E042:A Day Jaunt


Though it really is early when all this happens, Emma and Donald fall into a deep sleep, neither waking until Thursday morning.  The whole night they are wrapped in each other’s arms.Donald wakes first, and as he holds Emma, he realizes he must do something special for her today.  All the pearls have been earned, with such acceptance, and her statement last night after all that they had done.He really has nothing pressing to do today and knows Emma has no meetings or obligations really.  So, he starts to plan.  Yes, that will be a perfect day for them.Emma stirs and reaches up to him.  He kisses her and tells her, “Sleepyhead, go and get started, I have our whole day planned for us.”Emma smiles and kisses him back and hurries to start her morning ritualToday, he dresses her in pretty pink underwear, having her boobs blossoming for him, a khaki short skirt, a skimpy pink top, and just some slip-on sneakers.  No stockings for what is ahead today.He then presents her with the pearl she so earned yesterday.  She just smiles in gratification.They have a nice breakfast, sharing the plate of scrambled eggs and toast, him feeding her as she adores.  And no plugs this morning at the table.  Not after yesterday.Then he tells her the plan for the day.“Emma, the weather is getting better and the forecast is for a very mild, sunny day.  I thought it would be fun to take my jeep out for a cross-country ride to someplace where we could have a picnic.  Karen has made a basket for us.  Would you like that?” Donald asks.“Oh, sir, that sounds like a perfect day.  Yes, I would so like to do that,” Emma replies.‘Yes, today would be special for them,’ Donald thinks.  Then he ponders why he wants such a day. This never happened with anyone before, ankara escort even in his concern if Emma was ready for the next step last night. He is in such conflict with himself, but when he looks at Emma it all dissolves and he only wants to share pleasures with her.He gets the picnic basket and steers her to the jeep in the garage.  The day seems fine enough that he pulls the roof cover down to the back.  He puts the basket in the back and helps Emma in, with a little spank to her ass.  She giggles at that.He pulls out from the garage and heads east towards a nearby lake region.“Emma, I want to know, what did you feel from the pot yesterday?  Did you enjoy that experience?” he asks her as he drives.“It was different and took me to a somewhat surreal place, which when we did what we did seemed to intensify the feelings.  I did rather enjoy how it made me feel.  I had never gotten high before that way,” Emma tells him with complete honesty.“Would you like to again today?” Donald replies.“That might be fun, it takes me to a higher plateau faster than drinking does, so I am not sure how much I should indulge.  I truly liked the feeling, but it came over me rather quickly, unlike when we have some drinks,” she responds.“Well, we will have to see what it takes to get you to a good place where you can truly loosen yourself and enjoy.  Though I do have to say, you usually loosen rather readily from the start, stimulant or not,” Donald chuckles.The ride in the jeep, bumping along on the road, with Emma’s ass still a little tender, and herself starting to drip in anticipation, is increasing her level of arousal.  And when Donald turns off the main road and begins to drive down a dirt road the impact on her surges even ankara escort bayan more.Donald hears her heavy breathing and wonders.  He moves his hand to her thigh, up it, under her short skirt and arrives at her love spot.  Even outside her panties, as he rubs her a little, he can feel her moisture dripping from her. Emma moans at his touch.  Gasping and clenching her hands as she feels him rubbing up and down her slit.  Even through her panties, it is exquisite.Seeing her reaction, Donald continues to rub, finding her clit through the panties to polish on it.  Emma screams out in excitement as she climaxes so suddenly.  Donald slows and then removes his fingers as she pants with after-excitement.And the bumpy road they are going over only increases her excitement again.  Even without his fingers on her, she suddenly cries out again in orgasm.Donald, his hands on the wheel driving just smiles at what sensual individual Emma is becoming.  To be able to cum so easily now, and letting herself succumb to such delights, never could he ever imagine such a metamorphosis from the little caterpillar that he invited to his house such a short time ago.Bumping along this back road, Emma continued to moan now and then as waves washed over her.  Finally, they reach a place at the lake where it is a private and secluded.  Donald gets out of the jeep tells her to wait there for now.She is needing to calm a little after that eventful ride.  The jeep is just enough in the sun right now that the warm rays flow over her, not making her too hot, but just comforting her in the now nice day.He takes a blanket as spreads it on the ground near the water.  The sun is shining there nicely.  Then the picnic basket is taken.  Finally, escort ankara when all is prepared, Donald comes back to the jeep and helps Emma from it.  His gentle touch and caring concern for her, his precious gem, is wonderful.At the blanket, they sit, and he brings out a bottle of wine.  They are now loving to sip on some together so much.  Then some cheese and crackers, fruit and nuts.  They feed each other bites of each just enjoying this quiet interlude together. The sun is shining down on them, not too hot yet, but giving them a warm glow together.Donald lights a joint for them to share, and again they do the shotgun to each other with each toke they take.  Emma feels herself moving to a wonderful happy plane.  Donald is feeling the same.Emma’s hands have been all over his thighs and higher from the start.  Her overarousal in the jeep makes her want to ravish Donald from the moment they hit the blanket. He is only wearing khaki shorts and a polo shirt, so it was easy for her to work her fingers up to his cock and balls.  And discovering that today he is going commando just increase her lust for him.Yes, Donald is hard, and wanting his Emma so much.  The level they are both at in this moment is undeniable. He presses Emma against the blanket, pulls her panties from her, opens and drops his shorts, and before one, two, three, he is in her and fucking her hard. Both are in animal heat for each other.  There is no other way to describe what is happening right now. Emma’s legs are lifted over Donald’s shoulders as he pumps and pumps into her over and over.  Both are gasping and panting at each thrust.  Emma is clenching against Donald with each thrust and whining as he presses harder and harder into her. Then he slows, he realizes he wants this level they are both at to continue as long as they both can.  Almost at the climax, that wonderful state just before it.  Emma feels him starting to go in and out of her slower, and relishes that feeling he is bringing to her. 

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