English Twins Share a Sleeping Bag


Cold and wet from the freezing snow, the twins share a sleeping bag. What could possibly go wrong?

Tom realised he should not have attempted the drive home from the University, and it didn’t help to have his twin sister Tracey, remind him of it every five minutes. The driving snow was now laying thickly, with insufficient traffic to prevent it piling up on the road.

Several times Tom thought he had lost it, as the beaten up old estate car slipped and skidded across the road.

It had to happen eventually of course, one skid too many, and the car ended up buried in a bank of snow.

“What are we going to do now?” Tracey cried.

Tom turned to look at his sister and looking into her deep blue eyes he said, “dig her out of course, the shovels are in the back.”

Groaning, Tracey reached for one of the shovels and climbed out of the car and began digging away at the snowdrift. It was hard work, but the siblings were extremely fit, both studying for Sports degrees at University. No matter the nature if their studies however, it couldn’t protect them from the freezing snow and sleet which howled around them.

Because both siblings were fit, the hard work kept their bodies warm, even though their clothing was now being soaked by the freezing sleet.

“It’s no good,” cried Tom. “we’re well and truly stuck here. Get back in the car.”

Climbing back into the car, Tom tried to start the engine which stubbornly refused to do so.

“I’m freezing,” cried Tracey. “All my clothes are soaking wet. What are we going to do, we’ll freeze to death.”

“Shut up and let me think.” Snarled Tom through chattering teeth.

“We’re going to die of frostbite.” Tracey wailed dramatically.

“Wait,” Tom said. “Take all your clothes off and get in the back of the car.”

“Are you fucking mad? Screamed Tracey.

“Do as I say!” Shouted Tom. “Or believe me, you will freeze to death.” He then began to tear off all his wet clothing and climbed into the back and unrolled the sleeping bag laying there.

“Come on!” he screamed. “Move your ass!”

Tracey quickly realised that her brother meant what he said, and quickly divested herself of her clothing before climbing into the back of the car.

Tom had already unzipped the bag and climbed in.

“Quickly,” he said. “Get in here with me.”

“I’m not getting into that bag with you naked.” She said

“Then freeze to death.” Said Tom, starting to zip the bag up.

“Wait!” Cried Tracey and climbed in the bag on top of Tom who was laid on his back. Her legs lay along the outside of his own, but more disconcertingly, her naked pussy lay against his shrivelled excuse of a cock.

Struggling with the zip, the twin’s twisted and turned until the zip finally closed, jamming as it did so, trapping both siblings in its folds.

The siblings lay shivering against each other for what seemed a considerable period of time.

Eventually, the twins trapped bodies slowly began to thaw, though they both continued to shiver. As the blood began to return to their flesh, their bodies swelled enough to fill any remaining space in the bag, effectively jamming their bodies together. It was this warming heat of their loins and their constant shivering that was about to betray the siblings.

“I’m starting to warm up” said Tracey through chattering teeth.

“yes, me too” said Tom.

“Can you reach the zip bit and try and loosen it off some?” Tracey said, her body writhing against that of her brother. Not that the sleeping bag allowed either of the twins much movement, their bodies being crushed up against each other as they were.

Twisting his head to the side, Tom tried to bite the material close to the zip in an attempt to free or unjam it and release them. Five minutes of trying only resulted in a sore neck and increased heat in his chest where Tracey’s naked breasts were crushed against him. Resting his forehead against that of his sister, Tom groaned as he became aware of two things. One, his sisters nipples were clearly aroused and were digging into his chest and two, his soft penis buried between their tightly enjoined loins was beginning to show signs of arousal.

“What’s wrong?” said Tracey as she bayan esmer escort bursa continue to shiver against her sibling’s body. She too was aware of her aroused nipples and also a warm feeling in her genitals, which, like the rest of her body was crushed up against her brother’s.

“Stop moving” said Tom.

“But we need to get out of this bag” said Tracey, as she continued to writhe against him in the confined space.

“Stop!” cried Tom, “Now.”

“What for?” responded Tracey.

“Because I’m getting excited for Christ’s sake.”

“What?” Tracey screamed, as she realised that her Brother’s penis was squashed between her own legs, and now it had been mentioned, she could feel it was becoming tumescent. “Oh no, not that. Don’t you dare you bastard.”

“I can’t help it” he cried. “Stop moving, you’re rubbing against it.”

Tracey gathered herself and tried to pull her hips away from her brothers genitals with no success. The only thing she managed during her writhing, was to lodge the head of her brothers penis firmly against her entrance. Tracey froze..

“Don’t you dare Tom, don’t you dare put that thing in me.”

“I’m trying not to for crying out loud. Stop moving, you’re making it worse.”

The twins lay in the single sleeping bag, bodies tightly squeezed against the others. Foreheads locked together they looked into each others eyes, Tracey’s full of fear.

Neither twin noticed that their breathing was increasing, but both could feel their bodies still shivering. Unfortunately, the shivering was causing their genitals to rub against each other. Tracey’s labia was starting to swell and the entrance to her pussy was starting to dilate

Tracey whimpered aloud when she realised she was getting wet and Tom’s dick was becoming stiffer and pressing up against her entrance.

“It’s happening,” she cried and once more tried to pull away from her brother’s prick only to feel it lodge even more firmly against her pussy entrance.

“Tom, you’ve got to stop it. We can’t do this, we’re brother and sister. Please.” She cried.

“I can’t stop it. I’ve tried, honestly, I’ve tried.”

“Oh no,” cried Tracey, as both siblings felt Tom’s rod stiffen even more and begin to push its way between her lips and force itself up against the tight ring of her vagina.

Both moaned as their uncontrolled shivering continued to arouse them both and with eyes locked, gasped as each felt the now swollen head of his dick force a way through the tight muscular entrance to her quim, despite the contraction of her kegel muscles.

The sudden invasion of her pussy shocked her so much, she ignored Tom and began to buck and writhe in an attempt to expel his penis from her cunt. Screeching and crying, she fought on as his inflating dick began to stretch and fill her now very wet passage. She didn’t realise that every time she contracted her kegel muscles in an attempt to expel the invader, she was actually clasping his pole and drawing it deeper into the depths of her fast lubricating pussy.

Tom tried to follow the movement of her hips in an attempt to lessen the effect her writhing was having on his dick. Unfortunately, it wasn’t working exactly as he planned. Occasionally, their hips would get out of synch and end up meeting each other from opposite directions, forcing his now throbbing lance deeper inside his sister, which caused her to struggle even more, accelerating the passage of his prick deeper into her cunt.

No amount of pleading from Tom could get his sister to stop her struggling, and so his progress continued into her hot, slippery depths.

Get it out, get it out,” she raged. “Get it. …”

Her sudden silence was followed by a high keening wail as she felt the head of his now fully engorged dick, reach, and then press up against the entrance to her cervix.

With the sleeping bag now tightening, the twins bodies were now locked together both externally and internally. His fully inflated penis now lay buried to the hilt in his sister’s hot, slippery passage. Filling her cunt as it had never been filled before. Their pubic bones were pressed against each other and unfortunately for Tracey, her clitoris bursa ucuz eskort was being crushed between them.

“Oh God Tom, you’re inside me so deep now. This is so wrong What are we going to do?” Tracey moaned.

“Just lie still.” He replied. “I’m trying to control it as best I can.” Looking into his sisters watery eyes, he noticed her pupils were dilating and her warm breath was heavy on his face. “Everything will be ok, I promise,” he said and he lowered his head, intending to kiss her on her cheek. Unfortunately, Tracey turned her head at the same time and their lips met in a brief kiss. But, not so brief as to stop bolts of lightening careering through their bodies, igniting a fire in their loins.

Both twins gasped and pulled away, but once lit, the fire could only end in a blazing conflagration.

Each now infrequent shudder, caused Tracey’s vaginal walls to constrict around the length of her siblings rod, gently squeezing it. This elicited a pulsing response from Tom’s dick, and it was at this stage that the full betrayal of the siblings genitals took place.

The clutching and reciprocal twitching of their connected genitalia became stronger and more frequent. As it did so, Tracey’s nipples became diamond hard and dug deeply into her brother’s chest. Unfortunately, Tracey’s clitoris began to rapidly swell, where it lay crushed between the twin’s pubic bones.

Unconsciously, the siblings’ loins began to writhe, grinding Tracey’s now hyper sensitive clitoris between them. At the same time, the clutching and pulsing of their genitals fell into a regular rhythm, causing the helmet of Tom’s dick to rub against the mouth of her cervix.

“Oh no.” Cried Tracey. “We are doing it.” At which point she went into a bucking frenzy in an attempt to dislodge her brother. All she succeeded in doing was to arouse them both even further. Her pussy was clinging on to his pulsing lance with a grip of iron, whilst her clitoris was being ground tightly between them.

Unable to stop her self, Tracey mashed her lips against those of her brother whilst she continued to writhe in an attempt to gain her freedom.

Suddenly, the sleeping bag gave up on its efforts to hold the squirming couple and with a loud ripping noise, flew apart releasing them both.

The twins were shocked into stillness. Laying still joined with their genitals still pulsing, they realised they were now free and able to separate. Their eyes were locked on each other, where each saw a change taking place.

With a loud roar, Tom reached around his sister and grabbing her buttocks, thrust himself deeply inside her.

“Nooooo!” Tracey screeched, whilst at the same time her legs came up and clamped around Tom’s waist, locking him inside her whilst her arms went around his neck pulling his head down to her open mouthed kiss.

Suddenly, as though a starting pistol had been fired, the twins went from reluctantly joined siblings, to a full on rut.

Tom’s swollen length plumbed Tracey’s depths. The stiff ridged head of his cock forced its way into her warm wet passage, abrading the slippery folds of its walls, as it sought her deepest regions. At the same time, Tracey thrust up her hips to meet her brother’s thrusting loins, her legs wrapped around him, pulling him to her as her Kegel muscles tightened her slippery folds around his invading length.

Tom’s hands moved to his sisters shoulders where his fingers dug into her soft flesh, affording him the purchase he needed to drive his throbbing lance into her clutching depths. At the same time, Tracey’s fingers became claws, as she raked her nails down his back to dig into the meaty flesh of his buttocks, seeking her own purchase to assist the upward drive of her loins.

The air was filled with the loud wet slapping of the twin’s sweating loins as they crashed together, only to be subsumed by the siblings screeches and grunts as every profanity left their lips, only to be interrupted by the twin’s ferocious kisses, tongues invading the others mouth, whilst lips were bruised and cut between grinding teeth.

The siblings had now lost any control, a train crash waiting to happen, as their now warring bodies fought to achieve bursa anal yapan escort their own personal end. Each of their bodies were filled with building waves of passion. Electrical storms roiled in their loins, sending jolts of lightening throughout their bodies each time their surging hips met.

Tom could feel his sister’s pussy tightening around the whole of his length as he surged into her hot, wet depths. Just as Tracey could feel her brother’s rod lengthening and swelling inside her, the pain of his probing weapon as it collided with the mouth of her cervix now forgotten.

The car rocked on its suspension as the twins fucked as if there was no tomorrow. Each one pursuing their own orgasmic release, abusing each others body to do so.

The end was signalled by a loud piercing scream and an accompanying roar which echoed through the still, silent air. The former came from Tracey’s lips, as she felt her brother’s lance drive into her pussy much deeper and with more force than before. This triggered the release which her body sought. Jolts of electrical discharge coursed through her body as her pussy clamped tight around the invader, clasping it firmly inside her with its head lodged firmly against the mouth of her womb. The latter, snarling groan, came from Tom as his own body exploded into a million pieces. As though commanded by a third person, he braced himself before driving his pole into his sister’s cunt as forcibly and as deeply as he could, eliciting a short stab of pain as its head collided with her cervix, stretching it to its limits. At the same time, he felt the walls of his sibling’s pussy clamp tightly around his length.

That’s when the mutual explosions took place. He felt his own rod begin to pulse heavily as it pumped his hot white seed into her depths, coating the mouth of her cervix and filling her cunt with his semen. At the same time, he felt the walls of her pussy rhythmically squeezing his cock as though milking it of its load.

All this took place inside the rigid bodies of the siblings, frozen in place with backs arched and loins welded, one to the other. Only the loud screams and grunts gave any clue to that was happening inside the sibling’s conjoined bodies. A frozen tableau with two internal, erupting, volcanos.

Time seemed to slow down for the twin’s as their mutual orgasms careered through their bodies. Tom’s penis continued to throb and twitch as it pumped his seed deep inside his sister, whilst her pussy continued to squeeze and pulse along his length, milking the last drop of his cream.

Eventually, Tom collapsed onto his sister’s body, both of them shuddering with aftershocks as the mixed fluids of his sperm and her come ran out from between her pussy wall and his still embedded dick, then down between their loins forming a pool on the floor. A large portion of his young healthy sperm were now making headway along the cervical channel and into her womb.

As their sweating, still shuddering bodies cooled in the cold air, the realisation of what they had done began to sink in. Tracey began to sob quietly as Tom held her saying, “I’m sorry Sis, really I am. I just don’t know what happened “

“You fucked me Tom, you fucked your own sister and you came inside me. I’m not even protected.”

“Oh Christ I’m so sorry. It was the sleeping bag that made me go inside you, there was just no room to move.”

“What are we going to tell people?” She sobbed. “We got stuck in the snow and decided to fuck?”

We’ll say nothing. No one will know, just you and me,”

“But what if I get pregnant?” She cried. “You came inside me, I can still feel it”…

It was at this point that both twin’s realised that despite their despair, Tom’s still semi turgid dick remained inside his sister’s pussy, the walls of which were still gently squeezing and caressing the invader.

Realisation of their position struck both siblings at the same time. Their eyes were locked on each others, with a dawning recognition of what was taking place. Slowly, Tom’s flaccid prick began to swell and grow where it lay inside his sister, as Tracey felt the rhythm of the squeezing pulses of her pussy increase in both repetition and strength. Each could feel the other’s hot breath on their own face as the furnaces began to build once more, deep in their loins.

Slowly their hips began to undulate against each other, slowly building up speed and depth, as the swollen pole began to plumb her depths.

“Tracey,” he said. “There is no sleeping bag now.”

“I know,” she replied. “Just fuck me.”

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