Fishing For Fun


I love getting away from all the city stresses mainly by going for walks in the deep countryside. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Away from the noise and the pressure. As a family we would walk for miles but now, as the kids have grown and moved on, it’s just my wife and me out on these rambles. Normally that is, but this time she was shopping with her sister in the city so I was alone. I’d left the car in the car park, map in hand, and headed into the hills. After a couple of hours, I referred to the map and spotted a small lake on it, maybe another 20 minutes walk away further north. Deciding it was a great place to stop for lunch I headed that way and eventually came through the forest into the clearing where the lake was located. It was a summer’s day. Hot and humid. I took my backpack off and sorted out the food and drink. I also took off my shirt to let the sun’s rays hit me. That left just boots, socks and shorts on. No underwear: well it was a hot day. I settled down to the food and drink and after a while, satiated, I lay down for a quick nap. Sometime later I awoke to the sound of a ‘whoosh’, followed by a ‘plop’, of something hitting water. As I gathered my senses I rose and looked around, and I saw a fisherman sitting nearby. He was hidden by the sunshade umbrella but with all the equipment around him, and the three fish beside him, it was obvious what he was doing. So being friendly I walked around the huge umbrella to say my greetings. Then I Maltepe Escort saw him. Sitting there on the lakeside grassy knoll, beer can beside him, fishing rod in hand. And naked! Well not quite fully nude as he was wearing walking boots and socks like me but not a stitch more. He saw me and without embarrassment caught my eye and smiled. “Hi there,” he said, totally unabashed. “Oh, er, em, sorry. I’m very sorry,” I muttered and turned to leave. “Wait,” he responded “Stay and have a beer. I don’t mind me if you don’t mind me. Besides, you have just about the same clothing on as me apart from those shorts and a pair of briefs.” I laughed, “No briefs,” I replied “It’s a hot day and I love to be free.” He simply moaned loudly! I sat down beside him and took the offered can. We chatted for a while about this and that as he fished. After a while he explained that he loved being nude, more or less any chance he could get. And he thought that in the open air was best. In reply I told him that I also love being naked when I could but that normally means on holiday, on nude beaches, as I don’t get much chance to strip off for periods of time at home. We chatted about the freedom and benefits of no clothes, the morality of it and the sights you can see when unclothed bodies are on display. As we chatted the talk turned more to ‘virtual’ sex with those imaginary naked people we yakked about. Male and female. Young and old. All colours. All shapes and Maltepe Escort Bayan sizes. After a while of this uninhibited chat, he suggested, “Why not drop those shorts buddy and swing free like me?” as the talk got hornier and more detailed. As he spoke he glanced down at his own cock. So having had a couple of beers by now, and losing my natural shyness, I stood up and removed my shorts. Apart from my boots and socks I was now naked in the open outdoors, free to be spotted by anyone around. From his sitting position he looked me up and down and said, “That’s better bud. So much more a natural freedom, just the way man should be.” I suddenly became conscious that my cock was growing bigger, as blood pumped through the veins to my shaft and cock head. The talk had already turned me on such that as I removed my shorts I was already semi-hard but I hoped it would deflate. As soon as he looked at me it started growing and hardening even more. I turned and quickly sat down again trying to hide my manhood and I, no doubt, blushed. “It’s a natural reaction to the talk buddy,” he laughed, “So don’t be embarrassed. Look at my cock.” The way he had been sitting behind his fishing equipment had previously half hidden his hips and groin area so that I had not seen his cock apart from stolen glances earlier. Now as he revealed it to me, it was fully swollen and engorged with blood. “By the way, I’m Mark,” I told him. “Bill,” he replied, “And I fish Escort Maltepe for fun!” We shook hands. It was quite surreal, two naked guys, both with stiff, hard, cocks, in the open countryside, shaking hands and introducing themselves. I smiled at him, “Nice rod and twin reels,” I recall saying as I looked at his groin. Bill laughed loudly, “Your rod is no small beginners one. And it’s good to see that it extends to a good man-sized, useful, length pole. Do you handle it much?” he enquired. “Ha ha!” I chortled “Yeah quite often and normally with good results cumming from it.” “Do you often let other men borrow your rod?” he asked. Suddenly the sexual tension was out. I knew exactly what he meant. I hadn’t said but I am bi-sexual having dabbled with men a few times before I married and the last time being around six years ago. “Yes,” I slowly answered as I rolled over onto my back “But only with a guy who knows how to handle a staff.” I smiled at him. “Well I have experience and can handle any type and size as you can see.” And with that he took his fishing rod between his legs and seductively stroked it up and down as if jerking off. We both laughed and that eased the situation. Bill sat on his rug and I lay back, leaning up slightly on my elbows. We chatted more and we talked about our home lives and our wives. And our sex lives. Or, in my case, the lack of it. I started to feel tired with the sun beating down on my nakedness, the humidity and the beer, all having effects. So I lay down, flat on my back and started drifting into the twilight of sleep. However I was startled out of my peace by the feel of a cold, wet, cream hitting my cock and balls. I sharply sat up, leaning on my elbows, to see Bill kneeling beside me pouring sun tan lotion over my genitals.

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