Emma Pt. 03: Moving Day


Emma had just finished her last final. She felt really great knowing she aced it. All her hard work these last four years were finally paying off. In just two weeks she would be a college graduate. Avery was going to be there so that made the event even more special. Over the next two weeks she planned to pack up her apartment so she could move to New Jersey. She still couldn’t believe she was moving. Although she was a little nervous, she was even happier at the thought. She loved Avery and knew in her heart this was the right thing to do. Shortly after Emma’s trip to see Avery back in December they decided they couldn’t go six months without seeing each other again. In February Avery flew out to see Emma and in April Emma flew out to see Avery. In just two weeks they wouldn’t have to worry about the distance any more.

It was the day before graduation and Avery was boarding a plane to head to Virginia. She was excited to see Emma graduate but even more excited that she was there to help Emma drive back to New Jersey. Just like Emma, Avery was a little nervous to be taking such a big step but she too knew this was the right thing to do. She couldn’t picture her life without Emma. The girls wanted to make this trip a little more special and decided to make a stop in Washington D.C. on the way home. Both had never been there and were excited to see all the sites like the White House, Lincoln Memorial, National Mall, and Washington Monument. They also planned to visit the Smithsonian Museum. Avery was the most excited about the big surprise she had for Emma though.

Three hours later Avery’s plane was landing in Blountville, Tennessee. She grabbed her bag from the over head compartment and headed off the plane. Like usual Avery was supposed to meet Emma at baggage claim but this time Emma was standing right outside the security gates. Like always Emma ran toward Avery, jumped in her arms, and kissed her passionately.

“I am so glad you are here baby! I missed you!” Emma said still in Avery’s arms.

“I missed you too baby!” Avery said kissing Emma again.

They headed to Emma’s car hand in hand both with huge smiles on their faces. The drive to Emma’s apartment was just a short thirty minutes. First, they stopped to grab a bite to eat at Emma’s favorite BBQ restaurant. With Emma moving in just two days everything in her kitchen was either gone or packed up so they would be eating out a lot the next few days. Being from up North Avery wasn’t familiar with authentic southern BBQ so she was excited to try something new.

A few hours later they arrived at Emma’s apartment. Everything was bare and packed up but just a few things left in the bathroom and bedroom. Even though it was obvious Emma was moving it still felt a little unreal to her. Reality just didn’t fully set in yet. Emma grabbed Avery’s bag from her and put it in the bedroom. Avery followed behind her grabbing Emma from behind once they got to the room. Emma turned around and smiled at Avery. She could look into those bright blue eyes forever she thought to herself. Emma kissed Avery and said, “I’m going to go get in the shower babe. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable?” Avery didn’t want to let go of Emma but she finally did, watching Emma walk away. Avery made her way to the living room, sat on the couch, and started playing games on her phone.

Emma got in the shower washing her hair then her body. Having Avery here made Emma excited in more ways than one. As she was washing her body, she lingered over her breasts a little longer massaging them. She could feel the heat growing between her legs and knew she needed a release. She was about to get out but thought to herself a little self-care never hurt anyone. Emma grabbed the shower head, sat down in the tub, and positioned it between her legs. The spray of the water on her clit felt amazing. With her free hand she slid two fingers inside herself fucking her pussy ever so slowly then gradually moving faster. It didn’t take long at all for Emma to reach climax as she threw her head back and moaned. Her legs were still twitching and felt weak as she got up.

Emma got out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and dried herself off. She made her way to the bedroom where she thought she would find Avery but she wasn’t there. Emma then made her way to the living room where Avery was still playing games on her phone. Avery was so intrigued with her game she didn’t even notice Emma came into the room. Emma walked over to Avery fatih escort and stood before her. Finally, Avery looked up and in that second Emma dropped her towel. “Holy shit!” was all Avery could say. Emma smiled and climbed on top of Avery straddling her.

“I was a naughty girl!” Emma whisper in Avery’s ear.

“Oh yeah, how so?” Avery asked.

“I played with myself while thinking about you and what we are about to do right now!”

“That is so hot baby! Sit tight though. I have to grab something.”

Avery removed Emma off her lap and got up, walking over to the bedroom. Emma was a little disappointed thinking what could possibly make Avery stop what they were doing. After all she was completely naked on top of her.

In the bedroom Avery stripped down to her boxers and started rummaging through her bag. After a few seconds of looking she pulled out a strap on. Avery had just bought the toy a week ago after Emma dropped a hint that she wanted to try it. The dildo on the strap on was purple and of good size. Avery slipped the strap on and made her way back to the living room. When Emma saw Avery, her eyes got huge and said, “Oh my God!” in absolute complete shock. Emma didn’t know what to think. This was something she wanted to try but was nervous. Avery made her way back over to Emma and sat down beside her.

“What… What is that?” Emma asked.

Avery giggled and said, “I bought it for you. You mentioned how you were intrigued by it.”

“Yea but…”

“I’m sorry. I’ll go put it away!”

“No, wait” Emma said quickly. “I mean you did buy it for me so maybe we should try it!”

Avery smiled and in that second lifted up Emma and placed her on her lap with the dildo resting flatly against Emma’s folds. Avery started kissing Emma. Each kiss became more intense and passionate. Emma found herself grinding against the dildo now it ever so slightly hitting her clit. She slowly pulled back from Avery and said, “I’m ready.” Avery pulled Emma up some so she was upright more, grabbed the dildo, and positioned the tip right at the entrance of Emma’s hole. Emma slowly lowered herself onto the dildo. Once it was fully inside her she went back to kissing Avery and grinding on the dildo ever so slightly. With each passing moment then intensity between Emma’s legs was growing. She started increasing her movement now moving up and down on the dildo. Emma then got off of Avery and positioned herself to lean over the arm of the couch. “Fuck me from behind baby!” Avery got behind Emma and guided the dildo into her pussy. Emma was so wet it slid in with ease. Avery grabbed Emma’s hips and started fucking her. “Please baby! Please fuck me harder!” Emma exclaimed. Avery started pounding Emma’s pussy. “Yes baby. Just like that. I’m so close to coming!” Avery then reached around Emma to find her clit and started rubbing it in fast circles driving Emma absolutely crazy. With her other hand she grabbed Emma’s hair gently pulling. The sensation of being fucked, her clit being rubbed, and her hair being pulled sent Emma right over the edge into the longest lasting orgasm she ever had.

Avery slid out of Emma kissing her back as she went. Emma flopped back on the couch barely able to move. “That was amazing!” Emma said in a blissful state. Avery slid off the strap and set it to the side. It was a few minutes before Emma moved so Avery just sat there holding her. Emma then looked up at Avery and kissed her. “It’s your turn baby!” Emma said with a smile on her face. Emma got up and positioned herself in front of Avery between her legs. She scooted Avery down some to remove her boxers then knelt down till her face was right in front of Avery’s pussy. She kissed it ever so gently. Emma could see the juices already dripping from Avery’s slit so she ran her tongue up inside her to get a taste of her. “Mmmm!” she said into Avery’s pussy. Emma pulled back looking up at Avery and gently slid two fingers inside her fold, lubricating her fingers with Avery’s juices. She found her hole and slid her fingers all while staring into Avery’s eyes.

“How’s that feel baby? You like it when I fuck you like that?” Emma said.

“Oh yes baby! Please fuck me harder!”

Emma did just that. Fucking Avery even harder with every thrust. With her free hand Emma reached up to cup Avery’s breast. She slowly toyed with her nipple making it nice and hard. She gave it a little tug and Avery moaned. She then stood up still fucking istanbul escort Avery’s pussy and took Avery’s other nipple into her mouth. This time gently biting and sucking it. After toying with Avery’s nipples Emma knelt back down into between Avery’s thighs and slid her tongue into the folds of Avery’s pussy. She found Avery’s clit and started to stroke it with her tongue. Avery was bucking her hips towards Emma’s hand and mouth. The sensation was sending her into a frenzy. Her whole body then began to spasm and she came onto Emma’s fingers. Emma pulled her fingers out of Avery and stuck them in her own mouth tasting Avery’s sweet cum.

The next day was graduation. Emma’s alarm went off at nine o’clock. She didn’t want to get out of bed but rather have stayed in bed all day with Avery. She thought to herself how soon they will get many days together of just lying in bed and smiled. Emma rolled over to Avery and kissed her.

“Good morning baby!” Emma said.

“Good morning beautiful!” Avery said back. “You have a big day today. You excited?”

“I am but nervous too! What if I trip and fall?”

Avery laughed. “You’ll be fine baby!”

“I have to get in the shower. Wanna join me? Unfortunately, no shower sex this morning or I’ll be late.”

Avery grinned and said, “I’ll try to behave.”

A couple hours lady they both were dressed and ready to head out the door. Once at the college they parted ways with Emma going back stage and Avery finding her a seat. The ceremony was wonderful and all the speeches were great. Avery thought Emma looked gorgeous as she walked across the stage too. After graduation they went to eat with some friends and then to a small party where Emma introduced Avery to a bunch of people. By the time they got home they were exhausted and went to bed.

The next day they packed up Emma’s back seat and trunk with her belongings. She sold a lot of stuff and what she didn’t sell or take with her a friend was coming to get. She couldn’t believe she was leaving Abingdon behind. She lived there her entire life. It took roughly five and a half hours before they arrived in Washington D.C. They decided to check into the hotel first, then go get a bite to eat. They went to this authentic Italian restaurant that was located right near downtown. The place was gorgeous and romantic all decorated with Italian décor. When dinner was over, they headed back to the hotel.

Maybe it was the romantic atmosphere of the restaurant or the wine Emma drank but she was feeling frisky. The whole ride back to the hotel she kept rubbing Avery’s thigh oh so close to her pussy. It was definitely turning Avery on. Once they got into the hotel and on to the elevator Avery pushed Emma up against the wall and started passionately kissing her. Since Emma was teasing her earlier Avery thought she would do the same. She hoisted up Emma’s skirt, moved her panties to the side, and started fucking her. Emma was moaning into Avery’s mouth when they heard the elevator bell ring. Just as the doors opened, Avery pulled out of Emma and moved her skirt down. A couple was standing on the other side of the doors waiting to get on the elevator and Emma couldn’t help but be turned on by the thought they may have seen them.

Emma and Avery made their way to the room barely making it inside before clothes started coming off. Emma went to go shut the blinds but Avery had another plan. She pushed Emma up against the window her bare breasts pushed against it. Avery started kissing Emma’s ear making her way to Emma’s neck. Emma didn’t know if she should protest or let Avery take her right there. After all they were in front of an open window. What if they were seen? At that moment Avery kicked apart Emma’s legs a little and slid two fingers inside her. It felt so good Emma thought and no longer cared who saw them. Avery slid her fingers in and out of Emma’s dripping wet pussy while kissing her neck. Avery removed her fingers and turned Emma around, her ass now pressed against the window. The kisses between them were intense. Avery then knelt down in front of Emma hoisting her up holding her by her ass cheeks. Emma had one leg on each side of Avery’s head. “Hold yourself open for me baby!” Avery said. Avery dove right in lapping up Emma’s sweet juices. “You taste so good Emma! I absolutely love tasting you!” Avery proclaimed. Avery found Emma’s clit and started sucking on it. “Lick my clit baby. Please make me cum!” Emma said. Avery began taksim escort licking Emma’s clit and could tell she was close to climax. “Cum for me baby!” Avery said into Emma’s pussy. In that moment Emma grabbed Avery’s head and came all over Avery’s face.

“Look at all those people down there who probably saw me fuck you!” Avery said. “You like the thought of that don’t you?”

“Yes!” Emma admitted shyly.

“You’re my naughty girl!” Avery said smiling. “Let’s get into bed.”

“Want me to shut the blinds?”

“No, leave them open.” Avery said with a grin.

They climbed into bed. Emma was on her back and Avery was straddling her. They were in a full heavy make out session when Emma slid a hand between their bodies to find Avery’s clit. She started rubbing it in circles making Avery moan into Emma’s mouth.

“I really want you to fuck me with your mouth baby!” Avery said.

“I would love to. Lay on your back baby!”

Avery climbed off of Emma and laid on the bed. “Scoot to the edge.” Emma told Avery. Avery complied with Emma’s request and scooted herself to the edge of the bed with her legs hanging off. Emma positioned herself between Avery’s legs and knelt down. She grabbed Avery’s legs and positioned them on the sides of her head. She wrapped her arms around Avery’s thighs using her hands to open Avery’s pussy wide. She licked Avery from her pussy hole up to her clit and Avery bucked. Emma did it again this time lingering longer on her clit flicking it with her tongue. Emma then shoved her face into Avery’s pussy fucking her hole with her tongue lapping up all her juices. With her thumb Emma found Avery’s clit and started rubbing it in circles. Avery reached down to grab Emma’s head gently pulling her hair. “Don’t stop baby!” Avery moaned. The sensations were driving Avery crazy. She wanted to hold out and not cum yet but she was about to lose it. Emma could tell Avery was about to cum so she moved up to just focus on Avery’s clit. Taking turns sucking and licking it. Avery laid back down grabbing the blanket she was lying on. Avery reached her peak, arched her back, and orgasmed intensely.

The next morning the decided to sleep in. They were both exhausted from the night before. It was a little before ten when they woke up.

“Good morning beautiful!” Avery said.

“Good morning baby!” Emma said.

“How did you sleep?”

“Great because I got to sleep next to you!” Emma grinned.

“If we get up now, we can go downstairs to get coffee and breakfast.”

They got out of bed and got dressed for the day. As they got on the elevator Emma realized the same couple who might have caught them was getting on to. Avery noticed the same thing and they both blushed. Downstairs they each got coffees and a waffle. When they were finished, they headed back upstairs to finish getting ready and pack. They checked out a little before twelve and headed into the city.

The first thing they did was go to the Smithsonian Museum. The place was huge and took hours to walk through. Next, they visited the Lincoln Memorial, then the Washington Monument, the National Mall, and lastly the White House. It was getting late and the sun was setting. Both Emma and Avery had an amazing day but were getting tired. They still had a two and a half hour drive back to Camden. The day wasn’t complete yet for Avery though. She has been planning this surprise for Emma for a while now. She was nervous as could be.

“You ready to get on the road babe?” Emma asked. “I’m beat!”

“Yea baby but in just a minute. I uh…”

“What baby? What’s wrong?”

“Wrong? Oh, nothing baby!” Avery paused for a moment. “I just have to ask you something!”

“Ok baby, you can ask me anything!”

At that moment Avery took a box out of her pocket. She looked into Emma’s eyes and took her hand into hers.

“Emma, I love you. You are the love of my life and I never want to picture a life without you. You are my everything and I have to ask you…

Will you marry me?”

Emma looked at Avery in complete shock. She did not expect this. She loved Avery with everything she had but was she ready to get married?

To Avery it seemed like ten minutes had passed even though it only been a few seconds. Emma still didn’t say anything. Had she just made a huge mistake?

“Babe, did you hear what I said?” Avery asked.

“I did!” Emma said quietly.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked you so soon. I just…” Emma cut her off.



“Yes, baby I will marry you. It would make me the happiest girl on Earth to be your wife!”

Avery put the ring on Emma’s finger, pulled her in close, and kissed her passionately.

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