FangirlI have a fan. She’s16 years old and she was a regular where I work, and she’s the smartest person I know, like a real genius. I mean I bet she could debate Einstein about whatever he knew and you could ask her anything about anything and she’d know, whether it was about fixing something on your car or the capitol of whatever tiny little country somewhere or anything, she’d know all about it. But she learned it all from books and she couldn’t really fix your car if she had to and I doubt she had ever even left the city. Her name was Emma, and she couldn’t get enough of me. She was a kind of stalker really at first, staying till I finished work and then following me, walking fast behind me until she caught up with me just so she could say “Hey, we’re going the same way” and walk with me and we’d talk. But I liked her and she was cute and fun and her glasses made her even cuter and gave her that ‘hot nerdy girl that doesn’t know she’s hot’ – look, and we became friends and sometimes we’d have coffee together, or ice cream or something, but I had to keep a distance too so she wouldn’t get the wrong idea. Not that I didn’t want to fuck her. I did, and I thought about it a lot. But I just figured that would complicate things way more than it was worth and more than she deserved and so when she suggested anything that I thought could lead to anything, I always made up excuses. Like the times she invited me to her place, and always with a “My parents are away”, I was always busy. Or the times when she said “Can I come inside for a minute maybe?” I always had things to do.But even though that must have happened a couple dozen times, she was never bummed out about it and always understanding and smiling, even when she must have known I was lying she just said “Sure, I understand”.And I did feel bad about it. And one day when she was walking with me I had accidentally let it slip that I was home alone for the whole weekend. Cait had gone to be with her mom and Lucy and Tobey had gone to “have a weekend alone”, and Emma knew I lived with two girls and a guy but not at all what kind of relationship we had and she figured we were just room mates I guess, and she said “Oh cool, I can come in and stay with you a little maybe? You know, just so you wont be lonely” and she said it like she knew I was going to say no, and I automatically said “No, sorry, you can’t” and then I couldn’t come up with a reason.So that’s why I said “But you can come over tomorrow”, and I thought she was going to pass out and she said “Oh, wow cool thanks, that’s… Really? Wow yeah okay”.And then later that day I was out of the shower and just in my polka dot one piece pajamas watching TV and eating popcorn, when Veronica called. And she said “Hey, darling. Guess what” and I sat up and I said “You’re here!” and she laughed and said “Not yet, but at the airport. Ten hours so it’ll be real early in the morning…” and I just said “Don’t care, come right over. Like, run!” and she laughed again and said “Or you could pick me up?” and I told her I was home alone and didn’t have a car and she said “No worries, I’ll flash my boobs at a taxi driver” and I said “Sorry” and she said “See ya’” and then we hung up.Veronica would do that sometimes, just suddenly decide to come all the way from London but it had been like three months or so since last time. And so just like that I had forgotten all about Emma.And that meant that when the door buzzed the next evening, I was asleep and Veronica was too and we were both naked in the bed because when she had come just after five that morning I had made an omelet and then she took a shower and I went in the bathroom with her just to chat with her while she did, and when she was done she took the shower head and turned on the Escort soft jet and pointed it at her pussy and just kept it there while we talked, and she came several times and when she did she would stop talking or just interrupt me and say “Hold on a sec, darling” and then “Hnngh… hnnghhh… haaaahhh…” and then after a short break and Veronica taking a few deep breaths, we just picked up where we left off. Then finally she stepped out, and found a bottle of body lotion in her toiletry and threw it to me and said “Would you? It’s ‘intimate area friendly’ too”.So of course we spent the day in bed together, and when I walked to the door I wasn’t even fully awake really, and it was only when I pushed the button and it made that ‘click-beep’ sound that I thought ‘Why didn’t you pretend you weren’t home, stupid?’ and then I said “Who is it?”And what sounded like the happiest girl in the world said “It’s me, Emma! Hiii!” and I thought ‘Oh no. Fuck!’And I thought about what to say, that something had come up, that I had someone over, that it was a bad time after all, that I just didn’t want her here right now because Veronica was amazing in bed and I wanted more. And I pushed the button and said “Cool, come on up.”Then I ran to the bedroom and picked up my pajamas from the floor by the bed and quickly put it on and Veronica was still asleep and the air in there smelled like a mix of lotion and sweat and pussy juice, and so I shut the door and when Emma came in I was making coffee and I said “Hi. Want some?” and she said “No thanks. Were you sleeping?” and I said “What? No of course not” and she was looking at my pajamas and I hadn’t even zipped it up in the front and so I did that and said “Just my ‘Stay home and do nothing’ – outfit” and she said “Okay, cool.” “Well, this is mine” she said and did a little twirl and she had obviously dressed to be sexy, with a pleated skirt and a white blouse with a black bra under it.“Nice” I said.Then she looked around at the apartment and she said “Wow, this place is great” and I said “Thanks” and “Are you sure you don’t want anything?” and she said “No thanks” and I sat down at the kitchen table and she did too and all I could think about was what excuse I could come up with to make it as short a visit as possible and then she opened the bag she had with her and pulled out a bag of Doritos and a bottle of Pepsi and then a big bag of some kind of chewy sweets and she said “I thought we could watch a movie or something” and I said “Oh. Look… Emma, I…” and she could hear it in my voice of course and she quickly said “We don’t have to. If you don’t like movies. We can do whatever you want to do”.And I said “No, it’s just…” but she cut me off again and she was talking so fast and she said “We can just talk. Like we do. I like that. Maybe I’ll have that coffee after all. I don’t really like this stuff anyway I just thought maybe you liked it. I mean, not that I think you eat this stuff all the time or anything. I know you don’t, because you’re so beautiful and…” And when she had said that she bit her lip and her face went bright red and she started putting the snack back in her bag, but this time the Pepsi bottle didn’t fit and she struggled with it almost as if she was panicking or something, even just trying to pound it into place, and then she gave up and put it back on the table.“You want me to leave, don’t you” she said quietly, staring down at the table and I said “What? No, no I don’t”“Yeah, you do.”“No.”Then none of us said anything for a minute or so and then I said “Look…” and that’s when Veronica walked in.And she just said “Oh” when she saw us, and she was still naked and Emma’s jaw dropped.“Uhm…” Veronica said. “I’m…” But then she smiled and shrugged and said Escort Bayan “So, any coffee for me?” and she pattered over and sat down with us, putting her feet on the corner of the table. “Sure” I said and got up. “And… you know, clothes maybe?”“Nah, I’m good” she said. “Who’s this?”“Emma” I said, and Emma was still staring at her with her mouth open. “Emma, this is Veronica” I said.And now she looked at me and said “But… you invited me” and I sighed and said “I know. I just forgot. I’m sorry.”“Is she your girlfriend?” she said. “No” I said but Veronica said “Well, I’m not not her girlfriend either”, probably just trying to be funny and I said “Come on, Roni”.Emma grabbed the Pepsi and then quietly and maybe even a little bit angry, she said “Can I have a glass, please?” and as I opened my mouth to say yes she unscrewed the cap and instantly like half of the soda just shot out of the bottle and all over her and she tried to put the cap back on but that just made it worse and it threw foam everywhere in the kitchen, and she dropped it and it fell over on the table and spun around until it pointed at Veronica and squirted all over her feet and legs, and Veronica shouted “Ah fuck!” and kicked the bottle neck so it spun around again back to Emma and there it just went “glugluglug” at the edge of the table as it emptied the last drops in her lap.And everyone was quiet for a long time, Veronica and I were just staring at Emma and she was just staring down at herself and then she said “I’m… I’m sorry” and I said “It’s okay”.“Come on” I said. “I’ll show you where the bathroom is and you can take a shower and we’ll find some clothes you can borrow.”“Okay” she said.“And then we can all watch a movie together” I said, and she said “Okay” again. So I took her hand and led her to the bathroom and I handed her a towel and then I said “I’ll put your clothes in the machine right away” and she said “Oh okay” and she hesitated a little but then she started to undress.She gave me her clothes and I said “So just shout when you’re done, okay? I’ll find something for you to wear” and she just nodded with her hands on her tits, covering herself.I turned around to the door, but then she suddenly said “Don’t go” and as I turned to her again she jumped at me and kissed me. I grabbed her arms and pushed her away and she looked down and said “I’m sorry” and I said “Look, Emm…” but she lifted her head and tried to kiss me again and I pushed her away again and said “Emma, don’t”, but she took my hands and put them on her tits. “Why?” she said and tried to kiss me for the third time and I pulled my head back. “You said you don’t have a girlfriend” she said.“That’s not what I said.”“Please” she said and put her lips on mine again and this time I let her and I think it was because I thought maybe she would be satisfied with that and that would be it, but then she pushed her tongue in my mouth and I let her do that too and her tongue swirled around and my tongue met hers and followed it into her mouth like it had a mind of its own and I still had my hands on her tits and now this young girl that was naked and in love with me was turning me on and I couldn’t help it and then Veronica walked in with clothes she had found for her, and she saw us kissing so without even stopping and without a word she just made a 180 and headed out the door, but then she turned around again and said “Don’t mind me” and put the clothes on the chair before she turned to leave again and Emma really didn’t mind her and just kept kissing me and so I pushed her away again and said “Okay, so… you have what you need, so…” and then I almost ran after Veronica.And Veronica and I were cleaning the kitchen, and she was still naked and watching her like that Bayan Escort turned me on more but I didn’t tell her that and instead I said “Shouldn’t you put something on?” and she said “Why?” and I said “Come on, she’s 16” and then I told her everything about Emma, how I met her and what was going on and we both laughed a little at it all.And then Emma came out and I thought ‘Oh Roni, why would you do that to me?’ because now Emma was wearing what Veronica had gotten her and it was my black see-through night gown and under it all she had was one of my see-through panties, and I could tell she didn’t seem to care too much about shaving down there.“Oh, you should let me do that” she said when she saw what we had been doing.“Yeah” Veronica said. “That’s true. But we’re done anyway. What movie are we watching?”“Anything,” Emma said. “Anything you want. Really.”So we walked over to the living room but then Veronica said “Yuck, my feet are so sticky” and I said “Go take a quick shower” and Veronica said “Yeah, okay” but then Emma turned to her and, kinda timidly said “Or… you could let me take care of it.”“What do you m..?” Veronica said, but Emma just dropped down on all fours and started licking Veronica’s feet, from her toes up to her ankles, like a kitten lapping.“Oh fuck” Veronica gasped as Emma went from one foot to the other and then kept going up to her knees and back down again. Then when she was done after maybe a minute or two she sat down, with her butt on her heels and looked up at Veronica.“I’m sorry you had to clean up my mess” she said. “I’ve been bad.”Veronica looked down at her wide eyed, but then her face changed and she got that naughty, crooked smile of hers, and she said “You want to be punished, don’t you?” and Emma nodded slowly.“Turn around” Veronica said and Emma did as she was told, and stood on all fours again, facing me this time. Veronica lifted her right foot and put it on Emma’s pussy, rubbing it with her toes, and Emma reacted with a long “Mhhhmmm…”“You deserve to be spanked, don’t you think?” Veronica said and Emma said “Mm-yess I do”.So Veronica squatted down behind her and lifted the night gown away from her ass and started to spank her and Emma had her eyes closed and was clearly enjoying it. “But I’m not the only one who had to clean up after you, am I?” Veronica said. “No” Emma whimpered and looked up at me and her glasses were fogging up and I walked up in front of her and I knelt down and pulled the gown off of her and then I stood back up and lifted my foot and pushed my big toe in her mouth and she sucked it eagerly. “There you go” Veronica said and kept on spanking her, and then she pulled her panties down and off and Emma went “Ohh…” with my toe in her mouth and then Veronica stuck her thumb in her mouth and covered it with spit before she put it right on Emma’s clit.And that was all it took to make her cum.She had my toe in her mouth and she bit down on it as she screeched “Aaa-eeeehh…!” and her body shook and Veronica rubbed her clit till she fell down on the floor between us and rolled over on her back, panting.So Veronica and I let her be and walked over to the couch, and she laid down and I took my pajamas off and laid down on top of her with my head between her thighs and my pussy in her face and it didn’t take long for both of us to cum.Then we sat up and looked at Emma, but she was still laying on her back on the floor with her eyes closed, and we were sure she had fallen asleep.“Emma!” I said, a little harsher than I meant it to be and she jolted up and looked at us like she had thought she was alone. “What?” she said softly and covered herself, with her left arm across her tits and her right hand in front of her pussy as if she was suddenly embarrassed about being naked.Veronica giggled. “Did you fall asleep?” she said. “No” Emma almost whispered.“Do you want more?” Veronica said and Emma looked down and then she nodded slowly. “Yes please” she said, and we never got around to watching a movie that night.

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