First Encounter with Online Friend


This is a story about me and a nice woman that i met online and we became very good friends, finally ending up as a couple enjoying a secret extra-marital affair, while still fulfilling our duties of a nice husband and wife respectively.

I met Priya in Literotica by chance one day. I was logged in Lit, just randomly browsing the rooms, just for a while and not really hoping to chat with anyone at length, but then i noticed a username which appealed to me instantly. There was a certain innocence and curiosity that attracted me towards her.

After briefly checking her profile, i sent a message, and luckily i got a response too. I dont know if it was my luck or destiny but she soon invited me to a one on one chat with her in IM.

I learnt that Priya was a Indian woman too, and now settled in US with her American husband. She had a kid too. We soon realized, there was a lot of things common between us, and were here in Lit, driven by the same urges and passion.

We got very comfortable with each other, and became very close buddies. This story is what happened after a year, since we became friends, and when she was visiting India after a long gap.

We decided that it was the right time to meet each other. We had not seen each other since the time we started chat, and both of us had decided that if we ever wanted to see each other, it would only at the time, we were ready to meet each other in person. She messaged me on reaching to her home in Delhi, that we should meet up. I was filled with excitement about the thought of meeting Priya in real life. i was excited to see, if she was exactly the kind of woman i had in my imagined so far.

We decided to meet at a coffee shop in the evening, at a very popular hangout for teens and couples. I was waiting for her at the entrance, dressed in blue denims and a casual shirt.

I was quite anxious, also feeling a bit nervous and paced up and down on the sidewalk, looking at my watch every now and then, expecting her at any moment. Just then i got a message from her on IM, that she had reached.

My heart was pounding hard, and my eyes were quickly scanning the surroundings trying to locate her. I had not seen her face earlier,so i was trying to put together the imagination of her i had in mind, with the people around me.

I saw another message on my phone, saying that she was at the door of the coffee shop and then i when i turned around, we were face to face with each other for the very first time.

She was wearing a black floral dress, with a wide neck and deep plunging neckline, and just giving a glimpse of the cleavage. A single solitaire pendant dangling precariously just above her cleavage. Her hair loosely let down and just brushing her shoulders.

The dress was just above her knee height. “Hey Priya, nice to finally meet you”, I said and we briefly shook hands. I opened the door for her and led her inside, following closely behind. I could smell her subtle perfume and her presence so close to me, excited me. I looked at her from the back, her black dress, grabbing the curves of her ass so well. I wondered whether she had worn this dress on purpose, because i had mentioned to her earlier,that i loved to see a woman in all Ataşehir Escort black. Actually a nice black little dress with some nice lacy black bra and panties to go alongwith. Was she also wearing a black bra and panty too?. Well, little did i know what i was about to find out.

The place was quite crowded, and we managed to get a table at the corner. The place was filled with mostly couples and young teenagers. It was late evening, and quite dark already. It was dimly lit and they were playing some soft music in the background. It was just the kind of a perfect romantic atmosphere. Priya was visiting India after a long time, and she had come down with her husband and kid. She had made a excuse to her husband that she had to visit her childhood female friend, obviously so that her husband might not get any suspicion.

We sat down at the table and gestured to the waitress to get us the menu. We ordered our coffees quickly and the waitress was gone.

We looked up at each other closely. There was a moment of silence, quite unsure what to say next. I started with some usual small talk, about the Delhi weather, the traffic etc. She had her hands on the table. My eyes started admiring her freshly painted nails, the deep red color which was my favorite. I was feeling so nervous, as i had never met any other woman for such a date after my marriage. I put my hands on the table too and slowly moved towards her.

I rested my palm lightly on top of her hand, and she smiled. I caught her hands in my palms and i told her, how glad i was to finally meet her.

She was wearing stilettoes, and with her legs crossed, her feet started touching me under the table. I smiled at her, looking at her in her eyes. I removed my shoe too and started moving my toe slowly over her feet. She closed her eyes for a instant, feeling a current going through her body as i touched her.

I put my hand on her knee, and moved it a little upwards towards the inside of her thigh. My actions were cleverly hidden from the public view, because of the large table cloth falling over the sides. I could feel her warm skin touching my palms. I moved my hand slowly up and down, from her knees all the way on the inner thigh up to her panties. I could feel her warm skin, feel the smooth texture under my palms. She bit her lip and took a deep breath.

Her heart was beating fast and she could not take it any longer. She clenched her legs together and squeezed my hand between her legs..

Suddenly she got up from her chair, and told me that she had to use the washroom. She hastily grabbed her handbag and rushed toward the end of the hallway towards the washroom.

I was baffled at her reaction. Did i do something wrong? Did i overstep my limits? Should i have had more control over my emotions and not touched her?

Did she feel embarrassed? I was not sure how to react to this situation. I decided to check on her, thinking that probably i had upset her.

In that coffee shop they had common washrooms which could be used both by men and women. I went along the end of the hallway to the washrooms, and realized that all were vacant except one. It was clear to me that Priya was inside.

I looked around and Anadolu Yakası Escort saw that people were still engrossed in their conversations. No one was looking around.

I pushed the door lightly and it moved.She had not locked it!!. I dont know what i was thinking, but it was a silly and spontaneous action, and i flung the door open.

She was seated on the toilet seat, with her legs wide and her panties stretched down at her ankles. She was peeing.

She got startled and quickly got up and hastily pulled up her panties. “I am so sorry”…i said barely muttering. “Shut up and close the door now”, her voice was quite stern and i knew at that moment,that it was a voice of a woman in heat, and was ordering her man to obey her.

We looked at each other, eyes filled with lust, and we hugged tightly. It was a close body hug, my arms under her arms pulling her close to my chest.. Her breasts pressed firmly against my chest. I could feel her tummy against mine and could smell her scent so closely now. Her hands were closely clasped behind my neck, and her head rested on my collar bone.

I put my hands on her buttocks, one on each side and pulled her even more closer to me. We stood like that for a couple of minutes, hearts beating so fast, our bodies getting warm with the excitement and the sudden awakening of the senses.

I loosened the grip a bit and then spontaneously we kissed. Our lips touched each others for the first time. A soft kiss, i got a taste of her fruity lipstick and gloss. A few more soft kisses while still holding each other closely, and then our lips parted, and we flicked open our mouths, while our wet tongues touched each other.

We played around with each other tongues, kissing deeper and deeper, our saliva blending into each other,as we kissed deeper and wetter.

I moved my hand on back of her dress and pulled down the zipper. It was a long zipper that extended all the way,almost to her hip. I moved my hand inside and felt her bra strap and started caressing her back. Moving my palm up and down, all the way, just above her ass. She was breathing so heavily now and i could see the beads of sweat on her forehead. I moved both my hands and slid the dress off her shoulders.She started unbuttoning my shirt too.

Yes!!, She was wearing a nice,black lace bra. Nice lace lining the cup edges, and the underwire lifting her breasts nicely, with the straps firmly rested on the edge of her shoulder. I think she did make sure, to wear my favorite color and style.

I unhooked the bra from behind, letting her breasts loose. She was a mature woman at 32 yrs, and yet her breasts were firm nicely hanging loose with the nipples looking up at me. I cupped her breast and moved my thumb and index finger, over the dark brown nipples, which looked so hot contrasting with her fair milky white skin. I would see the light green veins on her breast, filled with blood due to the excitement.

I pinched the nipple tip, making her slightly wince in pain. They were almost hard and erect now. She was pulling my hair tightly, while i kissed her nipples and bit them softly with my teeth, which made her pull my hair even more tighter. I licked her nipples, making Kartal Escort a circle over the edge of her nipples with the tip of my tongue, while i kneaded her breasts delicately in my palms.

I bent down and put my nose against her panties. They were already wet with all the delicious mix of her aromatic juices, her pussy fluids mixed with a dash of fresh piss a moment earlier, and a lot of sweat from the hot Delhi weather.

I could feel her pussy lips through the delicate fabric of those black lace panties. I kissed the big large damp spot on her panties and sniffed it like a dog.

I pulled her panties down, as she was tried to close her legs tightly together. I looked up at her and she gave me a naughty smile. I spread her legs and lifted one over and put it on my shoulder..

I started kissing her inside thighs, moving slowly towards the inside and closer to her vagina. It was dripping wet and i flicked my tongue out and licked up all her juice. I pushed my tongue deeper, moving right from the bottom of her lips, up to the top, till her clitoris. Using my thumbs, i pried open her pussy lips and pushed my tongue deep inside, slurping up all her juice. She pulled my hair tightly again, and i moved my tongue up and down and in and out of her pussy several times, in quick succession. She was moaning now, almost begging me to stop. But i went on and on, with quicker lashes of my tongue on her vertical lips, and then with a sudden involuntary shudder, she squirted out a jet of thick warm slippery fluid on my face. Her body was shivering now,and she let out a couple more of those warm jets of fluids on my face. I scooped up all of the juice on my face, hungrily enjoying ever drop of it.

I got up and we hugged each other again. This time totally naked.

Just then we heard a knock on the door and we realized we had been inside for quite some time now. We hastily got dressed. She checked her hair in the mirror, and then applied her lipstick again. She helped to wipe her love fluids from my face,using a tissue, still smiling naughtily.

We got out of the washroom, and found a couple of giggling girls standing outside who were dumbstruck, to see a man and woman coming out together from the washroom. We got out of the coffee shop and shook hands again.I told her that i was so happy to meet her finally and would look forward to meet her again. As we went away from each other in separate directions, we turned around almost at same time, and saw each other smiling naughtily.

After a few moments, I was back on the plane, flying back home. Yes, i never believed i had just flown to Delhi, just for this brief encounter with my secret online friend. I still had her scent and aroma all over my body. As the plane hovered above Delhi, she had reached her home and was talking to her hubby over dinner.

She was sitting there,still in those damp panties, soaked with her juice and with loads of my saliva on her legs. She pressed her legs, close together, as if feeling my head still, snuggled in between her thighs, my cheeks pressing against her inner thighs. It was as if she was physically there with her husband, but her mind lost in the thoughts of that eventful evening,drifting away in the ecstasy of what she had experienced moments ago. She smiled naughtily again, and nodded at her husband, who assumed she was smiling at his silly jokes, whereas deep in her heart and mind, she was feeling the hangover of a exceptional orgasm she had felt with her secret friend.

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