Foxy Bargains


When Mary first saw her, she could barely believe her eyes. She knew that wild fox girls lived in these woods, but it was exceptionally rare to meet one and those who did usually caught only a brief glimpse before they ran off to disappear behind the trees. So few humans had actually interacted with them that for half of the things known about them it was hard to say if they were fact or fiction. And yet there she had it: A real life fox girl, drinking from a small stream not even a hundred meters in front of Mary.

The stories had been right in at least one way: The fox girl was a real beauty. She was surprisingly tall with a slender body and perfectly flawless skin. Not even a single speck of dirt stuck to her, even though she was crouching naked in the mud. It had to be a side effect of their magical origin. Even more notable were, of course, the cute fox ears and the bushy tail. Mary was too far away to make out any more details, but even so she felt an irresistible urge to walk over and pet her. She was dying to find out how fluffy these ears and the tail felt.

Mary tried to clear her head. Yes, the fox girl was cute as hell, but that didn’t mean she could just lay hands on her like that. Besides, it wasn’t even likely that she’d be able to, given how skittish this species was said to be. Then again, the forest wasn’t very thick in this area and Mary was standing pretty much in plain view. The fox girl must’ve noticed her already. That she was still there had to be a good sign.

The moment Mary wanted to take the first step, the fox girl stopped drinking and looked at her, her fluffy ears raised. She was too far away to read the fox girl’s impression, but she was clearly inviting Mary to come closer, as long as she stayed out of grasping distance.

Only when she’d gone half the way did Mary wonder how she could be so sure about what the fox girl wanted. She recalled hearing somewhere that fox girls didn’t speak and instead communicated via telepathy. Maybe it was that, even though Mary had always imagined telepathy being someone else’s voice in your mind. This here was more like a strong gut feeling.

Whatever it was, the fox girl did indeed let her come up to about three meters. Then she let out a short hiss and Mary instantly froze in place. Up close she got a good look at the fox girl’s chest-long light brown hair and her bangs. She idly wondered if the fox girls cut each other’s hair or if their style was kept going by the same magic that made them immune to dirt. Not that Mary wasted too many thoughts about such banalities. The ears looked even fluffier from up close. Besides, the fox girl had the prettiest full lips Mary had ever seen on another woman and the cutest nose. Mary estimated her to be around twenty, or at least that was the age she’d have assigned her if she’d been a human. Not that she knew for certain how that math worked with fox girls.

For a long minute nothing happened. The fox girl didn’t run away, but she also didn’t come any closer. She just looked at Mary with curious and somewhat expectant eyes. It was clear that she was waiting for something, but Mary had no idea what she was supposed to do. So much for the wonders of telepathy.

“If you want, I have some chocolate cookies with me.” Mary felt stupid saying it, but it was the only thing she could think of and also the only thing she could offer. If fox girls were like normal foxes, she’d prefer a piece of meat, but Mary had only come to the forest for a quick stroll, so there’d been no need to pack more than a snack. And even if the cookies should be an acceptable treat, there’d so far been no indication that her new friend could even speak, let alone understand her language.

However, while the fox girl stayed silent, she tilted her head and came a step closer. Mary tried not to get distracted by the fact that she could’ve almost touched the naked girl if she’d reached out. “You want a cookie?”

The fox girl licked her lips. Communication seemed to work fine, at least in one direction. Mary took her very unprofessional snack bag out of her pocket. It wasn’t really a bag and more a random piece of cloth she’d wrapped the sweets in. The cookies already stuck together from the melting chocolate, so when Mary broke a piece off of the crumbly and sticky lump, it didn’t exactly look like the prettiest cookie ever. It was all she had, though, so she’d just have to hope that her new friend didn’t mind.

The fox girl carefully sniffed istanbul travesti at the cookie, her ears standing to attention. After giving it brief consideration, she smiled. But instead of taking the cookie, she leaned forward and closed her mouth around it while it was still in Mary’s hand.

“Hey, I… I mean…” Mary suppressed the impulse to pull her hand back. She was afraid it would scare the fox girl off. And it wasn’t like she minded feeding the fox girl like this, at least once the initial shock had worn off. The girl’s teeth felt sharper than human ones, but she was careful enough not to hurt Mary when her teeth scraped over her skin. Her tongue also felt rougher than Mary had expected, but it wasn’t a bad feeling, Especially when the fox girl licked the last crumbs from her fingers, already looking up to her with expectant eyes.

“You want more? If you want, you can have them all.” Mary wasn’t going to risk anything by being stingy. She did, however, make a point of offering her new friend one cookie at a time. Feeding the fox girl was too adorable to rush it. If adorable was the right word. Well, it was, no questioning that, but Mary couldn’t deny that this wasn’t the only feeling she got when that hot naked woman licked her fingers. She wondered if the fox girl knew what effect she had on her and if that was the reason she wasn’t using her hands. Or the reason she had such a naughty smile when she sucked Mary’s finger with more enthusiasm than would’ve been strictly necessary.

All too soon the cookies were gone. The fox girl licked the palm of Mary’s hand a few more times until she was absolutely sure she hadn’t missed even the smallest crumb. Then she yapped happily and ran off into the forest. Before Mary had time to feel disappointed, she got the strong notion that the fox girl wanted her to follow her.

Indeed, while the fox girl walked fast, it couldn’t be a coincidence that she always stayed within Mary’s field of vision. Mary still didn’t dare to slow down, though, even when the fox girl lead her off the trails into the darker and more overgrown parts of the forest. She hoped she’d be able to find her way back later, but that was something she could worry about when the time had come. For the moment all she had to care about was not losing sight of the fox girl.

Thankfully she’d picked sturdy clothes for her walk. Even with them, she still earned herself a couple of scratches as she broke through the dense vegetation. She wasn’t going to be deterred by such small issues, though. If a date with a hot fox girl wasn’t worth a few bruises, then she didn’t know what was.

She caught up to the fox girl at the entrance of a small cave. Her new friend’s skin still was perfectly flawless. The magical protection had to be pretty strong. If Mary had ran naked through all that undergrowth and thorny shrubs, she’d have come out on the other side half flailed. Even with her sturdy clothes, her hands were scratched all over and some of the thorns had even managed to attach her through her trousers.

When she looked at the fox girl, though, all these minor inconveniences didn’t matter. Maybe it was due to this strange kind of telepathy, but the atmosphere had shifted. The fox girl’s face now showed a different kind of hunger and Mary could think of worse fates then becoming her snack. She still yearned to find out if these ears were as fluffy as they looked. Or how it would feel to kiss those full lips. She took a step towards the fox girl, only to get hissed at.

The fox girl didn’t like that Mary was still wearing clothes. That knowledge was so clear in Mary’s mind, any doubts about this telepathy thing were gone. The message still didn’t take the form of words, though. It was just the concept of what the fox girl wanted appearing inside Mary’s head.

Not that the intricacies of how telepathy worked were on the forefront of Mary’s mind. There was no one around except for the fox girl, so she had no reason to hesitate. Her new friend circled her as she lost her clothes, piece by piece. It was a little unnerving, especially since the fox girl made a point of sniffing Mary in various places.

Mary had never considered herself all that conscious about her body, but she still blushed when she lost her underwear and the fox girl crouched down to sniff her crotch. Her rough tongue lapped at her pussy, making Mary gasp. She hadn’t realized how aroused she’d already become. She wanted to grab istanbul travestileri the fox girl by her adorable ears and properly shove her face between her legs, but after only that one brief lick her new friend had already stood up again and gone off into the cave.

Mary followed, her heart being not the only thing about her that was throbbing. The floor of the cave was soft soil, perfect for rolling around on. The fox girl stood in the middle of it and regarded Mary with an intense glare. A clear notion hung in the air: The fox girl was ready to indulge Mary’s wishes, but only if she got something in return.

“May I… May I kiss you?”

The fox girl bared her teeth. Mary got the idea: Her friend would only let herself be kissed if she was allowed to put her mark on Mary.

Sticking out her neck took some willpower. These teeth were sharp and the fox girl had a feral glimmer in her eyes. Then again, offering herself like that gave the situation an excitingly primal touch. “Do it.”

The fox girl sunk her teeth into Mary’s neck. She didn’t break the skin, but just barely, and she sucked so hard that Mary was sure the bruise was going to be visible for at least a week. That thought sent warm shivers down her spine. If the fox girl was this enthusiastic in staking her claim on her, she must’ve gotten the hots for her pretty badly.

Mary’s neck throbbed painfully when the fox girl let go, but she resisted the urge to touch it. She didn’t want it to look as if she was hiding her new mark, when in reality she carried it with pride. And besides, now it was her turn to take what she wanted.

She moved in and kissed the fox girl’s soft lips. Within seconds they got more intense, clasping each other, their tongues furiously lapping against each other. Mary felt two lines of sharp prickles on her back. In her passion, the fox girl didn’t care what she stuck her claws into. Mary didn’t mind. She moved her own hand up from her friend’s back to her neck and further. It was finally time to pet those ears.

Before she could reach them, the fox girl broke the kiss and moved away, hissing at her again.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t…” A telepathic message interrupted her. Petting the ears of a fox girl was considered a great honor. It wasn’t a privilege they sold off cheaply.

That didn’t mean it was out of the picture, though. Only that Mary had to come up with a high enough offer. And she was horny enough to go pretty high. Especially if this also gave her a pretense to let her spend more time with the fox girl.

“If you let me pet you, I’ll stay here for the night. And you can do with me whatever you want.”

The fox girl immediately offered her head, which should’ve warned Mary that maybe she’d gotten a bit overboard. She didn’t think about it, though, because the furry ears felt just too amazing under her fingers. It was like stroking the biggest, cutest cat in the world. And the fox girl clearly enjoyed it, too. She had closed her eyes and almost purred when Mary scratched the spot behind her ears.

Mary could’ve easily continued for an hour, but soon the fox girl grew restless. She’d opened her eyes again and regarded Mary with a grin that was showing her sharp white teeth. It was time for Mary to stick to her end of the bargain. “So, what are you going to do to me now?” She hoped that it would be something naughty, and she didn’t get disappointed.

The fox girl pushed her over onto the soft floor and crawled on top of her. She quickly positioned herself so she almost sat on Mary’s face, a bit bent down, but not quiet in the sixty-nine position. Her nails tickled Mary’s lower belly.

Mary hadn’t expected to get straddled like that, but she sure as hell wasn’t going to complain. Her new friend had the sexiest pussy, hidden under a bushel of rust-brown hair. And her juices had such a nice earthy, almost minty taste to them. Mary didn’t have all that much practice when it came to making another woman happy with her mouth, but she was going to give it her best shot.

She had to do at least something right, for the fox girl got excited quickly. Very excited. She didn’t get loud, except for an occasional yelp when Mary’s tongue hit an especially sweet spot. Instead she became all touchy and playful with her hands. Her nimble hands that ended in deceptively sharp claws.

Mary moaned as the fox girl ruthlessly scratched at her upper thighs. Each scratch left a prickly line that travesti istanbul kept burning long after the fox girl had moved on to a new spot. Mary didn’t know if the claws actually broke the skin, but several spots burned painfully enough that they might have. When the fox girl attacked her again, dragging her nails all over the sides of her legs and ass, Mary wanted to grit her teeth to help her endure it, but she didn’t allow herself to do that. She needed to keep her tongue out and busy if she wanted to keep serving the fox girl. And she had promised to be down with whatever her new friend, or rather her new Mistress, wanted to do to her. If she wanted to use her as a scratching post, Mary would gladly become one. And there was another thought that got her all hot: If the fox girl already started out this intense, what more would she put Mary through before the morning came?

She slowly got used to the scratching, even if her belly and upper legs were soon covered in a burning web of countless scrapes. But when two rows of sharp teeth closed on the soft flesh on the inside of her thighs, Mary let out a small scream. She pressed her eyes shut and tried to block out the pain, to concentrate on nothing but the task in front of her, to feel nothing but that comforting minty taste and the texture of her Mistress’ soft nether lips against her tongue.

The fox girl must’ve noticed that Mary was approaching her limits, but instead of biting less hard, she reached over and gave Mary’s pussy a couple of forceful rubs.

Mary screamed again, but this time not from the pain. Being abused by the fox girl must’ve struck a note in her, for that short rubbing, wild and unfocused as it was, sent her almost all the way to the edge. The hot pleasure mixed with the constantly itching scratches to become an exquisite cocktail that filled her mind with a warm, pink fog. Mary immediately redoubled her efforts, hungrily lapping at the fox girl’s tasty pussy. If she made her Mistress happy, maybe she’d get more.

The high pitched yelps got more frequent, but the best reward for her troubles was when the fox girl stopped biting Mary’s leg and instead showered her pussy with a stream of ruthless licks. Mary had already noticed how rough the fox girl’s tongue was, but she still hadn’t expected how amazing that roughness would feel when it slid over her eager clit. Red lights danced in front of her closed eyes as she kept licking as well, relishing the feeling of her whole abdomen contracting in the expectation of a glorious orgasm.

The fox girl came with a loud shriek. Her whole body shook on top of Mary, her claws digging even harder into her legs. The pain brought tears to Mary’s eyes and she silently cursed the fact that the fox girl hadn’t lasted for the few seconds longer it would’ve taken herself to come. But really, she couldn’t have been happier. It might’ve been the telepathy, or just a stroke of empathy, but she vicariously felt the fox girl’s pleasure and how satisfied she was with her.

When she was done, the fox girl yapped happily and rolled up on top of Mary. She closed her eyes, using Mary’s breasts as her pillow.

“Going to sleep already?” Going by the light outside the cave, it was barely evening yet. And, more importantly, Mary still had some unfinished business.

The fox girl didn’t even open her eyes to send her a telepathic message. She needed to rest for a bit, but there was more to come during the night. Possibly much more. Without clear words it was hard to tell, but Mary got the phantom sensation of lots and lots of tongues and teeth in her mind.

“Does that mean you’re gonna return the favor? I… you got me kinda… excited.”

This time the fox girl raised her head and looked at her. Her grin had a malicious streak to it. The telepathic message was a bit more complicated, but it seemed to be something along the lines of “You haven’t bargained for that yet.”

“Wait, you’re not going to let me…”

The fox girl just licked her lips with an evil glimmer in her eyes before she went back to her nap. Mary’s pussy throbbed painfully at the realization that it might receive tons of sex, possibly involving tons of that amazing rough tongue, but not the release it yearned for.

Maybe the fox girl would let herself be bargained with. Mary had already offered herself, but she could always offer more. She was only afraid that it might become a lot more. If a night of sexual slavery bought her just five minutes of head petting, she’d have to come up with something really intriguing and depraved to buy herself an orgasm from the fox girl. On the other hand, she thought, arousal clouding her better judgment, that at least gave her a chance to stay with her new fox Mistress for a long time to come.

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