Exposed to My Best Friend

Big Tits

I knew my pussy was very wet as I laid on my back. I could feel it dripping, past the opening between my cunt lips, traveling downward. As my juice slid gently over my asshole, I shivered a little. I felt bare, and I guess I was, as I’d just recently received my monthly wax. On the ceiling there was a mirror, in which I could see myself. I had hung it there at my ex-boyfriends request. He got off on being able to see everything. Looking into it now, I could see the slick, smooth skin of my pussy glistening in the lamp-light. I had placed a few pillows underneath my hips, so they were held in an upward position. Yes, I was exposed alright. Although I was a bit embarrassed, i held my legs open as instructed. This made my lips part, which in turn exposed my clit which was hard and a bit larger than average. The small nub stuck out about 1/2″ past my lips, and it was throbbing now.

The sound of the bedroom door closing brought me back to attention.

“Wow,” I heard Dani breathe, “you really did it.”

I blushed a little. “Well, my word is my bond and all that…” I trailed off.

This was probably the millionth time I’d hung out with Dani. She’d been my best friend since childhood. Now we were 18, drunk, and about 20 turns deep into a game of truth or dare. It had been progressively getting riskier and riskier, until the last round when Dani had dared me to let her look at me.

“Oh come on,” Dani had coaxed me, a slightly drunk giggle escaping her lips, “I just want to see if mine is normal, you know?”

That made me laugh, and as she’d seen me changing many times before, I figured there was no harm. But now, as I laid there exposed, I was nervous. I hadn’t expected to get so wet, or wet at all really. Part of me hoped that Dani wouldn’t notice, but I knew she would. It was just too obvious.

Speaking of Dani, she had crossed the room now and was shyly waiting a bit to the side of the bed.

“Well, I mean, you can look. Don’t wait for me to give you the green light or anything. It’s okay.”

She nodded at my words, and came to stand at the edge of the bed. I watched as her eyes left my face and found my tits. They were large and soft, rising and falling with my breath. The angle at which I was laying pushed them up and my small pink nipples were hard, pointing to the sky. I watched Dani’s eyes travel lower, across my stomach, past istanbul travesti my belly button, until they came to rest between my thighs. Her breath hitched.

“So..?” I tried to break the awkward silence, feeling more than a bit embarrassed now, “what do you think?”

Dani smiled a little, “you’re wet.” She stated softly. It wasn’t in a judgemental way, actually if anything it sounded like she was a bit… amused?

“Oh, uh, yeah..” I started “I think its just the situation, you know, it’s new for me. Being on display or whatever..” I was blushing again, I could feel it.

“Do you think i could touch you?” She blurted out, immediately blushing herself “I mean, if you want..”

I nodded in return, trying to seem calm as butterflies danced in my stomach.

In the mirror, I watched as Dani reached out her hand, fingers extended. I gasped as she made contact, her index finger gently stroking the length of my slit. Even just that light brush against my clit made me moan slightly.

“I’ve never seen a clit like yours..” she murmured, bringing her finger back up to brush against it again. “it’s like a little cock!” she laughed now. Hearing her laugh made me blush, but it turned me on at the same time. My best friend forever, stroking my clit and telling me its like a cock? It felt good, but it was embarrassing too.

“I mean, honestly, I could jerk it off if i wanted to!” Dani continued her good-natured teasing. As she did so, she placed her index finger and thumb on either side of my clit and stroked them up and down. My juices had more than covered my clit by now, so her fingers slid easily up and down it. The sudden intense sensation caused my hips to buck and a loud moan to escape my throat. it startled Dani, and her fingers stopped on my clit.

“No, no, it feels good, keep going.” I shook my head. I knew this was now a lot further than the date had intended to go, but we had crossed that line as soon as she had touched me and I was horny. Like, really horny.

I felt more of my wetness gush out of my pussy, down my crack, and across my asshole as Dani’s fingers began strumming against my clit again. The more i moaned and ground against her hand, the more confident Dani became. Soon, she had pushed my legs open and back, making my most private places more visible than they already were.

Dani looked istanbul travestileri down at my slick, puffy pussy lips and hard clit. Her eyes travelled lower. She now had full view of my asshole, too. I got a bit nervous at that. I had never played with my asshole, nor had I let anyone else. Now, it was on full display to my best friend; tight, and pink, and glistening with my own pussy juice.

“Your pussy is so pretty,” Dani murmured as she began to stroke my clit again, “even your asshole is pretty.” she ran the tip of her index finger across my clit now, down over my hole, and across my asshole. I gasped quietly. I was nervous that she was going to stick her finger in it right then and there but her finger began moving upward again. This time, when she reached my pussy hole she slid her middle finger in palm-up. My pussy spasmed as my hips bucked, a jolt of pleasure running through me. Dani slipped her ring finger inside too, and began gently stroking upward in a ‘come-here’ motion. Her fingertips were stroking my g-spot, making my pussy gush each time they did. I was no longer embarrassed, I was taken over by the pleasure.

As her fingers stroked my g spot, dani lowered her head and took my clit into her mouth. As she sucked on it and swirled her tongue around it I clutched the bed sheets. I knew that I would cum soon, the pleasure was too intense.

Suddenly, I felt Dani’s other hand reaching up. Her fingers began to probe around my crack, and I knew she was searching for my asshole. I squirmed a bit, trying to escape it, but I couldn’t do much as she continued her work on my pussy. It felt too good.

Finally, her middle finger found my asshole. She rubbed the tip of her finger around the slick ring. It was a new feeling, strange, but not necessarily bad. As she increased the pressure of her rubbing, my asshole was so slick now from my pussy that the tip of her finger just slipped inside. I gasped when i felt it, my hips bucking as I bit down on my lip.

Dani lifted her head as she kept pressing her finger inside, stretching my asshole as she went. I had never had anything up there before, and it stung a bit as her finger crept deeper inside of me, until it was as deep as it could go. Even just that finger made me feel full, especially with the two already stuck in my pussy. Dani kept the finger in my ass still travesti istanbul for a while, letting me get used to the feeling. After a few seconds, the stinging began to fade. I nodded a bit, and she began to slowly move it in and out. It still felt strange but it was beginning to feel okay, even good.

After a few seconds of Dani pumping her fingers in and out of both my holes, I said “I have a toy. A dildo. In my nightstand.”

At that, Dani grinned and withdrew her fingers. I felt empty now. “Naughty, naughty!” She giggled, “and here I thought you were the innocent one! Now you’re letting me finger fuck not only your pussy, but your ass, and use toys on you too!” She approached my nightstand and quickly found what she was looking for in the top drawer. When she returned to the bed she was holding the dildo I had bought last month, on an impulse. Truth be told I hadn’t used it yet, but there was no need for Dani to know that.

I bit my lip as she ran the smooth head between my cunt lips, up and down.

“Now,” she whispered, “do you want it here?” she paused with the head at the entrance of my pussy, “or here?” she slid it down to press against my asshole.

“th-the first” I stuttered.

“Which one? Say it.” Dani smiled.

“My pussy. I want it in my pussy.” I blushed again.

“Your wish is my command!” Dani was grinning now as she brought the head up to my pussy hole and pushed the dildo deep inside of me. It was about 7″ long, and girthy. I hadn’t realized how girthy it was when I ordered it. Now, the smooth silicone cock felt like it was filling my pussy entirely. My clit throbbed, aching for Dani’s fingers, tongue, anything to get some release. I ground my hips, feeling the big fake cock grind against my walls. I nearly screamed out loud when Dani shoved not one, but two fingers up my tight little asshole this time. I only ground my hips harder, my clit aching to be touched as i moaned and whimpered like a little whore while i got my holes fucked by my best friend.

Dani was moving the thick dildo in and out of my pussy now, and I watched my pussy take it in the mirror. My lips gripped the big fake cock, my cream coated the length. I watched my big tits jiggling as I bucked my hips, my holes begging to be pounded as I cried out in pleasure. When Dani leaned down and closed her lips over my clit again, I came nearly instantly.

Pussy juice gushed out around the dildo and my cunt and asshole spasmed as I came. My hips rocked and my head tilted back, letting out a final moan of contentment as Dani slowly pulled both the dildo and her fingers out of my holes.

“okay, now it’s my turn!” She beamed.

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