Escapades of a Young Indian Bottom


Youth is the time to experiment and like everyone else even I’ve had my fair bit of fun which is what I’d be elaborating today, this experience took place a few months ago a short while after I turned 21, though I’m not Gay in the strict sense I was still a virgin due to being the quiet kind and puberty didn’t do me any favors as I was fair chubby and hairless for the most of it.

My sexual frustration was peaking and I was in dire need of a release as wanking off to porn had its limits and I was nearing wits end, so it didn’t take much for me to stumble upon Craigslist and the possibilities that it offered.

Though a good percent of the content did not seem appealing what caught my eye was an advert for a party hosted by a middle aged man in his vacation home which was a few hour’s bus ride from where I stayed at present, after some contemplating I decided to reach out to the host and was fairly surprised by the man’s openness and courteousness a combination that is fairly rare in India.

We got to talking a bit about ourselves and that is when I got to know that the party was of a homosexual nature where the host and a few of his friends wanted to act out on a fantasy they’ve been having for some time, but what surprised me was that I was not repelled by the idea and inquired more into what they were looking for and was more curious to whether they’d had any similar experiences in the past.

The host as well as his friends (2 in number) were businessmen who’d established their trade in the middle east, they were all married and had children of their own but they did ponder on the possibility of experiencing a ‘Gay’ encounter at some point of their lives and having ticked off most of the things in their bucket list this was the only thing left to do away with.

Since the men in question were intending to carry out the deed in utmost privacy due to them holding well respecting positions within their close knit society it was a matter of priority that I was totally comfortable with what they had in mind for me and was willing to take everything that happened at the vacation home to my grave, which I was perfectly fine with as discretion was one of my main priorities as well considering my own community to be piously orthodox.

After our mutual agreement regarding privacy I asked to be let in more into what they had in mind for me as the specifics of the deed in question was not revealed to me in detail which would enable me to make a final call on whether I was up for the task or not.

So the host specified that they were looking for someone young, preferably less than half their age, open minded, chubby and feminine in appearance and willing to experiment with multiple partners. At that moment I was turned on and my excitement was obvious to the host due to my inquisitiveness, he laughed a bit and said that even amidst the deed I could call it quits anytime I felt things to be a bit overwhelming for my taste, which is what finally sealed the deal for me as I was more enamored by the hosts humility than the possibility of me having a guild-free card to call it quits whenever I felt like it.

So we committed to the deed which would take place on the upcoming weekend, he sent me the coordinates to the location via WhatsApp and we bid farewell for the time being.

The rest of the day was as usual and I didn’t think much of the phone call as I felt I might overthink the scenario and prematurely chicken-out. So on the coming Saturday I booked an Uber and headed straight to the nearest landmark near the vacation home and then went the rest of the way by foot.

The door was opened by a well-dressed calm looking middle aged man who introduced himself as the host of the party and he was just as he had described over the phone, tall and well-built but not too muscular and easy on the eyes, though we’d exchanged photographs before I still had my doubts as I’ve seen how such encounters usually turn out in the movies, but all was well in my case.

Once I entered he introduced me to his friends, who were actually his long-time friends from kindergarten, they knew each other well and enjoyed each other’s company in spite of not engaging in any form of physical relationship with the other, which later they described as being due to not entirely being Gay is the strict sense Beşiktaş Escort and that they were more excited to act out their fantasies with me than among themselves, which again was understandable as that same notion was the reason I’d ended up in their living room in the first place. Both men were of similar height, while one of the men was a tad thick and almost as fair as me the other was more muscular and had a darker complexion, though the sight of them as such didn’t excite me but I’m anyhow recalling their appearances for your benefit, to paint a picture as vivid as a written manuscript can portray.

Drinks were poured out and I was a bit excited to drink stuff I’d only seen in movies before, I stopped just about when the buzz started and asked how they’d like to begin to which they said they’d stocked up on all the consumables that would be required for the play which was a relief for me as I’d come mostly empty handed.

I was directed to a bedroom where the host said I could freshen up, and asked if I’d be up for an enema before starting to which I declined as I’d taken necessary steps I’d read on the internet to keep things spotless to which he was pleased. So after a quick shower I headed into the living room completely in the nude, not because I was feeling dramatic but because in the heat of the moment I’d missed out to bring a spare change of clothes.

The men were pleased to see that my physique was to their satisfaction and proceeded to undress, I went ahead and thought the apt think would be to start the session with a kiss but none of the men were up for it as they were more into bumping uglies than textbook romance, which again was fine as I’d never imagined having to kiss someone with a mustache.

They all sat naked on the plush couch and the host proceeded to pull out a condom to which I suggested that I intended to make the best out of this experience as the chances of this ever happening again was slim, to which the men agreed that it would not be a matter of concern as they’d never engaged in sex with anyone other than their respective spouses and were as free from STD’s as they could possibly be which was reinsured as the darker dude was also a practicing physician who was the common ‘go to person’ for all health related concerns among their friends and families. As for me I was a virgin and was healthy as far as other things went, so it was settled, there would not be any protection and the men being mature were not grossed out by petty concerns such as going after the other.

So on my knees in front of the couch, I took my first penis orally, which was of the hosts, it was as normal as I’d expected to be, not rock hard or too flabby as it was the case with the thick dude, all three men were circumcised for religious reason which was a first for me as I’ve never before witnessed a circumcised penis up close.

Getting into the rhythm of things didn’t take too long as since the host was already excited I could taste a bit of saltiness as pre-cum dripped from his penis. I savoured the taste sucking and swirling the head of his penis in my mouth to which more fluid oozed into my mouth, the host was visibly panting and the rest of the guys were slowly playing with themselves seeing me give head to the host.

I quickened my pace and used my hand as well and it was just a matter of seconds before I caught the first burst of potent semen hitting the top of my mouth, I let the load collect in my mouth and slowly sucked his head forcing the rest of the fluid to collect in my mouth, there was quite a lot of ejaculate and once I swished it inside my mouth I slowly gulped it down, only opening my mouth just before the last bit could slide down my throat, the guest was panting heavily with his eyes closed and the rest of the guys were visibly excited.

After a sip of some soda I proceeded on to the next man in line i.e the thick dude, his penis was the flabby kind even when hard which felt like cotton candy in my mouth, as I backed up and focussed on the head I could taste the precum oozing out tasted the same but the flow was prominent and enough to get me excited. I played around a while before I felt him climax and unlike the guests his ejaculation was mellow and calm which gave me all the time in the world to slowly suck the semen out Beşiktaş Escort Bayan of his penis while I instinctively massaged his balls.

Once I was done I insisted on taking a break as my jaws were starting to ache but Mr. Muscles had a different plan, and since less effort was required on my part I was game.

So with my head rested against the sofa seat with me sitting on the floor Mr. Muscles mounted my mouth and started thrusting at a steady pace, his penis was rock hard unlike the others and he seemed experienced as well as he did not ram his penis down my throat, instead he was steadily thrusting his penis all the way from the front of my mouth to the back, I could feel the head of his penis pulsing from the tip of my tongue to the back and repeating the same at a steady pace.

After a bit I could taste his precum, it had a stronger taste in comparison but I liked it better. After a few minutes the thrusts got a bit harder and I could feel his balls slap against my chin, a few hasty thrusts and he went all the way in and I could feel the head of his penis slide down my throat, he stayed there for a bit and I could feel his semen rushing down my throat in thick streams, once he was done he pulled back gently so that the head of his penis rested on the top of my tongue, since I couldn’t get a taste of his full load I gently sucked the head until what was left was in my mouth, I savoured the taste before swallowing, and like his precum his semen also had a stronger taste which was to my liking.

We took a short break and they had fun sitting me down of their laps one at a time and sucking on my nipples, as I was on the chubbier side I had inverted nipples but after some love they were pointy enough to be very sensitive to even the slightest flick of the tongue.

After fooling around for a bit we felt it was time to pop my cherry and they had me propped up in the usual doggy style near the end of the bed with my ass arched back up.

One of them applied lubricant to the surrounding area of my boy-pussy and then inserted a small finger inside, with some more lube they made sure that the finger would slide in and out with the least resistance, after that they inserted the tip of the lube’s tube into my ass and then squeezed the remaining lube inside.

The intention was that there would be more than enough lube on the inside once things got heated up and because my hole was stretched only a bit I could experience losing my cherry as they directly slide their penises inside me without any hesitation.

So once the lube job was done, Mr.Host got behind me, positioned the tip of his penis at my hole and steadily slid in all the way in a single motion which was euphoric to say the least, the dull radiating ache, the feeling of being stretched followed by the feeling of being full, to this day I doubt my body has provided me with better sensations than what I’d experienced at that moment.

Mr. Host picked up pace and it was only a short while later I experienced the warmth of his inside me, after resting for a bit he pulled out and everyone was quite pleased to see that in the excitement my penis had left a puddle of precum on the bedsheet.

Mr. Muscles got behind me and pushed my hips down causing my ass to arch up at an angle, he mounted me from a top to bottom angle such that his rock hard penis was directly aimed at my prostate, and as he picked up pace the sound of his muscular body pounding my chubby ass was resonating through the house, I was ecstatic as with every pound his rock hard member was stabbing my G-Spot, after what seemed like an eternity of ecstasy, we both came with a shudder, I was certain I could feel myself cum but never thought it to be the case as I presumed the feeling might’ve been of Mr.

Muscles unloading in me but it was myself indeed, I’d cum thick puddles of semen, the ejaculation wasn’t like anything I’d experienced before, the semen just flowed out of my penis in a continuous stream, all thick and pearly.

Next in line was Mr. Thick, quite some of the lube and the ejaculate inside me had flowed out and soaked my balls, so he went ahead and played with my balls for a bit, squishing and squeezing them around firmly which was a turn on for everyone including me, Mr. Guest did inquire if I was fine Escort Beşiktaş with them being a little rough and to be honest I loved the way they were making me feel, the sublime dominance and the manhandling of my balls added to the thrill.

Since we didn’t have any sex-toys we had to settle with what we had so with the base of a table spoon they gently whacked my balls one at a time asking for my feedback every time they did it, I was fine and was enjoying the dull ache that was rising in my abdomen, when I reached the peak I quickly asked them to fuck me as I needed some anal simulation in addition to the dull ache and no sooner I said that Mr. Thick massaged my balls with his hands and once he was done proceeded to mount me.

As I was already slick from all the semen and lube inside me Mr. Thick went in with ease, he was the slow kind of lover and took his sweet time caressing my ass and love handles, sometimes very gently and other times with a firm hand. After what seemed like a while he thrusted hard and came followed by which he laid a very loud smack on my right ass-check with his open palm, the sting added to the pleasure and caused me to let out a very pleased moan, the smack had left a reddish mark and kept of stinging which added to everyone’s pleasure.

I was up for a break and wanted to attend to natures call but while heading for the restroom to pee my ass cheeks being slippery from all the lube was jiggling up and down which reignited everyone’s interest in me and as soon as I returned from the restroom they made wiped up the excess lube and took turns seating me in their laps while watching TV.

I had a penis inside me at every point of time and while I was sitting on Mr. Muscles lap he was slowly grinding his him going in and out of me as we watched TV, at one point he got excited, lifted me my supporting my ass and then rested my back against the sofa, with both my legs on his shoulders he unleashed his pent up lust on me, pounding my ass super hard, and he shuddered hard when he finally went balls deep inside me to release his load, as I felt the warmth inside me Mr. Muscles took control and kissed me full on the lips after which he parted them and had his tongue inside me, the day seemed ever promising as I’d lost my virginity, experienced my first kiss, experimented to the extremes and felt what real passion was like.

After a couple more drinks we’d tried a few other positions especially the infamous ‘Eiffel Tower’ with the men taking turns entering me from both sides, once everyone had their fill It had reached the point where the men did not ejaculate even a drop of semen but were still excited as neither my slushy lubed bottom or my mouth did strain their penises in spite of the repeated encounters.

Since I was the only one left with fluids in my balls I thought it would be best to masturbate but Mr. Muscles had something different in mind.

I was kneeling on the dining table with my knees spread apart, my abdomen and chest were resting on the table so that my ass was a little below his Waist Level, this ensured that I would not have to strain my body and that he had maximum access to me.

He went on with engaging my bottom as he did before aiming at my prostate, after precum started flowing for a while my penis started to let pearly semen flow which was a marvelous sight and experience.

Though not much of a drinker I did manage to have a little more than I usually do which coupled with the excitement did make me pass out but a while later I did wake up to the sensation of the familiar dull ache in my lower abdomen.

Mr. Muscles was still going at me from behind and he had a pair of paper clips squeezing down on each of my testicles.

The pressure of that and Mr. Muscles stimulating my prostate resulted in a huge flow of semen from me and I was already running dry as the pearly white fluid was vanishing and clear white fluid had taken its place with a drop in flow which a while later dwindled down to a stop.

Mr. Muscles kept going but since the lube and semen inside me had been used up we both were experiencing friction which added to rawness of the experience, he did orgasm with a final shudder but I did not feel any warmth inside me as he was spent up.

We kissed for a bit and decided to call it a day as the rest of the guys had already hit the sack.

In the morning we had breakfast and I bid farewell to everyone returning to my home, on the way back I did receive a text message from Mr. Muscles which did bring a wide smile to my face thinking of what adventures the future might hold for me.

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