Educating Christopher


Chris knocked on the imposing front door. He waited for a reply and stood back to admire it. Wow, some house! Eventually the door opened and a middle-aged man presented himself.

“Er, I’m Chris.”

“Oh, yes, Chris. Come in lad.”

He was shown into an imposing room and the man introduced himself. “I’m Harold Pennington. I will show you up to your room if you like then you can come down for a coffee and my wife might be back by then.”

Chris was shown upstairs and looked approvingly round at his bedroom.

“Hope you like it Chris,” said Harold. “There’s a table and writing desk for your studying.”

Chris was eighteen and had just arrived at the university town to do a degree course. He seemed to have struck lucky with the lodgings that had been obtained for him by the college authorities.

He smartened himself up and heard the front door open again.

“That you dear?” he heard Harold say just as his wife walked in

Harold started to introduce their new lodger but his wife butted in.

“Hi Chris, I’m Penelope – but you can call me Penny.”

“Hello Penny, pleased to meet you,” said Chris.

Things were looking up! Penny was certainly twice his age but a very smart woman who still had a firm and attractive figure. Her hair honey coloured hair framed her face and Chris thought she was very attractive.

The three of them had a meal that evening and the atmosphere was a little strained. Harold in particular seemed subdued. He explained that he had more than one business and was often away from home.

Sure enough, in the morning he went down to be greeted by Penny. “Oh, Harold? – he’s gone already and won’t be back for three or four days. Guess it’s just you and me Chris.”

There was something about the way Penny said that….!

He soon gathered that Penny and Harold didn’t always see eye to eye. “Oh hell,” she said, “we won’t miss him!”

Penny had for a long time been bored of tired old Harold. She was a woman with a considerable sexual appetite who had always enjoyed the company of men and Chris’s arrival had offered a chance to put some spark into her sex life again.

It mattered not to her that he was so much younger. He had a very good physique and was taller than her.

Little did he know it then but Chris had arrived to have his education advanced in more ways than one.

“I’m going your way Chris. Want a lift?”

“Oh, yes, thanks,” he said and was soon beside her in the car. She smelt good! And she looked good too. Chris admired her dress sense. “You look nice Penny.”

“Thank you Christopher.”

“What perfume is that,” he enquired just to make conversation and to let her know that he noticed.

She told him, but he was none the wiser. All he knew was that it made her more desirable than ever.

Penny dropped him off. “Can’t pick you up I’m afraid. Guess you will have to catch the bus.”

Chris registered with the college and attended to some other administrative details to do with his first year at the university and he caught the bus back to the lodgings. The house seemed deserted but then he spotted Penny on a lounger in the garden, dressed in a two-piece swimsuit and enjoying the summer sun.

He went out to her.

“Oh there you are,” she said. Good day?”

“Bit boring,” was his only reply.

“Be a dear and fetch me a cold drink from the fridge will you?”

Chris was only too pleased to be in her company and soon re-appeared with a carefully prepared orange and lemonade with lots of ice.

“Thank you slave,” said Penny with a twinkle in her eye!

Chris smiled at her and started to go indoors again.

“Oh slave,” called Penny again.

“Yes oh mistress,” said Chris. who was keen to enter in to her little game.

“Do you think if I lay on my tummy you could put some sun lotion on my back?”

Chris leapt at the chance. “Yes certainly.”

Penny lay on a towel on the grass face down and he started to apply the lotion.

“If you unclip my bra it won’t get in the way.”

Chris did as he was told and the straps fell away. Then he massaged the cream into her back.

“Oh that’s heavenly she said. Go and put some shorts on and sun bathe with me Chris.”

“Are slaves allowed to be equal he asked.”

“Favourite slaves are was her reply.”

The evening was uneventful and Penny had an early night.

The next morning Penny again offered to give him a lift. He sat in the car with her and looked at her.

“What are you staring at?”

“You! – That yellow suit goes so perfectly with your tan. You look absolutely stunning, Penny.”

“Aren’t you nice! You’ve made my day,” said a delighted Penny.

Chris thought about her all day. Wouldn’t he just like to score with the fabulous Penelope Pennington!

“That you Chris?” He had returned just as soon as he could.

“Yes Penelope – where are you?”

“I’m in the bedroom. Come up if you like.”

Chris swallowed hard. He may have had only just turned eighteen but despite his lack of experience he could detect Küçükköy escort a distinct sexual tension between them.

He knocked politely on the bedroom door.

“Oh come in Chrissy said Penny impatiently. I am decent!”

Chris duly entered the bedroom and Penny stood there in her underwear! It was true that she was “decent” in terms of being covered up but the fact was that she had a most expensive and sexy black slip on and poor Chris coloured up.

“What’s the matter with you? Haven’t you seen a woman in her underwear before asked Penny? I am trying some dresses on for an event at the Country Club that I am going to. “Do you think you could help me choose?”

Chris swallowed hard again and stuttered something about, “if I can help.”

Penny was slipping a dress over her head. “Yes, you can help by zipping me up darling!”

Poor Chris was becoming distinctly aroused and now she was calling him “darling!”

“Well, whadya think?”

“Very nice,” said Chris politely, “but I have to say it doesn’t do a lot for you.”

“Oh, doesn’t it indeed! Perhaps ‘Mr Expert’, you can tell my what’s wrong with it?”

“Well, it’s a bit tight and hugs you in the wrong places. Doesn’t it feel tight?” Chris was petrified but at the same time beginning to enjoy himself.

“Feels OK to me and I’m wearing it. Show me where you think it doesn’t fit said Penny,” acting the innocent.

He hesitated. What was he, a man or a mouse?

“Chris Honey, you can touch me. I won’t bite!”

For some reason he daringly put his hand on the top of her arms and slid them down. Then he held her waist.


“If it is comfortable that’s OK I suppose”, said Chris, who was getting bolder. “It certainly shows your figure off beautifully.”

“Why thank you Christopher. Do you think I have a nice figure?”

Chris was getting bolder. “I think you have a very shapely figure. Gorgeous boobs”, he suddenly blurted out!

Penny ignored his last remark. “Ok, so you think I am too fat for that. Well unzip me slave!”

Chris lost know time in doing as he was ordered.


“Well what Penny?”

“Lift my dress up over my head there’s a good boy!”

“If you were an eastern princess I would have to be a eunuch to do this job,” said Chris with feeling!

“To be a eunuch you have to be castrated. Do you want me to call the guards?” said Penny jokingly. “No, it would be a tragedy for a handsome boy like you to be ruined, so I have decided to spare you!”

“Thank you oh mistress,” said Chris mockingly. They were both enjoying the make-believe game they were playing and poor Chris was getting more and more inflamed.

“Well, are you going to undress me or not?”

“Sorry mistress,” said Chris and carefully pulled the dress over her head.

“That’s right Chrissy”, (why did she insist on calling me Chrissy?)

Penny went again to her wardrobe and brought out what was obviously an expensive dress. It buttoned down the length of the front. She slipped it on.

“Well, slave, do the buttons up”.

“You can do that yourself”, said Chris with some spirit. “I am quite content to stand back and enjoy the view,” he said, cheekily.

“You are getting very rebellious. I will have to take you in hand.”

Chris shuddered visibly with the sexual tension that was between them. “I can’t imagine what that means but I might like it,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

She ignored him and finished buttoning the dress.

“Its still a bit tight on the bust line,” said Chris, trying hard to be professional.

“Go on, say it. You mean my breasts are too big?”

“You know very well I don’t think that,” said Chris, who was gaining in confidence all the time. “I think they are lovely.”

Penny turned to the mirror and ran her hands down her breasts.

For a moment Chris thought she was going to ask him to do the same!

“You’re right. Still too bloody tight. Well, take it off slave.”

Chris was getting bolder. He held her deliberately round her waist and swung her round to face him.

Penny waited patiently whilst he fumbled with the buttons and then she turned away from him.

Chris realised that he was being asked to take the dress from her shoulders. As he did so he couldn’t help caressing her shoulders with his hands as he pulled the dress off.

Penny pretended not to notice but smiled knowingly to herself. She had intended to tease this good-looking boy for days but he was arousing her as much as she was arousing him.

She went once more to the wardrobe. “What about this one?” She produced a slinky silk dress.

“Looks very sexy. Yes do try it on I would love to see you in it,” said Chris, boldly.

She laid the dress on the bed and made sure the long zip at the back was undone.

“Here, hold it like this,” demonstrated Penny. “Now just slip it over my head. You are taller than me and if I do it myself I might spoil my hair.”

As he did so her lovely hair, which had been piled up in an elaborate Mecidiyeköy escort bayan coiffure, came down and cascaded over her shoulders.

“Hey, careful, that’s just what I didn’t want to happen.”

Chris ignored her. It hadn’t been his fault and she knew it. He revelled in the fantasy of his being her slave but he was always ready to stand up for himself.

He held her firmly by the waist again and turned her away from him so that he could zip her up.

“Well slave? Is that better.”

Chris stepped back to admire her. “You look absolutely wonderful”, he said truthfully. “Just so sexy. Just love your hair falling over your shoulders.”

Penny was afraid things were getting out of hand and was determined that he should be tormented for a while yet. “You know I’m old enough to be your mother don’t you?” she chided. Don’t get ideas above your station slave!”

He did not make the obvious mistake of appearing to agree with the remark about her age.

“Well, Penny you certainly don’t look much older than me when you dress like that. I still say you look stunning.”

Chris was no fool and he was certain she could only be pleased with him.

“Darling, you’re so sweet,” she said. “I think that’s enough for one day. We don’t want you forgetting you’re a gentleman do we?”

“How the hell did you expect me to behave? Here I am in your bedroom and you flouncing around in your underwear. I’m only a poor red-blooded male you know,” blurted out Chris.

Penny was secretly delighted that he was behaving like a real man and not intimidated by her.

“My slip is perfectly respectable. You saw me in a swimsuit the other day and that was much more revealing.” she said, knowing full well that a lacy black slip was a different matter altogether.

Chris was perplexed. He still wasn’t sure whether Penny was deliberately teasing him or not.

“Just help me off with the dress then slave,” she said with a broad smile on her face. She was aware that she was torturing him and was getting much satisfaction from it. “You are right Honey, I have decided to wear that one.”

Chris obediently held the hem of the dress and started to pull it over her head. He could see her in the full-length mirror and as he lifted the dress her slip came up with it as far as her waist. Poor Chris caught sight of a pair of nylon-clad legs and a delicious pair of matching nylon black panties hugging her shapely bottom.

He felt himself go very red in the face and Penny could see exactly why

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked him wickedly. “That shouldn’t have happened but let’s just call it your little bonus for being a good boy,” and with that she kissed him lightly on the cheek and said, “Now leave me.”

Penny had a knack of leading him along then knocking him down with a humiliating remark.

They had supper together that evening. Apparently husband Harold was likely to be away the whole week. “Probably in bed with some tart, said Penny without emotion.”

Chris now understood why Penny seemed so indifferent to poor old Harold.

He helped her load the dishwasher and Penny said she intended to watch some TV.

She had told him that she considered him a ‘house guest’ and treat the house as his own. He followed her into the lounge.

Penny had a glamorous negligee on and hadn’t bothered to tie her hair up again.

Chris looked at her admiringly and groaned to himself. Did Penny intend to seduce him or not?

Penny knew very well that a healthy teenager like Chris must be lusting after her and she was trying to put a strategy together. After all, she told herself, Chris is a very handsome young man. She had already decided to tease the hell out of him for as long as she could get away with it. This would involve practicing feminine charms on him as innocently as she could devise.

“Before you sit down can you pour us both out a drink dear?”

Chris went to the drinks cabinet and soon arrived behind her as she sat on the settee. He handed her a Scotch-on-the-rocks and was rewarded with a glimpse of the valley between her breasts and a whiff of expensive perfume. God, I’m going to enjoy it here, he thought to himself.

Penny patted the settee beside her and Chris sat himself down. After a while her perfume started to make him quite light-headed.

Chris decided to make a very tentative move on her. He noticed her hand on the settee beside her and gently rested his hand beside hers’ so that they were touching.

Penny failed to react and his hand remained in place.

“Time for bed, I think,” said Penny suddenly.

Chris’s heart missed a beat, but then Penny spoke again.

“G’night dear. You can go up when you like. There’s a programme coming on soon with sex and nudity in it. Do you think you could cope with it?” With that parting remark Penny went upstairs laughing.

Poor Chris was just so frustrated. He passed Penny’s bedroom door on the way up. It was firmly closed.

In the morning he came out of the bathroom stripped to Escort Merter the waist and came face to face with Penny.

“Morning Chris. Hey, you into bodybuilding?”

“Not particularly,” said Chris. “Just like to keep myself in trim”.

Penny felt his bulging biceps. “Must remember to keep the right side of you,” she quipped.

Another short day at the university and Chris was soon home again.

“That you Chris?”

“Yes Penelope, Are you decent today?” he joked.

“Yes dear, sorry to disappoint you, but you can come up and talk to me!”

Chris boldly entered her bedroom.

“You didn’t knock,” she reminded him.

“Well, you did say you were decent.”

“Sit on the bed dear,” she said in a motherly tone, “and tell me about your day.”

“Nothing to report,” he told her. “Very boring this week but I shall have to get down to it soon I guess”. As an afterthought he blurted out, “I was looking forward to coming back and turning into your obedient slave again!”

“Oh were you indeed. Well I suppose I can’t blame you. I was a bit of a tease and as you said, you are only a mere male! By the way, what was the late TV programme like. The papers said that it was very explicit. Too explicit for a teenage boy perhaps?”

“If you really want to know Penny, it was about an older woman who seduces a much younger man!”

“You’re kidding? Well don’t think for one minute that I am trying to seduce you!”

Chris went red in the face. “No, of course not. I’m sorry.” He was beginning to convince himself that Penny in her slip was about as far as things would ever go between them.

That evening Penny was due at the Country Club for the social event she had mentioned. Chris went to his room but on the way had to pass her bedroom. It was not his intention to spy on her but the bedroom door had been left open. She would have been hidden from view but her wardrobe door with the full-length mirror had been left open and she was in full view of him.

Chris caught his breath. He couldn’t resist pausing. She was wearing a short slip which was around her waist as she sat on the bed and pulled a stocking on. The honey coloured slip matched a pair of gorgeous panties and her hair and she looked ravishing.

“That you Chris?” Perhaps she had heard a sound outside her door?

Chris tiptoed away quietly as he could. “No, I’m in my room,” he called out.

The next minute Penny put her head around the door. This lacy slip was so short that Chris could see her stocking tops and a flash of white thigh.

“You were spying on me weren’t you?” she said accusingly.

“I couldn’t help it Penny,” confessed a flustered Chris. “After all your door was wide open,”

“Yes, it was wide open and I knew you could see me because I could see you – you fool!”

“I’m very sorry.”

“Its no use being sorry. Its too late for that,” said Penny menacingly.

“What is my punishment going to be,” he said, throwing all caution to the wind.

She said nothing but advanced up to him as he sat on the bed and placed herself between his open legs.

Chris groaned. He had taken all he could stand. He reached out and put his hands on her bottom and pulled her to him.

She bent down as he looked up at her. Her moist, wet lips met his and they kissed.

“Is that all my punishment is going to be,” he asked hoarsely, knowing full well that he had been given the green light.

“Its much more serious than that,” was all she said.

She faced him as he sat on the bed and he put his hands on the back of her thighs. Then he slid his hands up under her panties and caressed her soft bottom.

She lifted her slip and placed it over him as he buried his head between her legs and kissed her pussy through her panties. It was her turn to catch her breath.

She held his head against her and then took him by the hand and they returned to her bedroom. “Because it’s got a nice big bed.”

She undid his belt. Soon his pants and boxers were off and he pulled his shirt over his head.

Penny was impressed. “Hmm,” she said, “not bad. Not bad at all,” as she eyed his well developed body and his rock hard dick. As an experienced woman she knew how to play with her man.

They lay on the bed and his hand slid down the front of her panties. He started to feel and caress her.

“No, no, rub me gently just there.” She corrected his fingers and was soon moaning with pleasure. “Yes, there, that’s right, oh, that’s just right.” All the time she was masturbating his dick with consummate skill.

Eventually they rolled off the bed and Penny stood up. “Are you going to undress me completely slave?”

Chris ignored that remark and simply took her in his arms. They kissed passionately. “Game over Penny darling,” he said. “No more teasing.”

“No more teasing Chris, I promise,” Then she raised her arms and he removed that sexy slip that had done so much to inflame him.

Chris gasped. Penny stood there in gorgeous panties and bra and honey coloured stockings.

They were both so hot for each other. Penny’s bra was removed and she lay invitingly on the bed with her legs apart in a gesture of total surrender.

As he kneeled between her legs she lifted her bottom and he pulled her panties off. Then he kissed and nibbled her nipples as she jacked him off a few times to make sure he was rock hard.

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