Film Shop


He walked up to the shop door and past the sign that read “Cine Films to Video”, amongst other things. He’d been here a few days earlier with a bagful of Super-8 films. They were probably boring shots of Spanish Beaches and family Christmases but, for posterity, he thought that he’d have them converted to video. They may be worth a laugh and it wouldn’t hurt to check out the beach shots for revealing bikinis.

He approached the counter. There was no-one there but he heard machines humming from a back room. In a moment the a woman emerged; slim, about 30 years old with long black hair and wearing a black T-shirt and blue jeans that looked as though they had been sprayed onto her slim figure. She smiled at him.

“Hi, John.” She said.

“Hi.” He said, surprised, as he didn’t remember leaving her his first name. “I left some films to be converted to video a few days ago.”

“I was just checking them.” She replied. “Could you give me a few more minutes as I really want to see this one to the end.” She gave him a broad grin which puzzled him.

“You’re that interested in my holiday photos?” He asked, puzzled.

“Oh. Were you on holiday? There wasn’t much scenery apart from the bed itself on this one!” She smiled again, amused at his reaction. John’s jaw had dropped as he suddenly realised what she was talking about. He and a former girlfriend had made some home movies of themselves and she, Miranda, used to love watching them especially when John worked away from home. John had thought that she had taken them all but one must have slipped through the net.

“I…I’m so sorry.” He stammered, embarrassed. “I really didn’t realise that they were in there.”

The woman gave an easy laugh. “Hey, don’t fret. We see all sorts of things here. Actually it makes the job quite fun. She moved from behind the counter and locked the door behind him. “Come on.” She said. “Don’t be shy, I was just going to take a break and I’ll show you a few enhancements that I’ve made to the picture quality.”

John followed her, intrigued by seeing the film but still embarrassed. His curiosity and the woman’s relaxed approach won him over though and he felt excited about seeing his ex-girlfriend again. He remembered her short, blonde hair and her firm tits with their large, dark nipples. Fucking her tight, shaven pussy had been an adventure of which he had never tired. She had moved away but he still missed her.

The back room was dimly lit, probably, John thought, to reduce reflections on the screen. An editing suite was laid at along one wall with various machines and a bank of monitors. The opposite wall contained a white backdrop, chair, couch, high-intensity lamps and a tripod.

“That’s where I take family portraits and other photos.” The woman explained. “By the way, my name’s Andrea. Take a seat in front of the screens here.”

She pointed to a pair of armless swivel chairs and John sat down. Andrea sat down next to him. “I’ll just rewind the to the start of this segment.” She said, pressing a button. The machine whirred into life and a counter started to move backwards. “I like the film.” She went on. “Do you two still make them?”

“No.” Replied John, a little ruefully. “She’s an ‘ex’, I’m afraid.”

“Yeah, I can see why you’d miss her.” Andrea smiled at him. “The quality’s not great but dikmen escort you definitely get a ’10’ for content!”

John smiled back, feeling more relaxed. “Coming from someone who says she sees a lot of strange things I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“You should.” She replied. “Most of the stuff I see are disjointed shots of cunts and cocks but you guys took some care over this.” She pressed another button on the machine in front of her and a screen flickered into life.

John laughed at her direct language but was amazed at how comfortable she made him feel. He looked at her sideways, admiring her lithe body. Her eyes flickered to meet his and held them.

“Come on,” she said, “keep your mind on the job in hand!” He averted his eyes to the screen and watched as Miranda, dressed in white bra, panties and hold up stockings glided into the screen. Instantly he felt his cock harden as he watched her stretch out on the bed with her arms raised above her head. Her firm tits pushed out against the deep-plunge bra and he could see her nipples pushing hard against the material.

“Wow!” Exclaimed Andrea beside him, her voice catching a little. “She’s gorgeous. You really shouldn’t have kept her to yourself, John.” John looked at her, seeing her eyes were glued to the screen.

“You’re into girls then?” He asked, a little disappointment in his voice.

“Both girls and guys.” She said, her gaze still on the picture of Miranda. “Don’t worry, I love it just as much when you get into the film.”

John smiled at the compliment and they watched for some minutes as Miranda teased them by running her hands over her slim body, her obvious excitement mounting as she slid her fingers over her breasts and then between her legs to play with her panty-covered slit. John’s cock ached as he watched his former lover close her eyes as she lightly touched her nipples and clit, hidden under the thin fabric.

A sharp intake of breath made him turn his head and he saw Andrea, her mouth a little open and eyes half closed. In the dim light John could see her breasts rise and fall and her nipples strain against her T-shirt in obvious arousal. As he watched, Andrea’s hand rose to one breast and she began to tease her nipple through the shirt. She seemed oblivious to his attention but then he heard her whisper something to him.

“Watch.” Her voice was hoarse. “This is where you come in.”

He stood and watched from behind her chair so as to get a better view of the screen. Feeling only excitement he watched his former self, totally naked slide next to Miranda on the bed. The film image kissed his girlfriend, pressing his erection against her and sliding his hand over one breast to fondle it.

“Yes. Oh, yes.” Andrea’s hands were both pulling at her taut nipples and she seemed immersed in the film. Suddenly her arms moved up and backwards, grabbing John’s arms and pulling them towards her. He lent over, his hard cock pressed tightly against the back of her chair as she pushed his hands onto her pert breasts.

“Do it, John.” She breathed. “Do to me what you’re doing to her.” He needed no extra encouragement and his fingers played with Andrea’s hard nipples. On the screen he pulled Miranda’s bra down to expose her magnificent breasts and to lower his emek escort head to one of her long, dark nipples. Miranda’s head pushed backwards as she raised her breast, forcing the nipple deeper into his sucking mouth. In front of the screen John moved around in front of Andrea and, kneeling so that she could still see the film, he lifted her T-shirt above her breasts. His head bent to kiss the soft, but firm, orbs and his tongue licked at her nipples. He suckled, drawing each one deeper and deeper into his mouth as he alternated between them.

“Oh, John. Yes. Suck my tits, Baby. Suck them the way that you’re sucking hers. Oh God, I can see your hand moving down her body. Your hand is pushing her legs apart and stroking between them. I can see how wet she is there. How much she wants you. I can see her hips move and how much she wants your hard cock to fuck her.” As Andrea’s commentary continued John used one hand to undo her jeans. With her help he slid them down her slim legs and over her feet. Her legs were bare and, as he pushed them apart, his hand slid from the top of her thigh to the back of her calf and then back up again, but this time slowly caressing the inside of her thigh. Still sucking like a baby at her exquisite tits his hand eased lightly over the gusset of her thin panties, up to her waist and then back down again. With each stroke he pressed more firmly, feeling Andrea’s need as her hips rose to meet his fingers.

“Hon,” Andrea gasped, “your hands are inside her panties. Oh my God, look at her. You’re finger fucking her pussy. You’re pushing her panties down and playing with her. You’re filling her cunt, Baby. Yes, Hon, do it to me. Touch my pussy. Feel how wet it is for you.”

Although aware of Andrea’s urgency John carried on teasing her slowly. He moved his mouth from her breasts, kissing her belly. Andrea’s fingers started to play with her nipples as he kissed lightly over her hips and thighs. Then, taking hold of each side of her panties he drew them down her legs. He heard Andrea gasp as her pussy was exposed and he saw her cunt lips glisten with wetness below a trimmed patch of pubic hair.

He bent his head and started to lick her, slowly drawing his tongue up between her pussy lips, tasting her nectar. He slowly teased her clit with his tongue and heard the woman moan as she felt him suck on her hard bud. Her hips pushed upwards, forcing her clit harder against his gentle tongue and her voice urged him to suck harder. He drew her clit further into his mouth, his tongue lashing faster and harder against its hardness and then, pushing her legs even wider he plunged his tongue deep into her cunt.

She screamed, shocked by the wonderful invasion of her wet tunnel and he felt her hands push on his head to drive him deeper into her. Her love juice covered his tongue and he drank the delicious liquid, his cock aching and desperate to share her open cunt. Her cries were more urgent now but then he realised that he could hear another voice too and realised that Miranda was also moaning as his film image drove three fingers into his girlfriend’s pussy.

“Yes, John. I’m cumming. Make me cum like you did to her. Fuck my cunt with your tongue Hon.” Miranda’s voice spurred him on and he pushed his tongue hard against her clit. He held eryaman escort her hips tightly, allowing her no escape from his face between her legs. Suddenly he felt her tense, she screamed again and he felt her hips jerk again and again as she came over his face. More of her juice flooded from her cunt and he drank them, his tongue searching deep inside her, refusing to waste any of her delicious cream.

As her orgasm ebbed away he lapped, more gently over her pussy lips, his tongue slowing as the intensity faded. “God, John, that was wonderful.” She said. “Come here.” She drew him up her body and his hands rested on her breasts as she kissed him. He felt her hard nipples against the palms of his hands and she lapped at the moisture on his face, tasting her own juices.

She stood and led him over to the couch. He watched as she drew her T-shirt over her head and she stood, naked and beautiful in front of him. Her long black hair trailed over her shoulders and emphasised the swell of her breasts. She unbuttoned his shirt, kissing him deeply, her tongue meeting his in a desperate tangle of mutual desire. He felt her hands on the buckle of his belt and her lips left his as she moved down his body and finished undressing him.

“Sit, Babe.” She said. “Watch the film for me.” He did as instructed, sitting on the couch and watching as he realised that Andrea was emulating Miranda’s actions. Both girls were naked, both knelt in front him and he gasped as he felt, and saw, each girl’s mouth slide over his cock. He watched as Miranda eased her lips along his shaft and he felt Andrea draw his length into her. Her tongue slipped over the head of his cock and lapped at the drops of precum that he knew were oozing from its tip.

Andrea’s head began to move up and down his length, sucking hard and he felt her hand moving up and down his cock in unison with her mouth. He glanced down and saw that her hand was between her legs, playing with her pussy and, looking back up, he saw Miranda doing the same thing on the screen. He could hold back no longer as Andrea deep-throated him. Her head bobbed faster as he felt her movements urge the spunk from his balls. “I’m going to cum.” He gasped and he felt her suck harder on him, encouraging him to orgasm and he erupted, feeling the spunk shoot into her waiting throat.

Andrea felt the hot liquid pour into her mouth and she came again, her fingers sliding in and out of her drenched pussy. She swallowed, not wanting to waste a drop of his cream, licking and sucking until she felt his body start to relax. Still wanting more she stood, kissing him and smiling at him. She turned away from him and lowered his slick cunt onto his still-hard cock. His hands moved around to play with her tits, his fingers fondling her nipples as she slid up and down his shaft.

As she rode him they both watched as Miranda’s shaven pussy lips were stretched by John’s thick member. Andrea moved in unison with the girl on the film and John’s cock penetrated them both, his hardness filling each of them. Faster and faster they moved, the movement and the heady, erotic atmosphere making him want to come again as each girl used his cock to fuel her own orgasm.

On the film Miranda’s head was thrown back as John thrust himself harder inside her. Their bodies tensed, both in the throes of orgasm. In the studio Andrea moaned, pressing his hands to her tits and feeling herself cum as John’s cock erupted for the second time, splashing spunk into the waiting depths of her wet tunnel.

She turned to him and smiled. “Thank you.” She said. “That was so good. Want to watch it again as I never did point out the enhancements that I’d made!”

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