Electric Train

Big Tits

I was working as a cashier in one of the major banks in the city, not very glamorous or exciting but it pays the bills. My friends tell me I should be a model because I am tall and slim with natural good looks, but I am happy as I am. I live in a village on the outskirts of the city, with my 2 dogs and my aging mother who I look after. I love the countryside and look forward to walking my dogs when I get home every day.

The day it happened was like any other Monday night. I sat on the bench at the station waiting for train that would take me home. It was a comfortable summer evening and the trouser legs of my pinstripe business suit flapped gently in the breeze. I was glad I had chosen the trousers today, a skirt would probably have left my legs a little chilly.

Just then I heard the unmistakable rumble of the train approaching. I got up from the bench and stood waiting patiently for the train to stop before climbing aboard. The train was quite full as it always was this time in the evening, but luckily for me a woman had gotten off before me leaving a spare seat. As the woman passed me on the way out I noticed that her face was flushed and she seemed slightly out of breath. A bit strange I thought considering she had just been sitting on a train.

The seats where arranged in pairs all facing forward and staggered on either side of the carriage. The vacant seat was next to the window with an attractive middle-aged woman sitting in the isle seat. I expected the woman to move over as I approached but she pulled her legs in and motioned for me to squeeze pass instead. I figured she probably wanted to get off at the next stop and squeezed passed. I was surprised how difficult it was to get passed having been sure there was plenty of room when I started, I found my buttocks pressed tightly up against her knees as I made my way to my seat.

As soon as I sat down I realised why the woman had not moved. I gasped quietly as I felt a hard ridge in the seat running front to back right between my legs.

“Are you OK my dear”

“Oh yes” I replied, not wanting mecidiyeköy escort to make a fuss “Its just this seat cushion has seen better days I think, I wasn’t quite expecting it that’s all.”

“I know what you mean, my seats lumpy as hell too. You would think with what they charge us for season tickets they could afford to replace the cushions now and again.”

I agreed and we soon fell into the usual conversation about the state of the railways.

As we talked however I began to have problems concentrating as the ridge in my seat made its presence felt by sliding in-between my buttocks, and separating the lips of my labia such that almost my whole wait was resting on my perineum. This was very uncomfortable while at the same time producing a strange tingling sensation in my crotch.

As we talked the woman seemingly absent mindedly, put her hand on my thigh. It was a friendly caress neither threatening or sexual and I thought nothing of it.

The train always waited 10 minutes at the station before moving off, but at last it was time and I felt the familiar throb of the electric motors as the train began to move off. Except this time it was different, I realised to my horror that the ridge in my seat was picking up the vibration from the electric motors and transmitting it directly between my legs. Sex has never played a big part in my life, in fact although I am now 22 I’m still a virgin, although I would never admit it to anyone. I do masturbate regularly but I have never had the guts to buy myself a vibrator, so the sensation building between my legs was relatively new to me.

The woman beside me seemed thankfully oblivious to my predicament and continued to talk. This helped keep my mind off it for a while but I could feel my arousal level building steadily. I new it would not be too long before I would no longer be able to concentrate on anything but the increasing sense of urgency between my legs. I tried shifting in my seat but this just seemed to increase my contact with the ridge making the situation worse. Plus I was aksaray escort sure that the woman’s hand was pressing down gradually harder and harder on my thigh further increasing the pressure.

As I felt myself beginning to slip away I realised the vibration was beginning to reduce as the train slowed down for the next station. Thank god I thought, as soon as we stop I’ll move to another seat. Although part of me would love to have stayed, I knew if I did stay any longer I would loose control and certainly orgasm.

Once the train had come to a halt I moved to get up, but the woman kept her hand firmly on my thigh and continued talking. I didn’t want to be rude and so remained where I was, while waiting for a gap in her story so that I could excuse myself gracefully. To my dismay she didn’t stop the whole time that the train was stationary, and as we began to move on again I slumped back into my seat. My mind began to work over time trying to think of a way out, to get away from the delectable feeling that was once again building between my legs.

I felt my breathing beginning to increase, slipping into the rhythm of the train wheels passing over the joins in the track, Clickety-clack, clickety-clack… The voice of the woman that was still talking to me became distant as my mind betrayed me and began to slip into a fantasy. I imagined the woman began to move her hand up my leg until she was cupping my crutch, gently rubbing up and own. Then slipping her hand into the waistband of my trousers and pushing down under my knickers until she was cupping my hot, wet, naked pussy. Her finger tracing a line down between the folds to the entrance of my vagina, before moving back up to gently massage my clit. I was more aroused than ever before in my life, had I been at home masturbating in my bed, I would have orgasmed long ago. But the unfamiliarity of the train and the other passengers around me held me back from the edge. Yet at the same time my arousal continued to build to new and unknown heights.

I was so close now I knew there was nothing that could nişantaşı escort prevent the inevitable unless within the net ten seconds…. The vibration suddenly ceased and as the train pulled into the station it took considerable mental effort for me too pull my mind back to reality. Some one was talking too me, it was the woman sitting next to me, I heard what she said but it took my brain a couple of minutes to decipher it.

“Are you OK my dear? Your looking a little flushed.”

As I tried to think through the fog in my head I was having difficulty working out where I was and what I was doing. I was almost there when the insistent vibration of the trains motors began again and I moaned out loud as I slipped back into a state of extreme arousal. The train only moved slowly this time and somewhere in my subconscious I realised the next stop was mine, it was only a short distance and hence the train never got a chance to build up much speed.

I was on the edge again but to my dismay I realised it wasn’t going to be quite enough to get me off before my stop. I considered putting my hand down my trousers to get it over with. Then I could concentrate, but there was now way I could do it without drawing attention to my self. I began shifting in my seat trying to increase the contact but to no avail. I saw the station in the distance and sighed in frustration.

Just then the woman next to me said “ooh look at that” and leaned over me as if looking out the window at something. At the same time she moved her hand to my crutch, cupping my trouser covered pussy. She then proceeded to rub me very rapidly while continuing to look out the window and placing her shoulder against my mouth. I had no time to protest, I orgasmed almost immediately. My legs kicked out, hitting the metal plate at the back of the seat in front. The metallic clang effectively drowned out my scream as I bit down into the woman’s shoulder. I had never cum like that before in my life, it took several minutes for me to come down enough to realise that the train was now at my station. I grabbed my stuff and rushed off the train avoiding eye contact with the woman next to me, not knowing what else to do.

I ran straight home using my jacket to cover my clearly wet crutch. Once home I went straight into the shower and masturbated to two more orgasms within 5 minutes.

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