She hears her name as she is walking down the corridor and turns. It is him. She is not surprised. She has felt his gaze on her all evening, watching her as she moves between the tables, talking and laughing with her colleagues. Occasionally she has caught him and at first he looked away. But as the evening has progressed, and the drink has flowed, he has become more bold, holding her gaze, raking his eyes over her body, smiling a small, private smile. When she saw this, her heart thumped a bit and she felt herself growing warm. Maybe tonight, she thinks to herself, just maybe.

He sees her leave the party and wonders where she is going. He has been unable to tear his eyes from her tonight, she looks spectacular. He was struck by her the moment they met, her green eyes twinkling as she smiled, her long auburn hair always tucked up in a neat chignon, her manner, warm and open yet faultlessly professional, and her wonderful figure dressed in tailored suits. But tonight at this formal dinner she is wearing a floor length evening dress of deep blue, with a subtle slit on one side which gives him glimpses of one stocking-encased thigh from time to time. The line of the dress is not overtly sexual; it does not cling, it falls sensuously over her body just hinting at the glorious curves beneath. Except the neckline, which plunges deliciously deeply, and would no doubt display her ample cleavage had she not covered it with a beautiful sapphire pendant. He has spent the evening idly wondering about the curve of her breasts. He is aware that she knows he has been watching her as she has caught his gaze far too many times. About an hour ago he gave up pretending he wasn’t looking and returned her gaze with a rueful smile. He gets up to follow her.

When he calls her name she turns and as her dress moves gently around her, he catches another glimpse of her stockinged thigh. She turns away again and continues down the corridor. He follows with anticipation. He has spent the last five months admiring her. Last night he dreamed she was moving above him as he held her hips and met her kisses with his own, fierce and passionate, and now he can think of nothing else. Tonight he must have her.

She pauses by her bedroom door and watches him approach along the corridor. He walks with purpose and for a moment she is afraid. She moves to speak but he motions her to keep silent as he advances towards her, a look of undisguised lust in his eyes. Her heart is beating wildly now and thrills of anticipation race up and down her body. She begins to feel warm and wet. She licks her lips as he presses her against the door. His eyes esat escort hold hers for a second then his gaze lowers to her lips, down to the pendant nestled in the curve of her breasts, then back up to her face. Slowly he lowers his mouth to hers and as their lips touch his hands draw her to him, crushing her against his taut body. Her hands are trapped against his stomach and she feels the definition of his muscles beneath his dress shirt. She knew he liked to keep fit but this sculpture is unexpected and she gasps with surprise. He immediately takes advantage of her open lips and boldly thrusts his tongue against hers, plundering her mouth, emphatically communicating his needs. He pulls her tighter to him, lets her feel his erection pressing against her. One hand holds her hips against his while the other rises to her breast, finding her nipple, trapping it between finger and thumb. He is rewarded by her sharp intake of breath. His kisses are much more ardent than expected and she is dizzy with desire now. As he breaks away, allowing her to breath, she fumbles for her room key and he peppers her throat with tiny kisses, feeling her pulse jumping in her neck.

She lets them into her room and as the door closes behind them, he slips off his jacket and kisses her again. His hands find the buttons at the back of her dress and as her undoes them her lithe little hands undo his bow tie and start on the buttons of his shirt. Slowly, too slowly, her dress falls away. She pulls back to step out of it and stands before him, eyes bright with anticipation, a gentle blush across her cheeks. He pauses for a moment to admire her wonderful breasts encased in a pretty bra with intricate little flowers. His eye slides lower across the gentle curve of her belly to her mound demurely covered by knickers that match her bra. He feels himself growing harder as he takes in her rounded bottom and lace topped stockings, glimpses of which aroused him earlier. He takes her hand and presses it to his erection, he is gratified by her smile of pleasure as he slides her bra straps down her shoulders. Her hand grasps him firmly through his trousers as he lowers his head to her breasts, taking a nipple into his mouth. Her breath quickens as he swirls his tongue around the taut little bud. She cries out when he nips it between his teeth, hot shards of desire shooting through her body, a wave of moisture forming between her legs.

He tries not to break this contact as he moves her to the bed and lays her down upon the coverlet. Raising her hips, he slowly removes her knickers, gratified by the etimesgut escort moisture he feels upon them. Two fingers move between her lower lips and he moves them up into her warm enveloping folds as his thumb finds her clit. Moving it round in gentle circles, he strokes his fingers into her, watching her face. She has closed her eyes and is biting her lip, breaths coming in short gasps. He adds another finger and curls them to stimulate her g-spot. The invasion is enough to send her over the edge and as her orgasm breaks, her internal muscles clench in waves around his fingers while her legs tremble with passion.

One handed, he attempts to remove his shirt, but she is there in an instant, her tiny fingers nimbly peel the shirt from his sculpted torso. She reaches for his belt and undoes his trousers, freeing his erection. She looks up, a smile in her eyes as she reaches for it and places the tip to her lips. Now it is his turn to groan with pleasure as she takes him in her mouth, her tongue firmly pressed against the underside, then moves her head back and forth upon him. It feels exquisite and he stands there for a moment, lost in the feeling of her mouth around his cock and her hands gentle fondling his balls. As his balls begin to tingle, he runs his fingers through her hair intending to pull her away. But she has other ideas. Slipping to the floor she kneels before him, concentrating intently on the rhythmic movement of her head. She pulls away to let her tongue swirl around the head of his cock, but it is only for a second for she takes his full length in her mouth and he feels his knees go weak. He knows he will come soon if he doesn’t stop her so abruptly he finds the strength to pull her to her feet. With a growl he pushes her back down onto the bed.

Surprised by his sudden dominance she tries to sit up but he pins her to the pillows with a kiss so deep and fierce that she is dizzy again. One hand holds both of hers above her head while the other tweaks her nipple hard. She tries to cry out but his insistent mouth doesn’t allow it. Almost roughly, his hand moves down her body, parting her thighs, and once again he finds her clit. His touch is firmer this time as he drags it back and forth sending jolts of pleasure all over her body. Her nipples tighten so much it hurts and moisture gushes from her wet folds. Letting go of her hands, he tweaks a nipple just before his mouth descends to her hot, wet pussy. He thrusts his tongue into her over and over again while his thumb has never left her clit. He is gratified by yet more moisture which etlik escort he laps up with relish. He pulls away to look at her. She has turned her head away, her eyes are closed again, her breathing laboured, a flush across her cheeks. He can see she is very close to another orgasm so he once again buries his head between her legs. Her thighs are shaking with tension as he thrusts his fingers into her repeatedly, his tongue moving to replace his thumb. With his mouth on her clit he alternates between nibbling and sucking it. She is gasping now, writhing under his ministrations, hips bucking against his face, hands pressing and kneading her nipples as her orgasm approaches. He moves his fingers faster and faster, pulls her clit into his mouth and tickles it with his tongue. It is too much for her and her orgasm peak and burst with a ferocity that she has never felt before. She screams his name as wave after wave of pleasure rip through her body leaving her floating in a haze of desire.

He moves above her positioning his cock at the entrance to her pussy. As she trembles and pants beneath him, elated but not spent, he smiles at her and slowly pushes himself deeply into her. They simultaneously elicit moans as his cock bottoms out. He rests there a moment to give her taut muscles a chance to relax around him. He does not want to hurt her but he knows he will not be able to control himself for long. She wriggles her hips gently and he pulls back as slowly as he entered, only to thrust himself inside her once more. He continues to stroke in and out of her, supporting his weight on his elbows. She looks up at him and smiles as she cups his face with her hands and draws his mouth down to hers for a long kiss. She is more relaxed now, and more than ready to come again. Her kisses arouse him as much as her orgasms and he picks up his pace, knowing his control will break at any moment. As he continues to thrust deeply within her, she moves her hand down to her clit and begins to rub it in time with him. He looks down to see this and his glistening cock invading her and he loses the last bit of control he had. He pumps wildly into her, the headboard crashes into the wall, the bedsprings creak. She raises her hips in time with his and clenches her muscles again and again while her hand works her clit furiously. He feels her muscles fluttering around his cock and cannot hold onto himself anymore. He comes with a great shout and she feels his cock pulsing repeatedly within her, which tips her over into another emphatic climax. He collapses on top of her, panting, his breath hot in her ear. She wraps herself around him, wishing they could lie there forever.

“I have to go,” he murmurs. And she nods although he cannot see her. Disappointment creeps into her heart. She knew he would leave but hoped it wouldn’t be so soon.

“I left my wallet in the bar, so I’ll go and fetch it,” he pulls himself up and grins down at her. “Be ready for round two when I get back.”

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