First Time


This is my first time trying to write.. All feedback will be appreciated.. This story is fiction but it is about a fantasy of mine.. something I truly want played out in real life..

We met on a singles site. Bi-curious MWM iso Bi MWM to be my first.

You responded and we emailed for a while, then took it to chat and exchanged pics. We seemed like old friends.

I became very comfortable talking to you.. We talked about everything, not just sex. I told you how nervous I was about trying it, and had a plan to help me make it all come to reality.. The plan…….

We would finally meet, house would be empty.. we would sit on the couch just talking and getting comfortable in the presence of each other.. You would be freshly showered.. You will tell me to go shower to get fresh and maybe relax a little.. I get out of shower and come to the living room drying myself off, you come up behind me and blindfold me..

We already know that there will be no bondage,pain, or anything else. The blindfold is for me, so I don’t see everything happening and chicken out, and to heighten my sense of touch/feel to make it more arousing..

I’m shaking from being so nervous, you tell me to relax as you lead me to the bed and have me lay down…

Before your arrival I laid out some massage oil, a wand vibe, bottle of lube,and my dildo I have been using to try and get used to something in me..

I make it to the bed, and you tell me to just lay back, put my hands behind my head and enjoy what’s going to happen. I hear you snap the lid on a bottle, then feel your hands massaging my legs.. you start with my feet, then up to my calves and thighs.. every now and then you let a finger gently brush against my balls, my hardening cock.. then move up to my stomach and chest.. rubbing me.. I breathe in and my breath quivers.. I’m relaxing, I feel movement and then I feel your mouth on my nipples, kissing and licking.. then you move to my neck, chin, cheek. I part my lips and trying to moisten them with my tongue, but I’m so scared that my tongue is dry.. you lightly run your tongue across my lips, I dart my tongue out to meet yours, we finally kiss the first time… you can tell then that I was relaxing and beginning to accept the fact that I am about to be with a man for the first time in my life..

You start running your hands back down my chest, stomach.. then I feel the palm of your hand rubbing my cock, you begin to very lightly stroke me.. I let out a gasp, I feel you move again.. I am waiting to hear the vibe or the bottle of lube snapping shut.. but instead I feel your finger tracing my lips, I open my mouth and you let a finger glide in a little.. I get to lick and suck it only for a moment and you remove it.. teasing me.. you are beginning to stroke me a little tighter and you tease my lips again escort izmit with a finger, I lick quickly, even raise my head up to try and get to your finger.. I hear you giggle at the fact that you are loving the tease..

the stroking has me moaning, I feel you squeeze my cock and then your fingers are rubbing the head.. I can tell by how slippery your hand is moving that you made me drip a lot of pre-cum, you bring your fingers back to my mouth so I can taste my pre-cum.. I lick and suck your finger, and you pull it away again to go back to stroking me.. Your grip gets tighter and I feel your finger on my lips again, and I open my mouth to lick, but its not your finger.. My tongue has met the underside of your cock.. I lick, moving my head side to side, licking you from the head to the base.. then I open my mouth and take your head in.. The first time I ever had a cock in my mouth.. I sit there for a moment with your cock in my mouth. Taking in everything.. Your hard, silky smooth head… the taste.. the smell.. I remove my mouth and lick it again, then I open wide, and wrap my lips around your hard cock and take as much as I can.. you are delicious, I think to myself, “why haven’t I done this sooner”. I begin to move my head back and forth taking your cock in, sucking, licking.. Like I know what I’m doing.. I hear you moan, I feel you move to straddle my head..

then without warning you pull out… I ask what’s wrong.. you just tell me to be quiet, I feel you move again and then I feel that delicious piece of manhood on my chin, I open my mouth and allow you in… I’m sucking as much as I can.. doing what I have seen in the movies.. I feel you lean forward, and more of your cock went in my mouth, touching the back of my throat, I gag a little and you pull back.. but that doesn’t stop me.. I take my hands and place them on your ass, holding you as my mouth is crammed with your dick.. you reach down and remove the blindfold.. I finally get to see your cock up close.. I’m loving every minute of it.. slobbering all over your shaft, teasing your head with my tongue.. getting mouthfuls of pre-cum and drinking every drop… I keep trying and trying to take all of you in.. you are no longer on my chest, you are on your knees and beginning to fuck my mouth.. I keep trying to take you deep, slowly I finally feel your hair on my nose.. you are in my throat.. I pull back and look at you, smiling.. you tell me that you are getting close…

You know from our chats that I want to feel your cum shooting in my mouth and throat.. and also want it deep in my asshole…

So I wrap my mouth around you again, bobbing and sucking, licking and stroking… you start fucking my mouth again, getting faster and faster.. I feel your head get bigger, you cock getting harder.. you are leaking buckets of pre-cum.. you grab my head, not forcing izmit escort me, just holding my head.. I am stroking you faster, I look at you and say, I want to drink your cum.. you moan.. I stroke you with my mouth, finally taking you into my throat and you explode.. I am swallowing as fast as I can.. still sucking you, wanting every drop of your hot cum.. I cant believe what I have become in the last few minutes.. I am a cum slut.. wanting you cum, drinking every drop.. milking every drop from you…

I finally let your cock out of my mouth, and you bend over to kiss me, after a nice long kiss.. You ask me if I was lying when I said I have never done it before…

My head is spinning in the fact that I have waited this long to have a cock.. I cant wait for more..

We get up and go have a smoke.. we talk, touch, rub, stroke… You finish first and go back to the bedroom… I come back and join you on the bed.. we watch a little tv and I reach behind me and give your cock a rub.. You are getting hard again..

You ask me if you can finish the massage you started, I reply with a smile and nod..

You get up and lay a pillow in the middle of the bed, and tell me to lay across it.. I position myself on the pillow with my ass in the air and grab another pillow for my head..

I hear the oil bottle snap open and then feel the stream of oil on my spine and down my crack… you begin to massage my back, shoulders.. then you move down and run your hand between my legs, stroking my cock, massage my balls, and run your fingers over my tight virgin hole..

When I feel you touch my asshole, you noticed my moan I let out and raising my ass to accept more touching… you keep rubbing across my hole, then massage little circles around it.. finally putting the tip of your finger on my ass.. slight pressure… I breath deep.. you grab the lube and drizzle it on my asshole, you have me reach back and spread my cheeks and you drip some lube inside my ass.. your fingers massaging, rubbing, I feel your finger again on my hole.. you begin to put pressure and rubbing in little circles… I move my ass backwards, trying to make my asshole slip around your finger..

You finally get through and I gasp.. You tell me to relax and breathe.. You feel my asshole start to open and you move your finger deeper.. I moan again.. wanting more.. I tell you to lube up my dildo and use it…

My head is buried in the pillow, I feel you reach for the lube… I’m waiting.. on my knees, ass in the air.. you get behind me and I feel more lube being dripped on me.. you finger me some more, you are able to slide your finger in my tight ass with no problem.. you remove your finger, and I am waiting for the dildo, wanting it.. I have spent many nights fucking my ass with that dildo so I know I can handle it.. izmit kendi evi olan escort I feel your rubbing it against my ass, then you stop..

what I feel next was unexpected.. I feel the hot hard head of your incredible cock.. your are rubbing it in circles around my asshole.. you put it on my hole and I feel the pressure.. I rock back, you reach between us and hold your cock.. I push back some more and I feel my ass opening to accept you.. you get the head in and I gasp.. “Oh My God”.. I take a deep relaxing breath, and push back some more.. I feel pain so I stop.. taking deep breaths.. then I begin to rock a little… slipping back on you slowly.. then I push back more.. finally my asshole opens wide and takes all of you.. we sit there.. my head in the pillow, my ass full of your hard cock… I’m excited, and my cock is dripping like crazy.. I begin to rock and I feel you begin to move, you pull out until just the head is in me.. then you slowly push back in.. you keep doing that until my chute is nice and lubed.. open and ready.. you bend over me, I turn and you kiss me.. then I feel you moving again.. faster and harder… you grab my hips and begin to fuck me.. I’m moaning in pleasure.. my head is swimming.. wanting.. no needing your cock.. this is incredible.. never felt so good..

You are pounding my asshole.. I am telling you to fuck me… I move my ass down a bit so you can get a little deeper… I feel your balls slapping mine.. I’m in heaven.. I tell you not to cum in me yet… I ask you to stop.. I want to be on top of you…

you pull out and lay down on the bed.. I straddle your hips… I reach down and grabs your cock, rub it against my asshole, you push right in.. I can’t believe it, I’m riding my first cock, and lovin every thrust…

I climb off and turn around.. facing your feet.. Lower my ass again and you are in.. I’m riding, bouncing, screaming out with pleasure.. at times I wish I had a cock in my mouth as your cock is deep in my ass… you grab my hips, pulling me harder down on you.. that wonderful cock is fucking me like crazy, I can actually feel you start to throb and swell.. I get off of you cock, I lay on my back and lift my legs, you slide deep in me and start giving me everything you got..I’m screaming.. my cock is hard as a rock and I’m about to explode without you even touching me.. you tell me that you’re going to cum in my virgin ass, I scream “yes, give me all of your cum, cum in my tight asshole”

I feel you stiffen then, I feel you begin to cum.. the first spurt splashes inside of my ass, I lay there, just letting you drain your cock in my asshole.. I feel spurt after spurt splashing deep inside of me.. Hot cum deep in my ass…

Your cock is still hard, I begin to rock my hips, milking every drop out of you.. you start slowly fucking me as your cock is slowly going down.. you finally pull out.. your cock is glistening with lube and cum.. I bend over and wrap my mouth around you and clean all over your cum from your cock..

What and incredible first time… I hope we can do this more often…

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