Filling Her Needs


*This is my first story on this website, and its based on a roleplay I did with an amazing woman. In fact, portions of the story are taken directly from my previous writing, so I apologize if I begin to say ‘you’ instead of ‘her’, though I did go through it and hope its well. Hope you all have a good read!*

It had been quite a night at the bar. Drinks upon drinks were ordered and even more were drunk amongst me and my friends as we stayed in that little pub for what must have been ages. All I remember from that is that we were eventually forced out by the bouncer and bartender, straggling along the streets before we managed to get ahold of a cab. My apartment was the closest so we dropped me off first. I paid way to much to the cab driver, though I didn’t know it at the time and began my walk up the outside stairs to the second floor, to my humble quarters. Once there though I immediately came across a problem. My keys were missing. I scrambled through my pockets, turning them all inside out, letting loose my wallet, receipts, note cards and lint without luck. The sudden adrenaline I got from this cleared my mind enough to consider that I perhaps gave the cab driver my keys when I paid him. I begin to panic, the alcohol evaporating the more I stress at the situation. It wasn’t snowing, but it was by no means summer weather. I couldn’t sleep out here for the night without risking hypothermia, and I wasn’t close enough to a hotel or motel to spend the night without freezing to death on the way over.

Calming down slightly from my panic, I look around at the other doors to the other apartments and look at my next door neighbor’s door. I remember he left me a note once asking me to pick up his mail for a week while he was on vacation. I figured that he owes me one night of sleep. So I knock on the door and ring the doorbell, waiting a while before doing it again, understanding that he must be asleep. But I finally hear steps, take a few steps back for the door to open, and once it is, my jaw drops.

Standing before me is not a man as I was expecting, but rather a beautiful crafted woman with pretty brown wavy hair that slightly covered the right side of her face, allowing her sexy eye partially to seep through. She stood by the door clothed in only a modest night gown and some not so modest panties. I suppose the late time didn’t make her think about how she was looking at the time, as she had her eyes half open in sleep and some split ends in her hair, but it all just seemed to make her even more beautiful. I noticed that she was shivering from the outside air and it struck me I was just staring at her aimlessly.

“So sorry to disturb you this late at night, but, uhh, I’m your next door neighbor, and I seem to have misplaced my keys, and was wondering if I could stay the…”

Mid sentence the woman grabs hold of my loose jacket and pulls me inside, kissing me feverously as she slams the door shut. My eyes are open in surprise as she kisses me, not sure what happened but holds me very tight to her, and I can’t help but join her in this intense groping. My hands rub along her back, feeling the smooth night gown against your skin as your hands slide along my face and chest. I begin to take of my jacket and sweater, a difficult task since she is still kissing me on any surface available. Once that is of though, she grabs my face with her warm womanly hands and stares into my eyes with this half open lust glazed daze, whispering:

“Eat Etlik Escort me, eat me like you always used to”

Probably due to the still lingering effects of intoxication, I didn’t question the wording at the time, but simply went right to it. I kissed her fervently, my lips suckling along every inch of skin on her body as I held her close to me, bending down as my lips came down to her nightgown clad breasts, gently groping them and licking them through the material before I got down on my knees and look at her underwear clad mound. I nuzzle my face against it, smelling her musky scent as I take my hands and pull her night gown up a bit and then bite down on the undergarment, and pull it down to her thighs, revealing her tasty little midnight snack to me. So I began eating. My lips first began pecking at the organ, small kisses all over at different places, getting a slight taste of her as well as lubing her up. I then begin sliding my tongue out of my mouth, swiping it across her delicate sex as I grab her ass cheeks and pull her close to me, my hands mauling and squeezing the soft skin underneath my fingertips. Her light whimpers and moan entice me further, my cock growing within my jeans, a noticable bulge forming. I begin to nibble on her clitoris and sucking on it hard, making her arch her back to me, pushing even more of herself into me. I just noticed now that she was massaging her own breasts, and smiled at her blissful smile adorning her face. I decided to give her an amazing orgasm, and by that I took a finger and lubed it up by thrusting it in her pussy, I then took it to her supple little bum, stroked it around the opening, and then slid it in, making her whole body tense. I then covered my lips over her entire pussy mound, and sucked hard, feeling every nerve on her organ tense up, as the fingering and sucking along with a bit of tongue action sent her over the edge.

Her body became limp, and she placed her hands on my shoulders for balance. Her panting was heavy and my face was drenched in her juices. She sat down in front of me and began licking my face clean, kissing me with those amazing lips, before grabbing my hand and pulling me with her to the bedroom, throwing me onto the bed before she began crawling up to me.

I stare at her lust glazed eyes, her pupils darting across my body, like a predatory cat, eying her prey as she slowly crawls over to me, her feminine fingers touching me through my remaining clothes, grasping at the denim of my jeans and cotton of my t-shirt. Her hands finally cup the growing member at my crotch, squeezing it through the material as she bites down on the zipper and pulls it down, the scent of my aroused state reaching her nostrils. I take a good look at her as she does this, noticing a sweet smile pop up on her lips.

Thinking back, I wonder why my eyes started to wander at that moment. I had a beautiful older woman before me, beginning to strip me off my clothes and pleasure me in a sensational manner, but my eyes explored the bedroom. Perhaps after the cunnilingus I simply managed to relax a bit, and the alcohol was beginning to wear off. The room was a modest guest room, similar to my own, with nothing standing out from the bed, closet or window. But looking to my left at the night stand, I see a framed picture of the lustful brunette before me, embracing from behind a man whose face as been smeared with a marker, making him anonymous to my eyes. Getting an idea of his Etlik Escort Bayan relationship to her I take a peek at her hands that are roaming across my crotch and abdomen as she is trying to strip me of my trousers. I took her right hand, holding it softly, and pulled it up to my face, and held it there, eying her ring finger, and seeing what I expected. There was a thin pale mark surrounding her digit, where a wedding ring had been. I looked down at her face and caught her eye. It looked like she was about to cry, and she began to pull her hand away from me and leave.

I couldn’t have that, so I pulled her hand up to my face again, and began kissing it, my lips puckering around her abandoned finger, suckling on it, eventually taking her whole feminine limb into my mouth, slurping and caressing it with my tongue as I rubbed her arm with my hands. I peek at her eyes, which are still fueled with lust, but there’s something else there now, a certain attraction that I haven’t seen a woman give me before, one that charged my body with more arousal than I thought possible. I let go of her finger, now covered in saliva, a thin dribble connecting to my lips still. I pull her up to me, kissing her again, my wet finger sliding across her rear as I grope her. We made a silent pact that moment, a pact that would be sealed once I had removed my pants and undergarments, leaving me naked enough to enter her.

As her curvy sexy body lays down in front of me, my young eyes look back and forth along her feminine beauty, staring at her pert nipples, seemingly twitching due to the situation. My eyes trace her lovely silhouette, loving the curves in just the right places, her hips sticking out in a rounded manner, her thighs seemingly soft to the touch, her arms so feminine they look almost brittle to the touch, and to not forget her face, those half lid closed eyes that just seem to scream ‘come and get me’ when she looks at me like that. This observance has made my own engorged member to throb, small droplets of pre-cum spitting out of the tip, landing on her sensitive female skin, the splashes sending a masculine sensations across her body.

I waste no further time, wanting to fulfill our little union at once. Kneeling down between her heavenly gates I grab hold of my solid shaft and begin rubbing the wet dripping head along her womanly folds, smearing her with my pre-cum, almost like some pagan fertility ritual, before prodding her tight opening and sliding my male organ into her. She let out a soft moan, teeth clenching and back arching in response to the invasion of her body. While she was indeed no virgin, the separation had left her alone for quite some time, and she could use some warming up. None the less, her precious pussy seems to be milking my cock as I remain inside her, her cunt muscles seeming to contort and clench at different levels in order to maximize my pleasure.

Who ever left her didn’t know what he was doing.

I begin a rhythmic thrusting action against her, starting slowly but picking up speed eventually, the pleasure she gives me enticing me to speed up. A pendulum motion begins with my testes, swinging back and forth as I hump against her, slapping against her soft wet bum, the sensations of the mildly hairy organs making her even crazier as we both let out loud moan of pleasure. She eventually tie her legs around my waist, keeping me closer, limiting the lengths of the strokes but speeding things up further, Escort Etlik just lightly mashing into her, my trouser snake exploring this dank musky cavern as I stare at her lust glazed eyes and open mouth. Such an inviting mouth…

With that I lean forward as I fuck her silly and kiss her deeply, my lips dragging along hers like the tipsy man I am, though I am by now mostly drunk with passion. My tongue sticks out from my gaping mouth and lick along her face. My mouth moves along her face to her neck, beginning my vampire impersonation as I lightly nibble on her soft sensitive skin, leaving little bite marks to remind her later of our erotic battle.

I decide that I want to taste her gorgeous breasts, and take my hands around her back and lift her up with me, sitting down onto the bed with my legs spread, with her light frame in my lap, as I bend over and grasp a tit in my mouth, suckling on it like a calf, tickling her hard nipple with my tongue as my strong arms hold her close to me as both of us hump against each other, our combined juices dripping down to my balls, bathing them in a warm solution created from our lust. She moans out loud as she grabs my head and force it closer to her breasts, trying to make me swallow more and more of it into my male mouth, her nipple almost making me gag, yet I persevere, since I secretly enjoy this little rougher nature of her, doing my best to please all her desires.

I then grab hold of her ass cheeks, squeezing onto them hard with my large male fingers, grasping her tightly as I spread them apart and squeeze them back together, the manipulation making her squeal into my ear as I nibble hard onto her nipple, my mouth switching over to the other one. Her leaking juices have lubricated up her little rear, and my hands themselves have been lathered with our slippery juices throughout our endeavor. I go back to her often ignored hole and twist my right index finger inside of her, shocking her again, a loud complaining moan coming out of her mouth, one I silence with a kiss. I rock harder into her in my seating position as I finger her anus, remembering the reaction I had from her before when I did it, hoping it will spawn an even greater reaction from her now.

I eventually begin to feel my own orgasm coming along, my balls tightening, my cock twitching inside of her, warning me that the time has come. I let go of her anus and lay her down on the bed again, but now raise her ass with me, having it stick up in the air as I continue to hump her, pushing her legs back to her head, our eyes gazing at each other as I begin to let loose my stream of sperm inside her cavern. She herself at the constant surprises and intense fucking begin to have her final orgasm for the night, clenching and milking my cock until both of us have our releases simultaneously. A volley of semen pours into her flesh beaker, filling her up to the brim with my life giving seed, her own shaking orgasm making her opening clasp me tightly and almost bubble around my length as both our bodies begin to slow down, exhaustion finally taking their toll on us. I slip out of her entrance, a lobby of sperm leaking out as I do so, laying her down before I snuggle up next to her, my sticky cock along her leg, smearing her as I hold her close to me, my face long her neck, softly kissing her, a hand along her breast, gently caressing it as we both eventually lull to sleep, bliss in both our eyes.

In two months time things have been starting to become different for the man in the apartment. His friends rarely see him at the pub anymore, his workplace has gotten much better and more productive, and a lot of neighbors say they swear they have seen a woman move in with him about two months ago.

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