Enreek Batu


In the fall of 1998 I was living a charmed life, I just didn’t know it. Ours was a very close family unit consisting of just me, my sister Chrissy, and Mom. It had been 8 years since our dad was killed in an auto accident. Each of us had gone into shock and then depression over this tragic loss and spent 30 months in therapy. — Individually and all together. I was almost 10 and Chrissy was 12 when he passed. The therapy never made the pain of his death go away but it did help us restore some normality to our relationship with each other. We came out of this devastation drawn together, taking turns comforting each other.

Initially we all slept in Mom’s bed and this continued for over a year. We quickly gave up notions of modesty and became very comfortable seeing each other without much clothing on.

Mom has always been affectionate with me and Chrissy so hugs and kisses are the norm. She was always so sweet and loving, but sometime during my 15th year the hugs became firmer and lasted longer, kisses had a new intensity. Looking back, I believe that was due in part to my growing up and looking very much like my father. I have his height, broad shoulders, and fine black hair.

Even though we were way beyond casual around each other Mom respected my privacy.

Chrissy, on the other hand, was more playful and bold. Being two years older than me, she had no problem barging in on me when I was naked or parading her lovely naked self in front of me. When I started puberty she was regularly checking me out, noting new hair growth and thoroughly embarrassing me by remarking on my developing “package”.

One day she offered to teach me how to kiss. I was desperately curious so I let her take my hand and lead me into her room for my training. She demonstrated the “first date” kiss, then “kissing with passion”. She started out with closed lips and gentle pressure but it quickly escalated to open mouths and thrusting tongues. It wasn’t long before she was taking my hand and placing it on her breast. I felt her hard nipple through the fabric of her blouse. I realized she was no longer being my teacher but was really turned on herself! Her probing tongue and heavy breathing was making me crazy, too. I was suddenly aware that her hand was on my erect penis, stroking up and down. She stopped long enough to pull the waistband of my shorts up and over, freeing the end of my dick from its confining tent.

We had been sitting side by side on her bed but she pushed her lips against mine so hard that I fell backwards against her pillows. She followed, not breaking our kiss or letting go of my stiff dick. She swung her right leg over mine and slammed her pussy onto my protruding hard on and began frantically grinding her cunt on my big dick. I could do little more than try to match her rhythm.

We both had powerful orgasms and stayed in that position, she on top of me, for at least a half hour, gently nuzzling and kissing. It was incredible how much it felt like making love, not just having sex. When we heard Mom come home we jumped up and I ran into my room to change out of my cum covered clothes. Chrissy had to change her clothes, too.

After that, whenever we would hug or kiss we knew that we had to keep our contact brief and under control or risk going too far again but there was no doubt in our minds that we felt much more than just sibling love for each other. Even though I had a few sexual encounters with girlfriends I never again had felt I was “making love”, just only “having sex”. And she still liked to barge in on me in the bathroom “to check out the goods”.

I was a freshman at University of Maryland and living at home back in 1998. I was on the track team so I was allowed to keep my study load to just 10 credit hours per semester and still qualify for scholarship money. I became close friends with a freshman foreign student from Liberia, Africa who also ran track. He and I were in the same English 101 class, too. In a school as big as U of M, you look for and latch onto familiar faces whenever you can.

His name is Enreek Batu, which was quickly shortened to “Reek”. Partly, because he was convinced that liberally applying spray cologne would make him irresistible to females. So “Reek” was teased pretty often about that. That and how dark his skin is. I was surprised to hear African American students teasing him about being “the blackest n——- they had ever seen”. He was pretty tough skinned but not really able to dish it back. I realized early on that he would be easy prey for some of the other students, but I vowed to have his back.

Now I have to tell you that Enreek has excellent English skills, but he is incredibly naïve. His manner is sweet and innocent, to say the least. He has a quick and genuine smile that flashes brilliant white teeth. Other team members (including me) could be jealous of his running skill but no one could dislike him.

When the Thanksgiving holiday was coming up I asked him about his plans.

“Not a ting but study” he said. “And you, Escort sir” he replied?

Oh yeah, we teased him about his manners. To say he was always polite would be an understatement.

“I’ll be home with my family” I said. That afternoon I asked my mom about inviting Reek to stay at our house over the 4 day weekend.

“Absolutely!” she said. “We’ll fix up the club basement for him. Don’t let him say no!”

The next day in class I told Reek he would be spending the holiday with my family.

“Thank you very much, sir, but I could not impose on your family.”

“Nonsense”, I said, “My mom and my sister would love to have a guest, particularly someone from another country. If you say no they’ll be terribly disappointed”.

“Are you sure” he asked? “Isn’t this a big tradition holiday for American families?”

“It’s a tradition based on welcoming visitors, sharing hospitality, and giving thanks for our blessings.”

“Then I will be honored to come to your house” he answered.

Mom and my sister Chrissy had a ball cleaning up the club basement room. It had a futon sofa that opened flat to be a twin bed and a TV, but not much else.

Mom has a beautiful figure, with wide hips, a surprisingly small waist and large, prominent breasts. Because she’s tall and also broad-shouldered, her breasts are striking but not so out of proportion. When we hug and kiss she presses her bosom firmly against my chest.. Sometimes I can feel her hard nipples, too.

And she has the most beautiful red hair I have ever seen. It’s a deep, genuine red, shiny and thick with a gentle natural wave. When she goes to work it’s wound in a tight bun but once she’s home it comes loose, falling down below her shoulders, with bangs that frame her lovely face.

Mom and Chrissy resemble each other except that Chrissy has more dramatic curves. Her waist is even narrower but she has the same wide hips and broad shoulders. Chrissy is more lithe, with a runner’s body but she has the same lush hair, only lighter. Her hair is a mixture of blonde and red, like copper and gold. Her hair is longer too, all the way to her waistline. Chrissy also inherited a stunning pair of tits, jutting out and up. At home she was always bra-less, her long nipples pointing at me, demanding my attention!

Wednesday afternoon I brought Enreek home with me. He was so polite and sweet to my mom she took to him immediately.

She showed him his room and a stack of towels and wash cloths that would be his all the while asking about his family, what his home in Liberia was like, what foods he liked, and on and on.

“Give the poor man a break”.

We all turned to see my sister Chrissy on the stairs. She had just gotten home from her school and was now making her grand entrance. She was wearing a one piece summer dress that showed nearly all her legs. She was absolutely stunning!

“How do you do, my name’s Chrissy”, my sister said, holding out her hand.

“Hello madam, my name is Enreek Batu” and as he said that he took my sister’s hand and brought it to his lips and kissed it.

Enreek was so sweet and chivalrous that we all had to laugh.

Not to be upstaged, Mom stepped up and said “And you can call me Pam”. She held out her hand and Enreek took it and kissed it also.

Chrissy and I both looked at mom with surprise on our faces. Mom just shrugged and walked past Chrissy to go up to the kitchen to start making dinner. From that moment on there would be constant competition for his attention by the two women.

All through dinner Mom and Chrissy peppered Enreek with questions about his school, his family, and most importantly, his girlfriends.

“I cannot have a girlfriend until I finish school” he said.

We eventually figured out that he equated “girlfriend” with “sex” and “sex” with “marriage”.

His logic was simple enough – “when a man puts his penis in a woman he must marry her”.

He was so innocent!

We spent nearly an hour trying to convince him otherwise, that a man and a woman can have sex without being married.

“But why?” he asked.

We all laughed and tried to explain dating in America to this naïve, sweet man.

Mom had gone all out on dinner, with fried chicken (when was the last time we had that?), macaroni salad, cole slaw, and a huge bowl of fruit. And wine. Lots of wine. So by the end of dinner we were all pretty tipsy and having a good time.

We never left the table but just sat and talked and laughed. Enreek asked about our dad and we took turns remembering his life. I saw the sadness in Mom’s eyes and was afraid she’d start crying.

Mom shook it off and told me to help Enreek get settled in his room while she and Chrissy cleaned up. I showed Enreek my room, the bathroom we would all share, and then headed downstairs to his room. We were thoroughly enjoying being away from school and “on holiday” as Enreek would say.

“You certainly are a hit with my mom and Chrissy” I said. They’re fighting Escort Bayan now over who gets to jump your bones”.

“What does that mean?” Reek said.

“They’re horny. They want to have sex with you”.

Enreek’s eyes got even bigger. “That is your mother and sister! How can you say that?”

I had to laugh. “My sister goes to an all-girls school and my mom hasn’t had sex since my father died 8 years ago. You’re fresh meat and fair game!”

He said “I do not understand how casually you speak of sexual intercourse, my friend” but I could see he was trying to think through all that had occurred during dinner and after.

While he unpacked his bags I had to tease him about his spray cologne. “Man, you’ve got to lighten up on that stuff”.

“No way, man. This is what women like — I saw it on TV!”

I tried to grab the spray can from his hand and ended up getting a head to toe shot myself.

“Jeez, Reek, now I reek”.

He thought it was hilarious that now I was doused in his cologne. Just slightly annoyed I asked “Do you need anything before I go to bed?”

Enreek said “no, I’m OK. Thank you for bringing me to your home. You are a beautiful family.” I swear I almost hugged him. Such a sweet, gentle man.

Half an hour later, I was just about to drop off into a deep sleep when I hear “Kyle, are you awake, still?”

Enreek was in my doorway.

“What’s up, man is something wrong”?

“I can’t sleep in the basement. It has no windows.”

It turns out he’s claustrophobic. No big deal.

“You sleep here and I’ll sleep downstairs.”

“Are you sure? I do not want you to give up your bed.”

“No problem. C’mon “

I got out of my bed and waited for him to get under the sheet. I pulled my bedroom door shut and padded down the hallway and down the basement steps. I fell asleep almost instantly.

I awoke almost instantly, too. I felt a warm mouth on my penis and tried to make sense of where I was and what I was feeling. I was getting hard fast.

Chrissy! She must have come downstairs intending to seduce Enreek. I don’t know why I thought that was so funny, I just did. I thought I’d let her fellate me a little while longer, enjoying my penis getting bigger and harder in her mouth. My dick is rather large, nearly nine inches long and fat. I was totally focused on her hungry, eager mouth when all of a sudden she shifted, taking her mouth off of my penis. I felt extra weight on the bed and realized she was climbing on top of me. She’s putting me in her vagina, I realized!

I didn’t know what to do. Chrissy teases me all the time and even grabs at my genitals, but only in fun. That time years ago in her bedroom had made us cautious about getting sexually intimate. She was so wet and ready, in no time she has me buried completely in her hot pussy, letting out a long moan.

“Oh yes, I need your penis in me Enreek. I need you to take me completely.”

I was floored. It wasn’t Chrissy engulfing my cock, it was Mom! And she thought she was having sex with Enreek! I started to go soft almost immediately.

“No, baby, I need you to make love to me. Don’t stop, I need this so badly!”

I didn’t know what to do. Mom is hot but she’s Mom! I can’t have sex with Mom! Oh, jeez, she’ll die if she figures out this is me!

But it was her voice, so needy, so desperate to be loved this way, I started getting hard again.

“Yes, baby, give me your beautiful black penis. I need your penis now, make love to me now”

I wasn’t thinking with my big head, just the little head now. I held her waist and rolled her over, not pulling out, but instead being on top of her and even deeper in her.

“Oh god, yes” she exclaimed and the relief in her voice was all the encouragement I needed to make powerful love to my own mother. I didn’t need to rationalize it, I just did it! I could tell that it was so good for Mom, too. She struggled to catch her breath as I pounded my raging cock into her sweet vagina.. She moaned and then screamed as I brought her to one orgasm after another. I could feel the head of my dick rubbing across and beyond her cervix and bottoming at the end of her vagina. I would pull almost all of the way out and then slide all the way back in. She tilted her hips up giving me full access to her dripping pussy. I imagined my fat dick parting her curly red pussy hair and stopping only when my curly black pubes met them..

“Cum in me, I want your beautiful black seed in me!”

That was all I needed to hear to bring me to my own orgasm and I shot stream after stream of my cum deep into her. I lowered my body and I kissed her on her lips. She kissed me hungrily. I felt her legs wrapping around my waist holding me firmly, very deep in her. Her hands worked their way up my broad back and onto my head. I guess she felt my hair because she suddenly realized I wasn’t Enreek.

As dark as it was in the basement I could only sense her horror upon realizing that she wasn’t having sex with Bayan Escort a young African man but with her own son. She screamed and actually threw me off of her. She slapped me with a powerful right hand blow to the face and rolled off of the futon bed and ran up the stairs. In an instant we had gone from sweet ecstasy to horror and revulsion.

I didn’t sleep at all. I just lay in bed and worried about what would come of our accidental encounter. I wouldn’t be able to deny that I knew I was fucking my own mother. I knew it as soon as she spoke. It was me that had kept quiet, deceiving her and taking pleasure` from the most forbidden fruit of all. I loved her so much and now I was afraid I had hurt her bad. It was terrible of me to have sex with my mother. I had ejaculated in her vagina!

I tossed and turned for hours. I finally got out of bed and started to creep up the stairs to go to the bathroom. I could hear Mom and Chrissy in the kitchen, closing cupboard doors a little too hard. It sounded like silverware was being thrown on the table. “Well I guess you had your fun last night!” Chrissy said.

Mom gasped and slapped her in the face. When she saw me standing in the hallway she choked on a sob and ran out of the kitchen and into her bedroom, slamming the door in the process.

Chrissy turned to me and said “What the fuck is she so upset about?”

“What are you two arguing about, anyway?” I asked.

“Well, last night I went downstairs to slip into bed with Enreek and Mom was already in bed with him getting her brains fucked to pieces. She was cumming again and again. I had to go back to my room and fuck myself” she pouted.

I didn’t know what to say but I guess I had a hang dog look on my face, too.

“What’s going on? Why is Mom upset with you?/”

Chrissy has always been able to command me to tell her anything she wanted to know and quickly had me divulging what had happened last night.

“Oh-my-god! You fucked Mom’s brains out last night. No wonder she’s unhinged. And what was going on in your head? Did you like fucking our mother? Did you cum in her?”

There’s no deceiving Chrissy. She could beat a confession out of anybody and I was conditioned to tell her anything she asked.

“I did. At first I thought it was you waking me up.”.

“So you thought you were fucking your sister? You’d like to fuck me, wouldn’t you?”

I did not see that coming and had no defense. I didn’t answer. She stepped forward and reached through my shorts to grab my penis.

“I asked you a question. Do you ever want to fuck me?”

I was completely under the control of my sister’s hand and her eyes. I had been fantasizing about making love to her for years now but had never come out and said so.

“Uh, yes” I stammered, “every day”.

“Good boy. Now let’s go make this right with Mom, if that’s possible.”

She let go of my penis and caught my hand. We walked to Mom’s bedroom and Chrissy gently knocked.



“We need to talk. Can I come in?”

Just a moment of hesitation, then “OK”.

Chrissy opened the door and pulled me in with her.

Mom was visibly distressed seeing me and started crying again. Chrissy sat down next to mom and motioned me to sit on her other side.

“Mom, I know what happened last night. I know that it was you and Kyle making love downstairs”.

Mom cringed at the words “making love”.

Chrissy bent down to look in Mom’s eyes. “I know that this is terribly painful for you. I know that we have a taboo as old as humanity itself against children having sex with their parents. But neither one of you planned to do that, did you?”

Mom shook her head “no” and looked at me. I shook my head “no”, too. “We’re still a family, no matter what happens, am I right?” Chrissy asked.

We both nodded yes.

“OK. Now here’s the deal. What happened last night, just happened. You can’t undo that. But to let that mistake ruin a family is an even bigger mistake.”

Chrissy locked eyes with Mom. “You need to follow through with your original plan tonight and crawl into bed with Enreek and get your pretty redhead fucked silly”. He needs an experienced woman to take his virginity. You certainly have done things I never have”. She rolled her eyes indicating me and chuckled. Mom seemed to relax at that point.

“Now I want you two to stand and give each other a hug.” We did as she instructed. “Okay, now kiss. Don’t worry, I’m right here, I won’t let it get out of hand.”

We had to chuckle at her patronizing instructions. Our kiss was tentative at first but finished warmly and sincere. When we separated I said “I’m so sorry this happened, Mom, I love you so much I can’t stand seeing you upset.”

“I know, Kyle, I love you too. It’s done and in our past, we don’t ever have to talk about it again.

We hugged and kissed again, but Chrissy had an agenda. “Okay young man, go wake your friend up and feed him well. Now shoo!”

I did just that. I didn’t have much work to do for breakfast. Mom must have been unable to sleep too and apparently cooked everything that could be remotely considered breakfast food. Reek ate so much that I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to go running that afternoon.

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