First Night at A Swingers Club


Jay and I have had a few experiences trying to live out our fantasies. But one night we discussed going to a swingers club and started sifting through the internet trying to find somewhere suitable. Eventually, we found a club only twenty minutes’ drive from our home and called the owners to have a chat. It sounded like a very nice and well-run establishment and we arranged a visit and then became members just a week later. Our first experience was a real eye-opener and we had a terrific time. But I’ll write about that next time. This story is what actually happened the last time we were there.We hadn’t been for a few months and were looking forward to meeting old friends and hopefully making new ones. We arrived just before nine pm and made our way past reception to the bar where we met and said hello to a few folk we’d seen from previous visits. Eventually, we sat in the lounge and chatted while having a look at the various states of dress and undress of the other members. Some of the women’s outfits were very erotic and left little to the imagination.After about ten minutes or so another couple asked if they could join us and introduced themselves as Chloe and Paul. Chloe was dressed only in black high heels, stockings and a black basque with white trim and a matching pair of panties. Paul was still fully dressed as were Jay and I. However, Jay’s little black skirt was so short that it clearly exposed her stocking tops and most of her legs above those. Her gold-coloured corset offered a beautiful view of her 36DD’s which were being admired by both Paul and Chloe. This didn’t go unnoticed by Jay who also enjoys the attention and feel of a woman. And more than one, given the chance. Something we haven’t tried yet but hope to do so soon.After chatting some more, Chloe and Paul said they were heading for the hot tub and hoped we would either join them or meet with them later. We decided to meet them later as we wanted to wander around the club and see what was happening on the dance floor. I love to watch women dancing, especially in revealing clothing and there were certainly some of that on the floor tonight.We stood at the edge of the dance area and watched a woman in an extremely tight and very short white dress. Each time she gyrated to the music her dress would creep up her thighs and expose her backside and when she faced us we couldn’t see signs of any panties. We were still undecided whether she had on extremely brief panties or none at all when she looked directly at us and lowered herself to the floor, swaying her hips and opening her knees wide. The question was answered without any doubt. She was naked under her dress and we enjoyed the site of a beautiful, smoothly-shaven pussy. She smiled and continued to exhibit herself to us for a few more beats of the song before moving back into the group of dancers.We watched others before moving onto the dance floor ourselves. One was a woman in white high heels, fishnet stockings and a bra and panty set that was almost transparent. There was a couple where the woman had her back to her partner and he had undone her top showing her breasts. Her skirt pulled up and his hand inside her panties, fingers playing with her pussyMoving onto the dance floor we were then amongst others who were scantily dressed and one woman who was naked apart from white stockings and high heels. I held Jay against me and raised her skirt very slowly so that the hem was well above her panty line. I then hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulled them halfway over her buttocks. I know she finds this very erotic and I loved teasing her by moving the waistband up and down and around the cheeks of her backside. I then turned Jay around so that her gorgeous round rear was pressed against me and I slipped one hand between her legs in plain view of everyone on the dance floor. Her shaven pussy was exposed to everyone as I spread the lips and slowly moved a finger up and down between them.A woman dancing next to us kissed Jay full on the mouth and I could feel sex hikaye her hand over mine, her fingers searching out the wetness between Jay’s legs. I held Jay’s pussy lips apart and I felt our new dance partner slip a finger into Jay’s wet, hot pussy. Her fingers were now as wet as mine with Jay’s love juices.After a few minutes, our dancing partner stepped back and we watched her put her finger into her mouth, sucking Jay’s wetness from it whilst smiling and dancing back into the crowd.Feeling extremely horny, we moved from the dance floor to get a drink and then through to the main play area. We had stopped off at the changing rooms and I now only had a towel around me whilst Jay had undressed to just panties, stockings and high heels. Her breasts were naked as we walked through the corridor.There was a settee next to the main play area in the centre of the room which was a huge bed with lots of couples in various stages of having sex. We sat down to people-watch for a while and two couples on the bed right opposite us particularly drew our attention. One woman was lying on her back with both men sucking a nipple each. Her legs were wide apart and the other woman was kneeling between them, her fingers holding her pussy lips apart and her tongue licking right along the crevice.As we watched, both men moved up to either side of her head and she took hold of their erections, one in each hand. We continued to watch them as she turned to one man and took him into her mouth, her hand working up and down on the other one. After a little whilst she changed and took the other man in her mouth and continued to work the first man with her hand. The other woman was still between her legs, licking, sucking and fingering her pussy. Jay had opened my towel and had my cock in her hand, slowly stroking up and down whilst we watched them.As we continued to get turned on more and more by our voyeurism, Chloe and Paul came in and settled onto one of the beds that surrounded this main play area. They saw us sitting across the room and smiled over. They were both now naked and continued to look over in our direction. We got the impression that they wanted us to join them and the thought of doing so had us both even more excited.As we approached, Chloe reached out and took Jay’s hand, gently pulling her onto the bed with her. Chloe pulled Jay’s panties down to her knees and both women came together in a deep kissing embrace, their naked breasts pressed together and their hands immediately exploring each other’s soft skin and Chloe removing Jay’s panties completely.Jay then lowered her head to Chloe’s neck and shoulders and gently kissed her way down to her tits. Chloe reached out and took my stiff cock in her right hand and then reached out to her husband on the other side and did the same with him. Chloe was slowly stroking our cocks simultaneously whilst Jay gently pushed her back onto the bed and lowered herself between Chloe’s open legs. Paul and I continued to watch as Jay pushed Chloe’s thighs further apart and pressed her mouth firmly onto Chloe’s smoothly-shaven pussy.Chloe gasped with pleasure as Jay parted her pussy lips with her tongue and teased her clitoris by softly sucking on it. Chloe’s hands got faster on our cocks as she raised her hips to Jay’s teasing tongue. Paul and I ran our hands up Chloe’s body to her breasts and caressed them, one each. Gently pulling and teasing at each nipple. Chloe responded by pulling me closer and licked from my balls along the length of my cock, her lips gently teasing the tip. Her hand was now underneath me and using my buttocks, pulled me into her eager mouth. I gasped loudly as she took me all the way in and then moved her head back and forth, encouraging me to fuck her mouth whilst she continued to work her hand up and down her husband’s cock.Jay continued to tongue Chloe’s pussy as Chloe swapped my cock in her mouth for Paul’s. Her right hand now moving up and down on mine. When she swapped back to me, Paul moved behind Jay, running his hands over seks hikaye her back and down to her lovely round backside. I watched as his hands moved down between Jay’s legs. Jay spread her legs wider, exposing her pussy to Paul’s exploring fingers. Jay’s head came up when Paul inserted his fingers into her pussy and I could see Chloe’s juices all around her lips. I moved towards her to kiss her full on the mouth, tasting Chloe’s love juices from Jay’s lips. At the same time, I straddled Chloe’s head and moved into a sixty-nine position where I could watch closely and help Jay to pleasure Chloe’s pussy with our mouths and fingers. I could see that Jay had Paul’s cock in her hand and whilst we both kissed and licked Chloe’s pussy, Chloe had me in her mouth, sucking and licking my hard cock. Paul had his fingers in Jay’s pussy whilst Jay worked her hand back and forth on his stiff cock.From this position, I knelt up, still straddling Chloe’s head. My cock came out of Chloe’s mouth but she continued by licking my balls and my scrotum. Her hands grabbed the cheeks of my arse and her fingers explored between. Jay moved up so that her face was level with Chloe’s and they both kissed deeply, tongues exploring each other’s mouths. They were now in an embrace that had their breasts and pussies pressed together and they moved their hips as if fucking each other.I wanted to see this so stepped off the bed and moved to where I could see between their open legs and Jay’s pussy pressed right up against Chloe’s. Paul had the same idea and we both stood at the end of the bed and watched both women in a lustful embrace, kissing passionately, hands exploring each other’s bodies and Jay’s hot, wet pussy thrusting against Chloe’s.The women enjoyed each other as Paul and I watched. Kissing each other’s breast and gently biting and sucking the nipples. Fingers explored between their legs, inserting one, two and three into each other. At one point, Chloe had three fingers inside Jay, soaking them with her juices and then moving them up to Jay’s face where Jay sucked on them like they were a hard cock being put into her mouth. Chloe then joined Jay in sucking her fingers as if they were both sucking on the same hard cock.This must have given them that idea as Chloe reached out and pulled Paul towards them. Jay took his stiff cock into her hand and guided it towards Chloe’s mouth. Both women got on their knees in front of Paul and both started kissing and licking him at the same time. This left me standing behind and with both women knelt right over I had an excellent view of their pussies as their backsides were thrust out and their legs wide apart.With them kneeling on the bed directly in front of me they were at a perfect height for me to enter either one of them. I approached them and placed a hand on each of their backsides. I moved my fingers between the buttocks of each one, tenderly and gently brushing against the outer lips of their pussies. From this position, I could see them kissing, licking and sucking on Paul’s cock and balls. I had my cock in my hand and rubbed the tip all around Chloe’s buttocks, in between her legs and up the inside of her thighs to brush against her pussy lips. My other hand and fingers were doing to Jay what I was doing to Chloe with my cock. When Chloe felt the tip of my cock against her pussy, she pushed back against me, but I wasn’t finished teasing. I place the head of my cock between her wet pussy lips and moved it up and down along her crack, the tip of my cock becoming moist with how wet she was. I moved away to behind Jay now and at the same time, inserted two fingers into Chloe’s hot, wet pussy. She pushed back against my hand, welcoming the intrusion. Kneeling behind Jay now I did the same. I teased all around her buttocks and pussy with the tip of my cock and watched as she arched her back for me to thrust my cock into her. Again, I just placed the head between her outer lips and moved it up and down, teasing her whilst the fingers of my other hand still moved in and out of Chloe. Paul was still enjoying the attention of both women with their mouths and hands playing with his cock.At that moment I noticed we had an audience. A couple on a settee only a few yards away was watching us and obviously enjoying the picture before them of four people entangled in lust. Our bodies pressed together and naked, ecstatic in our giving and taking of pleasure from each other. Another couple just by the door were also watching. The woman was naked except for a pair of red high heels, one hand between her legs, fingering her pussy as she delighted in the scene of our group sex. Her other hand was slowly moving along her partner’s cock as he caressed her tits from behind. All around us, there were similar occurrences which made for a very erotic setting.Chloe had moved around under Jay so that they were now in a sixty-nine position. I felt Chloe reach out from between Jay’s legs and took my cock in her hand. Guiding it to her mouth, she kissed and licked all over the head before taking me deep into her mouth. I looked over Jay’s back and saw that she was doing the same with Paul. Taking me from her mouth, Chloe guided my now very wet cock between Jay’s pussy lips. I couldn’t wait any longer and grabbing Jay’s hips I thrust hard into her hot, tight pussy. I heard her gasp with ecstasy as I plunged deeply into her. I pulled back and this time moved more slowly, enjoying the smooth feeling of Jay’s pussy on my cock. Chloe was still under us and I felt her tongue glide along my cock as I slowly moved in and out of Jay’s pussy.The same thing was happening at the other end with Paul. Jay had taken him into her mouth, licking and kissing all around the head of his cock before guiding it to Chloe’s pussy. We watched as he entered Chloe and his cock slipped all the way in. Jay’s fingers were teasing Chloe’s clitoris whilst at the same time, Paul fucked her pussy.Chloe was teasing around my balls with her fingers and then slipping them up between my buttocks. Jay was pushing back hard against me now and I could see Chloe raising her hips to meet Paul’s thrusts. As our audience continued to watch with increasing excitement, both Jay and Chloe were gasping with ecstasy as Paul and I got faster with each thrust.I could feel Jay building up to an orgasm and just then the woman with the red high heels stepped up to us whilst sucking the fingers of one hand. She placed her other hand gently over Jay’s back and smiling at me simply asked if I minded. Her fingers worked their way between Jay’s backside and I knew she wouldn’t mind what was about to happen.Just as Jay was about to climax, the woman inserted a finger into Jay’s tight anus and whilst I continued to drive my cock into Jay’s pussy faster and harder, the woman finger fucked her arse. It wasn’t long before Jay almost screamed to a climax, pushing back hard against my cock in her pussy and the woman’s finger in her arse.I came very soon after as I watched this wanton demonstration of lust in front of me. Chloe was gasping below me as she too reached orgasm. Paul was last to come and grabbing Chloe’s thighs, plunged deeply into her again and again.The woman in red high heels stepped back from us to join her partner again and smiling watched all four of us come down from a tremendous natural high. Paul still had his cock in Chloe’s pussy whilst Jay rested her head on Chloe’s stomach. Chloe’s head was still between Jay’s legs, and mine. My cock was still deep inside Jay’s pussy whilst I held onto her hips. Our audience, smiling, now moved off to have their own pleasure.We settled onto the bed after a little whilst, Jay and Chloe still tenderly touching each other. They asked me who the woman in the red high heels was and I said I had no idea. Jay wanted to make sure she saw her before we left to thank her for her perfect timing and assistance in her reaching an incredible orgasm. After a little while, we moved through to the bar area, Paul and I with towels around us and the women naked except for Jay’s stocking and high heels. We chatted for a while and watched some of the others around us and agreed that we would have to meet again sometime soon. That was the start of what became a very good friendship.

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