For the Love of God Ch. 01


The life of Matthew, a devoted Christian man, is turned upside down when he finds out that his own step-son engages in homosexual deviant activities! The poor Jacob is addicted to cocks. Now, Matthew has to find a way to save his step-son as well as his family’s reputation! No matter the cost.

The story, names, and places are entirely fictional. All characters featured are above 18. Enjoy.



Chapter 1: For the love of cocks

Lord, I am a sinner. I must confess.

Although this will not justify any of my actions, I think I should explain how I ended up doing the devious things I will describe later on in this story. I am no longer hoping for salvation, but maybe, for some sort of understanding.

Certainly, I had played with fire when I married a woman who had once belonged to another man. I should have found myself a pure virgin woman, things would have been much easier, but Mary was a widow. She had lost her husband so young.

Her twins needed a male figure to look up to while growing up! I was doing the right thing marrying her. Or so I thought.

During their early years, the two boys had to grow up without a father. Looking back at it, I am sure that the absence of an authority figure has played a big part in the filthy behaviours the twins would showcase later on.

But back then, marrying Mary could not have been a mistake! She was such a fervent Christian woman. I promise, I was convinced that I was doing the Lord’s work, recreating a family for her. She was not a divorced woman after all. The Church allowed her to remarry. Aaron and Jacob were such good kids as well.

What did I miss?

Sure, we had some issued with Aaron. That day Mary caught him with one of the neighbours’ girl, I thought she was going to have an stroke. Aaron was 18 but we had no idea that he was dating someone.

Mary was so afraid of what the other parents would think! We had a good reputation to maintain in our neighbourhood.

Aaron had always been the little trouble maker. I found a cigarette in his bedroom when he was fifteen, he was late every Sunday’s morning while we were all ready for church… Lately, Mary had given up on the idea that his son would wait until marriage to lose his virginity but she had asked him to wait at least until he would leave the house and would be committed in a serious relationship.

But the kid could not fight his cravings for beautiful young women! His level of testosterone influenced him way more than the words of God at that age. We did try, as much as we could, to get him on the right path.

Aaron and his twin brother would be going off for college soon, there, only God would judge them (and not the entire Christian community of our little town).

“Matthew, I am telling you, if some of these girls end up… oh, I cannot even say it.”

“Pregnant?” I asked, provoking Mary with a small grin.

I tried to make light of certain situation sometimes, to calm my wife’s nerves. I think this is part of my husband’s job. However, that day, she did not want any of it.

“Don’t even joke about that!”

“What do you want us to do? Should we really advise him to use contraception methods?”

“Of course, not! We cannot encourage this behaviour by handing him condoms. I just wish the Good Lord would be merciful and help him control his urges!”

“I can try to talk with him again, I was a teenager once.”

“I feel like we have tried everything. Where did we fail, Matthew?”

I took her in my arms. I reassured her. Aaron was still a great kid.

What really helped was the part where I mentioned that the problem was coming from the neighbour’s girl. She had been caught with another boy earlier that same year. She was the one to blame, tempting a horny teenager.

Eve had been the one who could not resist the apple, Adam was just there to suffer the consequences. In short Bible terms: the woman was always responsible.

Mary thought that I was right and she relaxed a bit. Luckily, if anyone found out about Aaron and Maryssa hooking up, the girl would surely take most of the heat.

And Aaron was not that young anymore, we could not control his faith or his way of life, although, as long as the twin boys were living under our roof, any of their action would directly reflect on us and we had all rights to establish our own rules.

In the end, Mary just prayed for his boy, asking God to show him the right way.

Maybe she should have used some of her prayers on the other twin, but she had no idea that he needed them way more. Jacob was such an angel, surely in the eyes of his mother, but in the eyes of the whole community as well.

Top of his class, star of his highschool swimming team (while his twin brother was quarterback in the football team), but always humble, polite, and helpful. He was mowing the lawns of the older women in our street without asking anything in return, he was working at the church on most Sundays, he was always taking pride in his faith even when it meant arguing with his schoolmates.

I Kartal Escort met Mary when the boys were only 8 and in the ten years that followed, I never once had to worry about Jacob.

That was until that fateful day of March.

I was able to get off work early that day. I am working a boring office job at a factory which makes heavy industrial freezers for restaurants and hotels. Yes, those have to be manufactured somewhere.

Before I got the job, a girl was doing it but she had had enough of the 100% masculine energy there. We were a little less than forty on site but we were all men: the boss, Mr. Johnson, three guys working in the offices, myself included, and about thirty factory workers, most of them young guys who could not afford to go to college, or who had dropped out.

This guy, Martin, for example: he thought it was a good idea to drop out college and try his luck on some reality tv-shows in Los Angeles. He participated in a ludicrous show — borderline pornographic if you want my opinion — only to end-up hiding here in the countryside, going back to work in a factory.

You do not stay many years in a job so demanding, the boys are breaking their backs holding those huge pieces of metal. Thankfully, most of them have broad shoulders but still, I was better off isolated in my sad grey office, especially as I was not very comfortable with the locker-room type of banters and the calendars of naked girls displayed pretty much everywhere-else on site.

Anyway, because of a delay in one of the deliveries, most guys had been sent home and the boss eventually told me I could leave before my usual 6pm. I thought I would come back straight home but I then saw this as an opportunity to surprise Jacob. The day before, he had ranked top of his class in a math competition between several schools of our district.

It was a Thursday and he was normally finishing up his swimming practice at around 5:30. Jacob usually was going to school and returning home riding his bike, as Mary was busy at the hospital (she works as a nurse) and I was at the factory.

My trunk was large enough to put his bike in so I thought I would save him the trip and bring him to a nice ice-cream place we both loved.

Proud of my plan to reward our little angel, I parked in front of the swimming pool facilities near the school. I was surprised that there was basically no other car there and it was not even 5:30 yet. Maybe they had finished early that day? Jacob was still there though; I saw his yellow bike.

If only I had not seen it, maybe I would have driven back home. My life would be so different now!

But I did see the bike and I went into the facilities. Everything was opened, the lights were on, but the building seemed empty. Was he finishing changing in the locker-room?

Jacob was in the locker-room indeed. But he was not changing.

When I opened the door, my heart fell in my stomach, the floor disappeared below my feet. I had never experienced such a shock in my life. My sweet angel, Jacob, was naked, on his knees, in front of Coach Hamilton.

I did not even realize what he was doing at first. My brain could not fathom what was going on! But then, there was no doubt.

The big hard throbbing cock of the Coach was being pulled away from Jacob’s wide opened mouth. Not even in pictures or in videos, I had seen such a devious thing!

Coach Hamilton caught me looking as he was getting his dripping cock out of my boy’s throat. His eyes widened in panic.

I had to put my hands against the wall beside me not to fall down.

The Coach took several steps back and tripped over a bench, his still hard dick bouncing up in the air. That was when Jacob turned around. Oh damn, his mouth was drooling with a white substance, whatever it might have been.

“J… J… Jacob.” I stammered while aimlessly walking away.

“Dad….” He mumbled. He had an expression of terror on his face. His blue eyes were already filling up with tears.

I was getting to the door, I needed air. I ran back to my car.

Millions of thoughts were running through my mind, the first of which being: this is going to kill Mary. Her boy, engaging in the most deviant activities with his swimming Coach! Good Lord, that man was my age, 43! How could he do such an atrocious thing to an 18 years old kid?

I sat down in my car, shaking, as I was contemplating my next moves.

I had just decided to go punch this pervert who had forced himself on my sweet boy when I realized that Jacob was at my window. His face was red, his blond hair was wet, he seemed overwhelmed.

I opened the door of the car.

“Jacob… This man! This monster! What did he do to you! This is….”

“Dad, please calm down.”

“Calm down?”

He looked behind him, checking if the pervert was not coming on the parking lot. He would not dare! I had never been violent but this was an abomination! I was ready to kill the man who had violated my innocent boy.

“Dad, I… I’m sorry. I did not want you to find out Kartal Escort Bayan this way.”

“Jacob, we have to call the police! Wait… finding out this way? What are you saying?”

“I mean… What I do with the coach… I wish you would have found out differently…”

I cut him off.

“Jake, that man is a pervert! He has made you do these things! He forced himself on you, we have to get the authority involved, I know this will be difficult for you but…”

“He did not, dad.”

I could not hear what he was saying though. I kept going on and on about how we would get that freak in prison, how we needed to protect the other athletes. To stop me at some point, Jacob had to yell in the middle of the parking lot:


My jaw dropped. I was trembling, still sitting in my car in the empty parking-lot.

“Get in the car.” I finally said, without looking at my step-son.

I was not mad at him; I was scared shitless for him and for our family. The wrath of God. The wrath of his mother. I could not say which one would be worse.

“My bike…”

“Go get it, just put it in the trunk.”

Those few minutes gave me some time to ponder but I could not gather my thoughts properly. When Jacob finally got in the car, I repeated:

“My boy, what the Coach made you do there, it is not okay.”

“Dad, I told you! It’s not him… I… I wanted this.”

“Jacob, he made you think that you wanted this! He took advantage of your naivety, your hormones. I was your age; I know what it is. I made mistakes too. But this is not what you want, this is not who you are. That awful pervert corrupted you and he needs to pay for his sins!”

“Look at me.” Jacob spoke in a tone that I did not know of him. He was very serious. He sounded very mature.

I obliged, still trembling a little. He had a very sterned but determined look on his face. He seemed so much older at that moment.

“I love cocks, dad.” He finally said.

Another shock. He did not say, “I am gay”, he did not say, “I am confused”. Firmly, and looking right in my eyes, he had said: “I love cocks.”

“Jake…” I put my hand on his innocent cheek, forgetting where they have been a few minutes prior. “You’re 18, you’re lost…”

“I’m not. I’ve known it a long time…”

“Coach Hamilton had told you things! He must have…”

“Jesus, dad! Listen to what I am saying! I asked Coach Hamilton to suck his dick. I have been wanting to blow him for months!”

I slapped him. I had never slapped anyone in my life, even less so my children, well, step-children. But I snapped.

Tears filled Jacob’s eyes once again. I was about to cry too. But how could he have said something so wrong, so vile!?

“I’m sorry Jake. I… I did not want to, but…”

“No, I get it dad, I’m a perv. I’m a faggot! You can hit me but that’s just what I am.”

“Jacob, I am begging you, please don’t say such things about yourself. Please.”

In a small voice, he asked:

“Do you still love me?”

Now, tears were falling from my own eyes. I took him in my arms.

“Of course, I still love you. Now and always. This will never change.”

We stopped talking for a while. I thought about what the Church was saying on homosexuality. We were supposed to love our children no matter what, but we were also supposed to put them back on the right path.

Dear Lord, what should I have done? Leaving my son there, at the mercy of this disgusting Coach? Hit him? Should I have just accepted him as he was telling me, in his own way, that he was a homosexual?

I kept at looking at the swimming pool entrance, I wanted and at the same time not wanted to see the Coach coming out these doors, but the pervert was hiding. Jacob could say what he wanted; I was still convinced that this authority figure had messed with my step-son’s brain.

I finally decided to turn on the car, but I could not drive home.

We drove around without any particular place to go for about twenty minutes, in complete silence. Then, I parked again at a more isolated place, near the forest which was dominating our small town. It was a dead-end, that suited the moment.

“Your mother cannot know about this.” I finally said.

“I know… It would destroy her.”

I sighed.

“Yes, it would.”

I should probably not have said that but it was the simple truth, we both knew it. Mary had always put her faith first and lived her life in compliance with Christian traditional values. Despite being a nurse, she had quite a literal interpretation of the Bible and the saint scriptures. Her own son engaging with men? That would kill her!

“When did it start?” I asked.

“Only a few weeks ago.”

“Nobody knows? Your brother?”

“Aaron does not know. Well, I don’t think so. He would not tell on me anyway.”

I sighed again. I hoped that he was right.

“The Coach is still in the wrong, even if you consented to this. You do realize that?”

“Maybe… But I did ask for it. He was Escort Kartal resistant at first but I wanted it so bad…”

“For the Love of God! Jacob, please, stop saying such things!”

“I’m sorry, dad.”

As nerve wracking as this was, I tried to collect myself. I was the adult there and I had to come up with a solution.

“Do not apologize, you are right, I should know the full truth. Then, we can see what to do about it. I mean, the Coach is married, he won’t tell anyone what happened. He would lose his family, his job, his reputation. Besides him, only you and I know what happened there. Right? It was a mistake. There is no need to make a big deal out of this.”

“Dad… I….”

He had more to say but the words would not come out.

“Why though? How did you come to that? Pornography? Gay friends? Damn, those sex education classes! I thought your mother and I set up a good example for you, boys.”

“None of that… I just sort of always knew… And older guys like the Coach, it’s just so tempting…”

I cut him off, suddenly taken by an immense fear.

“Older guys? Like in plural?”

“Dad… Please, try to understand.”

“Jacob! Guys?! What are you trying to say? Coach Hamilton is not the only one?”

“No, he is not, but they are all married! I swear, so nobody will babble out!”

Again, I was stunned. As I was adjusting to the news, it was only getting worse and worse!

“Married men! You think that makes it better? I thought this sort of things would only happen in those depraved movies. Jesus! This is a nightmare. Have you thought about your mother? Your family?”

“I know this is not right, but it’s like an addiction!” Probably noticing the horror on my face, he added: “But I’m very careful to keep it on the downlow! I promise.”

“Oh yes, sure! I fucking caught you by opening a locker-room door! What a way to be discreet!” I snapped again.

I was only realizing the scale of Jacob’s lies.

He was constantly coming late from swimming practice. The official papers said the trainings were taking place between 3 and 5 but most of the times, he would come back home at 6pm. Mary and I were so proud of him for his commitment, spending the extra-time at practice. We had both planned to go see him at his competition the next Saturday. But all of this time… what he was doing staying there late… Depraved and disgusted things.

“Jacob, for weeks you have been sucking your swimming coach’s cock, lying to your mother and I! And now, you are saying that there were other married men… This is…”

I stopped talking, not wanting to say anything that I would regret.

“I swear, dad, I tried to stop but, in the end, it’s like I cannot control it. I just have to get some…”

This time, he stopped himself before saying something which would be too hard for me to hear. I completed his sentence in my head anyway. He just had to get some dicks, some big married men’s cocks in his mouth! Like the dirty dripping Coach’s shaft which had been buried in his throat that very afternoon!

“But where do you find those men?” A crazy thought went through my mind.

“Don’t tell me there are some people of the church involved?”

“I won’t tell you. I won’t violate the confidentiality.”

I hit the wheel with my fist a couple of times, unvoluntary honking.

“Those fucking pervs!” I yelled.

“They just want to take some pressure off…”

“Jacob, please, stop defending them! This is the worst of the sins! Cheating on their wives with a young boy! Sodomy!”

“It’s not like that. And I’m not that young anymore! I’m an adult. You told it yourself before, we don’t have to make a big deal out of this!”

I did say that but I thought the Coach had somehow tricked him, that it had happened a handful of times, but now the problem seemed way bigger. This was a huge deal! No pun intended.

“Look, Jacob.” I put my hand on his thigh. “I am sure we can find some way to get you therapy. There are centres which treat this kind of deviance. You just said it, it’s like an addiction, a craving. You know that is unhealthy but Lord has mercy on the sinners who sincerely search for repentance.”

“I have already tried. I went on every forum to get some help, anonymously of course. I tried to sober myself up. But I always go back…”

“Wait… are you saying that even after this, you still intend to go look for older men’s… dicks?”

He looked at his thighs. I was still holding him.

“I don’t want to lie to you, dad.” He mumbled.

“Jacob, I forbid you to do so! You hear me! I forbid you!”

“You’ll have to tie me up to my bed!” He snapped back at me.

“Well, maybe I will if this is what it takes! There is no way I am letting you seeking other men’s cocks ever again! I’ll put chains around your legs if necessary!”

“Sure, I cannot wait to see how you will explain this to mom!”

“God, Jacob, don’t say that! You know she would be devastated!”

He calmed down a bit. I did too. We both shared a great love for his mother and the last thing we wanted was to hurt her.

“I know, daddy… I know… This is why I tried to be safe. Can we just pretend that you don’t know? I’ll be extra careful for the next few months, and then, I’ll be up to college so it will be even easier to hide it.”

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