Erica’s Sexual Transition Part 3


Erica’s Sexual Transition Part 3After discovering that I was lesbian, possibly bi-sexual, I had to change my life. I could not stay in Ohio around my friends and family and face them. I grew up being told that being interested in the same sex was one of the worse sins you could commit. I could not be myself in that environment and I would be shunned by family. I made the decision that I would move out of state.I told my family that it was a career opportunity for me. I did land a very nice job as NICU nurse at a world class pediatric hospital in Dallas Texas. Of course many of you may wonder why I would move to a state that is probably more anti-LBGT than my family. Truth was that I started talking to a woman on the website many months before.Her name was Amy. She was much older than me at 41 years old. She was very down to earth and had a gorgeous figure. She was married at one time and had 3 k**s. She was my same height with a slender build and perfect B cup breasts. We chatted online for a year and would Skype each other. We talked on the phone a lot and eventually we grew a large bond with each other.Amy did not want an actual relationship though. She wanted a best friend who she could sleep with. Through our talks on the phone and skype sessions she became a friend and mentor to me. She knew about my past experiences and how I was feeling and she helped me physically and emotional deal with it. I honestly do not know how I would have survived without her. Moving near her would be good for me in many ways. It would get me away from the repressions of my community, she was the most amazing friend I ever had and my job was paying me triple digits. It was the perfect foundation I would need.It took me about a month to get settled and used to my new rotation at the hospital. I talked to Amy a lot during this time but could never find a time that her and I could meet up. Being a new nurse, I only could work nights for my probation period. It was hard finding a night when I was off and a day when she was off.When our schedules finally aligned we made a plan to spend the entire day together. I had off the night before and I had that night off. We started by meeting for breakfast. We arranged to meet at a local IHOP. We had never met in person before and I was so very nervous. I could hardly think of eating and my palms were sweaty. A couple of times I thought of just leaving but she was the reason I moved here. I only had to wait a few minutes when I saw her with her blonde hair and gorgeous face walk in. I still remember it so vividly. She was wearing a knee length jean skirt, a sensible shirt and had her hair down. She immediately recognized me and an electrifying smile lit up her face. We hugged each other tightly. Even though this was the first time we had met in person, it was like we had known each other our whole lives. Every feeling of nervousness I had was immediately gone and we settled in nicely.Over breakfast we talked about my transition down here and about where I was living, my new job, and just how things were going. After breakfast Amy wanted to take me around town and show me all the good places to go for food, for drinks, and for dancing. I had not been out to a club since the beginning of my college years. I asked Amy if we could go dancing tonight and she said that it would be great. She even knew of a really great country western place we could go to. After taking me around the city she brought me to her house and I met her k**s. I had talked to them via Skype a few times and they were so adorable. She did a great job raising them. They were polite and very well behaved. Amy arranged for them to spend the night ankara escort with their dad so that she and I could go out.After meeting her family, she brought me back to the IHOP so I could get my car and return home. I needed to get ready for tonight. I took a shower, trimmed my field, and then put on a simple pair of shorts and a tank top until I found exactly what I wanted to wear. I rifled through my closet and picked out a blue shirt that was loose fitting with a deep neckline that would look perfect on me. I found a nice jean skirt to wear and decided on wearing my new cowgirl boots that I bought when I moved here. I went simple with the makeup and curled the ends of my deep red hair in a twist. Because of the low cut shirt, I couldn’t wear bra. It was too low in the front and had an open back. I chose a simple blue thong to complete my outfit.Amy arrived at my house right on time and she looked amazing. At 41 years old she had a killer body. She was lean with perfect breasts and a great ass. She was dressed in a mid-thigh black dress and cowgirl boots. She had her hair pulled up and I was completely jealous of her. I only hoped I looked half as sexy when I was 31 much less 41.We danced and drank the night away at the bar. I loved country music and they had a great live band that night. Numerous guys tried to cut in and dance with us but we refused them all. After a few hours of drinking and dancing my head was swimming. It was the most fun I ever had. At around 1AM I invited Amy back to my place to spend the night. She told me that she didn’t bring anything to wear to bed and I said that nothing was perfectly fine.On the drive home I wanted to touch Amy so bad. I remembered on my date with Mike at Applebee’s how he had placed a hand on my thigh. I was scared of being rejected but I placed my hand on her right thigh while she drove. I waited to see if she would resist or move but she did nothing. When I was sure I was safe I started to massage it a little and she didn’t seem to mind. I then began to run my hand up and down it. Her skin was soft and smooth as silk. I looked over at her. She looked at me and we both smiled. I felt like such a little school girl.I thanked her for a great night and that I was forever in debt to her for everything that she had done for me over the year or so that we had been talking. My life was feeling very complete now and I knew good things were coming my way. “The night is only just beginning she said.”I was drunker than she was and I stumbled into the front door of my house. Amy caught me and spun me around pulling me close to her. We were face to face. I looked into her eyes for a few seconds and then bent in and kissed her passionately. Our tongues wrestled with each other. I could taste the alcohol on her breath and smell the sweet exotic scent of her perfume. I was immediately aroused. Amy broke our kiss, grabbed me by my hand and asked me to lead her to the bedroom. I did as told. Once in the bedroom she grabbed the bottom of my shirt. I put my hands up in the air and she lifted my shirt off. She then grabbed at my skirt and slid it to the floor. I now stood there in my soaked panties. Amy then took her dress off and I was surprised to see that she was not wearing any underwear. She was completely naked.My heart was pounding out of my chest. Literally you could look at my chest and see my heart beating. Every nerve in my body was on high alert and I could barely maintain my breathing. Amy asked me if I had a scarf and I asked why. She told me not to worry and that I would soon find out. I reminded her that I was new to this and never been with a woman before. She told me again not ankara escort bayan to worry. I got a scarf out of the closet. She took it and then asked me if I trusted her. I told her that I did and she then placed the scarf over my eyes. I couldn’t see anything. She gently assisted me to bed and advised me to lie on my back with my legs partly spread. I did as told. She told me that no matter what I could not stop her. I felt her gently kiss me on my lips and I kissed back. She then started to kiss and lightly lick around my ear and the side of my neck. After licking me she would gently blow over the area and I thought I was going to orgasm that second. She then started to kiss down the front of my neck and then top of my chest.“I’ll be right back,” Amy said and then I heard her go into the kitchen. I had no idea what she was doing and the suspense killed me. It felt like hours that she was gone but I soon heard her enter the room. Then all of a sudden a sharp chill touched my nipple. “Oh God” I exclaimed as the sensation hit it. I felt water then run off my breast. She must have grabbed an ice cube. She ran it over both my nipples and I could feel them get harder than ever and they became very cold. Just when I thought she was going to give me frostbite, she put one of them in her hot mouth. The vast difference in temperature sent shockwaves from my nipples to my vagina. I was so wet down there that I thought it might actually be crying.She then took the ice cube and ran it down my chest to my pubic area. The muscles in my abdomen tensed at her touch. Every centimeter of my body was extremely sensitive and aware of everything. It was almost too much for me to handle but I wanted more. She then ran the ice cube between my legs and labia. The coldness did things to my body that I cannot describe but it felt amazing. She then removed the ice cube. After a few seconds without anything, she touched my clit with the ice cube. The shock of it made me arch off the bed. I kept my promise and did not stop her. She definitely made me want more. I then felt her get off the bed and I heard her walk of the bedroom. My body was so in tune with my environment even though I could not see. I could hear her rummaging through her purse. She returned moments later. I heard what sounded like a bottle click open and then felt something cold and wet drip onto my vagina. She then began to rub it into me. Almost instantly I could feel the liquid get warm and begin to tingle. Jesus Christ it felt amazing.She then lightly ran her fingers through my pubic hair. Again I could not believe at how sensitive my body was to any touch. She then touched my clit with her tongue and then began to go down on me. The feel of her tongue in my vagina was so much better than my previous boyfriends had done it. It was passionate and just felt more sensual. I began to run my fingers through her hair.After she was done going down on me, I heard the bottle click again but this time I did not feel anything on my vagina. Instead a few seconds later I felt something hard and rubbery touch the opening to my vagina. Slowly I felt the object slide into me. It pressed on the side of my walls filling me up. It seemed to go all the way up to my stomach. Then she began to twist it around in me. I could feel tiny bumps rubbing on the inside of me. Just when I thought it couldn’t feel any better, she pushed a button and whatever was in me began to rotate, vibrate, and thrust in and out of me at the same time. I cried out in pleasure for the sudden insult to my pussy. By this point my breathing was erratic and I had begun to sweat. At the same time though, I was covered in goosebumps. escort ankara Then something hard and vibrating frantically touched my clit and I came unglued.My body jumped off the bed and I bent in half. My abdominal muscles spasmed and my hips and thighs began to shake. My legs clamped down on the object between me. Tears streamed from my eyes and I had what could only be described as an out of body experience. I was paralyzed. Any movement or touch set sensations throughout me that I could not handle. It was nothing like I could describe.Amy must have known this because at that time all the vibrating stopped. After several seconds she slowly began to slide the object out of me. Every centimeter of movement made my eyes roll back into my head and breathe catch. Once it was finally out of me I just laid there. I couldn’t move. I felt like I just finished running a marathon in 5 minutes.Amy laid down next to me and removed the blind fold. I grabbed her head, pulled it toward me and kissed her passionately. That was the most amazing experience of my life. As my senses returned and I could see again, I saw the vibrator she had in me. It was much larger than any man I had been with and I could not believe that she was able to get into me so easily. It didn’t hurt at all like Steve had. His was the largest and looked small compared to the toy. Amy looked at me and said, “My turn.” I rolled her over onto her back and began to kiss her the same way she did me. I moved down to her breast and started to suck on her nipple. She moaned with pleasure. I kept kissing and running the tip of my tongue down to her vagina. She was shaved clean and her vagina was soft.I had never tasted a girl before, not even myself. Timidly I began to kiss around her labia. I could feel her hips gyrate a little, her breathing became deeper and moaning became louder. I then started to lick her clit. “Yes baby” she whispered. This encouraged me to go further and I wrapped my mouth around it and sucked on it. I flicked my tongue over it and gently bit down. She screamed out in what sounded like pain. I froze in horror. I thought I hurt her. She told me that she often will scream like that and that it is a good thing. It is because of pleasure not pain. Feeling relieved I continued what I had started.The next step was one I was not sure of. I was scared to taste a female for the first time. I closed my eyes stuck out my tongue and slowly moved it closer until I was barely touching it. Then I began to lick her slit. The taste was salty and somewhat sweet and bitter at the same time. It was hard to describe but I liked it. I began to lick her faster and press my tongue deeper into her. A couple of times she cried out like before. I wrapped my hands around her pelvis and pulled her crotch harder into my face.I went crazy eating her out. I sucked, licked, and bit her gently. She gyrated her hips and pressed herself into me. Then I felt her hand on my head and she pulled me up and began to kiss me. I could feel her lick all of her wetness off of my lips. She then positioned us so that our vaginas were touching. We rubbed our mounds against each other until we both had body shaking orgasms almost simultaneously. I collapsed onto the bed and could not move. Amy curled up behind me and wrapped her arms around me.We spooned on the bed with her behind me. I could feel her breasts on my back and the warmth dampness of her pussy on my ass. She kissed the back of my neck and my ears while she gently massaged my breasts. It was not long before I fell asleep exhausted from the sex. I now finally knew what sex was supposed to feel like and it was everything I had longed for it to be.I woke up the next morning with Amy and I still holding each other naked. I cooked her breakfast and we never got dressed. I finally opened up and knew that I had many more things for Amy and me to experience together. To Be Continued…..

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