Emma’s First Day


“Ah finally, college, let’s see what the hype is about,” said Emma as she unpacks her bags.

It’s not a bad place she’s living in, spacious enough so that there is room for all her clothes, but not so fucking huge that she wouldn’t know what to do with herself. Her room was simply just a small bed with a desk by it on the right side. A small set of drawers are next to the closet, and although the layout seemed fine, it irked Emma and she felt it would be necessary to move things around at some point. It’s still a nice, comfortable afternoon with sunlight filtering through the massive windows onto Emma’s face, the same couldn’t be said for the air though. Fucking air was so filthy it had already made her start coughing. “Oh well,” she thought, “It’s all just part of the deal I suppose.”

With her parents gone, and her roommates out doing god knows what, Emma began to wonder what she should do to entertain herself. Looking back on her life she vividly remembers growing up, seemingly faster than her peers, running through phases and boyfriends as if the simple transition of such things sustained her life. It always felt as if she was just running from one thing to the next, without any real idea of Arnavutköy escort bayan where she was headed. College, it seemed, was the perfect opportunity to get a handle on life. “I guess I could write down my goals for the year, after all isn’t that what all the successful people say you should do, or something like that,” Emma thought to herself.

What were here goals though? Well of course there’s doing well in college and getting a job afterwards, she figures she could jot down getting a 4.0 GPA as a goal, maybe to meet a good group of friends, get involved in some clubs, and perhaps find a nice man to be more than just friends with. “But what would my perfect man even be like,” whispered Emma to herself, tapping her pencil on the desk.

“Well, he needs to be strong, tall, handsome…but no that’s too cookie cutter, there has to be more,” she thought, “How about smart, sophisticated, and dominant…yeah that feels better, and I’ll bet he could make me feel better…”

“But what were the odds really though. NYU isn’t exactly known for is copious number of straight men, and of them how many are just fuckboys with no intention of really being there for Escort Avcılar me, I probably will have an easier time getting my GPA to a 4.0.,” she joked.

Emma sat back into her chair and sighed, she really wanted someone who would make her happy, and thinking about it did not help. Neither did the fact that all these thoughts on the perfect man had really worked her up. Her pussy felt like Noah’s flood was going to burst out any minute now. She quickly peeled off her pants, and her underwear, “just…just to get a closer look, that’s all,” she thought. But really she couldn’t stop thinking about hot and dirty it would be to just start masturbating right here on her desk, when her roommates could pop in any minute, so much so that she scared herself.

She looks down, and see’s that her clitoris is just so much more swollen with sexual desire than she ever remembers, it really had been awhile since she took care of things down there. She then realizes her roommate had left her key in the room…she would be safe.

So she sits right back down, opens her legs, and starts to finger herself. She first just teases around the outside, playing with the labia, slowly working Bağcılar escort towards her clit. She almost loses herself there and moans just a little, not enough to be heard through the walls, but enough to slow her down a bit. She decides to go in now, looking for her G-spot. She had read about it the other day, but didn’t actually try to find it, but now was the perfect time.

At first it feels as if she is groping in the dark, then finally she thinks she’s found it, every time she passes by this small circular area on the “roof” of her pussy, she feels an odd, but exhilarating sensation. She begins to massage this area slowly at first, savoring each pass her fingers made, Emma knew all that guitar practice would come in handy as some point. Eventually she begins to pick up the pace, and she could feel that she was almost going to climax.

“OH MY GOD, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, THIS IS AMAZING,” Emma screamed, moaning between each and every syllable and asking herself why she hadn’t discovered this sooner. And just as she’s about to reach the end, she hears a soft knock at the door, barely audible.

Quickly she runs to the bathroom and runs water over her fingers. “Be there is a sec,” she yells out as she struggles to put her clothes back on, all while still shivering from anticipation.

“Dammit,” she thought as she opens the door, “That would have been absolutely amazing, fucking roommate had to show up, and a few minutes more and I would be fine.”

“Hi, my name is Roxy, nice to meet you.”

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