Emily’s Shorts – You Spin Me Round

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It is not based on, or inspired by, any real world events or any actual people. All characters are invented and envisaged by the author as being at least 18 years old and engaged in only consensual activities.


Shorter stories or single scenes featuring Emily and her various partners. You can read more about our heroine in “Emily’s Erotic Adventures”, a series of longer novelettes.

Call me Emily. That may or may not be my real name. Today, I’m a normal, well-adjusted girl in my mid-twenties. One who loves her Daddy very much. This is a story from back in 2017. At the time I was nineteen and still exploring the boundaries of my sexuality. If you want to know what I look like, read one of my other stories, I go on about it lots in them!


It was the summer break between my freshman and sophomore years. It was hot and the days were long. Many of my friends were vacationing or back home with their families. All of which meant more time for me with my own family, which for the last three years had been just my Father and me. I think it’s fair to say that Daddy and I got along well and enjoyed each other’s company; I was lucky that way. However, he also had to work and, as the warm days rolled by, I found myself more and more in need of a distraction, of something new. Daddy sensed it, he always picked up on my moods. He hatched a plan to help. Daddy’s plans for me tended to be unconventional and this one was no exception.

Daddy told me a bit about what he had in mind as we drove to our destination, but the pièce de résistance was a total surprise.

Rian, Daddy’s bar friend, really was very creative. He had been the one who brought to life several of the twisted ideas emanating from either my Father’s mind, or from those of his co-conspirators. Most of these ideas had led to me being used and abused in some way. Not that I was complaining, submissives don’t normally complain, unless it is about not being used and abused. But this new contraption was all Rian’s own work, from concept, to design to realization. He had outdone himself.

The bigger parts had probably come from some junk yard. I had had enough experience with the output of Rian’s 3D printer to recognize its handy-work in places. Some of the other components were clearly from the shop. The shop that the chamber we were now standing in was located behind.

The overall impression was of a large cable reel, or rather two different sized ones that had been joined together. Indeed maybe that was just what they had been in an earlier life. The lower section had a wide disk, maybe eight foot across, which was bolted securely to the floor. From this a central cylinder rose to meet an upper disk, which was smaller, about four foot in diameter. Somehow things had been arranged so that the top disk could spin on the lower section. When Rian gave it a tug, it moved smoothly round with a low swish of ball bearings. It took a second or so to stop rotating when he let it go. Based on how much effort Rian had used, I judged it to be quite heavy.

But it was not the general mechanics that I noticed, rather the finer details. The upper disk was padded in some black material; my nostrils alerted me to it being leather. On one side, shiny metal lithotomy stirrups, with padded leg rests, had been fixed, conveying a gynecological impression. However, I noted that gynecologists seldom used padlocks. Also the distance between the two foot rests seemed wider than usual. Between the stirrups, a curved section had been removed from the upper disk, making it look like the start of an eclipse. Antipodal to this, another section had also been cut out and housed something akin to the headrest from an airline seat; but one that was tilted back below the plane of the upper disk. Once again, I doubted that many airlines used black leather and I was yet to see what appeared to be a neck belt on a plane. If the stirrups were south and the headrest north, then a bit above the equator and to the east and west were two short chains, ending in leather wrist cuffs; they were identical to the well-used ones Daddy had instructed me to buy in the adjacent room almost a year ago. Finally, spanning the center, was another buckled leather belt, rather wider and longer than the one near the headrest.

Looking more closely, I saw that the padded leather was punctuated here and there by small shiny squares, each with a hole in the center. Designed to add other attachments I assumed, though, as none was in use, it was hard to be sure.

The machine was not subtle. Even the most innocent of minds would probably have dimly glimpsed its purpose. Falling somewhat short of innocence myself, the intent was crystal-clear. I began to detect the familiar presence of two countervailing feelings: trepidation and anticipation. I say countervailing, but in truth, each feeling intensified the other one. They were two sides of the same coin.

‘Well porno Rian, it’s very… er… impressive. You must be proud of yourself.’

‘She’s a beauty, isn’t she?’

‘Want to try her?’

‘It looks really comfortable and Rian tells me he tailored it to your measurements. But he can make adjustments if you like.’

This from Daddy who had taken an afternoon off work to come with me to the grand unveiling. I turned to answer Rian.

‘Just try stopping me.’

I spoke lightly, but part of me did wonder whether I would be able to cope with what lay ahead. “I always do”, I told myself. “This is really no different to other times”. But it felt different. The vacuum that had opened up in my stomach told me as much; so did the slight trembling of my hands as Rian steadied the turning platform and I climbed on to it.

I guess Rian had not planned for me to be wearing skinny jeans and I’m not convinced that I struck much of an elegant figure as I mounted the disk on all fours. Turning to lie on my back, I wriggled my head into the right position and sunk into the headrest. I ended up eyeing one of the walls upside down, my neck arching backwards.

‘It’s adjustable Em. That’s the lowest position. Let me tilt it up so you can see better’

I raised my head and Rian slid out a spring-loaded bolt, letting it snick home again once he had moved the headrest. Nestling back into it, I could now see what I was doing with the lower half of my body. I raised my legs and tried to place them on the padded stirrups. Again skinny jeans were less than ideal attire.

‘Screw this. Hold this thing still will you.’

I climbed down to the floor, slipped off my sneakers, undid my jeans and slid them down. I managed to dislodge my thong in the process and so decided to lose it as well.

‘Don’t gawp Rian, it’s not like you have never seen my pussy before, is it?’

‘Oh what the hell, let’s make this realistic shall we?’

I pulled my tank top over my head – I seldom wore a bra in those days, it wasn’t a necessity – and took my socks off.

‘Let’s try again, shall we?”


Now being naked, the task of arranging myself on the circular platform became somewhat easier. I spread my legs and rested them in the stirrups. Wriggling a bit again, I made myself comfortable.

‘Well this seems to have turned into a dry run. Are you comfortable Em? Good. Then shall we check everything else, Rian?’

In response, Rian wrapped the stirrup pad over my left calf, lining up two metal-reinforced holes through which he threaded a padlock and closed it. He did the same with my right leg. The lowest parts of the flexible pads were attached to the metal and so my legs were firmly immobilized. Meanwhile, Daddy, with a practiced efficiency, slipped the wrist-cuffs on to me and tightened them. Rian leant over me, pulled the two central belt sections together and buckled them tightly, but not uncomfortably, across the top of my stomach, just above my belly button. Daddy did the same with the collar and I was now fully restrained, fully naked and with my legs both raised and fully open.

‘Are you still comfortable Em? Does anything need adjusting?’

‘It’s perfect Rian. Can you tilt my head back again. I’d like to check that the orientation is right.’

Rian adjusted the headrest again. I felt my neck stretching and my throat and mouth aligning.

‘It feels fine and I think the angle is good. But I don’t want to find out there is a problem on the big night.’

‘Daddy, do you mind? Sorry Rian, you are so curved. It’s a bit much in my throat.’

‘Oh don’t look like that. I love your new machine. If Daddy takes this end of me, why don’t you take the other. Your curved cock feels nice in my pussy.’

I watched as both upside-down men undressed. There was little else I could do if truth be told. They seemed to be talking about something in hushed tones, how rude with a lady present!

Predictably both were already erect. Rian’s cock was indeed curved. It was a decent size, maybe 7 inches as compared to Daddy’s 8 plus, but he didn’t have Daddy’s girth. Also, where Daddy was straight as an arrow, the corresponding simile for Rian would involve a banana. Unlike Daddy, he was circumcised, which if anything accentuated the effect.

Undressing and whispering finished, Rian wandered round to the other side of the platform, out of my sight. But I could sense that he was now standing to the south of me and, by virtue of the cut-out section between the stirrups, close to my wide-open crotch. Daddy approached me from the North. His groin was at the perfect height. I opened my mouth wide to receive him as I had so many times. His bulbous glans brushed my lips and then he pushed it into my mouth.

I was expecting to be penetrated simultaneously by Rian, so it was a massive jolt when he instead slapped my pussy hard with his hand. I would have yelled, but my mouth was too full of cock. Instead, my eyes widened and my whole body jerked. porno Daddy seemed to like the sensation, which he took as encouragement to push further into my mouth, nearing my throat. Rian slapped me again. I was used to punishment, but this had taken me off guard and I have to say had destabilized me a little. Again I spasmed and again Daddy took my twitching as a sign to push deeper. His glans was now entirely in my throat, but I knew there was more to come. A third slap, I was getting very sore now and imagined that my pussy would be glowing red. Daddy eased the rest of his cock all the way in and his balls rested against my nose. I was spreadeagled, tightly restrained and now impaled orally on a large cock.

Slap, slap slap!

I arched my back violently with each blow, but the belt mostly held me in place. Enough, just fuck me won’t you Rian. But it is hard to convey messages when your throat it full of your Father’s cock. The extra abuse of my poor pussy seemed to be a sign to Daddy, who started to face-fuck me; drawing out a couple of inches and easing his whole length into me again. His pace was slow at first, but he picked up speed and the length of his strokes also increased. Rian clearly knew what he was doing, my head was perfectly aligned so as to let Daddy probe my throat deeply with minimal resistance.

I always got a little Zen when being deep-throated. I let it all wash over me and went with the flow, save for trying to suppress my gag reflex. I knew I wanted to please Daddy and felt warm, almost cared for, almost internally caressed, as my throat muscles were stretched. Even so, I could feel tears form in my eyes and trickle down my forehead and into my hair. At the other end of me, things were far from Zen.

I felt a slight vibration in the platform. Was Rian moving? I jerked as fingers pinched a nipple and pulled. I thrashed as a hot pain seemed to pierce it. He’s fucking clamping my nipples. Ow, that’s a really strong spring. I wanted to take very deep breaths, but Daddy kept constricting my nostrils as he slapped his groin onto my up-turned face. The second side, no, no, no, I can’t take it. I almost passed out, but – as always – I adjusted to the pain. It didn’t lessen, but I embraced it and tried refocusing it to my clit. I’m being a good daughter and taking my Daddy’s cock deep in my throat, that’s what is important. Don’t let the excruciating pressure on your nipples spoil what you are doing for Daddy. You can do this.

Slap, slap, slap!

Fuck! This again? My pussy felt raw, each new blow burnt. But, as ever, the pain, which mingled with the stinging of my breasts, was also turning me on. I could feel juice begin to ooze out of my vaginal opening. I could feel my clit throbbing. The feeling that I was opening up my throat to Daddy, while my cunt and nipples were being tortured made me hyper-aroused.

Slap, slap, slap!

Tears were now pouring. Maybe this was too much, even for me.

But now he was in me. Rian sunk his whole length into my pussy. I was sopping wet and took him easily. He started to fuck me and I could feel his bendy cock put pressure on the ceiling of my vagina. Nothing was like Daddy’s cock, but the shape of Rian’s dick gave me something Daddy couldn’t.

Restrained, abused, in pain and being fucked hard at both ends of my body, I did what any submissive would do, I came hard. I wanted to twist and turn, but the restraints and the two cocks that impaled me meant I couldn’t. That made me cum even harder. I felt the orgasm in my clamped nipples, in my stretched throat, deep in my cock-filled pussy, but most of all centered on my clit. I felt warm liquid rush from my vagina as I spasmed while still being held firmly in place.

As my violent orgasm subsided, both Daddy and Rian withdrew and I felt a new sensation, the room started spinning. I had cum hard, but what the fuck? And then my brain started to work again. Of course the whole point of the platform was that it rotated. Daddy’s cock, dripping with saliva and mucus, disappeared from view and Rian’s appeared.

‘Rian, you are soaked. Did I do that to you?’

I gazed up at his inverted face from my prone position. It was partly obscured by his cock, which was covered in both pussy juice and my ejaculate. His stomach seemed to have taken the brunt of my squirting. The head of his cock glistened and I could see him twitch and throb.

‘Rian you are a fucking bastard. My pussy is raw and you set the tension on those clamps too high you rank amateur. They are going to cut my nipples in half. Take them off now!’

Rian lent forward, picked up the chain running between the two clamps and pulled it upwards. I screamed.

‘What were you saying Em?’

‘Nothing, please don’t pull.’

Rian slackened the chain, but before I could get over the new level of pain he had inflicted on me, he tugged it up again, this time harder. I couldn’t see with my head tilted, but I imagined my nipples being distended, stretched. Fuck that hurt.

‘Daddy, please, make türk porno Rian stop.’

‘You know the words angel.’

When I didn’t speak, Daddy pushed the tip of his cock into my pussy. He slid his massive member half way in, that felt so good, almost making me forget that my breasts were burning. But he had other things in mind. He withdrew stickily, dipped two fingers into my higher opening, twisted them round and pulled them out covered with my slime. He rubbed this over and into my lower opening.

I knew what to expect but had thought that Daddy would ease into me like he normally did. Instead, he pushed his head into me with his thumb and immediately thrust forward, giving me 5 of his 8 inches all in one go. I screamed louder. I struggled, but there was no way I could resist his rapid invasion. Rian pulled harder. Then Daddy pushed again and I took all of him up my ass, his balls slapping against me, his pubis pressing on my reddened pussy. Daddy’s cock was always a lot to take, but he felt even bigger today.

I was now sobbing, my throat, pussy and ass has all been used and abused. My nipples might never be the same shape again, that’s if Rian didn’t pull them entirely off of my breasts. He jerked again and I wailed, the tears now a flood. My body shook with emotion. Even for an experienced BDSM slave, there was something about this assault on my teen body that knocked me off balance. I wasn’t handling things too well.

Daddy started to fuck me roughly, taking six inches out of my ass and slamming them back in. At least he also rubbed my clit, giving me some comfort. Still yanking on the chain, Rian put his hand across my chin and pinched my cheeks hard with thumb and forefinger, making me open my mouth wide. He moved his feet and hips positioning himself with his cock just outside the mouth he had forced to gape. Then he too lunged forwards. He got it wrong and his cock hit my lip and slipped across my cheek. He realigned and this time stabbed my mouth with his first three inches. Releasing his grip on both my face and the chain, he held my cheeks and leant the weight of his body on to me. I struggled as his distorted cock pushed further into my mouth. The pressure on my hard palette was OK, but when he reached the opening of my throat, his tip was higher than it should be and he had to push hard before it slid in. The upwards force on my throat muscles was too much. I slapped the platform with my restrained hand five times rapidly and he pulled out at the prearranged signal.

I turned my head as much as the headrest and neck restraint allowed, coughed and spluttered, feeling myself retch and vomit fill my mouth. I spat. My mouth tasted sour. I felt Daddy pause his ass-fucking.

‘You OK Em? Rian for fuck’s sake that’s my daughter!’

‘It’s OK Daddy. I didn’t tell him not too. It’s OK Rian.’

‘Daddy, how am I meant to get through what you have planned for Saturday night if you get all bent out of shape and protective each time I gag a bit? Don’t you think that might happen once or twice on the night?’

‘OK, you may have a point, sorry Rian. Sorry Em.’

‘OK Rian. Let’s go again but try to angle it down a bit more. Also the clamps really are adjusted wrong. Can you take them off please! It’s not pleasurable at all.’

Sheepishly Rian did as I said. He would never be a natural dom and knew it. I screamed louder than before when he took the clamps off and blood flooded back into my nipples. Daddy started to ass-fuck me again in a comforting sort of way. I opened my mouth and nodded to Rian.

No thrusting this time. He gently eased his bendy cock into my mouth, holding the root with his hand and trying his best to keep it horizontal. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, the rhythmic stimulation of my ass from Daddy helped. Rian slowly advanced to the back of my mouth and stopped. I pushed the back of my head deeper into the headrest, trying to open my throat. I sensed how tentative Rian was and sucked on him. Seemingly encouraged, he pushed forward. I gulped intentionally three times and felt him slip into my throat, albeit with some difficulty.

Clearly proud of his little girl’s efforts, Daddy started to fuck my ass deeper and quicker pushing his thumb into my pussy. Rian too seemed more confident. He pulled back a little, his tip was still in my throat, and then pushed in again. Short, but deep face-fucking, avoiding the problematic mouth / throat transition. The kink in his cock was still difficult to deal with, but the kink in me made me want to keep going.

Daddy was fucking me hard now, pumping my ass with his full length. I felt him shift position and then his fingers on my ultra-tender nipples. I tried to squirm away but had to lie there helpless as he squeezed and twisted my already battered appendages. Fuck that hurt, but it was a better hurt than the clamps. I could deal with it. I got off on it. My useless attempts to evade Daddy’s cruel fingers seemed to stimulate Rian, who stated to face-fuck me much less tentatively. The delicious feeling of fullness in both my throat and ass blended with the intense pain in my nipples and I felt myself cumming again. A single squirt accompanied my spasming, but I didn’t repeat the earlier fountain.

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