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Subject: Essential Johnny – Part 6 Category: Adult-Youth Part 6 Johnny’s first boy crush Warning/Disclaimer: The following story are told from a second-person perspective and are intended purely as a means of entertainment. The events and circumstance depicted are based purely on creative recollection and may contain embellished or heavily redacted narrative. All suggestions, comments and constructive criticism is welcome at hoo Wickr: in2boysnmen. Readers are reminded to and encouraged to help maintain this a viable site with their generous donations. Thanks Sunday morning saw Johnny wake up momentarily perplexed by the unfamiliar surroundings. Wait no, he thought to himself, I’m home but just in the wrong bed, he resolved. He looked over the piled-up blankets and sheets on the floor and it all came back to him. There was discernable smell of piss in the air, not offensive but certainly not to be ignored. He got up and being a good boy, Johnny gathered the linens bringing them to the wash basin. He heard his sisters in the bedroom and his mother in the shower. He returned to his bedroom hoping the smell had gone away and his sister wouldn’t notice and tease him about it, but no such luck. He decided to just close the door and sat on grandpa’s bed. The boy’s mind wondered back to what had happened that night. It was so real, he thought to himself. A conjectured version of his dream flashed though his head making him afraid and flushed with arousal. His hand found his little cocklet, already rock hard. He pulled on the foreskin clumsily but enjoying the stimuli. His mind shifted to Raymond and the moment they had shared. He remembered how weird it felt to kiss like they did, but it was only weird because it felt so nice. His eyes closed and for a brief minute he could see himself in Raymond’s embrace kissing passionately. This brought him great pleasure and he felt himself about to pee again. The fleeting spell broke and the boy ran to the bathroom. His mother was just walking out and Johnny ran in to relieve himself. Mother asked if everything was ok and the boy just yells “I have to pee”. Mother reminds him to shower while he was there. Sunday mornings were reserved for church. Mom and the youngest girls attended mass while Johnny and his big sister studied catechism. The Sunday teacher was a young, medium height woman in her 30’s. She always dressed in a pair of jeans and a black polo that combined with her short hair and lack of make-up, gave her an androgynous appearance. She was however a soft-spoken woman with a very reassuring voice tone. We both liked her because she was very funny and often told silly jokes and loved talking about old movies. However, my sister Ana and her were very close, you could even say she was the teacher’s pet. On Sundays, it wasn’t unusual for them to spend a lot of time together, often just the two since Ana would often be the first in the classroom and the last to leave. Johnny of course would rather hang ankara yeni escort out with his friends out in the courtyard where church volunteers sold all kinds of goodies. It was there where he saw Father John, Raymond and Oscar walking out into the courtyard from the rectory. The 3 were casually talking before Father John bend down gave them a hug and left to greet other parishioners. Johnny anxiously flagged down the two boys and all greeted each other. There was so happy to see Raymond and his joy was palpable. This made things slightly awkwardness between the boys since Raymond didn’t seem to respond the same way but soon after it was all back to normal. The family all rejoined after their church visit and headed home. They were expecting a visit from Uncle Will and his cousins who were scheduled to bring grandpa back home. Upon arrival mother and Johnny pulled in the mattress where it was left out in the sun to dry. He was promptly given a fresh set of sheets and asked to make his bed. Johnny completed the task and asked if he could hang with his friends at the plaza. Given the oh Johnny ran off to see who was there. Upon arrival, only a handful of boys were there tossing the baseball around and hoping for more would show to start a game. Evident for his absence was the 12 y/o Raymond. Johnny was visibly troubled by that and inconspicuously asked around to see if anyone knew if he was going to join them. The boy was aware that he only had a short time to hang, before his cousins showed up and he had hoped to hang with Raymond again. Another 12y/o Mauricio, mentioned that Oscar was having private lesson with Rick at the dojo and that Raymond had volunteer to take him. Johnny’s heart sunk in his chest as he knew that he would not see the object of his affection. His first boy crush. Disappointed Johnny left the crew and decided to go home and wait for grandpa and his cousins. Along the way something inside him tugged at him in the direction of the wilderness. He reminisced about the chubby teens astonishing lustful indulgence while getting unceremoniously penetrated up the ass buy the old Janitor. He also recalled the dramatic contrast by which he also kissed the teen so lovingly and passionately. Johnny jumped the fence leading to the wilderness area. An eerie calm and silence engulfed the bushes. The trees devoid of wind just stood there watching over the boy. He looked and looked but no matter what he tried, he couldn’t find the hideaway, the hallowed nest where he first experienced love. The love of another boy. Frustrated he started to leave when he heard a noise nearby. He kept walking and the he saw it, the entrance to the cave. He hurriedly made his way to the opening, crawling quietly all the way inside to check if anyone was there. He heard the rustling of the tall grass but didn’t see anyone inside. Johnny even checked Raymond’s hiding spot and nothing. He felt confident he was alone and made himself yenimahalle escort comfortable. He looked around appreciating the work that had gone into making this hideaway. He noticed as tree branches were used to hold in place the tall grass leaves from the main cove. He took a deep sniffed at the air, breathing in the familiar scent of grass and soil. But wait, there was something else, he thought to himself. Another sniff followed by another then there yes, that’s it. He inhaled the oh so familiar scent of fresh semen. He looked around and found the soaked-up remnants on the floor. A sizable load to be sure. The boy looked at it curiously, bending down close to smell it before touching it. He recognized the unmistable consistency and texture, he played with it bringing the wet fingers to his nose inhaling the scent and with eyes closed he licked his fingers. Johnny fell into a trance down memory lane that had commenced with the guard at the arena. He sucked his fingers red before he realized what he was doing. The boy felt ashamed of himself and in overwhelming remorse he tried to spit the taste on cum from his mouth. But even this embarrassing indignity couldn’t prevent him from feelings of arousal that wash over him. His cocklet throbbed in his Sunday dress pants that now showed signs of grass stains. He gathered himself and leaving the confines of the cave to head home. All this questions and strange feelings were enough to drive anyone mad. Johnny walked back slowly while pondering who had been in the cave and what were they doing? Whose semen was it and why did he have to taste it? This was different, he thought to himself. Johnny arrived back home just in time to welcome grandpa back home. He greeted his uncle and cousins and they all entered the small home. Uncle Will was a single father whose wife had ran away from him and their children shortly after the birth of their last daughter (Patty) 4 years before. He managed on his own with the help of his eldest son Will Jr. (20) who was the result of a short-lived relationship with a HS freshman when he was only a senior. Additionally, there were Jorge (8) and Frankie (11) who along with Patty were all from his estranged marriage. As the youngest and only female, Patty had a particularly close attachment to Johnny’s uncle and his eldest son Will Jr. Jorge and Frankie were inseparable themselves but cared little about their young sister. Johnny was close with the two middle boys given their age proximity, but he also looked up to Jr. as a big brother figure since Johnny was an only boy in his family. The adults sat in the living room chatting while the boys hung out in Johnny’s room and the girls off to theirs. As the evening approached, Johnny’s mother prepared dinner with assistance by Uncle and Jr. Grandpa had gone to bed to get some rest, leaving the boys no other option but to move their hang to the front yard. Johnny proposed that they play catch yozgat escort outside so, he ran inside to get the mitts and ball. He quietly entered the room as to not disturb grandpa and found his uncle laying on his bed, face up with little Patty laying splayed out on top of him. They all seemed to be sleeping. As quietly as possible, he retrieved the sports equipment from underneath his bed. As he stood up to leave he noticed Patty was sucking on a pacifier, which was oddly irregular considering her age. Then he also observed that his uncle’s left hand rubbed the young child’s panty clad butt, the tip of his fingers grazing the crack almost disappearing inside the deep crevasse. His uncle opened his eyes catching Johnny by surprise as he was fixated on his uncle’s ministrations of his baby girl’s butt. Uncle:”we had to borrow your bed”he whispered softly, then smiling he said “I hope that’s ok” Johnny looked at his uncle, and smiled back nodded without saying a word. His eyes drifted back to his uncle’s hand on the young girl’s butt, this did not dissuade the man’s actions but rather embolden him to slip his fingers underneath the elastic leg opening and groping her bare butt and digging deep into her crack. Uncle slipped his hand out slowly bringing it up to his face, sniffed his fingers in one long deep inhaling breath, then licked them clean. Johnny felt weirdly uncomfortable and decided to leave quietly to rejoin his cousins outside. That night Johnny went to bed exhausted and was out cold before his head hit the pillow. He later awoke to the feeling of a presence near him. The room was mostly dark so he was unsure what it was. Then he realized it was only his grandpa using the chamber pot to pee. In the darkness he could hardly make out the outline of the old man, his cock in his hand as he relieved himself. Johnny heard grandpa stow away the pot back under the bed and watched his shadowy figure back to bed. However, grandpa wasn’t done. Johnny watched in amazement as grandpa started to manipulate his cock, slowly bringing it to full erection. He had never seen or heard grandpa doing this but he had an idea what he was doing. Johnny decided to get a closer look and quietly jumped out of bed, kneeling on the floor. He watched his grandfather self-pleasure himself alternating between fast short strokes and slow long strokes. The boy reached between his legs for the throbbing boy cocklet attempting to emulate his own clumsy version of the gyration. He heard as grandpa’s breath become ragged and watched him as he convulsed in bed to a satisfying finish. Johnny inhaled looking for the familiar smell of fresh ejaculate. But nothing would be sensed. Disappointed he went back to bed, continuing to play with himself and as he drifted asleep he heard grandpa whisper. Good night son. First of all, thanks for reading my stories and for the constructive feedback. I’ve received some request and continue to welcome more. The introduction of new characters is done to set up future content and I hope this is not causing confusion. Although Johnny is the main character of the story, I intend to give a handful of additional characters some context and development which I believe will help the continuity of the story. Keep in touch hoo Wickr: in2boysnmen

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