense, nerd… I’ve never cum twice before… fuck” he shook his head in amazement.

“You’re telling me. I doubt I’ll be able to walk to my room after that,” I laughed.

Breathing heavily, I finally managed to get my body to calm down.

Pulling up my clothes, I slowly got to my feet and tentatively took a step to test my strength. Feeling confident enough to move, I walked to the steps and made my way down, with Rocky following.

“So what now? Are we a couple?” Rocky asked.

“Do you want that?” I replied, confused.

“Um, I guess so. I mean, we did fuck.”

“How many people have you fucked that you’ve kept in contact with?!” I said with a raised eyebrow.

“Ah, good point nerd, so what are we?”

“Fuck buddies, dude. I mean, couples usually have at least something in common apart from sex.” I continued quickly before he could reply

“What’s your favorite tv show?”

“Monday night football,” Rocky answered instantly.

“No, I mean… forget it. What’s your favorite game?”


“Dude, video game!”

“Oh, Madden. Though I’m not great and usually get pissed off playing it!”

“See Rocky, we don’t have anything in common except you’re hot as fuck and I like fucking hot guys! Let’s just enjoy the sex and you’ll meet someone who you can actually have a conversation with after sex. Now that’s a relationship!”

While Bayan escort Ankara we spoke we were walking and pretty soon we got to the fountain in the middle of campus.

“I’ll see you around Rocky!”

“Yeah, nerd. Call me, my hand ain’t cutting it no more.”

“You know I will!”


Waking up at eight the next day, I texted Hunter, telling him to meet me at two that afternoon. It was the only time that I could book the footballers’ gym for just him and me. I had to make up some bullshit excuse to Coach about having to study in a place familiar to the players so that I could get the best out of them. Thankfully, he brought it but only gave me one hour.

Arriving at my nine am Tuesday morning seminar, I would have usually paid attention, making notes and contributing, but today my mind was reliving the past couple of days and the tight jock holes I had fucked. Rather than trying to focus, I gave up and recorded it on my phone, allowing me to daydream until the two-hour seminar was over.

Grabbing some lunch, I then went to my final lecture of the day. The time passed painfully slowly, and I was the first one out the door when the clock struck one-thirty.

Though I had been to gyms before, it was only to perv on the guys working out. It had always been a fantasy of mine to fuck one of the heavily muscled men mid-way through their session, and today I was going to live my dream.

Arriving at the gym, I found the caretaker, who told me that Hunter was already inside, waiting. The old man left me with a set of keys and headed over to the stadium.

Opening the door to the gym, I spotted Hunter skipping. The huge defensive tackle, wearing loose shorts and a tight muscle shirt, moved like someone a hundred pounds lighter.

Licking my lips at his firm ass cheeks flexing with each jump, I just watched, waiting for him to notice me.

“Ninety-nine, one hundred!” Dropping the rope, he turned to me, “hey, man.”


“So, why did you want to meet here? It’s a bit unusual for studying, isn’t it?” he asked, walking towards me, flexing his muscles.

Despite his workout, there was no sweat on him, and I found myself transfixed by his bright green eyes.

“Yeah, sorry about this. The library was booked up and, you know, I thought we could do it somewhere that you’re comfortable,” I replied.

Ripping my eyes from his amazing body, I locked the door and hurried to pull down all the blinds.

“I suppose that makes sense. I mean, I spend a couple of hours here every day.” Hunter said while walking to the free weights.

Picking up a dumbbell bigger than my head like it was nothing, he began to bicep curl it, “so what do you want to do?”

If I had more blood in my brain rather than somewhere else in my body, I would have realized that Hunter was probably more eager than me to get to the fucking.

While I had taken his virginity, there was no doubt that this stud liked cock and, at that moment as he showed off his bulging muscles, he was flirting with me.

“What?… Oh right, um, why don’t you get comfortable and go through some of your weight training routines?” I replied when I eventually managed to break my gaze from his ripped arms.

Rather than question why I would ask him to do weights rather than study, he scanned the gym until his eyes landed on the squat rack. Failing to hide a smirk, he walked over to it.

Again, I should have wondered why he hadn’t put any weight on the bar, but instead, I just watched as he bent underneath the bar and rested it on his shoulders.

Slowly, he squatted. Holding the position, his ass was pushed out and his shorts were at maximum stretching point. He held it for several boner-inducing seconds and then he pushed back up.

Repeating the exercise, I stared open mouth as his large, muscular cheeks clenched with each squat, then jiggled after he straightened. It made my balls tingle. This was going to be fun.

“You want to help me with my form?” He asked, looking at me in the mirror’s reflection.

Nodding dumbly, I took a position right behind him and waited for him to move.

Teasingly, he bent forward, pushing his ass into my groin. I was sure that wasn’t the way to do a squat, and the quick wiggle of his butt confirmed it.

I couldn’t hold back.

He knew what he was doing, and I needed more.

“I think you’re looking a bit restricted…” I began before getting cut off.

“You’re right. You know, when I’m in my dorm room doing my weights, I’m always naked!” He agreed quickly.

I knew then that there wasn’t going to be any persuading or trickery to fuck this jock. He wanted it bad.

“What do you think?” He grinned, while I lustfully nodded.

Stumbling back to give him room, Hunter put the weight back on the rack and began to undress. Countless hours of weights and exercise meant his tanned muscular body looked stunning, and he knew it.

Despite knowing that he was watching me, I couldn’t help licking my lips. His muscles gleamed and when he turned back to the weights, he cheekily tensed his ass before relaxing it.

“Damn!” I whispered, and he did it again.

A smirk played on his face as he lifted the weight bar back on his shoulders. He looked at me in the mirror, and then, keeping his legs straight, he bent over, exposing his tight pink asshole to me.

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