fantasy scene


fantasy scenefor the record, the characters are loosely based on 2 friends of mine who (sadly) would probably never fuck given their preferences, but this is my fantasy damnit and in my mind it would be super hot if they did, so here they go. this is fiction, and some of the events and general style is loosely based on some personal experience laced with some stuff i just thought facilitated the story. the action gets going about 2 “word” format pages in, but i felt it needed some backstory and foreplay. no more explanation for you, story good times sex, enjoy fuck now! lol.She sat on the porch, irritated that once again, her friend left her hanging, no call, no excuse. She decided since Greg lived next door, she might as well give him a call. Her hormones were through the roof, after her quick fling with a local gal she was ready to switch back to men, really anything. She always had a slight crush on Greg, but she knew he was only interested in chubby girls. She was anything but chubby; her very petite frame had little fat, but her hourglassy figure made her perky little tits stand out nicely. Barely 5 foot tall, her long dirty-blonde hair reached halfway down her body. She sent her text and in just moments she could see him strutting across the street.“Hey, Tiffany not home I take it?” he grinned, knowing all too well the frustration of her making plans she couldn’t keep. “Yea, I drove all the way down here to pick her up for the movie and I find out she’s not home…and the movie isn’t even in theater yet here. Kinda frustrating.” She said rolling her eyes.“Well, she has been leaving the back door unlocked lately, so we can chill out in the house at least.” He said checking the back door. Cracked open, he nudged it open with his foot, shook his head and opened the door for her. “He was a sweet guy, a real gentleman, but kind of a loner. He had a rugged look to him, wide built, a blend of that teddy-bear look and the bad-boy attitude oddly spliced. Despite claiming to be a lesbian, she just got out of a bad marriage, and Greg had that manliness she was missing, along with the fact that her husband gave her less attention than he was even just as a friend. As the conversation progressed she picked up on some details, like how he was recently single and she decided to just go for it. “So you’re not dating anyone, wow. With a sweet guy like you, how does that even happen?” she said with a playful pitch, leaning towards him.“Well, I have some high standards and nowadays most women don’t want a “nice guy” you know? Seems like assholes get the girls, money and looks seem to be a big help too.” He chuckled.“Money and looks do help, but you say that like you don’t have looks. You’re a good looking guy, and some women are mature enough to realize money is nothing compared to chemistry and personality.”“Too bad you’re a lesbian now, or I’d have to snag you and run.” He joked. She detected a bit of truth in his banter. She was a rather forward kind of person anyway. “Maybe I’m just fed up with looking for men and ending up with boys.” She said putting her hand on his leg. He grinned and leaned back.“What do you think?” she asked running her fingers up to his belt. He lifted his eyebrows and gazed silently.“I’m just worried that I’m reading too much into this so I’m just letting you do your thing.” He said. She began undoing his belt, pulling and then discarding it. As she got to the button on his jeans he softly stopped her, grasping her hands and moving them to his shoulders. For a moment she felt a slight hint of rejection, until he put his hand on the back of her neck and kissed her. As they kissed, he ran his hand down her back. She felt his jeans tighten under her and she was done with the teasing. She hopped down and quickly shucked her clothes, bending over for him and stooping between his legs. as she pulled his jeans down, her eyes got big.“Holy shit.” She said bluntly, grabbing his cock.“You expected something different?” he asked.“I expected something more…average.” She said stroking it and almost salivating.“This gonna be a problem?” he asked.“No…no this is not going to be a problem.” She chuckled both excited and nervous. She leaned forward and slid her mouth over his cock, opening her jaw as wide as she could and barely allowing it to enter. She began greedily taking it deeper, salivating and lubing up about half of his throbbing cock. As she worked it in and out, using her hand for the base, she used her free hand to rub her clit. She was getting super wet, lightly teasing her clit çankırı rus escort with her fingertips, growing warmer and warmer as she tightened her legs, trying to hold off as much as possible. She changed positions sitting on the couch and hovering over his cock from one side. As she resumed her oral fixation he started running his hand over her back, down her ass, occasionally making his way to her sopping wet pussy, giving it a gentle caress before moving up her ass and her back again. She couldn’t keep it up any longer, as much as she was enjoying his cock in her mouth, it was just too big to take deeper and her pussy was so ready she was about to lose control. She pulled back, gasping and awkwardly trying to disconnect the little trail of drool leading from her lower lip to his hefty cock. She turned and looked back with her big blue eyes, wiggling her ass and presenting to him. He took the hint, and shucking his jeans the last bit, he grabbed her tiny little waist.“How do you like it?” he asked, breathing on the back of her neck and rubbing his cock against her moist backside. She never had anyone ask before; her experience was people just doing what they wanted and to hell with her needs. She thought about it. “I want all of it, maybe slow at first but once I get used to it I want it rough.”“Define rough, we talking just forceful thrusts or full on master-slave dominance here?” he asked half joking.“I want you to dominate me, gently at first and then just totally make me your bitch, no holding back.” She said, half challenging and half serious. Before she could say anything else he slid the tip of his cock inside her. He leaned on her, putting his hand around her throat and waist, guiding her assertively but in a soft manner. He slowly began thrusting, giving her a little more with each pump. She was growing less and less confident she could handle it all with every little bit more and about halfway down it she realized she had never had anything this size inside her before. It hurt a little, but the pain made her enjoy it even more. That inner slut was fighting for control; that little bit of her that just wanted him to ram into her and rip her apart. She fought it and slowly bumped him back, taking the gradual escalation to a sharper pace. He responded by speeding up a tad. “Oh god that’s amazing.” She whispered, putting her hand over his squeezing his hand and simulating his hand tightening around her throat. He took the hint, her increased breathing, her impatient squirming and her persistent bumping back gave him the confidence that she could handle more. He tightened his grip slightly both around her neck and her waist. He wrapped his arm completely round her, pulling her tight to him and steadily pushing his cock the rest of the way in. she gasped and began to make an audible moan as she clenched and resisted his penetration, but only for a moment. despite her instinctive squeezing she pushed back a little and he pulled her down over himself in a steady thrust till her ass bumped his crotch and she realized she was at the base. Her breathing became erratic and fast. He started pulling back and giving her a series of long, forceful thrusts, bumping at the bottom of each stroke as if he was trying to bore deeper into her still, compressing her ass to get just a little more depth. His strokes became longer, nearly pulling out, just before burying all the way back inside her. He removed the hand from her throat and used both hands to grip her waist, allowing more control and more consistent pounding of her cervix. The slight curve of his cock put a lot of varying pressure on her g-spot, stimulating it like one of her favorite toys, and simultaneously pushing her cervix so hard she thought he was going to ram straight through, and part of her hoped he would. Her hunger increased and she lost that last bit of conscious control, ramming back on him and then pulling away to build more momentum to his pounding. She felt an orgasm welling up and her thrust assisting became frantic and sloppy. She took a long draw and his cock popped out, ramming back in at an awkward angle, and a few strokes later he unsheathed from her again and on her hasty shove back she misaligned her aim.Her virgin ass has never had anything aside from a woman’s finger in it, in fact the very idea of anal was a bit intimidating, but as she rushed back to take him, her slight miscalculation changed all of that. The two of them met with a fair bit of force, ramming his cock çankırı rus escort bayan about halfway up her ass in a single moment. She jerked forward, letting out a scream of agony, tightening his grip on her just before she pulled out. It dawned on him what just happened and he pulled out with a “Pop”, sending her down flat on the couch, her ass clenched and a tear streaming down her face. She let out a shaky and lengthy “oooooh.” With a slight sob at the end. “I’m so sorry.” He said.“It’s okay, wasn’t your fault. Just too much- too fast. I’ve never done anal before, and I was sooo not expecting it.” she said with a cross between a sob and a chuckle, a little twist of shiver at the end. “I feel terrible.” He said rubbing her back comfortingly.“Don’t, I mean…” she said looking back seductively. “Like, it hurt a lot, it was definitely way too fast and unexpected, but I also kinda liked it.” she said biting her lip.“Really? You didn’t seem to enjoy it.” he joked, caressing her tight rump with his hand.“Maybe we can try it again, if you’re willing to sorta work me up to it.” she said rubbing her asshole. He smiled and gave her little round ass a playful pat. He began rubbing her pussy, which was still drenched and swollen with anticipation, sliding his fingers lengthways between her labia and swirling around her clit. She rose up to meet him and a smile came over her face as he curled a single fingertip delicately in and out of her pussy, running his other hand to her tight little asshole. As he rubbed and smeared her juices up to her ass to lubricate it, he slid a finger inside, making her tighten up. Kneading her like warm dough, his fingers explored her openings with a seemingly random pace, sometimes delving deep in and sometimes barely breeching the surface with a curl and a light flick. She was so absorbed in the overall sensation she barely realized he had 2 fingers in her asshole, then a third. The tension was high both emotionally and the pressure holding her anus down on his fingers as he rotated and worked her ass wider. The 4th finger was difficult, he had to wait till she relaxed a bit before he could slide it in, stretching her to the point of a slight burning pain. He could tell she was fighting the pain, either to not appear weak or to convince herself she could handle it. Almost reading her mind he knew her ass was at her comfortable limit and still not accommodating enough for his pulsing hard cock, she needed a little more distraction. He curled his middle 2 fingers deep inside her pussy, still a bit sore from the abuse she had received earlier but the denial of her orgasm left her wanting, and the touch of his “come hither” motion digging into her g-spot was almost too much. He slowly milked her g-spot, filling the room with a soft, squishing sound as she buried her face into the couch arm and tried her best to hold back. He began gauging her contractions to see when she was going to cum, still rotating his 4 fingers in her ass, using his thumb to spread the juice around without losing rhythm or pulling out of either orifice. Just as she reared up and began letting out a soft whimpering sound he readied his moment. She began tightening up and just as her sore little pussy began squirting, he removed his 4 fingers and began guiding his cock in her ass, matching every timed curl of his hand and her every little spurt with another, slightly deeper thrust, finally leaning in and driving his cock about halfway in her. She gasped and let out one hard moan as he pumped her from behind and even after his fingers slid out, she kept squirting with every deep thrust. She nearly collapsed from the cunt-shattering orgasm, and the fact that he kept slowly pumping her with long, nearly 7 inch strokes was more then she could handle, and he wasn’t about to let her off that easily. Giving her a little bit of a “break” by shortening his thrusts gave her an aura of relief but the slow fucking quickly became more torture than reward. She needed it harder, and at the first sign of her pushing back he put a firm hand on her shoulder and one on her waist, pulling her up at the proper angle for a forceful forward stroke, applying pressure on her inner walls and pressing her uterus from behind. She managed to whimper a very shaky and disoriented “please, more” at a volume barely above the slopping sound of their moist ramming. He slid his arms between her arms and back, basically pinning her arms in a helpless position. He leaned in and gave the rus escort çankırı back of her neck a light and playful bite, before heaving her up vertical, lifting her by the arms and dropping her weight down on this cock, forcing it against her insides and making her take every last inch. She let out a scream as he proceeded to lift and bounce her, packing all nearly 9 inches of his massive erection inside her with steady, rapid pumps. She tried to brace herself with her hands on his abs but in this position she could do nothing but holler as he lifted and reamed her out like his own personal fucktoy, and she loved every second of it. The dull burning of her virgin ass stretching and grinding over his almost wrist-sized base sent her into another orgasm, and the involuntary seizure-like jerking just made every bounce tighter and more sudden, like her own body was working against her to make her hurt the way she truly wanted in the back of her mind but wouldn’t allow her to fully accept consciously. On the verge of blacking out, she felt a sharp pop of his cock pull out and smack against her pussy with a splash. As she spurted, she gyrated her hips and tightened her thighs together, jerking him off against her spread inner lips and clit. She flopped face-down on the couch, almost frozen with exhaustion as his cock flexed lightly, the tip almost in her pussy. She felt him starting to enter and she grabbed his shaft, protesting silently for mercy. She ran her hand over it, leaving the tip in for a moment longer before motioning him to the side of the couch-arm. Knowing he had yet to cum himself, and not wanting such a phenomenal fuck to go unappreciated she beckoned him to her front, grabbing his slippery cock and wrapping her mouth over it. She was going to return the favor if it took all day, and with his reputation no longer in question…it might very well take all day. Leaning back with her head past the armrest, she leaned up to take as much of him as she could. He placed a hand on her throat and she worried for a moment how forceful he would be, but his hand was steady and light as he guided her of her own power back and forth over his well lubricated meat. With a moment of determination she wrapped her arms around his thighs and pulled herself over it, swallowing as much as she could until her jaw felt like it was going to dislocate, and holding there for a moment, she struggle against her own willpower to stay where she was, trying to swallow and keep her position. She finally gave up and pulling back, she gaged and coughed. He grabbed her effortlessly and flipped her on her belly, guiding his cock back in her mouth and stopping just as the tip bumped the back of her throat. The slight curve made this position favorable after all allowing her to firmly grasp his muscular ass and guide him forward. Like they were sharing the same mind, she lightly pushed and pulled, giving him an accurate way of nonverbally knowing how much to shove in. as he proceeded to fuck her face, she worried that this was far more difficult than just letting him continue to mercilessly pound her pussy or ass. She relaxed and allowed him to fuck her throat slowly and deeply, and after a long minute or so, without warning, she felt the sudden warmth of his orgasm fill her throat and pump her stomach with a slippery, thick burst of relief and satisfaction. He held in her at nearly full depth for a few flexes of his cock, softening just enough to slide out easily and smear his cum down her face. She playfully licked her lips and squirmed a bit on the couch. She basked in it for a moment before returning to all fours and feeling her rear end, now really feeling how bruised and sore she was, the pleasure wearing off and the aching still there. She grabbed his cock, now a bit softer and playfully licked the tip, sucking the first few inches clean and trying to seem obedient as well as grateful. “I was worried you wouldn’t cum.” She said softly. “I didn’t want to leave a job unfinished.” “You certainly did a hell of an effort to ensure that. I have to admit, not many women have got me where I needed to go orally before.” He said caressing her head.“I think next time we’ll try and finish you off a different way.” She said rotating her jaw, which was quite sore as well. “But I’ll be damned if I let you down the first time and ruin my perfect record over a little thing like breathing.” She joked, as he sat down next to her, spooning her with his warm body. He wrapped an arm around her waist, lightly brushing what little blonde pubes she had, and kissing her neck as he ran his hand around her shoulder and her neck. For some reason she trusted him completely, and even soft, his warm, wet cock felt incredible against her ass as she melted into the couch and slowly entered a state of partial consciousness. Best nap she ever had…up till that point anyway.

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