Filipina Fun While You Gone


Filipina Fun While You GoneIt was really plenty traffic here because of Edsa work. I felt so good and sexy the other night after chatting with you and I told you I had a date soon with Ray and wanted you to listen on the phone while I’m with him so you can hear our moans and sexy talks while fucking. Oh, honey, he is so cute for me but really tall. Okay, honey, here’s what happened. We just finished swimming in the pool at his condo in Makati. We flirted and kissed at the pool and his body is good, and he says he thinks my Filipina body is looking good too. Then we went down to his condo and took shower. I took mine first and washed my sweet pussy so he would like it. (Is your cock getting hard honey?) Then I put on only towel around me and came out. Ray had a xxx video playing. Ohhhh! I love to watch. Then he went to shower and I watched the video, which making me very horny. He came out with only towel around him. He came to bed and we started kissing. He is such a good kisser. Our towels disappeared and we touching each other all over. Then he was kissing my breasts and sucking my nipples making them hard. Then he slide down more, to my trimmed pussy. Damn, his tongue was talented. And i said “Oh, honey, my pussy is really wet, oh nice of having your mouth and tongue at my cunt. Ahhh, that really feels nice for you to lick and bit my clit gently. I open my legs widely and let your finger slide inside my pussy so at the same time i can feel both your tongue and finger at my clit. Oh you make me more horny. Oh, ahhhh” . (I hope you play your own cock which is really straight and hard now I think.)Rayy said “your juices taste good ummmm” and kept licking. I love sucking cock so then i told him “let me on the top and my mouth will suck your hard thick cock while your tongue is playing my pussy. Ray said, “nice idea babe”. I am so eager to have his cock in my mouth. “Oh your cock is thick and long and love to see it.” Then he feels my lips and tongue now. I open my mouth widely and slide his cock inside my mouth. I play his balls that I’m sure full of juices inside. I am waiting for that juices to cum so i can drink it. I lick at the endpoint and hole of his cock, his hips moving up and down. I say, “Oh you have nice tongue inside my pussy. Can you fuck my ass using your finger?” He put petroleum jelly on his finger to slide it gently. His finger is going in and out from my ass . He asked me when we in pool about my ass, so I know he want to çankaya escort try. This is first time I ever do this! Oh i love to feel it babe…. So different, and new and sexy! Then my hips go up and down fucking his tonque, ahhhh…im just continue sucking his cock which is going in and out from my mouth. I am trying to slide his cock deeply so that can reach my throat. Yes, I moan, ahhhh that is really nice… Then I nibble his balls from one ball to another ball. I wanna try what he was doing. I reach over and get petroleum jelly and put plenty jelly in my finger so i can slide it into his ass easily…. First time, so I really hesitated, but Ray says, “Yeah babe, do it to me, you want to fuck ass?” So my finger fucks his ass. I hear he is moaning then. I let my finger stay in his ass and touch the soft muscles inside around the ass. I become more horny when I hear “oh babe, you make me feel wonderful.” I feel so sexy now, his cock is really hard inside my mouth, and he slides his finger into my ass more. “Ahhhh, it is so wonderful” and I said “yeah,Ray, you really turning me on.” After a while I change my possition so i can lick him from his balls. Hmmmm ,,,,then my face goes up to his navel and I let my tongue play his navel. Ray, my new sexy lover, is letting me do whatever I want and lets me think that he will be under my control… Then i do everthing that brings us into the pleasure, from his navel my tongue goes up to his nipples and bit them gently , my fingers pressing his skin and scratch it that almost peel off his skin but he did not feel any pain but instead moans with pleasure. Then I lean over and let my breasts and hard nipples play on his chest, my nipples with his nipples , my breast with his chest which are touching each other. Wow, I used my nipples to play his nipples. Then I feel his arms on my butt pressing hard there, his cock wanna kiss my pussy. But I tease him more, bite his neck and put red mark there then nibble his ears, his hand is really firm holding my butt. Then after few seconds he slaps my ass, then again. Oh, I like that! It seems his cock wanna taste my pussy.I sit down on his belly and let him watch me while I am playing my long hair like woman dancing sexily. I put my hair on his chest, nipples, and belly to give him tickles and he grabbed my hair violently and bite it with his lips and say “nice hair , smell good and look sexy”. I dont feel any pain the way he hold balgat escort my hair; instead he brings me the pleasure. I reach his cock behind of me then i move my head straight forward looking at him very sexy, my two hands are both busy because my one hand playing his cock and the other hand playing my breast and nipples. He grabbed my one breast and pinch it. When I removed my hand away my one breast then he grab and pinch it an my nipple many times and massages it. “Ohhh, Ray, so goooddd”. He held my breasts to make them close together and pulled them so he can suck them.His mouth is full now because he has both two breast inside his mouth. He kiss me deeply there, he taste some milk in my nipples, then he grab my hair to get closer into his face so he can have my mouth and lips. He kisses me deeply, our tongues playing with each other, busy for playing and sharing with sweet saliva. I reaching back and hold his stiff cock. Then I slide his cock slowly into my pussy and he raises up his butt and aims that wonderful thick cock… “Oh,ahhh,” we both moan. (His cock is so big for me, more than yours.) His cock seems almost reach the end of my vagina because of his 9″ cock… oh but that is really wonderful… his hands travelling all over my body, he helps me to lift up my hips going up and down for a while because his cock is very long, then he let me to do that just by myself after then.OHHH my hips going up and down,going around, I stroke his cock in many different ways. When I look at his eyes, he bites his own lips and slides his finger again in my ass and gives me his other hand to suck. I fuck him very deeply and I move my hips up and down repeatedly while sucking his finger. I am thankful my pussy has his cock–oh, I’ve missed fucking so much–and my mouth has his finger. I play my pussy lips while his cock is still inside my cunt. He said, “oh, honey, you have a wonderful pussy and ass, and I love to watch your breasts moving freely while you fuck me deeply.” That turns me on even more. I reach his balls behind of me and tease them so the juice will come out soon and I can have his cum into my mouth. I wish You can hear the noise of our bed because we are fucking deeply, and you love to hear our moan. I told Ray that I want to fuck him facing at his feet. So I turn around without separating our cock and pussy. I’m so wet so i can move easily. Then i put down my two hands into his thigh while he elvankent escort is playing my hair at the back…he see my asshole and he slide his finger into my ass… He fuck all my holes.I’m so horny almost cumming while watching his cock and my pussy connected with each other, he pump me very good ,he moves his hips forward and backward, I tease his balls so it will cum sooner and i can have juices to drink. until we can both hear that he said “Im cumming babe..im cumming..and i said ohh imm cumming too..ahhhhhahhhh then i fuck him faster and faster,and at the same time pump my pussy deeply, and you could hear the noise of the bed become faster and louder while we are both pumping deeply with each other…. I can feel he is almost to cum, and I immediately remove my pussy and lean down to suck his wonderful thick wet cock immediately. He is moaning loud. And just in time, he shoots cum and more cum, into my eager mouth. “Oh, Ray, hmmm ummm, plenty juices, it taste good; you give me a good shot”. He still shouting “ahhhhhhhh, yes, you little bitch, take it all, get my cum!” He wants to give all the juices he has; he spurts some of it into my breast and nipples. Then i turn around again facing at him and put my nipples into his mouth so he can taste his own cum … and he suck my nipples and lick some on my breast. So sexy to share his cum that way. Hmm then I place my pussy at his face so he can taste another juices which is from mine.. Then I kiss him to taste my own juices also… I wish you were in the room next door. If you were I would Ray that I have to go to your room so i can have juices more from my boyfriend. Ray would say “go, you horny bitch, I want your cunt again though”, and I agree with a smile. Oh, his cock was so thick and plenty juices. And he good lover! I would go outside naked and hope nobody is there, otherwise they can see my naked body and see some Ray’s juices s**ttered on my breast. When I open the door I see you. “Oh my gush, your cock is really hard and almost wanna cum,” and I say “honey i want to have more juices in my mouth”. I kneel down immediately and nibble your balls with my lips ,at the same time with my fingers so it will spurt soon ….and you close your eyes and wanna cum…. Wow, you give me a good shot into my mouth , some of juices dripping from my mouth…… I feel so sexy, and powerful, getting both your cums. You pull me and grab my mouth with your mouth and drink some left juices there…then you lick my breast so you can have some cum of Ray …and you embrace me tightly and say “I love you honey” And i say “I love u too….” This was first time I try this, but not the last time. This little Filipina has learned to enjoy fucking a lot now amd even with my bf and Ray together.

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