First Time in an ABS


This is just a fantasy I wrote out one night when I was alone and horny. Hope you enjoy!


When I was in college I really had no problems getting laid. Girls were plentiful and horny and I found it easy to hook up with them. But it was a different story when I graduated and got a job. I moved to a new state and didn’t know anyone. All the women I worked with were married and didn’t respond well to being flirted with. Now, this is going back some years, a time before the internet. After a few months I was going nuts! Jerking off wasn’t getting it done anymore and I was looking for something more.

There was this adult movie rental/ABS that I passed every day going home from work. Sometimes I would stop in and find a movie to rent or pick up a magazine or two. There was a doorway that went back to some booths that were curtained off and once in a while I would see guys wander through the doorway. I was curious about what was back there but never enough to check it out. But, of course, eventually my curiosity got the better of me. Keep in mind I was totally straight, never even considered being with a guy. The whole concept was completely foreign to me.

I remember it was cold outside, early winter and it was Friday because I was off the next day. I didn’t want to spend another cold night ataköy escort in my crappy apartment alone but really didn’t have anywhere to go. As I approached the ABS on my way home I figured I’d stop in and get a porn for the night and then get a pizza before getting home. I was perusing the movies when I looked over at the doorway. I decided to wander in there just to see what it was about.

It was warm back there. I left my jacket in my car and the store was chilly. The warmth felt good as I pushed a curtain aside and stepped in. It was just a little room, not much more than a closet really. There was a little bench on one side and a TV screen behind some Plexiglas on the other. I took a seat and noticed a coin slot off to the side. I fished out a quarter and dropped it in. There was a muffled “clank” and a movie popped up on the screen. It was just regular porn, nothing spectacular so I just leaned back and stroked my cock through my pants. It was kind of fun to be stroking my cock someplace other than my apartment. After a bit the TV “clank”ed again and the TV shut off. I dropped another quarter in and slid my cock out of my pants. “What the hell”, I thought.

I had just dropped another quarter in the slot when someone poked their head in. It startled ataşehir escort me and I clumsily covered up my cock. I was a little put off when he slipped in and sat next to me. So much for my private room! He was older than me but not by a lot, thin, neatly combed medium length hair, clean shaven. He never spoke, he just started watching the movie with me and rubbing himself through his pants. He even dropped the next quarter. I hadn’t realized it but at some point I had started stroking my cock again. And that’s when he reached over and wrapped his hand around my cock.

I was shocked at first and gasped in surprise! But it felt good to have someone else stroking my cock. It had been too long. “It’s just a handy” I told myself. I tried to relax and enjoy it. I locked my fingers behind my head and sat back. It felt really good. He didn’t miss a stroke when he fished another quarter out of his pocket and leaned across me to drop it in the slot. But he didn’t sit back up. He slid my cock right into his mouth! I froze! I didn’t know what to do. A year earlier I would have freaked out and probably beat the crap out of this guy, but it had been so long…and it really felt good!

I couldn’t have stopped him if I wanted to. He was a noisy cocksucker, fındıkzade escort moaning and slurping on my cock which just made it feel that much better. I put my hand on the back of his head to encourage him. It made him moan and slurp even more!! I was really getting into it and wasn’t even watching the movie anymore. So when the coin box clanked it startled me but he didn’t miss a beat. He must have had quarters in his hand because he lifted his head, reached over and dropped another quarter, and went right back to servicing me.

By now my balls were aching and I just wanted to cum. I grabbed his hair on the back of his head and pulled him back. I stood up and popped my cock right back into his mouth never letting go of his hair. I started fucking his face and he clearly liked it because his moaning and slurping got louder and he reached up and start playing with my balls. It didn’t take long from here. I felt my load creeping up my cock and I exploded in his mouth. It was a huge load that felt like it went on forever. It didn’t phase him. He just kept sucking and swallowing until he completely drained me.

My knees were weak and I fell back into my seat, breathless. It took me a few minutes to gather myself and when I opened my eyes he was gone. Just like that the best cocksucker I had ever met just disappeared. I looked for him out in the store and in the parking lot but didn’t see him anywhere. I stopped in the ABS after that but still never saw him. A few weeks later I hooked up with a really cute girl and my visits to the ABS came to an end. I still Live in the same area. The ABS is long gone but I still look for my anonymous friend.

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