Enjoy the Show

Sprawled out over the king size bed, I listened to the faint sound of running water. My friend was having a morning shower and I was left alone. Her parents had gone on vacation together with her brother, so we were alone at her house for a whole week. Being a little more than just friends we had decided to occupy the parents’ bed. In my boredom I sighed, closed my eyes and just listened. The not so innocent cuddle we had done before she left for the shower still played around in my mind and I bit my lower lip. We had just recently gotten into a relation as friends with benefits which had brought new experiences to us both so far. My hand tugged at the loose shirt I used to sleep in, pulled it up slightly over my stomach before my hand lowered along my body. Lightly I traced my fingertips over my skin and over the thin fabric of my panties. There I halted for a short moment before I put a little pressure upon my clit. Once again I sighed, but more in pleasure that time. It felt nice to get to masturbate without the worry of istanbul travesti someone walking in, a rare moment for myself. I rubbed up and down and side to side through my panties and moved my legs apart slightly. Within a short time I had snuck my hand into my underwear. Suddenly I heard the running water stop, but I told myself I could keep going until I heard the bathroom door open, I knew she could take quite some time in the bathroom after all. So my fingers moved lower to test out my wetness before they moved back up to slowly stroke and rub. I stretched on the bed with a deep sigh from the pleasure. My free hand grabbed the blankets and pulled, rustling it in my ears as I cuddled into the softness. Even if I was focused on my own pleasure I still tried to listen intently for the sound of a door, but I never heard it. “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” I froze the moment I heard the voice of my friend, shocked over the fact I somehow missed the sound of the door. As quick as possible I removed istanbul travestileri my hand from my privates, crossed my legs and stared at her. Clad in her nightgown now, my surprise and embarrassment was clearly visible on my face. “Oh no, please continue,” she said, a sneaky smirk plastered over her face as she crossed her arms “Don’t let me ruin your fun.” Embarrassed I buried my face in the blankets again and thought of her words. Ever so slowly I separated my legs again and she hummed in approval. “Pervert,” she teased me once my hand travelled back to between my legs. The lightness in her voice had urged me to continue despite my embarrassment and I continued to massage my still warmed up pussy through my underwear. In the back of my mind I felt a feeling of thrill from the fact she watched me and in my mind I wondered if she thought it was thrilling to watch as well. Mainly as a tease, I decided to move my panties to the side to show her as I stroked my wet lips and clit. Her response was a delighted travesti istanbul chuckle that spread another wave of excitement inside of me and I pulled at my panties until they slid off of my legs to completely reveal myself to her. “Ohh, I can even see how wet you are,” she teased me again, but something in her voice gave away she was enjoying the sight. I moaned then, a low one but audible enough for her to hear as I let go of myself, spread my legs even further, rubbed more intensely and allowed more sounds of pleasure to escape. My fingers soon started prodding my entrance and I debated upon the amount of fingers to use. One finger circled my opening, pushing inside slightly before being removed and going back in with a companion. With my middle and ring finger I started thrusting viciously into myself, wet noises sounded through the room together with heavy breaths. Soon my deep breaths had turned into pants of need, my fingers thrust, twisted and curled repeatedly in rapid succession until I moaned one final long time as pleasure ripped through my body and my legs closed as they tensed up. All the time my body twitched to the pleasure that pulsed through me. Once the pleasure faded and my body calmed down, my legs slowly fell to the sides and released the lock I put on my own hand.

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