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Subject: Forrester’s Secret Dungeon This is a fanfiction story with the characters Eric Forrester (John McCook), Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor), Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) and John “Finn” Finnigan (Tanner Novlan) This story says nothing about the actors’ sexual references; it’s just fiction. Copyrights © CBS BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL ********************************* At Forrester Creations Liam and Wyatt are down in the basement. “Thanks bro for helping me find the boxes Hope needed” Liam says. “No problem, that way I can use these big guns again” Wyatt teases and flaunts his biceps that are visible in his t-shirt. Liam moves some boxes and suddenly notices a door behind them “What is this, did you know there is a door?” Liam asks Wyatt. “No” Wyatt replies. Liam and Wyatt are curious, Wyatt opens the door and both brothers go down a stairway coming down in some kind of dungeon. “Wow, what is this?” Wyatt reacts. Liam walks around “Dude, this seems like a sex dungeon” Liam realizes. “No way, it can’t be” Wyatt says. “Dude, look around you” Liam says. “It can’t be that Eric or Ridge would allow to have a sex dungeon down here” Wyatt replies. Wyatt and Liam look around and someone comes out of the shadow and suddenly chloroforms Liam from behind and he falls to the ground. Wyatt has no clue and looks around “This is so strange don’t you think?” he asks but doesn’t get any response from his brother, he looks over his shoulder and notices Liam laying on the ground. Wyatt runs towards Liam “Liam” Hello” Wyatt tries to wake Liam up “Wake up” Suddenly Wyatt also gets chloroformed and drops to the ground. 30 minutes later A gloved hand puts smelling salts in front of Liam’s nose. Liam slowly wakes up while Wyatt also gets some smelling salts in front of his nose to wake him up. “What’s going on?” a confused Liam asks, slowly trying to get his eyes open. Wyatt also slowly opens his eyes but they can’t see anything, there is only complete darkness The boys feel their legs are up in the air “What the hell, why are my legs up in the air?” Wyatt asks. “Dude we are naked” Liam says realizing. “Oh my gawd” Wyatt says and looks left where he heard Liam’s voice,, but he can’t see him. Liam turns right to look at Wyatt but can’t see him either, they don’t see each other, they only feel their legs hanging up and being cold from laying there naked. They suddenly hear a groggy sound. “Who is there?” Liam and Wyatt hear asking from a familiar voice. “Finn?” Liam and Wyatt reply together, surprised to hear Finn. Liam and Wyatt realize Finn lays next to them, then suddenly a bright light above them switches on, they need a moment to adjust to the light, then they look around. The boys look up and see their legs up in the air in chains, they see their bare feet and look further down, realizing their clothes are indeed off and it’s getting clear to them they are really naked. “Liam” Finn says looking at Liam and then turns his head “Wyatt” he’s confused about what happened and how he ended up here and why he’s naked. The guys feel ashamed and want to hide their cocks but they realize their wrists are tied up as well above their heads to the wooden bench they are laying on. “Hello, let us go” “Is someone there?” Liam asks. The guys don’t get any answer but someone is watching them from the side in the dark and walks over to them, he walks towards Wyatt coming up close. “Wow, who’s there?” Wyatt asks, shocked to feel someone up close. “What’s wrong?” Liam asks. “There is someone close to my ass” Wyatt says, freaking out. Wyatt feels a few fingers against his hole and then being taken away. Then Finn tenses up “Yeah I feel it to” Then Liam feels it as well “Wow, who is there?” “I think someone lubed our holes” Finn says shocked. “Oh gawd no” Wyatt says, realizing what’s about to happen. Before he knows it he suddenly feels his legs being held and only sees gloved hands, he starts to feel a pressure at his hole “No, no no, please don’t” Wyatt says, feeling his hole being penetrated. A big dick goes inside Wyatt. Wyatt tenses up, feeling a huge cock entering him slowly, then the cock gets taken out, the gloved hands grab Finn’s legs and Finn tenses up, feeling that huge cock entering him now. “Oh fuck, that’s big” Finn reacts with his whole body being flexed, in contrast to Wyatt, Finn almost seems to like it, to his own surprise. He suddenly feels the cock leaving his ass. Liam sees the gloved hands grabbing his legs and feels a huge cock entering him now “Oh shit” he reacts, feeling it slowly coming all the way inside him. Just like Wyatt and Finn Liam gets fucked for a little while before the dick exits Liam’s ass. “Those are some great asses boys” they hear a familiar face saying. They can hardly see who it is with the bright spot light above them, then Wyatt’s legs get spread apart and the man that captured them appears between Wyatt’s legs. “No way, Carter” all 3 guys say in shock. Carter takes off the gloves he was wearing “Hello boys” he says with his big smile, showing his white teeth. “What is this?” Wyatt says in shock. “What does it look like, this is me going to fuck the three of you” Carter explains. “Please Carter, don’t do this” Wyatt begs. The other 2 guys are quiet, just surprised it is Carter who chained them up like this. “I see you don’t mind” Carter says looking down at Wyatt’s hard cock standing straight up from the moment he entered Wyatt. “No, it’s not what you think, I am not excited” Wyatt fumes. “It’s not how your dick reacts, but let’s see” Carter says. “Let’s see what?” Wyatt asks, but just when he asks he feels what Carter ment, he feels Carter coming inside him, now faster than the first time. Carter’s big dick penetrates Wyatt’s sphincter, stretching it wide open. “Oh fuck” Wyatt reacts. “Oh that’s certainly happening stud” Carter says looking down at Wyatt, laying his hands on Wyatt’s waist to hold on he starts fucking Wyatt. Finn and Liam look and see how Carter is fucking Wyatt. “Mmmmm…. no…. mmmm” Wyatt moans. “I see how you and your cock are reacting, you’re enjoying it” Carter says grinningly, fucking Wyatt really hard. “No, I can’t handle it, it’s so big, I’m not a bottomer” Wyatt insists. “But you’re doing it so well” Carter says, pounding Wyatt hard. Then suddenly Carter stops and walks over to Finn “Now it’s your turn” Finn is afraid but also excited by how Carter just said that. Carter spreads Finn’s legs bursa escort and presses his cock against Finn’s hole. Finn feels Carter pushing his cock inside him, hanging over him, holding his waist. Wyatt lays next to Finn, all tired while Liam watches in shock at Finn being taken by Carter. Finn’s whole body flexes, his abs showing well and his cock gets rock hard from getting penetrated by that huge cock. When Carter is balls deep inside Finn he starts to fuck the stud. “Oh so big” Finn says. “So tight” Carter says excitedly, holding Finn’s waist and starting to fuck him rough and hard. “Oh…. mmmmmm” Finn moans. “Your turn is coming soon” Carter says, looking at Liam. Liam looks in horror at how Finn is being fucked, knowing he’s next. Like a wild beast Carter fucks Finn who moves back and forth on the bench he’s tied up on. Finn’s legs shake in the air, being taken wild by Carter. Then Carter stops and comes out of Finn and walks over to Liam, spreading his legs “Now it’s your turn” he says, getting between Liam’s legs and hanging above him. Carter grabs Liam by his waist and starts pressing his big cock inside Liam, first slow but then rams it inside, stretching out Liam’s sphincter in a rough way. “FUCK!” Liam screams when Carter rams his cock inside him. Liam moans loudly, feeling that big cock starting to fuck him right away. Carter grins “Nice, a real moaner” Liam obviously moans louder than Wyatt and Finn, feeling that big cock pounding him hard. “That’s it take my cock” Carter cheers, fucking Liam hard. Finn and Wyatt are surprised by Liam moaning that loud. “You like it don’t you?” Carter asks. “Yes…. mmmm yes” Liam suddenly says. Wyatt and Finn’s eyes go wide, did they just hear it right, Liam saying he likes being fucked. Carter lays his hand on Liam’s throat and squeezes a little “Beg for more boy” “Please fuck me, give it to me” Liam says out loud. “Wow bro” Wyatt says. “Are you enjoying it?” Finn asks. “You can hear it boys, he really enjoys it” Carter says grinning and suddenly stops and exits Liam. Liam catches his breath, almost sounding disappointed when Carter exits him. Carter looks at the boys, seeing their cocks standing straight up from fucking them just now. “I see you all are enjoying it” Carter says, rubbing his hands to each of the boy’s asses, walking from left to right, figuring who he should fuck again. Liam, Wyatt and Finn are surprised about how much the others enjoy but shocked they enjoy it so much as well, looking at their hard cocks. “Let’s take a turn on you again” Carter says and grabs Finn’s legs, ramming his cock inside Finn again. “Oh gawd” Finn shouts out, feeling Carter’s big cock ramming inside him. “What a nice ripped body” Carter says, rubbing his hands over Finn’s abs up over his stomach to his pecs. Finn’s cock is twitching from excitement from being felt up by Carter and feeling Carter fucking him deep. Both Liam and Wyatt strangely get turned on by hearing Finn moan. “Now I’ll ake you again” Carter says, looking at Wyatt. Wyatt looks shocked and sees Carter exiting Finn and coming between his legs again, ramming his cock inside Wyatt’s ass and starting to fuck him. “OH FUCKING HELL” Wyatt shouts out. Wyatt grunts and bites his teeth, trying to not show any pleasure, hoping Carter will stop. Carter notices Wyatt is holding his eyes closed and grabs him by his chin “Look at me while I fuck you” Wyatt looks at Carter, he looks down and sees his cock being rock hard, rubbing against Carter’s abs. “I can tell your whole body is enjoying this” Carter says. “No, no, I’m not, please stop” Wyatt says. “Don’t lie to me boy” Carter says, holding his dick deep inside, his balls against Wyatt’s ass and looking down at Wyatt’s cock “I can see you’re rock hard because of this.” “Okay fine, I am, how long will this take?” Wyatt says angrily. “Don’t take that tone with me” Carter warns Wyatt, grabbing him by his cock. “Okay, okay I am sorry” Wyatt says, shocked seeing the anger on Carter’s face. “I’ll fuck you all til you have cum for me” Carter explains. The boys are shocked. “I’ll fuck you till you cum” Carter says. The guys realize this can take awhile. Carter gives Wyatt a few more hard poundings then he exits and walks back and forth, touching their asses, thinking who he should fuck next. He stops at Finn and enters him again “Damn such a nice tight ass” Finn feels that big cock deep inside him again. “You like it don’t you?” Carter asks, looking down at Finn. Finn lays on the bench moaning, looking up at Carter and nods yes. Carter starts to have a big smile from ear to ear and starts pounding Finn “Well, take this then” Finn moves back and forth on the bench, getting pounded hard by Carter. Carter stops and moves over to Liam to enter him again. “FUCK” Liam screams and Carter starts pounding Liam hard right away. All 3 studs lay tied up on the bench, all sweaty and getting fucked in different order by Carter for a while, he pounds the boys over and over, taking turns on them. “Hello is someone downstairs?” someone calls out from the stairs. “You better all keep quiet” Carter warns them. Footsteps come down from the stairs. Carter hides and grabs the chloroform and a cloth. Someone comes down and sees Liam, Finn and Wyatt naked on a wooden bench, with their legs up in the air. The guys can’t see who it is but they know someone else is there. It’s Ridge who has come down but before Ridge can say or act he gets chloroformed by Carter and he drops to the floor. “Ridge?” comes from upstairs “Have you found something?” is being asked. Ridge cannot respond because he’s out cold on the floor, the person comes down from the stairs and sees Ridge lying unconscious on the floor. The person walks over to Ridge, he looks up and sees three naked guys on the bench realizing its Liam, Finn and Wyatt but before he can act he gets chloroformed as well by Carter. Eric drops to the floor next to Ridge. “Damn this is getting kinda crowded but I think I can figure something out” Carter says with a big grin on his face. 30 minutes later Carter is still taking turns on the guys, fucking them while Eric and Ridge are all tied up on leather chairs. Ridge looks up and sees Carter in front of him, fucking Liam who is making loud moaning sounds, he looks to the side and notices his dad, Eric, also tied up and notices he’s naked, then Ridge realizes he’s naked as well, looking down at his soft cock between his legs. Eric wakes up as well, he hears Liam escort bayan almost screaming out from getting fucked by Carter, he notices Carter exiting Liam and walking over to Wyatt. Eric looks around and sees Ridge next to him, tied up on a leather chair, naked, then he realizes he’s naked as well. Carter looks over his shoulder and notices the two men have woken up “You both finally woke up, now the fun can really start” he says. “Carter what is this?” Ridge says. “Let us go this instant” Eric demands. “Just enjoy the show” Carter says and walks over to Finn and starts fucking him. Eric and Ridge watch how he fucks Finn, strangely it turns them on and they see their dicks getting hard between their legs. Carter looks over his shoulder and sees the two men getting turned on. “I think this will make them rock hard” he says, walking over to Liam and ramming his dick inside the stud. Liam screams and moans, feeling Carter’s dick back inside him. “Yes scream, let them hear how much you’re enjoying my cock inside you” Carter says, fucking Liam hard and rough. The sound of Liam screaming and moaning in pleasure turns Eric and Ridge on. “Tell me how much you love my cock” Carter instructs. “Fuck man, yeah, I love it” Liam reacts. “What do you love, boy?” Carter asks. “You’re cock deep inside me” Liam replies. “Yes, tell everyone how much you like it” “I love that big cock inside my ass” Liam says. Eric and Ridge are rock hard now, hearing Liam say how much he likes it during the moaning. “Time for the main act” Carter says and stops fucking Liam. All the men are confused about what Carter has in store. Carter gets Finn loose from the bench and from the chains, he walks Finn over to Ridge “Turn around with your back towards Ridge” Carter instructs. Carter chains Finn’s legs to Ridge’s legs “Stay put” he instructs and walks over to Wyatt. Wyatt gets unchained and brought to Eric, also his legs chained to Eric’s, with his back towards Eric. “Okay boys, sit down on those cocks” Carter instructs. “WHAT” Wyatt shouts in shock. Finn is surprised as well and hesitates for a moment. “Do it” Carter commands. Finn does what’s told to him and lowers himself slowly on Ridge’s cock, letting it penetrate him. Ridge moans, feeling his dick going inside Finn’s tight hole. Both moaning and grunting. “Now you” Carter says looking at Wyatt. “No way” Wyatt replies, crossing his arms. Carter walks over to Wyatt and grabs him by his arm “Down I said” and pushes Wyatt down on Eric’s cock. “Fuck, this is crazy” Wyatt says “Now take that whole cock inside you just like Finn did” Carter instructs. “But this one is much bigger” Wyatt whines. “Just makes it better” Carter teases and pushes on Wyatt’s shoulder signaling him to go further down on Eric’s dick. Wyatt gets Eric’s entire cock balls deep inside his ass. “Fuck” Wyatt cries out for a moment. “Don’t pretend you don’t like it” Carter says, looking at Wyatt’s rock hard dick and giving it a stroke “That thing is rock hard, you’re enjoying it” Carter chaines Wyatt’s and Finn’s wrists to their tops, Eric and Ridge’s wrists. “Now you two can fuck while I fuck that hot bottom over there” Carter says looking at Liam with a big grin on his face and walking over to him “Let’s have some real fun” Liam gets untied from the wooden bench and his legs are being freed, he has to stand up but is wobbly from hanging in the air for a while and being fucked by Carter. Carter suddenly grabs Liam over his shoulder and brings him to a different table, a metal table that is screwed to the floor and the countertop has leather. Carter throws Liam on it and grabs a chain hanging in the air, chaining Liam’s legs up again, this time spread wide apart from each other. Nervously Liam looks up at Carter. With Liam’s legs spread apart so wide his hole is visible and has easy access for Carter to get inside again. Carter walks over to Liam’s end, he looks over his shoulder at Wyatt and Finn who are trying to ride themselves on Eric and Ridge, they’re grunting, biting their teeth and have their legs closed, trying to take those dicks inside them, he grins and then turns to Liam “Let’s have some fun” Carter starts to push in his dick, he starts off gentle. Liam didn’t expect that because he was bracing himself by holding the end of the table. Slowly Carter comes inside and Liam looks into Carter’s eyes, he lets his fingers go loose from the end of the table but then halfway Carter rams his cock deep inside. Liam’s whole body shivers and he’s in shock, squealing by the feeling of that big cock ramming inside him again. “Never let your guard down” Carter says, wrapping his arms underneath Liam, holding the bottom stud by his shoulders he starts to fuck him hard and deep. Liam’s legs dangle in the chains while being fucked. Carter hangs over Liam, his face close to Liam’s, looking Liam in the eyes. Liam moans loudly, Carter’s big masculine body laying on top of Liam’s studly body, skin against skin, rubbing against each other. Liam’s hard cock rubbing between their bodies, against Carter’s rock hard abs. A feeling Liam never felt, he’s enjoying being fucked like this. “Fuck …. mmmm. this… mmmm” Liam tries to say during the moaning. “What stud, tell me?” Carter asks. Liam looks at Carter, lifting his head a little, realizing he’s really enjoying it. “Tell me, stud?” Carter asks again “You’re liking it aren’t you?” Liam nods yes, shocked about it. “You like me deep inside you don’t you?” Carter says. “Ye…. yes… mmmm” Liam stutters. “You like me deep inside you?” “Yes, give it to me” Liam confesses. Carter looks at Liam’s lips and presses his lips against Liam’s. Liam gives himself over to Carter and Carter gets his tongue inside Liam, letting his tongue wrestle with Liam’s Liam wraps his arms around Carter to hold on, letting the black stud fuck him deep. Wyatt is surprised to see Liam like that and loses his balance for a moment, getting to lay against Eric, looking up, seeing Eric’s face, they look at each other, feeling kinda awkward. Wyatt feels Eric’s dick deep inside him, trying to get the old man to cum so it will be over. Eric moans, feeling his dick deep inside Wyatt’s ass, grinding on his cock. Wyatt’s cock is standing straight up, obviously he’s having pleasure in having Eric’s dick against his prostate. Wyatt’s body covered in sweat, his back rubbing against Eric’s old sweaty body. Eric growls, feeling his cock being pumped. Meanwhile Finn’s cock stands straight forward, bursa escort he really let’s himself bounce on Ridge’s dick, moaning and enjoying this new found feeling of sexual pleasure. Ridge looks at Finn’s masculine sweaty back and also finds new pleasure in having his cock being ridden by a man. Ridge has his fingers spread apart and Finn gets his fingers between, holding their hands and finding some connection in the intimate feelings of this fuck. Ridge’s mature body is covered in sweat, feeling his dick being pumped by Finn’s tight ass bouncing on it. Finn sweats and his body is flexed, riding that cock. “Fuck man, you have a sweet ass to fuck” Carter admits looking at Liam. “Give it to me, please continue” Liam begs. “Oh yeah, I’m not done with you” Carter replies, holding Liam tight by his shoulders, fucking him deep and his masculine body rubbing against Liam’s studly body. Carter and Liam moan, grunt and kiss. Liam’s and Carter’s bodies are covered in sweat. “Stroke that dick stud” Carter commands. Liam reaches for his dick and starts stroking it while Carter gets up and fucks Liam hard. Carter starts taking his dick out and ramming it back in for a while. “FUCK” Liam almost cries out, feeling that big cock hitting his prostate bringing shivers of pleasure through his body. Eric starts to moan a bit louder but not as much as Liam’s doing, Liam is filling the room with his moans, turning all the men on even more. Wyatt’s cock stands straight up, feeling Eric’s body against his back and that cock deep inside him, Wyatt then suddenly shoots a big load in the air, it lands on the floor. “Oh shit” Wyatt moans out, cumming like crazy. Wyatt’s moaning and his ass tightening around Eric’s cock makes the old man start cumming inside Wyatt, filling Wyatt’s ass. Wyatt lays against Eric looking up, seeing the man he sees as a mentor and extra father cumming, filling his inside. Finn watched how Wyatt and Eric just came next to him, he looks down at his rock hard cock, feeling Ridge’s cock rubbing against his prostate, he looks up suddenly, feeling a shot of pleasure going through his body making him cum. He shoots his load all over the place. Finn never came as much as he does now. Ridge is amazed by Finn’s load. “Damn” he says out loud, he realizes he’s close as well. Carter pounds Liam so hard and Liam holds the side of the table tight. Liam’s body is all flexed, showing his abs and nice round pecs. Suddenly the screws of the table come out of the floor from the hard rough pounding Carter is giving to Liam. Liam feels the table move a little to the back “Wow, fuck” he says out of shock. “Come on stud, cum for me” Carter demands, covered in sweat pounding Liam hard and rough. Ridge feels Finn’s tight ass bouncing on his cock, Finn’s cock still hard, leaking sperm. Wyatt lays against Eric, looking at his brother being fucked hard by Carter, hearing him moan loudly. Finn also looks at how Liam is being taken by Carter, shocked but excited. Eric is still recovering from cumming deep inside Wyatt. Ridge feels Finn’s ass still bouncing on him and is impressed that he still has the energy to bounce and ride him after cumming. Ridge suddenly shoots his load inside Finn. Ridge cums so much it leaks out of Finn’s ass against his leg and runs down Ridge’s legs. “Aaaaarrrggghh….” Ridge growls, cumming so much inside Finn. Carter keeps on pounding Liam. Liam keeps on stroking his cock as his whole body flexes, almost lifting completely from the table. Liam cums all over himself, his stomach and abs covered in his own sperm. Carter feels Liam’s ass tighten around his cock and he keeps on pounding, feeling he’s close. “That’s it stud, this is some real fucking” Carter says proudly. Liam moans like crazy, having little shots of pleasure still going through his body and his cock still cumming and then Carter howls, cumming deep inside Liam, filling the stud with his hot jizz. “FUCK …… FUCK ….. FUCK …..” Carter shouts, filling Liam up. Liam feels Carter’s juices flowing inside him, filling him completely up as the sperm starts leaking out of Liam’s hole on the table. Carter gives Liam a few more deep poundings to really empty himself inside the stud. Liam and Carter look at each other, pleasure on their faces after cumming. Carter rubs his hands over Liam’s body rubbing his sperm all over his abs and stomach. Then Carter exits Liam’s hole and a big amount of sperm flows out of Liam’s hole. “Fuck man, that was hot” Liam admits. Carter winks at Liam “You did good” Carter unchains Liam’s legs and Liam sits up, Carter walks over to Liam and grabs him for a kiss “Thanks for letting me fuck you” Liam still recovering “You’re welcome I guess” Carter turns to the other men, seeing them all satisfied and tired. Finn turns his head over his shoulder and looks at Ridge, they share a look and Ridge winks at Finn. Finn suddenly feels he’s getting freed by Carter and smiles at Ridge. Liam slowly gets to stand and hangs against the table, still wobbly from the wild fucking Carter just gave him. Wyatt gets pulled up by Carter “Even you did great stud” Wyatt is just quiet, he can’t wrap his mind about how he could cum and enjoy this. Carter frees Wyatt as well. All the men stand up and are quiet for a while, looking at Carter. “I suggest we will stay discreet about what happened here” Carter suggests. All the men nod yes. Carter switches the lights on and the men see their clothes laying on the floor, they start to get their clothes and get dressed. “I hope we can do this again” Carter says standing next to Liam. “Yeah, maybe” Liam says, with a smile. “Wyatt I uhm” Eric starts. “No need to say anything” Wyatt says. “I guess I am sorry” Eric insists. “It’s okay” Wyatt suddenly says “It wasn’t that awful” he admits. “Really?” Eric says surprised. “Yeah, I don’t know if I would do it again, but it was nice to cum” Wyatt says. “Finn…. I…” Ridge stutters. “It was fun” Finn suddenly says. “Uhm… yeah” Ridge agrees. Carter smiles, seeing the men has found a new kind of pleasure because of this. When they are all dressed the men take the stairs, leaving the dungeon. Only Carter stays inside the dungeon and starts cleaning but suddenly gets joined by Eric “Next time tell me you have this planned” “I’m sorry it all went so quick” Carter admits. “Thank you for this” Eric says. “No problem and it was a good idea to keep this room hidden” Carter replies. “It sure was, certainly after this” Eric agrees with a smile. Carter winks at Eric. ********************************* If you enjoyed the story or have a request please send me a message For more stories from me, visit ook/groups/480903845719867 Please donate to Nifty for support to let this great site and it’s archive free.

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