Family Friend Ch. 02


just want to say thanks for the positive feedback, keep your comments coming and hope you all enjoy the second part.

This is the second part of the story about Jack and his first time with a woman. It continues straight from where the last one ended, with both Jack and Fiona getting dressed in the kitchen.


I couldn’t believe that I had just fucked Fiona on my parents kitchen table. If my mom ever found out she would go crazy with me and would probably never talk to Fiona ever again. I knew it was wrong what had just happened, but it certainly didn’t feel wrong while we were doing it. Something which was as pleasurable as that couldn’t possible be wrong, well that’s what I was telling myself.

As I was pulling up my trousers, I watched Fiona getting dressed, trying to fix her ripped blouse to no avail. “I think maybe you should borrow one of my mom’s tops, that one is no use to you anymore”. I love stating the obvious. “I think your right Jack, I’ll just go upstairs to your mother’s room and help myself”

She kissed me softly on my cheek as she walked passed me, leaving me to stare at her cute little ass strolling away and trying to control the reaction in my pants. I had just had my first taste of a woman a mere 10 minutes ago and I was already hard for her again. I knew I had to act on this impulse now and decided to follow her upstairs to give her an helping hand.

Leaving my shirt on the kitchen floor, I made my way quietly to the top of the stairs and entered my parents bedroom. At first I couldn’t see her, but then I heard her say, “You took your time didn’t you”. I turned around and Fiona was backed up against the door and was wearing a nightgown, which I presumed was my mothers.

She looked so sexy standing there in that seductive black silk nightie, that barely covered her ass cheeks. “What’s that you’ve got for me”?, she purred, referring to the bulge in my pants that was straining to be released. I smiled in an arrogant way, made my way to the bed, sat down on the edge facing to her and said, “Why don’t you bring your sexy ass over here and find out”. She was loving the way I was speaking to her, because she slid down to her knee’s and crawled over to me slowly and seductively. reaching me she started rubbing her face against my legs just like a cat would do. She moved to my lap and started massaging my hardness through my pants as she began undoing my pants. I lifted my self up slightly, making it easier for her to slide my pants off and I could feel my cock spring free as they fell to the floor.

“Mmm, looks good enough to eat”, she said as she held it with her right hand and cupped my balls with her other, I let out a gasp as she squeezed a little harder around my shaft, cutting the blood from flowing freely. I could see her lick her lips, which all of a sudden looked more sexy than before and without warning took all of me into her mouth. I shuddered, and leaned back a little using my hands to support me as I arched my head back, taking in the intense pleasure’s this woman was giving me. Her mouth was so warm and she expertly was sucking on me, just like a porn star would in a movie.

That’s when I thought about something I had always wanted to try, 69. It took a lot of strength for me to tell her to stop sucking me off, but I barely managed it. She had a puzzled look on her face as she watched me lie back on the bed. “Fiona, I want you to bring that sweet pussy of yours over to me so I can return the pleasure your giving torbalı escort me” Her little sexy face let up when she realised what I wanted to do and quickly rose to her feet and climbed over to me. She was about to take her night gown off, but I stopped her. “No, I want you to leave it on sweetie”.

She positioned her pussy over my waiting face and eased herself down onto my eager mouth. The smell was the first thing to hit me, it was a strong odour which I would say isn’t sweet smelling but definitely wasn’t bad. This was the first pussy that I had ever tasted and I have got to admit that I liked it a lot and my tongue was just lapping up her juices which were flowing already.

She was wriggling over my face with some pace, and her moans were getting really loud. I was worried that the neighbours would hear us, but my worries disappeared immediately when I felt my hard cock being engulfed by Fiona’s hungry mouth.
I had by this time both my hands on her sweet little ass and I was massaging both cheeks under her nightgown, squeezing at them harder each time I felt my cock going into Fiona’s throat. We were going at it with such pace that we ended up turning over, with me on top of her, which seemed to give my cock easier access to slip deeper down her throat. As I was nearing my climax, I lifted my head from her pussy and told her I was about to cum, I don’t know if she didn’t hear me or she just didn’t care because she started sucking on me harder than before. I couldn’t hold it back any longer and I exploded my first burst of cum into her mouth, as I collapsed my head back over her pussy. I carried on sucking on her pink pussy lips as I shot load after load into her warm throat, myself taking in all her womanly juices.

I rolled onto my side, but she wouldn’t let go of my cock and continued licking away until I softened in her mouth, which finally encouraged her to release me .

I made my way to the other side of the bed to lay beside Fiona, so I could see her face, which was looking more beautiful to me the more I saw it. I leaned over to her and kissed her, tasting a salty flavour on her lips, which was obviously caused by me. “Fiona, that was the best blow job I have ever received”, I honestly told her, implying that it wasn’t my first. “I’ll definitely take that as a compliment Jack, especially coming from you, a guy that’s probably been with dozens of woman.”.

“It may come as a surprise to you, but I haven’t had that many sexual partners in my life”.
“Well yes, that does surprise me, You are a very attractive guy and a fantastic lover”. She leaned in again and met my lips with hers, this time probing her tongue into my mouth, kindly welcomed by me. Breaking our kiss, “I think your pretty special too, and I cant believe that you are single”, I told her, as I went back to kissing her. We continued kissing while she manoeuvred herself on top of my, her nipples pointing through the thin fabric of her gown and rubbing against my chest as my hands eagerly returned to her ass.

Just then, I heard a car pull up outside and I could hear familiar voices. “Shit that’s my parents, there home early”, I said as I jumped off the bed and started frantically searching for my trousers. Fiona was in shock too and her face had turned very pale.

I had to think fast. “Go into my room and pretend you are asleep and I’ll tell my parents that you came over hear cause you were not feeling to good”. Basically I was going to say urla escort a lot of bullshit to them. I knew that my keys were on the front door and that it was looked, so they wouldn’t be able to get in until I opened for them, which would give me a little more time.
We straightened out the bedroom and I ran down the stairs to the kitchen as Fiona made her way to me bedroom. I heard the knock on the door, but I needed to put on my shirt that was laying on the kitchen floor. More knocking on the door, as I was buttoning up my shirt on the way to greet my parents.

“Well its about time son, I thought you was going to leave us standing out here all night long”, my dad said. I hugged my mom as she entered and quizzed them about why they were home 2 days earlier than planned. “aren’t you glad to see us then ?”, my mom wondered. I told how it was good to see them, but I was just surprised to see them. This is when I thought I should tell them about Fiona staying over.

“Mom, I think you should know that Fiona is upstairs in my bedroom asleep. I found her here tonight when I returned from this party I was at and she seemed a little drunk, so I told her to stay over while she sobered up, hope it was the right thing to do”. “You did the right thing Jack, maybe I should go upstairs and check on her, to make sure she is okay.” I told her that I had just checked in on her and that she was fast asleep. We talked for a little while longer then we all decided to call it a night and to talk more in the morning. “Good night the Jack”, my parents told me. “Yes, good night”. And with that we all went to bed, well I went to my couch in the lounge.

It looks like I had gotten away with it, my parents didn’t suspect a thing and that’s how I wanted things to stay.

I couldn’t really get to sleep at first, I was thinking too much about Fiona and the fact that she was lying upstairs in my bed all alone.

After what seemed like hours I must have finally drifted off, only to be woken by voices coming from the kitchen. It was now morning and I had slept for about 10 hours, even if it only felt like 8 minutes. The voices in the kitchen were my moms and Fiona’s.

“Good morning sleeping beauty”, Fiona said, as I sat down opposite her at the kitchen table, in only my boxer shorts. “Its about time you woke up, you’ve been asleep all morning”, my mother nagged. “I guess I was just worn out by the late night”, I replied, smiling at Fiona.

Just from looking at Fiona I instantly felt my cock begin to stitch in my shorts and this worried me because I didn’t want my mom to catch me in this embarrassing situation. “I think its time that I got washed and dressed”, I said as I rose form my seat and made my way upstairs. I heard my mom shouting as I left that she was about to go shopping and would be back in about an hour. “Make sure that you take care of Fiona while I’m gone”, she finally said as I heard the door close shut. Damn right I’ll take care of her I thought to myself.

In the bathroom I shut the door closed behind me, but made sure that it was unlocked, just in case someone decides to come in.

Once I was in the shower I began to stroke myself while thinking about the way me and Fiona fucked the night before, the way she made me feel and the satisfaction that I gave to her. I rubbed soap back and forth over my crotch, watching my cock grow as I did so and I obviously didn’t hear the door open as the shower curtain was pulled open, revealing a buca escort naked Fiona in all her glory.

She looked my body up and down, fixing her gaze for some time on my very erect cock the returned to look me in the eyes. “I thought your mother told you to take care of me”, she said smiling at me. I looked her over, as she had done to me, and said, “why don’t you take care of this”, looking down at my soaped up cock.

“With pleasure”, is all she said, as she stepped into the shower with me and replaced my hand with her own around my cock and began to stroke me.

My mouth let out a moan which she covered with her lips and she forced her tongue hungrily into me. She began jerking at my cock with more speed as I moved my mouth to her neck, then slowly licking my way down to her small perk breasts. I pushed her back against the wall and started pulling on her nipples with my teeth while my right hand now firmly tickling her pubic region, my fingers brushing aside her hair and trying to find her clit.

She released her tight grip from my cock and put 1 hand on my neck and the other on top of my hand, pushing my fingers deeper inside her. I carried on fingering her and biting on her nipples until she started yelling. “Yes, that’s the spot, keep doing it like that, faster, mmm”. I loved hearing her like this, it turned me on like crazy seeing her having an orgasm this hard.

“I need to fuck you now Fiona”, I told her, and in 1 motion turned her around and pushed her harder against the wall and moved in behind her. She was moaning like crazy now and she wanted me inside her fast. I grabbed hold of my throbbing cock and began rubbing it against her pussy lips, back and forth, feeling her pussy juices soaking the head of my cock and acting as a lubricant helping me to slam into her in 1 very hard stroke. She jolted forward with my first stroke and I continued fucking her with this same pace, penetrating her with long, deep thrusts, with me leaning over her shoulder and nibbling on her ear lobes for extra pleasure.

We fucked in this position for several minutes and I could feel the pressure building inside me and with that I began to cum into her, giving her everything I had to give in my body. She even carried on thrusting her self back harder against me as I was exploding into her and talking to me at the same time. “that’s it stud, give me all you’ve got, burry your seed into my pussy”. She was a cock hungry whore that had been let of her leash, but she was my whore and I was loving every second of it.

I was Cumming for what seemed like forever, I thought I would never stop.

The moment I released my tired cock from her, she turned around and bent down and took me into her mouth, sucking on my limp cum drenched cock. i thought I was going to faint, I was feeling weak and had to kneel against the wall with my hands to hold my self upright as Fiona tried to suck me back to my full erect size.

She was bobbing her head up and down on my now almost fully erect cock and holding on to my ass cheeks, pulling me closer to her face, trying to swallow me.

I felt that build up again and knew I was close, so I started fucking her mouth as hard as I could tell I came with force, causing her to almost choke at the same time. Fiona was gagging, but she wouldn’t let my cock loose from her mouth until I had been completely drained.

We both didn’t say a word, she just remained on her knee’s panting and I remained leaning against the wall trying to get my breath, which she had just taken away, back.

I knew that my parents would probably be back pretty soon, so we finished off our shower together and we dressed each other and made our way back to the lounge, just in time to see my parents car pull up in the driveway.

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