First time with my cousin Part 3


I awoke on Saturday morning with a huge grin. The weekend had arrived, we could spend all day together, rather than coming in from school and squuezing in a couple of hours. As I have every day this week, I woke up spooning my cousin Grace, my cock rock hard inside her. I remembered what I promised her the other day, about me being her “alarm clock” and waking her up with a good fuck.

Damned if the girl didn’t look good. Her perky tits seemed bigger than normal. I lightly brushed her nipples, which immediately stood to attention. As I did this, Grace let out a little moan, and adjusted herself, I felt myself slip deeper inside
I quickened my pace, and started twisting her nipples. Her breathing quickened as I got faster with each thrust. With that her first orgasm of the day hit. Her pussy practically sucked me in further
Her cries filled the whole house, as her juices squirted all over me.
I felt my balls tighten, and with one powerful thrust, I filled her with my cum

Grace slowly sat up and locked her lips against mine.
“Fuck! What a wake up” she said, breaking the kiss

“I told you, I’m your new alarm clock”

“Don’t you mean Alarm COCK!” she giggled

“Aren’t you glad you’re not in the guest room” I replied, as my cock popped out of her pussy

“Yeah, there’s a lot more room in your bed, and we probably wouldn’t have had sex at all”

“You would have had to make do with my toothbrush” I smirked, as I walked to the bathroom

We didn’t bother getting dressed, well why should we? We are the only two people in the house and Grace is horny 24/7, we are always ready to fuck.

After breakfast, we showered together. We were both horny again, I soaped up her petite body, then used the shower head to clean her off.
“mmmmm…put it back on my tits, Mark” Grace sighed

I slowly moved the shower back over her perky tits. She jumped and moaned; each time it passed her hard nipples. I decided to tease her even more by moving down to her thighs.

“Oh fuck Mark” she moaned as I moved the shower from her tits, but she was soon in pleasure again when the jets, lightly caressed her thighs, and pussy lips

“UUUUHH…FUCK… GIVE ME THAT” She gasped, as she reached her hand on top of mine and move the shower directly onto her clit


Her hand and legs started trembling; I knew she was near orgasm, so I turned the power up.

“UUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH…UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA… FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKK” Grace’s knees buckled, as her second orgasm of the day swept over her

I turned the shower off, Grace was now on the floor, her body weak from her powerful orgasm
She looked up at me, smiling and breathing heavily. She reached up and grabbed my cock. I gasped in pleasure as her fingers closed around my shaft. her thumb swirled over the sensitive head of my cock, lubricated by the liberal amount of pre-cum that was already oozing out there

Grace suddenly sat up and took my cock in her mouth. After swirling her tongue around the head a few times, she slowly, so very slowly took the whole thing in until her lips were firmly seated around the very base. She had already showed me she was a cock sucking queen, but this was the best blowjob she had given me. Drawing back, sucking gently in a pulsating manner, then a few rapid jerks then a few tongue swirls around the head, and she started the process over again, using long, drawn out full-length strokes, all the way in her mouth, almost all the way out. She was moving so agonizingly slowly that I could remember each stroke ten times for every time Escort I actually felt it. Every time she sensed me starting to get close, she would simply stop, jerk me a few times, holding my cock gently in her mouth, until I calmed, then she’d start the same tortuous routine over again. It was without a doubt the slowest, gentlest, most incredible blowjob I had ever experienced, and finally, I could take no more.

“GRACE” I panted. “I’M GONNA CUM!”

She let my cock slip from her lips with a soft, wet plop. “Really?,” she asked.

“Yes, really,” I gasped.

“Good,” she smirked and rapidly engulfed my shaft to the root, sucking hard like she used to. That was it, the orgasm seemed to well up all the way from my toes, and I exploded into her mouth with a roar, loosing what seemed like jet after jet of semen. She moaned and swallowed it down as quickly as I could provide it, then held the head of my cock in her mouth, milking the shaft gently with her hand until I was totally spent and beginning to go soft again.

Grace stood up and kissed me, deeply. I could taste the remnants of my own semen in her mouth and didn’t care. I put my hand back on her inner thigh, I slid my palm up the warm, soft skin, higher and higher until my fingers reached her slit, soapy and slick with her juices. She opened her legs wider in invitation, and my nostrils flared at the sweet, musky scent.

I was in no hurry now, and determined to tease her and draw it out. I lightly brushed her pussy lips staying away from the top of her slit and her ,now really sensitive clit, just sliding my fingers up and down. Her hips began to gently rock, and she moaned into my mouth, trying to bring my fingers closer to where she wanted them. Her breath was beginning to quicken. I toyed with the bottom of her slit, which took her over the edge for a third time. I then pressed a slick fingertip lightly against her anus.

You would have thought I had touched her with a hot poker!

“Ah, fuck!” She jumped, breaking the kiss

Her body convulsed once, twice, three times, my wet fingertip slipping into her ass to the first knuckle easily. Her contractions continued to squeeze my finger for several more pulses as she slowly came down from her orgasm. I let my finger slip out of her ass.

“Like that, did you?” I asked.

She reached up and cupped my chin in her hand. “I had no idea that touching my butt hole could feel so good. Oh, Mark… I am going to fuck your brains out today, cousin,” she whispered.
“Any questions?”

I thought about it. “Want to go back to bed?”

“Why? I am fine here,” she replied.

I had to piss like a racehorse. “You get comfy there, I’ll be right back, I really need to piss” I said trying to slide open the shower door, Grace grabbed the handle and pulled it shut.

“Why do you need a bathroom to piss, when I am right here?”

That took me by surprise
“W…what?” I stuttered, still taking in what my cousin had just said

“You heard me” she replied, crouching down on the floor “Piss on me! I tried to get my other boyfriends to do it, but they said it was disgusting”

“Are you sure?”

“For fuck sake YES!” she shouted “Now piss on my tits!”

My eyes took her in hungrily

Her breasts were small, an nice 28B, each tipped with a dark pink areola. Her nipples poked up stiffly like pencil erasers. Her belly had a gentle curving swell to it, and at the base of her belly was a sparse triangle of dark brown hair. Her pussy lips, swollen and puffy, peeked out, and then parted to show a glistening pinkness between them as she spread her legs wider invitingly.
Grace kept bucking her hips towards my cock,

“Fuck Escort Bayan it” I cried, and started pissing

Grace took a deep breath, allowing a pool of piss to form on her stomach. She dipped her finger in it, then sat forward, opened her mouth and directed the flow into her mouth
She hungrily gulped down every drop, until it was a little trickle. She took my cock in her mouth again, and sucked every last drop from me

“Shit, Grace!” I moaned as my cock fell from her mouth “I didn’t know you would drink it”

“Oh, didn’t I mention that!” She giggled, licking her fingers “I love drinking piss as much as I love cum, I drink my own all the time”

“Wow” I was shocked, I knew Grace was a slut, but I never expected to hear that from someone who hates been dirty!

“I want you to bottle your piss for me” she said, climbing to her feet “then I have something to drink while I am here”

“OK… so that’s why you never wanted anything to drink”

“Yeah, when you have brought me a drink, I’ve simply emptied it, pissed in the glass and drank that instead! Bet your never expected that”

I didn’t know what to do, I just lent forward and kissed her. I dipped my head to her tits, sucking and nuzzling each in turn, Grace arching her back to press them deeper into my mouth. I kissed lower, down across her belly, the taste of my piss still strong on her stomach. I finally positioned myself between her legs. Cupping her buttocks, I lifted her slightly. Her smell was intoxicating as I drew her pussy closer to my face, and she gasped as I blew warm air against her damp flesh. I parted her folds with my thumbs and started by flicking just the tip of my tongue against her tightly puckered anus, eliciting a gasp from her as she shelves either side of her hips. Slowly, slowly I let my tongue drag higher, swirling between her labia and savouring the taste of her sweet young pussy. Her hips were beginning to rock as I licked up and down her slit, avoiding her clit entirely but paying a lot of attention to her labia and puckered little rosebud. On every pass by the entrance to her vagina, I drove my tongue in as deeply as I could. I did the same with her anus, probing it with my tongue on every pass.

“Piss on me!” I said “Piss on me, Grace”

“Oh God that feels good,” she gasped, spreading her legs even wider. I suddenly stopped, she groaned in disappointment

“Piss on me, then I’ll carry on” I told her

She strained, then let out a sharp high pitched shriek, as my face was soaked with shower of her sweet golden piss. I done as she had, and drank every drop

“Fuck cuz, I see why you like to drink your piss, it delicious, almost as sweet as your cum. Your bottling your piss for me now”

“See! I said you would like it, Now have I earned my orgasm?”

I positioned myself back between her legs and resumed eating her sweet pussy.

“HOLY SHIT THATS GOOD” she sighed as my tongue swirled up and down her molten core, over and over. Soon her breath was coming in short little pants, and this time on the upward stroke I began to run my tongue around and around and over her clit while sliding a finger, slick with her juices, as deeply into her tightly puckered nether-hole as I could.

“SHIT, DON’T FUCKING STOP…UUUUUUHHHHH FFUUCCKK… OHMYGOD.” and with that she squealed and exploded, her hips bucking wildly, her sphincter spasmodically clamping around my finger, waves of powerful orgasm crashing through her body, her pussy squirting like mad.
While curious about it, I had never, fully experienced anal sex before, but after seeing her reaction, I was eager to try it, and before she could come down from her high, I flipped her over Bayan Escort on her belly and urged her up onto her hands and knees.

She was soaking wet, and the head of my cock was slick with pre-cum. I dragged the head of my cock up between her pussy lips and she started to press back against me, but I had other plans. I guided my shaft to her puckered little backdoor, and with just a little pressure, the head popped into her ass easily.

She gave out a little yelp as my cock popped past her sphincter, and gasped out “Fuck, go easy!”

“Want me to stop?” I asked, silently hoping she’d say no.

“No, no, I want to try it. But your cock is a hell of a lot bigger than your finger. Let me get used to it, it fucking stings”

I remained still, holding her hips, and after a moment she began to push back against me just a little. Another inch of my cock disappeared into her ass. She groaned and clenched down tight on my cock for just a second, then panted, “OK, push it in. SLOW….”

I took a firm grip on her hips and began to slowly push my cock up her ass. She panted and squirmed but didn’t say another word until I was buried to the hilt in her hot, tight little back door, my balls pressed up against her dripping pussy.

“OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY FUCKING GOD” she chanted. “Just hold it there for a minute…and please tell me there isn’t any more to go in!”

“Little more,” I replied.

“FUCK! It’s enough…I’ve never felt so fucking FULL….”

I pulled back, just an inch, and slowly pushed back into her, feeling her ass clenching and releasing on my cock. “How’s that, Grace?”

“Yeah. Do that again,” she replied, and this time I pulled back halfway before starting the slow slide into her rectum, a little bit faster than before. Her entire body was trembling,

“More…oh god, more…” she begged

This time I pulled nearly all the way out, just the head inside of her, then suddenly pushed my cock into her ass, hard and fast going all the way in. She let out a loud keening sound and her hips started to buck against me, not waiting for me, fucking her ass up and down on my cock.

“OH SHIT, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, MARK, FUCK ME!” she cried as we established a rhythm, my cock pounding into her ass in full-length strokes. I slid one hand around and began to rub a fingertip over her clit, and that was all it took to push her over the edge, another orgasm coursing through her body, her juice flowing from her pussy as normal.


She pushed back especially hard, her sphincter tightening, and I couldn’t hold back and joined her in orgasm, shooting my load into the hot depths of her bowels. Exhausted, we both collapsed forward, and I rolled off to one side as she lay on her belly, panting.

After she caught her breath, Grace propped up on one elbow, her fingers toying with the hair on my lower belly just above my groin. “God, I loved that, Mark! I’ve never done that before and had no idea it could feel so good or make me cum so hard…,” her voice kind of trailed off.

“I never tried it either, Grace,” I confessed. “But I sure did like it!”

“Well, um, Mark, like I said, I’d never done that before but, um,” she replied, pausing for a second.
“And you’ve never done it either, um, I want you to, um, feel it to, if you know what I mean”

“Well, I’ve always wanted to take something up my ass, but what will you use?” I truthfully answered

“That’s no problem, I have a strap-on, back at my house, we could walk over later and “try it out” if you like?” Grace seemed excited

“Well…OK” I myself was excited

“YEAH! Thanks Mark, you are going to love this” Grace hugged me, before running to our room to get dressed

“Well this will be fun” I thought, as I followed her to our room

To be continued…

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