Enter Sandman


In my dream last night…

Entering a large dark room with a dimly lit stage in the back, I wipe away the sleep from my eyes. A sound startles me. There on the stage He stands with a guitar. No one else enters. I watch from across the room. He doesn’t know I’m there. His hands caress the neck of the guitar sliding from the first fret on down. He tests the sound, striking chords, tilting his head as he does this, making any tuning adjustments necessary. His eyes close as he listens. I realize right then and there, this instrument is more than just something that creates music. It is work of art, something cherished, something treasured, something adored. From the way he treats his guitar, I can tell he would treat a woman much the same. The satisfaction on his face, as he strokes his Lady affectionately, melts me inside.

He puts his head down as he strums a few notes, hiding his face from my view. I want to tilt his head up so I can watch his face. The expression from only moments ago still haunts me leaving me longing for more. He still doesn’t see me. The Lady is magic. Her music weaves a spell over me. I draw forward. The melody moving me, my hips sway gently. My eyes close as I feel the song wash over me. Is it the guitar working the spell or is he a magician?

I dance to the music, right in front of him. He cannot help but notice me now. I stand with a long white shirt on. My body moves to the sweet song coming from the Lady in his hands. I want to be that Lady. My hands roam over my dancing body as the song continues. Eyes closed I am one with the music.

Arms embrace me and spin me to the tune that now plays on its own. I look up deep into his eyes mesmerized. balgat escort I did not hear him approach so lost in the music I have become. I am intoxicated. His Lady plays for us. Magic, pure magic and he is the magician controlling the spell. My hands slide across his cheeks, fingers burying into his hair. I pull him toward me kissing him full on his lips. The same lips, which sang so boldly before, now make my body sing with delight. His fingers resting on my hips, tap gently, keeping in time with the music. The thought of him playing me turns me inside out.

As we dance cheek-to-cheek clouds fill the room. The enchantment sends us waltzing among the mists with the full moon streaking through lighting our dance floor. He dips me kissing me just below my neck easing up to my lips as his hands splayed across my back guide me close to him once more. He dips me again arching my body away from him with only my hips touching his. I feel his arousal. Bringing me back up again, he presses me full against him. With his arm still resting on the small of my back, his hand cups my chin and he bites my lower lip. I moan softly. He smiles at me. I realize the game has begun.

Can we make music together? My fingers want to stroke him, make sounds come from within and touch his heartstrings. I caress his chest, removing his shirt. Mine has mysteriously disappeared. He dips me yet again flicking his tongue over my breasts first one then the other biting them playfully. His teeth sink into my erect nipple eliciting a cry of pleasure from my lips. He pulls me against him hard teasing my sensitive breasts with the soft hair on his chest.

He bahçelievler escort spins me away from him. I am lost for a moment. Quickly he brings me back tight to his body. My hands wrap around him as we move together among the stars. His lips brush my ear, his tongue flicking out for a taste sending a tingle through me, eliciting a shudder from my body. With a brush of his arm the cloud parts to reveal a platform of fluffy white. Together we fall on the cloud bed.

His hands roam leisurely from my neck to my belly memorizing every inch stopping on my hips. I move closer to him. Raising his arm again, magically we are now completely naked. His hand comes to rest on my right hip fingers tracing along the hollow there up my side, causing a momentary shiver, then over my right breast circling the areola and the pert nipple. Slowly moving along my collarbone to my neck placing his fingers on my lips.

“Tonight we share the Secrets, together we experience all the pleasure the flesh has to offer, our Love, Trust, and Will become intertwined. Our flesh and soul merge, unified in body, mind, intellect, intuition, and spirit. Are you willing? Will you join me?” I tremble at his voice as sensual as his music and his words. How greatly I have longed for one with whom I could share this experience. To find a man who will worship me and I him in this manner, I never believed. “Believe. The hour is here. I am here. With a kiss we seal our fate.”

This is my choice. How far this has come from the room with the guitar. Magic is like that. It takes you deep into your wildest dreams. I have to decide. Leaning forward batıkent escort my lips graze his my tongue flicks out tasting him. I deepen the kiss. He moves over me taking my silent kiss as consent. No more words are needed. Placing a leg between my knees to spread them apart, his hips come to rest against mine. I breathe deeply as his weight covers my body. Arching my back against his hard body as his hand cups my mound and a finger slips deep inside me coercing a soft moan from me. I am ready for him. I need you. Fill me. I plead with my eyes. Lips on mine, his tongue slides into my mouth to capture my tongue and with a swift thrust he is imbedded into my core. Sensations overwhelm me. Sliding in and out, riding a wave of ecstasy, I cry out only to have my sound captured in his mouth. My hips move in time with the rhythm he has created, a symphony of movements, reaching to a crescendo, each thrust striking a new chord of pleasure.

Our eyes meet and hold as the dramatic peak of this union comes crashing around us in orgasmic bliss, each willing the other to feel the intense power of the moment. Rocked by wave after wave of pleasure our bodies continue to move together, eyes locked. Slowly we relax and his weight is on my body again comforting me. “This is only the beginning my love. I am your Sandman. I will come to you every night in your dreams. I will take you places you’ve never been.” Kissing me with an intensity that left me breathless yet aching for more, he faded away from me, a knowing smile playing at the corners of his luscious mouth. “I will be coming for you very soon. Sweet dreams.”

The sunlight streaming in through the curtains woke me. Emptiness filled me as I felt the bed beside me. A sound startled me. I looked around to see where it came from. My eyes came to rest on my stereo. It was on. The music reminded me of something so very powerful. It hit me then. This same music played in my dream. Could that be all there was? I can’t wait to go to bed tonight to find out. I have a welcome in mind. Come…Enter Sandman!

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