First Night Seduction Ch. 03


Theo surreptitiously eased the erection which was threatening to burst through his fly to the least uncomfortable position he could find as he let his fingers wander up Adrien’s forearm watching in delight as the hairs rose in response again. At the inside of the elbow he drew small circles over the sensitive skin. Adrien shuddered, his breath came out in a juddering rush and the muscles of his torso rippled beneath his t-shirt.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” Adrien begged in a whisper.

Theo’s heart hitched a few revs, maybe, just maybe, this would go the way he was hoping, he trailed his fingers up Adrien’s toned but not bulky bicep following the sleeve hem around it back and forth. With Adrien distracted Theo slowly slid from his seat and moved to kneel in front of him – this was why he never had coffee tables he’d lost the flow of too many moments like this in having to move them out of the way — he then mirrored the actions of his right hand with his left on Adrien’s right arm.

He gradually moved his fingers from Adrien’s arms to his torso following the lines of ridged muscles, his hands carried on down past the waistband of the cargos to Adrien’s thighs as far as his knees. From there Theo slid his hands with infinite care back towards Adrien’s crotch, his thumbs massaging the muscles as he moved. He couldn’t help smiling when he saw the growing bulge within Adrien’s trousers, his brows rose higher as it kept growing. He kept his hands away from it, for now.

“Touch it, please,” Adrien murmured a short time later as rolled his hips up and down.

“Like this?”

Theo ran his right thumb and forefinger up the length of Adrien’s hard cock.

“Mmm,” Adrien groaned, rolling his hips again.

“Please do it” Theo begged silently, willing Adrien to undo his trousers; with his left hand Theo began stroking Adrien’s balls using the seam of his trousers to increase the effect of his touch.

“Holy hell Theo, more.”

“Show me,” Theo responded.

Hesitatingly Adrien unbuttoned the cargos then lowered the zip pulling the fabric aside to reveal the thin cotton boxers beneath which barely contained his erection.

“There is a god,” Theo thought as he again traced the outline of Adrien’s rigid flesh with his fingers.

“This is about you, we only go as far as you need, you’re in control,” he told Adrien.

“How can I be when I don’t know what I’m doing? What you’re doing.”

“Stop being the analytical doctor, stop over-thinking this, just be here now, as long as it feels good let it happen.”

They carried on this way for a while before, miracle of miracles, Adrien hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his cargos and boxers, raised his hips and shoved them both down to his thighs. Theo himself acting in the moment quickly untied the laces of the Doc Martens then pulled off the cargos, boxers, socks and shoes.

He went back to stroking Adrien’s balls and teasing his erection but only with his fingertips; whenever Theo brought his nails over the deep ridge and shiny head Adrien’s abs would ripple and his thighs tremble. All daring Theo skimmed his left hand through Adrien’s short silky pubes then under the bottom of his t-shirt and over the spasming abs to his nipples — which were already hard. As he finally touched the right one he traced his nails over the tip of Adrien’s cock.

“Fuck!” Adrien yelled as his back arched.

Theo instantly wrapped his right thumb and middle finger around the base of the hot column of flesh, noting that many women wouldn’t be able to do the same and squeezed. He may have told Adrien that he was in control of how far things went, what he hadn’t told him was that he wasn’t in control of when it went there. And now was not the time for Adrien to orgasm.

“Breathe, just breathe, handsome we’ll dial it back a little.”

Adrien had been in a near daze before Theo had touched his cockhead and nipple simultaneously. He’d let Theo, the calm atmosphere and mostly himself take him to a headspace he’d never dared allow himself to inhabit; a place where he could finally set aside his fear. Then the touch on two equally sensitive but very different parts of his body had his balls suddenly tightening and him on the edge of the abyss. One he knew was deeper than he’d ever known. Now he wanted to dive into it head first but Theo’s touch had changed, he’d gone back to the gentle stroking of before.

“Hell’s teeth that was fast,” he gasped as he sank back onto the sofa his head again resting on its back his eyes drifting closed.

“Sorry my fault, should’ve gone slower.”

By now a constant flow of pre-cum was oozing from Adrien’s cock,

“Would you allow me to taste you?”

Adrien began to think about it, the implications of it then stopped himself and nodded instead, he didn’t want to give himself the chance to pull back — after all he’d got this far.

“Aah, sheesh, that’s unbelievable,” Adrien panted, feeling his prick twitch at the touch of Theo’s tongue.

Theo escort izmit had started with the small pool of liquid in the hollow of Adrien’s hip before lapping at the hole where another clear bubble had formed; at the same time he’d continued stroking Adrien’s hard flesh and much softer balls.

“May I go further?”

This time there was no hesitation Adrien nodded immediately; Theo slid his lips over Adrien’s cock but only so they were nestled behind the ridge then stroked his tongue over the hot skin.

“Please do what you want, just don’t hurt me,” Adrien moaned, “but for fuck’s sake don’t stop, please.”

Theo took his time feeding Adrien’s velvet-over-steel erection into his mouth knowing that at this angle he hadn’t a hope in hell of taking it all in, he wasn’t so sure he ever would be able to. It was thick, the ridge deep and the veins heavily engorged — it was delicious.

“Oh god, oh god, yes, I’ll tell you when, oh fuck,” Adrien gabbled when Theo started moving his mouth up and down.

Theo moved his right hand away and carefully swept it under the couch feeling for the lube he slicked some over the fingers of his left hand waiting for it to warm on his skin, his right hand went back to massaging Adrien’s balls and teasing the sensitive skin behind the sac that ran to his anus; Adrien flinched but not away from the touch only in response to it.

When Adrien had again settled Theo had resumed what he’d been doing gradually easing one finger ever closer to his target — the ring of muscle at the entrance to Adrien’s body. Theo’s mouth continued its exploration of Adrien’s dick laving his tongue along it along it before flicking it around the ridge when he took the head into his mouth his tongue played with the sensitive spot under the glans. Theo loved circumcised cocks the look and feel of them and Adrien’s was close to ten inches of gloriously beautiful solid flesh. At the moment Theo’s finger circled the puckered skin Adrien pulled in a hissing breath by the fourth time he felt it he was rocking his hips to meet it. Theo managed to apply more lube onto his fingers prior to trying his next move, with great care he used his right hand to part Adrien’s ass cheeks giving easier access to his sphincter; when the pad of his middle finger pressed against the muscled ring Adrien’s muscles instinctively clenched but Theo didn’t move.

To distract Adrien Theo sucked a little harder and moved his head a little faster on his prick when Theo dragged his nails over Adrien’s balls he jerked his hips down and away in surprise and Theo used this to press his finger beyond Adrien’s sphincter.

Adrien’s hands fisted at his sides, although not overly so, his breathing stopped when it re-started it was slow and heavy. Theo set up a contra-rhythm as his mouth sank onto Adrien’s cock his finger almost but not quite left his behind, when Theo’s finally finger penetrated all the way in so his mouth slid from Adrien’s prick. After only a few moments Adrien began to respond moving his hips in sync with Theo; gradually Adrien moved his behind to the edge of the couch.

Theo felt for the bundle of fibres that was Adrien’s prostate but before he began playing with it he wrapped his thumb and middle finger round the base of Adrien’s hard flesh then took it from his mouth. Theo blew across the glistening head at the same moment he stroked Adrien’s prostate.

“Christ all fucking mighty!” Adrien yelled, his hips rising from the sofa, “I’m, oh fuck yes!”

But Theo had again squeezed the base of Adrien’s cock and eased his finger a little way out.

“I have never,” Adrien panted, “got so close to orgasm that fast or as close to it without finishing off.”

Theo smiled, he wanted Adrien to feel the edge but needed him to step away from it and relax, he wanted Adrien to be fully aware of what he was doing and what Theo wanted to happen had to be Adrien’s choice — he just needed to be given it.

Theo again set up an easy rhythm with his mouth and finger keeping his touch light, for a brief moment he swept his right hand under the couch and took out what he needed next. It was a silicone dildo, a small version of a cock, he lubed it and held it ready close to his finger. This time when he withdrew his finger he swirled the pad of it around Adrien’s puckered sphincter.

“Ooh, mmm, nnn, mnf,” Adrien grunted as he tried to thrust down onto the finger — which Theo didn’t immediately allow.

Instead he once more upped the speed and pressure he was using on Adrien’s cock and continued teasing Adrien’s ass until the younger man’s hips began to rock again when he slipped the tip of his finger back into Adrien’s ass; he made it seem as if the younger man’s actions had caused Theo’s finger to slip out. What came next would probably dictate how far this encounter would go. Theo pressed the head of the butt-plug to Adrien’s ass then stroked his balls and blew on his cock-head, as before Adrien’s hips bucked down and the tip of the plug slipped home.

“What izmit escort the? Oh fucking hell,” Adrien moaned, his whole body trembling as it, his body and psyche tried to acclimatise to this new sensation.

Theo had purposely chosen this particular dildo for its size, it was perhaps as wide as two fingers and four or five inches long, big enough to make an impression small enough to be not too scary.

“Jesus H Christ!” Adrien hissed through clenched teeth.

Slowly Theo felt Adrien’s instinctively clenched muscles relax but even then he didn’t press harder on the butt-plug.

“Take it nice and slow, say red and it’s gone.”

Adrien nodded but didn’t move for a few more moments, Theo waited patiently this was all about trust and so far Adrien had learned that Theo kept his word; he hadn’t abused the permission he’d been given and although his own prick was painfully throbbing against its captivity he ignored its demand for freedom and relief — both would come later but how that would happen he couldn’t yet guess.

Theo felt a tentative downward movement onto the butt-plug and smiled as Adrien carried on moving down it,

“Fuck that’s hot,” he thought watching the dildo disappeared little by little into Adrien’s ass.

Adrien hesitated when it was almost all in,

“Do you want some help with the rest? There’s only about a half inch I swear.”

Adrien nodded,

“Just breathe, slow and easy,” Theo coaxed and when a minute or so after he felt Adrien relax again he slid the butt-plug all the way home making Adrien gasp when his sphincter closed behind the flange,

“I’ve never,” he murmured, “it feels so big.”

“I know, the first one always does,” Theo told him doing nothing except holding the dildo in place, “like I said if it’s too much say red and it’s gone.”

“No, no, it’s, it’s good” Adrien paused, “I never imagined it would feel like this.”

Theo used a thumb to gently press on the base of the butt-plug for a few seconds then eased off, gradually building up a rhythm of increasing pressure, release and speed copying it with his fingers up and down on Adrien’s prick.

“Mmm, nnn, yes,” Adrien whispered as he relaxed into this new world of sensuality.

Theo slid his mouth over Adrien’s erection as his right hand again slid under the hem of the t-shirt and over Adrien’s torso, before his fingers had moved far Adrien pulled the garment off tossing it aside beyond the end of the sofa revealing the toned body of a swimmer.

“Don’t stop, please, I can’t believe this feels so good,” Adrien said quietly, “thank-you for making this feel so right.”

“It is right, for you, me, us, now. How’s this?” he offered as he gently pulled on the dildo then slid it back in.

Adrien didn’t speak but nodded his assent; it didn’t take long for him to respond to Theo’s use of the butt-plug. With Adrien enjoying this Theo slowly, silently, unfastened his own trousers and slid them along with his boxers down to his knees, using his teeth to tear open the condom wrapper he metaphorically crossed his fingers as he rolled it onto his own hard, throbbing, demanding cock. He raised himself more upright bringing the head of his prick in line with the butt-plug. Before he stroked Adrien’s dick more firmly and a little faster he squeezed a little lube onto his own prick and spread it all over the condom, checking that the younger man’s eyes were still closed he leaned forward to lick, kiss and suck on his right nipple.

“Oh god!” he groaned pressing the small nub to Theo’s mouth.

“Too much?”

“Nowhere near!”

Adrien’s words were like manna from heaven to Theo, maybe, just maybe, he would be Adrien’s first, he moved his lips to the second hardened nipple as he upped the pace and pressure on Adrien’s cock and in his ass who grunted with his own efforts to bear down on the dildo. As he had with his finger once before Theo made it seem that their combined movements had caused the butt-plug to slip from Adrien’s body.

“No! Oh fuck no,” he all but sobbed, his hips and thighs jerking at the sudden loss.

Theo pressed his own hips forward offering himself as a replacement he lifted his face from where he was still pleasuring Adrien’s nipples,

“Yes or no?” he asked quietly, pressing his flesh a little harder to Adrien’s still-open sphincter.

“Yes, oh jeez, yes.”

Theo pressed home with his cock, sliding it easily almost all the way into Adrien’s already slick ass.

“Holy fucking hell!” Adrien yelled, his hips and ass muscles jerking.

“Red light?” Theo asked.

“No, no, just,” Adrien was clearly trying to re-gain control of his body’s spasms and breathing, “wait, please.”

Adrien nodded once to tell Theo he was ready for more, when Theo did move it wasn’t at all how Adrien had expected, he released his grip on Adrien’s hard flesh took hold of his wrists holding them down by his sides and leaned back giving him a deeper angle of penetration then made his cock twitch izmit kendi evi olan escort inside Adrien’s ass. The response was immediate, Adrien’s body bowed from shoulder to hip meaning he actually pushed himself all the way onto the throbbing flesh within him; when he fell back onto the sofa he tried to move his right hand to his own cock but Theo stopped him.

“Trust me, please,” he said as he rocked his hips all the time increasing the speed as he fucked Adrien’s no longer virgin ass towards his first true anal orgasm. He watched as his prick sank into Adrien’s body, feeling the puckered ring begin to instinctively grip him as he pulled out and relax to allow him in.

“I need to jack off, I’m so close my balls are aching,” Adrien all but whimpered.

“Trust me,” Theo repeated, leaning forward to trap Adrien’s hard-on between their bodies.

The movement of the other man’s body over his own brought Adrien no relief only more torment making him push up to increase the pressure Theo, however, moved to stop it happening.

Theo carried on fucking and teasing Adrien for about ten minutes sometimes using his mouth on his nipples at others trapping Adrien’s cock between them; Adrien had for now gone beyond words but not sound, he’d tried to move his hands a couple of times but he had neither the strength nor any real determination to shake off the shackles of Theo’s hands.

“Touch me, please, for fuck’s sake.”

“Soon,” Theo replied lifting his body from Adrien’s, knowing this was the one time he wouldn’t be keeping his word.

“No!” Adrien cried lifting his head as Theo had just raised his own from Adrien’s nipple to speak their faces were closer than they’d been all night.

Adrien locked eyes with Theo for the length of a heartbeat before he moved to close the gap, he pressed his lips to Theo’s and groaned with unadulterated pleasure. Theo parted his lips a little to run the tip of his tongue over Adrien’s in response Adrien tilted his head and opened his mouth inviting Theo’s tongue further in.

Theo’s hips began to piston back and forth hammering his hard-on deep into Adrien’s ass tormenting his g-spot with every thrust.

“Don’t stop, fuck, I need to touch my dick, you touch it, finish me, please.”

Adrien went back to kissing Theo with a passion he’d never felt before, their tongues engaging in an oral ballet.

“I’m close Ade,” Theo gasped through clenched teeth, “I’m gonna fuck you ’til I cum until you cum.”

The muscles around and above Adrien’s cock began to spasm telling Theo how close to orgasm he was so he leaned back leaving no contact with Adrien’s erection; he’d never seen so much pre-come and desperately wanted to lick it all up knowing he couldn’t — yet.

“Oh fuuuuck! Yes!” Adrien roared his cock all but stood vertically as his orgasm exploded through him, thick white cum pumping from his cock.

It was too much for Theo and his own climax hit with several deep had thrusts his own semen flowed from his balls.

When the high-octane moment had passed, Adrien’s ass clenching reflexively around Theo’s still hard cock, the older man bent forward to lick up those traces of Adrien’s seed which had landed highest on his chest, throat and face,

“Christ you taste so fucking good,” he groaned.

“How the hell did you make that happen?” Adrien gasped between ragged breaths.

“Brilliantly,” Theo chortled making his cock move within Adrien’s body.

“Sheesh, Theo don’t or you’ll start me off again.”

“And that’s a problem why?”

“‘Cos I haven’t got over this yet,” he huffed.

“Are you ok Adrien, really?”

“My head’s a shed as some of my younger patients put it.”

“Nice neat newly painted shed or falling down dilapidated shed?”

“Stuffed to the gunnels with god knows what.”

“Bit like your fabulous arse then.”

“Oh I know what’s in there alright,” Adrien began to laugh silently making his muscles squeeze Theo’s semi-hard dick.

“Carry on with that and I’ll have to roger you all over again,” Theo chortled.

“For fuck’s sake let there be touching next time,” Adrien begged looking briefly at Theo then down, “if you want there to be that is.”

“The night is but young dear boy,” Theo was grateful they seemed to have by-passed the post coital embarrassment.

Slowly by small degrees Adrien’s grip on Theo’s cock lessened, Theo for the most part had allowed his flesh to slip from Adrien’s ass naturally. When Adrien moved to find and pull his t-shirt back on Theo quickly slipped off the condom, wrapped it in a tissue from his pocket, re-dressed himself, stood up turned to a high-backed chair behind him from where he retrieved a small, light blanket,

“Here,” he flicked it out over Adrien’s naked torso, for his part Adrien tried to catch it,

“Theo I’m covered in spunk, it’ll get on it.”

“Plenty more where that came from, I’ll won’t belong,” he said as he trotted to and up the stairs.

The older man was back in a couple of minutes carrying a dark blue bath-robe which he draped over the sofa back.

“Door to the left beyond the top of the stairs, if you’d like to freshen up. I’m having a drink, a real one, another t and l for you or something else?”

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