Favorite Uncle


He feels so good I dont want to stop ever. I know it’s wrong I know my family wouldnt approve but I dont give a fuck I just love fucking him. And who is He? you ask. Well that’s simple He’s my Mother’s sister younger Husband Davis. It was July 4th two years ago. I was helping my Mom prepare for our annual Family BBQ. All my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and etc were to be in attendance. Draya take those baked beans out the oven my mother said to me. Okay momma…after that can I go over Shanna house? No..maam my mother replied your Aunt Elise is coming from California with her new husband and she wants all of us here to meet him. Arent they staying here? I asked I hated anytime my family got together nothing but cheek pinching and boy you got big girl. Yes… they are as of matter of fact they will be using your room. WHAT!!!….no mom why cant they use Jackson’s room? By this time mom was getting aggervated with me so I knew a little more nagging she would finally let me leave for Shanna’s. Because Jackson’s room is a jungle they will be gone by the time I clean that hell storm. But …Mom…I hate to share my room let alone my bed. Kadence! my mother said to me giving me that if you dont stop look. Your staying with the family tonight so go get ready. I marched to my room slamming my bedroom door. I might as well get ready I thought I put on my Pink polka dot bikini it was too small but if mom wants me here she’s gonna have to deal with it. Man I look like I had a boob job in this. My 38D breast was gonna be the topic of everyone’s convo tonight. I threw a pair of cut off shorts and ran down the steps just in time to see my Uncle Joey my dad’s baby brother come in. heyyyyyy Draya baby…hey Uncle Joey uncle joey was looking at me like I was one of the strippers he dishes his entire paycheck too poor Aunt Sarah she really married a loser. Where’s your pops at? oh he’s in the backyard I said as I walked outside. The party was in full swing my dad was burning up the grill chatting with all 5 of his brothers my Mother was sitting by the pool with my aunts. My badass cousins running around like little monkeys. I was laying by the pool when a Greek God walked into the yard. He was tall tan I saw his sparkling Grey eyes from across the yard. Who is that?????….and then I saw my Aunt Elise and her 80 pound boobs. She has the worst looking boob job I ever seen. She was in full embrace of my mom when she yelled Andraya is that you oh my you’ve really filled out. Hello..Aunt Elise I said giving her a hug. come meet my husband Davis…Davis this is my niece Andraya Draya for short. Hello niece Draya Davis said my name coming out his mouth made chills roll down my spine. Hello Davis…or Do I call you Uncle Davis. Which ever you wish sweetheart he kissed my hand and boy that did it. My stomach clinch and I knew I instantly got wet. The enitre bbq I watched Davis he socialized with everyone he got along great with my drunk ass uncles. It was around 1am most of the family went home my mom went to bed hours ago as well as my Aunt Elise. I was sitting by the pool sipping on a Corona this is the only time I can drink is when my dad is drunk. Mind if I sit a deep voice said behind me I looked up and saw Davis shirtless dripping wet in his swimming trunks. Sure…sit away I said gesturing to a spot near me. Are you old enough to be drinking? ……hmph are you I snapped back? Oh ..Ok your dad said you were a firecracker I just didnt see it until now. And best you remember that I joked. I will he replied. I guess the party is over I asked looking to see my Dad helping My drunk uncle joey into the house. Hey Draya baby if you and Davis dont mind locking up the gates? after I help Sarah with Joey Im hitting the sack. Sure thing Daddy…Goodnite. thank you and Goodnight princess…and you too Davis. Firing Range at noon. Sure thing Preston Escort Davis said as he was standing up he extended his hand to me shall we get started. Somehow my mind and body took that statement the wrong way. uh…yea lets I stuttered. I gathered all the lounge chairs and locked them in our pool house while davis picked up discharged cups beer cans. I was in the pool house turning off the pool lights when Davis came in. Since your old enough for Beer how about the hard stuff he said holding up a bottle of Jack Daniels. I guess Joey was supper drunk not to finish that off. I joked well it would be a shame to let it go to waste he said shutting the poolhouse door. I guess so. I walked over to the mini fridge grabbed a couple of cokes….You want a chaser? ..no thank you I like it striaght. It’s nice in here a cool place for a kid like yourself to hang out. He turned the bottle of Jack to his mouth taking several big gulps. He didnt even flinch. A kid…I sucked my teeth…who said I was a kid? I snatched the bottle out his hand pooring some in my open can of cola. Well Elise said you graduate this year so unless your really young looking for your age or your in high school which one is it? He was looking me up and down his sexy lips smirking at me. Im 17 since you want to know so bad, How old are you? Im sure you still have formula on the breathe also. he laughed shaking his head at me. Im 27 Andraya and I was a breast feed baby. His eyes narrowing on my breast. He snatched the bottle from me and took 3 more big gulps. It’s getting late he said sitting down on the little twin bed that used to be Jackson’s. aww I teased is it past your bedtime wouldnt want Wifey to give you a spanking. He stood up walking over to were I was sitting on a box of christmas ornaments. He was directly over me his soft bulge in my face. You know for such a sweet looking girl you have quite the mouth on you. I stood up my 5’6 frame coming up to his chest. Im not as sweet as I look. He took his index finger sliding it down my cheek across my bottom lip down my neck to my clevage. A moan escaped my lips. He then rubbed his finger on my nipple through my bikini top making my nipples instantly hard. He leaned down taking my nipple between his teeth. His other hand pulling me closer to him. Omg I thought when I felt his erection jamming me in my stomach. yes….I moaned wrapping my hands around his head. He pulled my bikini top open exposing my juciy perky titties. hmmm he moaned I’d say your sweet as candy Draya. He rolled his tounge over my nipple pushing my breast together licking both nipples. He was pinning me aganist the wall. I had to kick the box away so I wouldnt trip and fall. He nursed on my breast like a hungry baby. I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter until I felt my juices roll down my thigh. He placed his leg between mine grinding his thigh between my legs cause the seem of my denim shorts to rub my clit. No one besides myself has every made me feel this good. He contined sucking my breast licking and biting making me feel so wanton. He started kissing my neck licking under my earlobe. He unbottoned my shorts. Wait!!!!…we cant do this I said trying to push him back. Why cant we? he said still kissing my neck all while rubbing and caressing my ass. Your married to my Aunt. So…He said his hand sliding down the back off my shorts. Were Basically family I stated. He slide his index finger over my puckered asshole rolling it around the center I moaned and this time i felt it in my clit. You and I arent blood related….hmmm he moaned as he slide his finger to my soaking wet pussy hole. Damn you so wet…..he pulled my shorts slong with my soaking bikini bottoms down to my knees. Wait..I can’t I said stuttering Im a virgin. He smiled this devilish smile and said really?….yes really I replied. I just want to taste Escort Bayan how sweet you are that’s it…I wont put him in you unless you want to. I dont know I said still trying to deny what I was feeling. He pulled my hand leading me to the twin bed. He laid me down looking at me smiling. I promise only a taste and we can forget this even happened. He began stroking himself through his shorts and even though he was still wearing his trunks his dick was dying to be free. Come on baby please look how you got me. Your Aunt dont even get me this hard. He unleashed his dick and I squealed a little. He was huge at least 9 to 10 inches and about as thick as a rolling pin. Dont worry baby he wont hurt you. He stook out his tonuge I only want to touch you with this. He leaned over me kissing my lips hmmm his tonuge tasted of strawberries and Jack Daniels. He tonuge explored my mouth while his fingers played around my clit rolling it between his thumb and index squeezing it gently…uhhhhh I moaned into his mouth. He kissed down my neck licking down to my breast. His opened my legs wider looking down at my pussy and then up to me. You have a beautiful pussy Draya. He sniffed me I instantly turned beet red being that im almost orange I tan so much. hmmm you smell sweet. I bet you taste better he said before diving in. licking and sucking hard on my clit ….oh uhhh I moaned he licked around my clit down into my sex over my asshole before licking my clit again. He inserted his index finger in me not far only to his knuckle and circled around inside of me all while sucking on my clit. uhh yes…uh yesss….dont stop that feel …so… good. I moaned the pleasure he was giving me was mind blowing. I felt my body tightend sweat broke out all over my body. He lifted my legs higher and begin sucking my ass licking his tonuge in hole. hmmm He moaned again Better than Candy he moaned. He stuck a second finger in me copying the same motion as the first. hmmm Draya you so tight. He moved back to sucking my clit and the build up began my toes curled by back arched my legs spread wider…ahhh ahhh huuuhh uhhh…Davis dont stop I think Im cumming he started moving his fingers faster going deeper I felt a little pain but the pleasure took over…..Dont think baby Cum he grunted and bite down on my clit. Oh Shit!!!! I squealed as I released the best feeling in this world fluids shot out of me right onto Davis tonuge, hmmmm your a squirter oh baby I got to try some of you. I was panting coming down off my orgasm He climbed on top of me kissing me passionately I could taste jack Daniels and my pussy juice on his tonuge damn I should be a mixed drink I tasted so good. He kept his fingers in my moving slowly my body was responding as I humped his fingers hoping to feel that orgasmic sensation again. He withdrew his fingers and centered his throbbing dick head at my entrance. Wait….no..I panted…shhhhh he said Im only gonna put the head in. He was still kissing me and moving his large dick up and down my clit the friction felt so good the sensation of orgasm began building I moved my hips thrusting aganist his dick. oh yes….i moaned right there….hmmmm he moaned you close again baby. Yes I moaned feeling him grind aganist my clit harder. Tell me when you bout to cum he grunted still grinding aganist me….yes….yes….yes is all I could say Im…Cummming I moaned as soon as that sensation wrapped around my body I felt Davis push his pulsating dick right into me Oh..Shit I squealed the pleasure and pain mixed together sent me flying I looked down to see Davis trying to slide more of his dick into. The pain was unbearable but I didnt want him to stop I swirled my hips like those girls in the rap videos and I felt myself open up more…..Oh you feel so good he grunted pumping slowly into me…hmmm you so tight baby…..You Bayan Escort just became my favorite niece. The pain subside as he got deeper and deeper inside me. I began thrusting my hips harder into him. oh..yes..I moaned this is amazing. Yes it is he moaned. He began to really move slamming harder into me pulling out until his dick head remaned in them he shoved in harder hitting my cervixs head on. Uhhhh Shitttt!!!!! I grunted. Do you always keep your pussy shaved? he said in between pumping into me….Yes I replied. Good because Im loving this bald tight pussy. Look at us he said motioning me to look between my legs his thick pink dick sliding in and out my tiny pussy his dick covered with blood and my juices. The sight of him fucking me and the pleasuring I was feeling sent me flying towards my 3rd orgasm. Yes baby he grunted I feel you about to Cum….hmmm Cumm for me baby….let uncle Davis cum in the sweet pussy. He pumped faster the only sounds heard was the slapping of wet flesh and my cat like moans. Davis im cumming I shouted as I squirted pussy juice all over Davis he pumped a few times more and stilled screaming out my name as I felt jets of hot liquid shooting in me…You feel me coming in you baby he panted. Yes baby I replied. We lied there kissing each other his large dick still planted inside me. Damn I think I just fell in love he joked looking into my eyes. Too bad your married. I may be married to her but after tonight this dick…… he said making his dick jump inside me….this dick is your now. And this pussy he began grinding his semi hard…Is Mine.
I dont remember what time I feel asleep I awoke to find myself naked and alone in the twin bed. I quickly got dressed and snuck into the house. My mother was in the kitchen making breakfast..Andraya Marie did you fall asleep in the poolhouse again? my mother said while whisking pancake batter. Yes ma’am Im sorry I replied. Well what’s done is done hurry up and shower then come eat your dad and I are taking Elise and Davis out for a spell so your more than welcome to go over Shanna’s house. …Okay I said rushing up the stairs….ouch Im so sore I thought climbing the stairs. I went to the guest bathroom but Aunt Elise was showering…I believe Davis is out of your bathroom Draya she shouted from behind the closed door. hmmm Davis I thought. I tapped lightly at my door no one answered I guess he’s down stairs. I opened the bedroom door no Davis. I gathered my bath caddy with all my bodywash and etc and walked into my bathroom. I was stripping down when i heard Davis say..hmmm that ass looks better in the light. Davis What..? you better get outta here Elise is right down the hall. I said trying to cover up. Naw dont cover up my pussy he grabbed me pinning me aganist the bathroom door. He dropped his sweatpants and rubbed his hard dick aganist my swollen sore pussy. Davis No I whispered hoping no one could hear us. Draya Yes he said lifting my right leg and sliding his dick in me Ouch it hurts I moaned…Just you wait it’s about to get better. Davis was fucking me aganist the bathroom door when we heard Davis named being called by Elise. She was in my bedroom, shit there is only two ways out this bathroom and right now the window is my safetest bet. Davis stop I whispered…No he whispered in my ear he grabbed my other leg wrapping it around him he began pumping harder the sound of the shower was masking the slapping noise of our bodies but for how long. Davis please she’ll catch us….I dont give a fuck this pussy is too damn good, plus it’s a fucking turn on she’s on the other side of the door…OMG!!!! I thought this is crazy and exciting all in one. Then the other shoe fell I heard my mother asking Elise had she seen me….I told her to go shower my mother said. Im sure she’s in there Elise said next. Then if she is in there where is Davis? I heard my mother say. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pounding Davis was putting on my pussy. At least before my Mother and Aunt kill me I can die with a smile on my face.

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