El Diablo De Morella


Roberto Sanchez craned his neck as he passed a quaint old motel. It had once been fabulous in days long past. Roberto pinched his lips as he tried to decide. He took special notice of a group of young women talking on the corner. Three of the five were very hot young women. He wouldn’t mind dipping his wick into any of the three. They were certainly good enough for his needs. They looked poor, but happy. He could change that. He took in all the squalor around him and decided this was the place.
“Alli,” he called, tapping the cab driver on the shoulder and pointing at the hotel behind them. The cab swerved, making a speedy u-turn in the middle of the street. Two children, who had been playing in a puddle, ran for their lives when the big yellow taxi swerved toward them. They cursed in Spanish and shook their fists at the driver. He chuckled and made eye contact with Roberto in the mirror.
“Rapidos ninos,” he smiled, showing one golden tooth.
“They’d better be fast with drivers like you.”
The cab pulled up beside the hotel. Roberto looked around and gasped when he saw an old man getting a blowjob in the alley, not more than fifteen feet away and in plain sight. The whore, a very beautiful woman, turned slightly and looked at Roberto with a sly, sideward glance. She was absolutely fabulous. Her large breasts bulged from the top of a short black dress. It seemed that they would pop out of the dress at any moment. The short dress showed most her long, meaty legs, almost up to her panties. They were flawless. He licked his lips as he stared at those enticing legs. Few things turned Roberto on any more, he had seen and done too much to be easily enticed. But this woman was different, Roberto knew those legs were avenues which lead up to a paradise of pleasure.
Even her lips were full and beautiful. At the moment they were sucking on the lucky man’s short, stubby cock.
Her mouth continued sliding up and down the man’s cock, as her eyes held his. The old man stood rigidly against the brick wall, with his eyes closed, one hand on the woman’s head, the other on an old, rusty dumpster. He was unaware that they were being watched. His hand pushed and the dumpster rolled a few inches, explaining why their activities were no longer hidden. In his passion he had pushed the dumpster away, enough to reveal their activities. Others took note as they walked past, but nobody seemed to care. This was one reason that Roberto loved Mexico so much. The people were poor enough to do anything, and he was rich enough to buy what he wanted.
The man suddenly stiffened, grabbed the woman’s head with both hands, and pulled her against his crotch. She struggled to swallow his offering without chocking. The man jerked and vibrated as she willingly sucked cum from his fleshy straw. When they finished the man quietly slid down to a sitting position. He seemed to have passed out. Of course at his age…
“Excellent,” Roberto sighed, holding his hard-on through his pants. He might just have to look up that beautiful whore later. She just might possibly be the best looking whore he had ever seen, and in his business he had seen many.
“Si, muy magnifico,” the driver said with a gold- toothed smile in the mirror.
Roberto turned as looked where the cabby was looking, at the old rundown hotel. “It hasn’t been grand for half a century,” Roberto growled. “He must be a relative. Do you speak English?” he asked in a louder voice. He needed an assistant and he didn’t want to waste time talking in Spanish all day long. He was an American and wished to speak American.
“Just a leatle,” the cab driver smiled. Roberto knew better, he had heard proper English creep into the man’s speech during the trip from the airport.
“For 100 dollars a day.”
“Ah, for that much I can speak very good English. What do you want, sir?”
“Hell, you speak better English than me.”
“I once worked in Juarez. I spoke to many soldiers from your army, when I drove a cap there.”
“Well hell, they make a killing in Juarez. What are you doing back here?” Roberto took several bills from his wallet and handed them to the driver. “I should know, I can’t afford to do business there any more,” he mumbled to himself.
“I missed my family,” the man said, glancing away.
“Bullshit. You can get a house there for 150 a month and bring your family there. Try again and if you lie, I get somebody else.”
“A little indiscretion,” the driver smiled in embarassment.
“You robbed too many soldiers without paying your fee?”
“Si,” the driver nodded.
“Ok, you’re my man. I make movies, adult movies, understand?”
“Yes, movies,” the man said uncertainly, nodding at the curious people walking past the open cab window on the broken sidewalk.
“Peliculas del sexo… sex movies,” Roberto said in a louder voice. The driver hissed and tried to quiet him. He looked around apprehensively, then shushed Roberto again.
“Si, I understand. But do not speak too loudly, they won’t let you in the hotel.”
“Yeah, whatever,” Roberto waved it off. “I need girls, young girls. Understand?”
“Si,” the driver said hesitantly. There was a brief look of reluctance in his eyes, followed by greed when Roberto handed him a crisp new 100 dollar bill. The driver tried to covert the American dollar into pesos in his head. He knew one peso was similar to an american dime, so he quickly estimated the amount to be 1,000 pesos. Enough to pay his rent for the month and buy some lavish groceries.
“Si,” the driver said again, licking his lips. He knew he could scam much, much more from the American during his daily routine. Things were looking up.
“First, bring my luggage to my room, then get me 4 or 5 girls, young girls like them,” he pointed to the girls still standing on the corner behind them.
“We’ll get the lesbian movies out of the way first, then go on to straight sex, then the weird shit. Got it?”
“Sure,” the driver said, still playing with the bill. “Your fare,” he smiled apologetically. “You didn’t give me enough. It’s $27.35,” he smiled again.
Roberto handed him another 100 dollar bill. “I’m being robbed and I just got here. No more meter,” Roberto threatened.
“Si,” agreed, crumpling all the bills into his shirt pocket.

Roberto circled his camera and straightened a reflector. The shadowed areas of the young girl’s face suddenly sprang into full wholesome youth and beauty.
“Wonderful,” Roberto smiled, looking down at the naked girl. Her face was that of a goddess. Her chest was small, but sexy. Her stomach was washboard firm and slender. Her hips were round, pleasing but dainty. Her legs were slender and unblemished. Her pussy looked absolutely delicious. Looking at it, he wasn’t sure if the girl was 18 or not, but she had signed the release form, so it didn’t matter. She was his best girl, incredibly beautiful and sexy, with a shaved pussy that men would kill to eat, or fuck. She was hot, Maria del Toro his new sex goddess. He would use her in each film, in combination with the men and women which Henry, his industrious taxi driver, provided.
Roberto suddenly decided he needed an additional light. He opened his large steamer chest and began taking out components.
Henry approached and bent closer. “A man died in an alley nearby,” he whispered. “An old man.”
Roberto remembered the man getting the blowjob. What a way to go, he thought as Henry hurried over to the arguing girls waiting in the chairs by the door.
“What will I be doing next?” Maria asked as she reclined on the bed. Roberto had been taking pictures of her for hours, she was used to her nakedness by now. It helped that he had ordered the other girls to strip. She wasn’t alone now. As she stretched, she was aware that she looked like a kitten. She felt very sexy.
Three girls waiting naked in the chairs were chatting happily now. Henry had gone into the kitchen to make a snack. They had all been paid in advance, 100 dollars each. Maria had been promised more.
“Her,” Roberto said, pointing to the first girl in the chair.
“Anna? Anna is my friend, I can’t… I can’t.”
“You will,” Roberto said, straightening the reflector. He returned to his camera and looked through the view finder. There was suddenly nothing there to see. He looked up to find Maria dressing by the door.
“Henry, my whip!” Roberto shouted. “We will be doing the whipping scene next. Maria has volunteered.”
“Me?” Maria looked up in alarm.
Escort “Unless I find you on the bed and naked, the next time I look through this view finder.” He gave a self-satisfied smile when Maria quickly stripped and jumped back on the bed.
“You,” Roberto crooked his finger at Anna and pointed at the bed. She jumped up and approached the bed. She was not aware of what she would be doing. Maria spoke rapidly in Spanish, Roberto could only follow a portion of her speech. The girl stopped and started to turn. Henry, anticipating this problem, handed the whip to Roberto. She was back on the bed in seconds.
Roberto got the girls into position, then checked the focus of the camera.
“No, hug her legs,” Roberto said enthusiastically. Seeing Anna laying on Maria’s flawless brown legs had given him a huge hardon. Anna sank to the bed with her slender arms wrapped around Maria’s legs. Roberto stepped to his camera and made sure they were centered in the picture.
“Fucking great,” he said enthusiastically. “Now kiss her knees, open her legs and kiss your way up the inside of each leg,” he whispered. Anna’s smile darkened briefly. She looked at Maria, who nodded. With a flicker of a smile, she pushed Maria’s right leg aside and rolled in between them. She kissed Maria’s knee. Maria shuddered. Her leg shook slightly. Roberto saw the quick intake of breath, and the excited look. Yes, Maria was enjoying it and anticipating her friend’s first touch, despite her vocal objections. She was horny. She wanted to feel her friends lips on her pussy, and Roberto wanted to see it.
Anna was kissing Maria’s knees like it was a long- lost friend. She kissed and licked the knee, while she ran her hands up and down the soft skin of Maria’s leg. She seemed to be obsessed.
“Kiss her inner thigh’s,” Roberto reminded her gently. Maria stiffened and hunched up slightly at his words. Without thought, Anna moved up quickly and licked Maria’s inner thigh with vigorous strokes of her small tongue. She looked like a kitten, eagerly cleaning her sister.
“Kiss it, massage it, make love to it,” Roberto spoke without thinking.
With her eyes still closed, Anna moaned, kissing Maria’s inner thigh, working her way up toward Maria’s delicious center.
“Oh yes,” Roberto gasped as she reached the crease between Maria’s slender legs, and her absolutely perfect pelvis.
“Madre,” Maria gasped, lifting up off the bed with a slightly frightened look. She kinked her right leg beside Anna’s head. Without hesitation, Anna’s moist red lips suddenly touched Maria’s baby soft pussy. She kissed it gently, then sucked her flesh into her mouth.
“Ah, ah!” Maria screamed. She reached down and pulled her friend’s face into her steamy wet mound. Moaning and lapping like a dog, Anna began to work on Maria’s young pussy with wild abandon. Roberto realized that Anna had either done this before, or she had anticipated doing it to Maria many times. Either way Anna was thoroughly enjoying herself.
Roberto was distracted by the sound of giggles. He focused his attention on the two girls waiting in the chairs. They were pointing and whispering, giggling as they watched their two classmates making love on the bed.
“You!” he shouted at the girls. They froze and looked at him in fear.
“On the bed,” he ordered. They looked frightened, but obeyed reluctantly. “Make love to each other, and if you stop I will whip you both,” he growled.
The girls were nice enough, typical school girls. One had reddish bleached-blonde, and the other had natural long, black hair. Both were cute. At the moment they laid rigidly on the bed, looking at him in fear.
“Henry, get me that whip,” Roberto said in Spanish. The girls simply watched as Henry approached and put the replica cat-of-nine-tails in his hand. He slapped it against his leg a few time while giving them a threatening look. They simply waited.
“Roll over,” he ordered the two girls. They immediately complied. He licked his lips, staring at the two perfectly shaped asses before him. They would have made a great feast, but at the moment he must satisfy the camera. He glanced at Maria and Anna, oblivious to his actions. Their attentions were only centered upon themselves. And his camera was catching every detail. He would make a fortune.
Maria was moaning, throwing her head from side to side, while Anna feasted on her sweet pudding with non-stop enthusiasm. It was clear that Anna was in love with Maria. At the moment, Roberto was as well. He reluctantly centered his attention on the other two girls. He knew his camera would catch the action from the edge of the lens. It was showtime.
He leaned forward, dropped to one knee between the girls, and kissed the baby soft ass of the bleached blonde. She gasped and stiffened. He smiled at her response. Girls were girls all over the world, no matter where he went. Money was a big turn-on, nakedness was a big turn-on, and attention was an ever bigger turn-on. In some cases pain was the biggest turn-on of all.
He raised the whip and brought it down across her perfect little ass. She screamed and tried to roll over. He sank down with his knee, placing his weight on her slender legs and brought the whip down again. She screamed and struggled violently beneath him. He laughed, watching her beautiful ass wiggle enticingly. As she began to settle down, he raised the whip and brought it down again. She screamed, but struggled less. He ran a hand over her velvety soft ass and she hissed in pain. He released her and turned to the second girl.
“Sooth her,” he said gently. The girl reached out and touched the welts gingerly. The blonde hisses and pulled away.
“Not like that, use your mouth,” he commanded. She began to whimper, but sank down and licked the blonde’s ass. The blonde quieted immediately. She turned to see her friend licking her ass, and a slight smile came to her surprised eyes.
“Kiss her, make her feel good,” Roberto said in Spanish. The girl, with eyes still closed, sank down until she was laying beside the girl. She kissed and licked the firm little ass cheeks, running her hands up and down the girl’s legs. The blonde gasped and sank her face into the bed, moaning softly as her friend worshiped her tiny ass.
“Excellent,” Roberto gasped. Kiss her asshole. Lick it,” he commanded. As the girl began to rise, he violently pushed her face back down. The girl tried to resist, so he raise the whip an brought it down on the black haired girl’s ass. She screamed into the blonde’s asshole. The blonde half turned to watch, not in fear, but excitement. Roberto realized that pain was one of her turn-ons.
“Roll over on your side in the fetal position,” Roberto encouraged the blonde. She immediately complied. He forced the second girl down behind her.
“Eat her ass or I will whip you to death,” he said between clenched teeth. She saw the seriousness in his face and reluctantly fell behind the blonde. With her lips puckered she shoved them into the crack of the first girl’s ass and began to nuzzle and lick the dark puckered ring. The blonde gasped loudly and smiled. She reached behind her back and touched the reluctantly girl’s face, rubbing it gently as the girl worked up and down in the crack of her velvety smooth cheeks.
“Oh God yes,” the blonde whispered. She was shuddering, hunching her ass against the second girl’s face. Roberto realized that she was about to cum. He stepped back to make sure the camera had a great shot of the two. It was only minutes before the blonde screamed, mashing her ass backward against the poor girl’s face. It was more than Roberto could stand. When the blonde was finished, she pulled the second girl away and had her take the blonde’s place. The blonde practically threw herself between the girl’s open legs. Kneeling at the side of the bed, Roberto placed his own lips on the girl’s delicious pussy and began feasting on her young flesh.
“Oh, oh,” the blonde gasped into the second girl’s pussy. She threw her head from side to side, eagerly sucking and licking the dark haired girl’s virginal pussy. The girl hunched her pussy against the blonde’s face in wild abandon.
Roberto stood, dropped his pants and took his throbbing cock into his hands. He rubbed it up and down briefly, then thrust it forward into the blonde’s virginal pussy. He took her maidenhead with one brutal thrust. With one initial scream she stiffened, but after only a moment she was pressing her pussy back onto his cock. She was now a woman.
“My God, Escort Bayan you are so fucking tight,” he gasped as he pumped in and out of her bleeding pussy. She clamped her tight, virginal pussy around his cock as it slide deep inside her. She could feel it touching something inside. It hurt and felt wonderful, both at the same time.
Maria began babbling and screaming, with her legs tightly wrapped around Anna’s head. With screams and brutal thrusts she came violently on Anna’s sweet red lips. She twisted and screamed as she had the first really big orgasm of her entire life. She looked down in desperate anticipation as Anna continued to eat, bringing on her second large orgasm.
While pumping slowly in and out of the blonde’s pussy, with both hands on her hips, Roberto watched the fantastic action going on within arms reach beside him. The beautiful little slut would make him a million dollars with such an erotic show.
Maria finished her second orgasm, reached down and grabbed Anna’s face, pulled her up and kissed her passionately. The broke the kiss and Maria practically threw Anna down on the bed and fell between her open legs. Without hesitation, Maria went down on Anna violently, sucking, pulling, and licking like a girl gone wild. Roberto watched Maria’s enticing ass wiggling just a few feet from him. As he pumped away in the blonde’s pussy, he reached out and slid two fingers inside of Maria’s wiggling mound. She stiffened, but continued eating without looking back.
Roberto felt a fire building in his loins. He intensified his attack on the helpless blonde’s ass. Pumping away five more times brought him his orgasm. He stiffened and ground his teeth, as the blonde ground her ass against his cock until she brought on her own orgasm. They screamed and withered together. In a few more seconds, the object of the blonde’s attention grasped her head and began coming on the beautiful blonde’s face.
Minutes passed as the girl came, with the blonde still eagerly feasting in her cunt. Roberto stepped back to watch the action. He was still fingering Maria’s pussy. His attention went to the whip. He picked it up off the bed, pulled his fingers out of her moist pussy, and rubbed her juices on the braided leather handle of the whip. He placed the knobbed handle against her pussy and rotated it while pushing firmly. She hissed and cried out as the handle reluctantly slide inside her tight pussy. He pushed it in and out of her pussy several times before it moved easily. She resumed her feast, eagerly sucking on Anna’s pussy.
“Henry, come here,” Roberto ordered. Henry flew forward, looking at the young girls eagerly.
“You want me to fuck somebody?” he asked.
“If you want. But right now I want you to hold this whip so I can check my camera,” he said, putting Henry’s hand on the whip. Henry took the whip, crossed himself quickly, then began stirring the girl’s wet pussy flesh with the handle.
“Slow down, slide it in and out, don’t churn it,” Roberto ordered. Eagerly licking his lips, Henry nodded nervously. His eyes went from one girl to the next. He put his fingers inside of the blonde’s pussy, then held them to his nose and tasted them. He shuddered visibly. Roberto smiled and looked down at his camera. It was almost out of film. He had expected as much, he had a sixth sense about such things. He had been in the business for a long time. He unwrapped another tape and got it ready. He watched as Anna screamed, arching her back and humping her pussy against Maria’s face. She had an earth- shattering orgasm in Maria’s eager, warm mouth. She settled back to the bed and reluctantly pushed Maria’s head away. Maria stayed in position as Henry pushed the whip in and out of her pussy.
At the very moment when Roberto was sure he would have to cut the scene short and change tapes, Maria came with a series of violent screams. Anna hurried over to her and kissed her passionately to quiet her scream. Roberto didn’t care if she screamed or not, if they were kicked out of the hotel he would simply find another. But the girls were worried about being caught. After all, it was their town and work spread quickly in Morella. As Maria fell limply to the bed, Roberto touched the stop button. It had all gone off perfectly.
“Wonderful,” he gasped, looking from one girl to another. “You will all receive bonuses for this performance,” he promised. They smiled and murmured between themselves. Roberto carefully took the tape out, placed it in a case, then slide it into his suitcase. He put the new tape in, then looked around at the darkness outside his windows. An entire day had passed somehow.
“That’s it for the day,” he called. The girls sprang to their feet and began to dress. The door knob rattled, then there was a light tap on the door. Everyone froze. Henry hurried to the door.
“Que usted desean?” Henry called softly.
“I want to come in,” a soft female voice said in perfect English. “What did you fucking think I would want by knocking?”
“Infireno, it’s Cynthia Estaban,” Henry whispered.
“A local prostitute, she is beautiful, but frightening,” Henry gasped. Roberto remembered the girl giving a blowjob outside of the hotel.
“I think I know who you mean,” he said in excitement. “Let her in.”
“But the girls?” Henry pointed at the terrified girls still dressing by the door. “The town will know.”
“They’re all in the same business now,” Roberto laughed. “Let her in.”
The girls ran and hid as best they could, until they were adequately dressed. Cynthia looked from one to the other, smiling and shaking her head sadly, as she entered the room and walked up to Roberto.
“You pick them young,” Cynthia said, turning to Roberto, speaking perfect English.
“I like them young too, but there is something to be said for the experience of a woman, wouldn’t you agree?” she said, sitting on the bed.
“No,” Roberto finally found his voice, “all the charms of a woman can be found in the young, only they are less soiled, less… dirtied,” he said with a twist of his mouth.
“Bullshit!” she cried, climbing to her feet and facing the girls. “You stay,” she pointed at Maria, “the rest get out,” she commanded imperiously. They rushed to obey. Maria looked as if she would faint, but she crept toward the bead and sat on the far side, opposite the woman.
“Hey, you can’t…”
“I can do anything I like, to whomever I like,” she said, beginning to unbutton the top of her mid-thigh length black dress. She had the most amazing legs that Roberto had ever seen, and he had seen many, in all forms of dress.
“She can,” Henry whispered in his ear. “She is called El Diablo De Morella — the devil of Morella,” he said, turning white and shaking slightly. “Nobody will argue with her. To do so is to die,” he said, quickly crossing himself. Cynthia turned and smiled at him. She stood and let the black dress slide off her body like a snake shedding it’s skin. She stood in a black thong and no bra. Her breasts were perfect.
“My God, I could make the most amazing movie of my career, with her,” Roberto gasped.
“Do not mess with her… ah adio, I’m leaving,” Henry said, running for the door. The woman’s taunting laugh followed him out the door.
“He will be easy to find,” she said, turning her startling black eyes on Roberto. “So what do you want, sleazy little man?”
“Everyone wants something, and I can provide it, for a price. What do you want?”
“I want the best sex movie of all time, bigger than Calligua, more famous than the Green Door, really big. Can you provide that?” he asked teasingly. She slid her panties down over her ankles.
She was magnificent. The tiny tuft of hair was just a reminder that hair had once grown there. It appeared that it had been electronically removed, leaving her crotch as beautiful and baby soft as a 6 year old girl’s. Her ass and legs were perfectly molded. Roberto smiled when he realized that they somehow reminded him of the hindquarters of a horse. He doubted if she would find that complimentary.
“Come over here, little girl,” she crooked her finger at Maria. Maria crept closer, shaking as she crawled across the mussed bed. She stopped as Cynthia’s hands touched her. She stiffened and her eyes widened as she looking into Cynthia’s. After a few moments she melted into Cynthia’s arms.
“What will it cost me?” Roberto asked with a shiver. Even though he didn’t believe in the Devil, and certainly didn’t Bayan Escort believe that the Devil hung out in Morella, he was apprehensive.
“Everything,” she said, glancing at him over her shoulder. She was undressing Maria in a motherly, yet sexy, manner. Roberto suddenly remembered the camera. He rushed over to start it recording. As he did his mind went over what money remained in his pockets. It would be about 600 dollars, if his calculations were correct.
“Ok,” he said, while checking the view through the view finder and adjusting the focus. “Cynthia, do you really claim to be the devil?”
“No, I claim nothing. I am who I am.” Cynthia took her time, removing one item of Maria’s clothing at a time, while gently running her hands over each part of Maria’s body.
“I didn’t think so,” he gasped in relief. “After all, why would the Devil hang out in Morella?” he laughed nervously. He tried to avoid Cynthia’s cynical look, but it was impossible. Her glance held his like a magnet. “The Devil would hang out in New York City, Vegas, or Monte Carlo,” he laughed.
“Actually, Morella is the perfect place for the Devil,” she purred. She moved closer to Maria’s back and began mashing her breasts in each hand, from behind her. She alternately stimulated her nipples with her fingers. “Youth is so fucking delicious,” she purred, placing her mouth near Maria’s ear.
“American’s are convinced that they are right, it’s hard to make them believe they are sinning. And the French… well almost nothing is taboo in their society. Frenchman are a lost cause for me. After all, guilt is sin. Guilt lives in the conscience, and the conscience is your ultimate judgement.
But down here people believe in the old ways. Almost everything they do is secretly considered a sin, even sex. These are the easiest to gather.”
“You… you talk like the Devil,” Roberto laughed nervously.
“Of course, I am the Devil,” she turned and stared him in the eyes, “and we have a bargain.”
“For… for… for six hundred dollars?”
“No, for everything, your life and soul. For these I will give you your wish.”
“My God,” Roberto gasped.
“I am now.”
“No, this can’t be,” Roberto wailed.
“Oh come off it, you evil little shit, you are long overdue. Now you can either enjoy it, or shiver in fear and die anyway. Which will it be?”
“I… I… I can’t…”
“Fuck you. Get over here,” she commanded. Roberto found himself obeying, even though he wanted to run for the door. How could this be? How could he, who always considered himself so smart, be caught in a situation like this? Maybe he was dreaming.
Cynthia’s hand touched his shoulder and he felt an electric shock run through his body and down to his loins. He suddenly had a raging hard-on, which seldom happened. He was so used to nakedness and sex that few things turned him on. Only the most perverted acts and thoughts could give him a hard-on now. But she did.
“Strip,” she commanded. He found his hands removing his clothing as if in a dream.
“Touch her, make her feel wonderful,” Cynthia commanded. Roberto moved closer. He felt Maria’s warmth against his chest. It was funny, he had never noticed the warmth, or the inherent perfume of a woman’s skin before. Her hair smelled like flowers. He clasped her in his arms and held her close, absorbing her warmth and vigor through his skin.
Cynthia’s hands roamed over each of their bodies, starting small fires of passion wherever they touched. Roberto found himself shivering. He was more aware of Maria, and his own body, than ever before. Why had he missed so much, simply to make smut movies? Why had he destroyed so much innocence, to satisfy his own perversions?
“My God, what have I done?” he shuddered, whispering into Maria’s hair. Maria was now exploring Roberto’s body with her tiny hands. He felt as if a hundred hands were exploring, touching and waking, each portion of his body.
Her hands felt like exquisite torture, erotic pleasure spread throughout his body, a hundred times stronger than he had ever felt before.
Cynthia turned Maria and pressed her back against the bed. She dropped her mouth to Maria’s tiny breast and began suckling like a baby. Maria reached for Roberto’s cock. He crawled closer on his knees until the tip of his cock entered her mouth. She grabbed his thigh and pulled herself closer until his cock was fully concealed by her sweet little mouth. She sucked and licked his cock with wild abandon. Cynthia stimulated Maria by nuzzling between her golden-skinned thighs. She worked her mouth from side to side, licking, biting and pulling on Maria’s delicate flesh. Her tongue lapped like a dog, then slid inside of Maria while she tongue-fucked her diligently. Maria wrapped her small legs around Cynthia’s chest and humped her sex against Cynthia’s mouth. She was lost in heavenly pleasure.
“This is incredible,” Roberto whispered through clenched teeth. He looked briefly at the camera to make sure it was still filming. Maria’s lips felt magnificent on his sensitive cock. His balls shuddered in response. Suddenly Cynthia rose and looked down at Maria. Maria gasped out her surprise and disappointment. Cynthia reached down, grabbed Maria’s legs and pulled them over her shoulders. Maria found herself dangling in Cynthia’s arms, with her face just an inch from Roberto’s cock, while dangling upside down. She lurched forward and pulled his cock into her mouth.
Holding Maria by the waist, Cynthia lowered her mouth to Maria’s upturned ass and licked it diligently. After a few moments she pressed her lips against Maria’s quivering pussy and continued eating as Maria’s legs dangled behind Cynthia, over her shoulders.
“Oh fuck,” Roberto gasped. Maria’s pussy, and Cynthia’s face, were just six inches from his own face. He could watch every movement Cynthia made in Maria’s tiny mound, in minute detail. Maria now rested her shoulders on Roberto’s bent legs, to help take some of her weight. The blood rushed to her head, and the sensation in her pussy was partially deadened, but she knew this would serve to heighten her orgasmic explosion when the time finally came. She was a creature of pure sex. Every part of her body was alive, on fire.
Cynthia’s tongue seemed to grow inside her body, reaching lengths of six to eight inches as it fluttered inside her. And why not, the Devil could do whatever her or she wanted.
Roberto tried to hold off his orgasm. After all, he was slated for death when their little show was over. But try as he may, he could not prolong the explosion churning between his legs. Maria’s mouth just felt too damned good to prolong it for more than seconds. He ground his teeth and clenched his thigh muscles, but the orgasm suddenly exploded. He felt the hot liquid shooting through his cock and into the exquisitely sweet warm mouth of the Mexican girl. He heard her struggling to swallow his load. She gurgled and drank as shot after shot of hot cum spurted into her mouth. She finally caught up as his cock began to slow and relax.
Roberto opened his eyes in time to see Maria starting her own orgasm. She screamed and flailed helplessly in Cynthia’s arms as her tiny little ass bounced against Cynthia’s face. Cynthia opened her eyes and stared at Roberto as she calmly munched on Maria’s virginal pussy. She finally pulled her mouth off Maria’s quivering flesh as her orgasm receded.
“Delicious,” Cynthia smiled. Roberto tried to smile in return, but he was finding it hard to breath. He shook in fear and expectation.
Cynthia licked her lips, dropped Maria on the bed and wiped her mouth on the back of her hand. She licked her rich red lips again and smiled at Roberto.
“Ready?” she asked.
“Yeah, I’m ready,” he said in a resigned voice. He still didn’t fully believe that Cynthia was the devil, but he shook as he waited.
“You go home, little one,” she said, slapping Maria on the ass. Maria sprang to her feet and grabbed her clothes. Cynthia reached out, grabbed Roberto by the shoulder and they both disappeared. Maria screamed and started to run for the door. Belatedly, she remembered her tape in the bag. She rushed over, drug through the case, and retrieved the tape. Hesitating only a moment, she turned off the camera and pulled out the second tape. Even Maria knew they could be worth a lot of money. She turned and ran from the room.

In Fayetteville North Carolina a young soldier walked through the isles of an adult bookstore. He paused in front of the tape wrack, struck by the beauty of the woman on the case.
“El Diablo De Morella,” he read to himself. He pulled the tape from the shelf and added it to the growing pile in his hands.

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