Encounter With Charlie


Encounter With CharlieI had been feeling horny all day. The problem was that there was never the opportunity to whip out my cock and jerk off, at least not without getting myself arrested for indecent exposure. It wasn’t helping my situation one little bit when I sat down to eat my lunch. Across from me was an older gentleman who happened to be wearing shorts. I am always on the lookout for some nice cock and balls that may be outline in their clothing. This time, I was not disappointed. There in front of me was a crotch-bulge to end all crotch-bulges. I could clearly make out the outline of his huge flaccid cock as well as the large roundness of his balls. My cock responded appropriately and began to ooze precum into my panties. I wondered if there was going to be evidence of the large amount of precum I usually produce, I certainly hoped so.This was not the first time I had the pleasure of seeing his crotch and his glorious cock and balls. There had been other times where I was pleasantly surprise to observe that he was not wearing any underwear. I don’t know if he knew it, though I suspect he may have, but when he sat a certain way I could look up the pant’s leg of his shorts. I could see his naked cock and balls. He had a semi-erection, it couldn’t have been a full erection because his dick would have been poking out of his shorts…it was THAT big. He seemed to always be with his wife, so, I don’t know if what he was showing was purposeful or not. Somehow, I expect it was his exhibitionism that was controlling what he was wearing or not wearing. Of course, being the wimp that I am, I never pursued the possibility that he might enjoy me up close and personal with his fully erect cock in my mouth. I dream of such things, and have had numerous instances of nocturnal emissions that stained the sheets.Even this time, the man was sitting with his wife a SSBBW, if I ever saw one with huge breast that threatened to overflow her bra, and a huge apron of belly fat that seem to invite exploration. I could imagine that wonderful cock of his plunging into her fat cunt that was hidden beneath all that adipose tissue. As much as I’ve seen his bulge and even his cock and balls I have also seen the gusset of his wife’s white panties. She had a habit of sitting with her legs slightly spread. The view was only available from certain vantage points. Of course, I took advantage of such sights. My only disappointment was that there was no evidence of a camel-toe nor did she ever neglect to wear panties. Ah well, I could only imagine the glories that remain hidden from my sight.The afternoon, was just a frustrating with no relief for the growing ache in my balls, and the occasional spontaneous erection that occurred for no reason at all, other than occasional prurient thought that crossed my mind. I had all the time in the world to pursue my pleasure, and so far, I was coming up empty. Then I wondered into a particularly nice riverside park, lots of groves of trees and bushes that can provide a bit of privacy kızılay escort should the need arise.The afternoon and passed and early evening was upon me. I was hungry. I hadn’t eaten but a meager breakfast. So, I had decided to go through the park heading for a favorite little bistro that overlooked the river. It was a rather fortuitous walk because who should I run into but Charlie, one of my favorite crossdressers. He was returning to home from his job when we met along the path.“Hey there, Charlie. Good to see you again,” as my cock began to rise knowing what I was sure was beneath that business suit he was wearing.“Long day, Bobbie. I could use some relaxation,” he said, as he loosened his tie. “Looking for a bit of fun? I’ve been horny all day. My panties have been getting soaked.”“Yeah. I can tell, you’ve got a nice wet spot on the front of your trousers.”“Really? Oh, goodie. I didn’t know,” yet at same time thinking, Oh yeah…i’m so wet I hoped someone would notice. I wonder what he’s got under that suit? I bet he wearing panties, thigh-highs with garter belt and either a chamise or a bra or maybe even both. I bet he hasn’t had that jacket off all day. “Bobbie, I think you need something I’ve got for you,” Charlie simpered. He stepped up close to me and we kissed. My one hand was on his back, pulling him closer. I could feel the hooks of his bra strap under his shirt and his jacket. Even as our tongues intertwined in each other’s mouth, my other hand was roaming down his ass and further down to the rear of his thigh. Yup, there was the tell-tale sign of a six-strap garter belt holding up his stockings. Knowing Charlie, I just knew he was also wearing some sexy lacy panties. My dick jerked to its full erection, struggling to escape my panties. But I was still encumbered with my trousers, so all that I really accomplished was an additional spurt of precum into my panties that just added to the wet spot on my front, The next thing I knew, Charlie had pushed us apart, and had a hand on my cock bulge. Man, it felt good to feel the warmth of a steady hand on my cock. Even if it was still trapped in my panties and my trousers. My own hand felt for his crotch. I looked down and was rewarded with a cock bulge that promised something good. I grabbed a handful of his cock-bulge and felt his response as his dick grew to it full erect 8-inch length. He cock was standing upright along his belly under his panties. We both took a quick look around to see if we were being observed. There was no one else around. By unsaid mutual agreement me walked to the closest grove of trees. We were quickly standing hand in hand within the grove, completely out of sight of any intruders. Unless, of course, someone were to wonder through. It was getting on into the evening, so I didn’t think we would be disturbed.Somehow the idea of sex in the outdoors is appealing to me. And this evening was no exception.Once we were hidden, Charlie removed his jacket, his tie and shirt. Beneath mamak escort them was a white bra that was in stark contrast to his tanned skin. The sight of his bra gave my balls a little twinge as my cum load began to build in me. Then Charlie stepped out of his shoes and kicked off his trousers. He stood there in a white six-strap garter belt that was attached to a pair of silky white stockings. It crossed my mind that those white stockings must have been on display above his shoes all day long. You little slut, Charlie, showing off like that. Over all that was a pair of white full-cut panties that were showing off the ever growing erection that Charlie was getting.All the while Charlie was shucking his street clothes I was doing likewise, keeping an eye on Charlie’s progress, and I was soon down to my hot-pink thong and black thigh high stockings. Did I tell you that I love the feel of the wide lace stocking tops around my upper thighs as well as the caress of the nylon hose on my legs, all a constant reminder of what I was wearing beneath my own street clothes. I also adore the feeling of a garter belt, (I have nine of these, in various colors in four, six, and eight strap configurations) but the stockings I had chosen that morning were not appropriate for a garter belt. Once we were both down to our sissy clothing I could not long resist the temptation that stood across from me in the way of a hard hard hard cock. I stepped up close to Charlie, kissed him, and slowly slid down his body until my face was rubbing against his raging cock. I pulled down those gorgeous Vanity Fairs, releasing his stiff nine-inch cock. As I stared with delight at that cock, a single drop of precum appeared on its tip. My tongue took over from there and licked that wonderful morsel. I savored that little sip of nectar and felt a shiver go through me.“Suck my sissy cock, you faggot cocksucker,” Charlie demanded.I looked up to Charlie’s eyes and without a word did what I was told. I took his cock head in my mouth and ran my tongue around it. This brought out a low moan from Charlie.Then I slowly began to introduce the rest of that wonderful member into my mouth, knowing full well that eventually it was going to reach into my throat. I was taking it slow, getting used to the bulk of his cock. I felt Charlie’s hands on the back of my head gently hold me.I only had half the length of his cock in my mouth and it was beginning to enter my throat. I gagged a moment feeling his cock head pressing into the rear of my mouth. Then there was a tremendous pressure on the back of my head. Charlie was having none of my slow entry onto his cock. He pulled hard, driving his cock deep into my throat. I gagged once, twice and then he pulled his cock back until only half was in my mouth. I gathered my resolve knowing full well what was coming. I was not disappointed for in the next instant Charlie was ramming his cock down my throat time after time after time. My eyes were watering as I looked up into yenimahalle escort his face. His head was thrown back and his mouth was agape. I knew that he was going to be face fucking me for some time to come. Finally, my throat was becoming sore from the abuse it was receiving, but the end was close. I could feel his cock expanding as his body prepared to send his cum load deep into my throat and down to my stomach. Half a dozen strokes later, he gabbed my head tighter than ever and drove his cock deep down my throat. He held it there while his balls pumped spurt after spurt of hot cum down my gullet and into my stomach. He must have held me there for at least two minutes while he continued to pump his nectar into me. I was beginning to feel the need to breathe again. Then he pulled his still hard cock out of my throat leaving a trail of cum on my tongue. It was all the cum I was going to taste that time. The rest went directly down my throat and into my stomach. My throat was sore from the beating it had taken. But I didn’t mind. Charlie was happy, I was happy. All was right with the world. I had been hoping that there might have been some sort of reciprocal action to relieve my own cock, but I was wrong. Charlie was quickly dress in his street clothes. He was soon looking like he typical well-dress business man. Then I looked down and saw that when he walked, his white stockings showed above his shoes. You slut, is all I could think of as Charlie said, “Sorry. I’ve got to run. I’ve got a meeting I need to get to.”“You’re just going to leave me standing here in my panties dripping precum all over the place?”“Sorry about it. Next time. Gotta Go.” And Charlie walked out of the grove of trees leaving me standing there.Fuck it, as I reached down and gave my raging hardon a couple of rubs. In the next instant, my hands were pulling down my panties under my balls. I wrapped my hand around my cock. I spent several minutes looking towards the spot where Charlie had disappeared, hoping for his return. But, he didn’t. So, I did the next best thing. I jerked off. As my ball were preparing to pump out all that pent up seed I thought I’d just let it splatter onto the ground. But I had second thoughts and decided that my hand was going to gather as much of my load as possible so that I could swallow it, like the good little cum slut I am.It was a less than satisfactory end to my day, but beggars can’t be choosy. When my cock was expanding ready to release my load, I cupped my hand so as not to loose a single drop of my wonderful nectar. I wasn’t disappoint in this. My balls were soon pumping out all the accumulated spunk that this day had been working on. I filled my cupped hand and managed to get it all into my mouth. I returned for ever more of the white fluid that was even then still pumping out of my flagging cock. I wiped the last few drops of cum with my fingers and licked them clean.The flavor of my cum was wonderful. It, sort of, made up for the disappointment of the day. But, then again, after everything, I’d had a tremendous load from Charlie. I had missed tasting most of that because it had gone directly to my stomach. But my own scum bag cum load had filled my mouth and I was happy. My stomach was happy, my throat was happy, and my mouth was happy. What more could I expect?

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