Fast and Furious Public Sex

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We were early to mid twenties and had married aged 21. Compared to most of our friends our sex life was still pretty good as both of us were interested in new and exciting experiences. We had involved an extra man or woman a couple of times and had husband-swapped with two other pairs. We used fantasy play when it was just the two of us and I would describe my husband as pretty good in bed.

On the evening in question we were celebrating my 25th birthday and had invited mutual friends, his friends and my friends. As there was back then there were some drugs and lots of booze. There was the kitchen for chatting, the lounge for dancing and the other reception room for “socializing”. When the socializing became more serious there were always the bedrooms. The music in the lounge was loud and the lighting very subdued.

It was in the lounge that the action in this story took place. I love to dance and although John my husband enjoys it too he is always very happy for me to dance with others. I was dressed in a short summer dress that buttoned all the way down the front. My heels were comfortable enough to dance in. This evening I was on the dance floor nearly all the time. I had drunk enough and had smoked whatever John had offered me. I was in a great mood and had endless energy. I danced with friends, both men and women, and with guests who I didn’t know. It wasn’t only some of my dance partners who were a little “handsy”; I did find myself enjoying a handful of bottom on a number of occasions. One of them the gorgeous backside of a woman I did not know at all. She seemed very interested in feeling as much of my body as she could, particularly around my pussy and ass. I indulged her for a while before giving her a cuddle and moving on to another partner.

It was this tall good looking stranger who danced close without in any way getting out of order. Things changed completely when another man, who John and I had been talking to earlier, joined us. He approached me from behind, lifted my dress past my waist and ground up against me. My mind went into overdrive trying to work out how to react. The situation was bizarre but hugely arousing. I had been aroused by the attentions I had received while dancing but like never before, I found myself incredibly aroused instantly. The man I had been dancing with asked me if I was okay. If he had asked me a second earlier the reply might have been different.

“I am very okay but please stay where you are I might need support.”

He smiled kindly and started to unbutton my dress from the top. I did not feel the erection of the man behind me through his trousers for more than a few seconds. It was his naked cock that was crushed between his stomach and my bottom. The whole situation felt downright dirty but so exciting. Things Güzeloba Escort overwhelmed me when the prick (the appendage not the man) was moved and found its intended target. Without thinking I adjusted so that the erection could penetrate my willing pussy. It bottomed out within two thrusts as I felt his balls make contact. Most of the buttons on my dress were now undone and my bra was exposed. This was quickly pulled up without being undone grazing my flint like nipples in the process. The man in front of me was seizing his chance to find my sensitive boobs and rock-hard nipples.

Far from resisting anything that was going on I was fully committed. I had always fantasized about being taken by surprise and screwed with no mercy and no subtleness. Unrealistically the fantasy always took place in front of others. Now it was happening it was even better than I had dreamed. The fact that it was happening with lots of people around us just added to the sensations. I was concerned that the aggressiveness of his fucking would mean he would cum very quickly. However, I was stunned when without my clit being touched (something that had always been required before) an orgasm exploded in my mind and my body at the same time. My nipples were being squeezed tightly and rolled while my pussy was being pounded. My orgasm was powerful and rumbled on until I sensed the prick inside me start to ejaculate. As it was withdrawn the man in front of me pushed my shoulders down so that I was kneeling in front of him. His smallish cock was offered up to my mouth and I didn’t even consider refusing to take it as far into my mouth as I could without gagging. Sucking cock has never been my favorite sexual activity but this was not to be a protracted blowjob. My hands finding his balls and the gentle sucking of his shaft quickly had him on the brink. I backed off enough so that only the head was in my mouth. Given the lack of size it was easy to lick the underneath of the head and this produced powerful eruptions that hit the back of my mouth.

Neither men hung around but they were replaced immediately by a man in front of me. At this point I had no idea what would happen. My reaction when I realized it was my husband was mixed. I was a little relieved, a little concerned he would be very angry but also a bit disappointed that my fun had come to an end. His demeanor was one of excited concern. He asked me if I was okay and whether I wanted him to take me out of there. I didn’t answer him straight away. It was then that he asked me whether the reality was as good as the fantasy. We had often shared my fantasy of me being taken by force by a stranger in public. He had set it up and got it spot on. Not for the first time that evening I amazed myself with my answer.

“Can I just Güzeloba Escort Bayan have one more fucking that was awesome?”

He laughed at this answer and said that I would have to decide who was the lucky man as there was a queue of hopeful candidates waiting with painful erections. I didn’t want to choose someone, as this would change the dynamic. I didn’t need to as within seconds someone was kneeling behind me and entering me aggressively. My husband was good enough to leave me to rejoin my fantasy where it had left off. Except now the lady who I had danced with earlier pulled up a chair up and sat down in front of me. When I had married I had been bi-curious but by the age of 25 I had enjoyed sex with a number of females when husband swapping.

I had found this woman a little pushy and had not been particularly attracted to her. Now she took control by reaching forward and taking hold of both of my dangling boobs, or more accurately my nipples. It was only then that I realized that I was completely disheveled with my dress around my waist and half way down my arms. My bra was around my neck. This all added to the wonderful feeling of being naughty and thoroughly dirty. My hips were held firmly as the unknown man behind me got into a demanding rhythm. It was a rhythm and vigorousness that took my breath away in the most wonderful way. At the same time my nipples were being punished, or that was how it felt. There was pain in my nipples that seemed connected to my neglected clit that was screaming at me to be involved.

The only clit that was going to get any action in the short-term was the one in front of me. My nipples were left untouched as my tormentor lent back and opened her legs. Her hairless, pantie less pussy was swollen and very wet. I wasn’t under any elusions as to what was required of me but nonetheless she guided me into position by my ears. My whole body was energized as the raw sexuality of the aroma hit me. My brain said no but my body said yes. In my limited experience I had never seen a clit so large and enflamed. I concentrated on her clit by sucking and nibbling on it.

The prick fucking me was doing a great job but my clit was screaming for attention. I had had my first clit-free orgasm but that was not going to be repeated tonight. It was doing a great job but surely it was not going to bring me to another orgasm unless my clit was involved. It almost seemed that the man behind me was having sex with the woman enjoying my tongue. I was aroused but not as much as the clit in front of me and the cock behind me. Suddenly greater urgency was applied by both of them. My hips were gripped harder from behind and my head was held from in front. Their orgasms were perfectly in unison. I was close to joining them but was Escort Güzeloba left agonizingly hanging.

I thought a hugely enjoyable evening had finished but maybe my husband had been telling the truth. A large man with a big belly replaced the lady sitting on the chair. The only thing that was anything other than a sexual turn-off was a very good-sized penis head. It seemed to appear from somewhere below his fat stomach but there was little sign of an attached shaft. I had never been sexually involved with anyone who was so physically unattractive to me, but this was no normal evening. I was up and straddling his lap in seconds. It wasn’t the easiest thing to line up my well used pussy with the large head of his cock. As soon as I did I lowered myself onto him. As I did so the combination of the thickness of his cock and the vastness of his belly rubbed my clit beautifully. To my surprise his cock seemed to keep giving. I seemed to be lowering myself onto more and more shaft until I was feeling nicely full.

I took control. This was for me and I wanted to have another orgasm. The friction against his belly was wonderful and this combined with a surprisingly big cock was racing me towards my target. I had hardly noticed the face of the man I was fucking. He was looking very happy with life as I bounced up and down. He didn’t look or feel like he was likely to cum too quickly as he sat back and let me do all the work. He tweaked my nipples with no urgency occasionally wetting his fingers.

I shifted position slightly but the effect was significant. His stomach that had been such a turnoff was now the focus of my arousal. I was filled by his prick but aroused by his stomach that was caressing my clit better than any tongue and as well as any skilled fingers. When I knew that my orgasm was inevitable I not only ground myself against his belly but also went back to fucking the full length of prick. We both knew I was going to orgasm and he was loving the fact that I couldn’t stop it even if I had wanted to. I announced my orgasm to the world and came immediately. I have no idea what happened for a few seconds except for the fact that I came and came violently.

As I slumped he took hold off my bottom and thrust up into me with great force. I enjoyed watching him cum within seconds of my orgasm. He groaned loudly as he emptied his balls deep into my flooded pussy. I was completely exhausted and satiated. I slumped forward again and he held me with surprising tenderness.

I had been aware that we were not alone but the sound of applause shocked me and brought me back to reality. A reality that I had lost some time ago. My husband helped me dismount and wrapped a towel or a dressing gown around my shoulders and cuddled me. That cuddle meant so much to me given what I had just experienced.

What that cuddle meant long term was that it allowed me to fantasize about having another experience to compare to that wonderful evening and share that fantasy / memory with my husband.

If readers enjoy this story I would be happy to write more.

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