Fraternity Discipline Pt. 02


“Take of your clothes Phil. You can leave on your underwear for now.” Jason commanded.

Phil complied, hastily removing his shirt when Jason stopped him.

“What’s the rush man? Relax. Little slower.” Jason chuckled. Phil was perplexed by his casual friendly attitude. The brothers at the head table said nothing while the lights shone on him. Phil revealed his well-defined chest and abs. The cool room caused his small pink nipples to stiffen a little. He removed his shoes and socks then his pants showing his thick legs. They had ample hair, but he trimmed ahead of a date earlier that week making them less hairy than usual. He stood before the committee and his buddy in his tight white briefs. His large glutes filled out the briefs well and the outline of his penis was clearly visible. The situation felt mildly embarrassing but certainly not humiliating. Phil thought it was going pretty well so far.

“Have a seat in the chair bro. I’ll secure you in.”

Phil did as instructed. Jason walked behind him and picked up the rope which he used to secure his arms and feet to the sides of the chair leaving Phil sitting with his legs open and his arms wresting on the arm rests. Jason sat in the stool next to him and put his elbow on Phil’s leg.

“We’re going to have a little bro talk okay Phil. You know- one buddy to another. Don’t mind those guys.” Jason chuckled. He talked to him like he usually would if they were alone. This made it even more unsettling. Phil was beginning to wish Jason would go back to calling him “Brother” and he could go back to calling Jason “Brother Alves”. Maybe this was all part of the punishment. He had no clue where it was heading but knew it wasn’t anywhere good.

“How was your little date with Jess last night? You told me it went well but I want all the deets,” Jason prompted.

Phil was mortified. Jessica was girl from the sister sorority with whom many of the freshman brothers were trying to score. Phil genuinely liked her and tried to keep it secret precisely to avoid conversations like this. Now his best friend was not only letting the other frat brothers know but also forcing him to talk about it.

“What? I..” SLAP. Jason slapped him across his face so hard that his eyes began to water. Phil looked at him in disbelief.

“The next time you start an answer with a question, it’ll be harder,” said Jason coldly. “Now, back to Jess. Tell be about what happened after the date. I’m your best buddy so I know if you’re lying. Remember that.”

“We did stuff,” replied Phil meekly. The guys at the head table jeered and cheered. “Deets!” one shouted.

“You dirty dog,” Jason laughed tousling Phil’s hair, “What did you do bro?”

No use in trying to avoid the question. “We had sex.” The guys at the front cheered and laughed again.

“Just sex? Nothing else? Did she suck your cock Philly boy?” Jason probed. This seemed like the kind of conversation they’d usually have over beers and video games- not while Phil was tied down to a chair in his underwear.

“Damn Phil. We’ve fucked chicks together bro so I know you’re not small. She fit that whole fat cock of yours in her mouth?” Jason started to gently run his hand on Phil’s chest. It lingered at his right nipple. Phil couldn’t believe what was going on when Jason squeezed his nipple hard and prompted him back to reality.

“Yes. She put it all in Ankara escort her mouth,” Phil answered with a little shiver in his voice.

Jason gently teased the nipple as he pushed Phil to reveal more.

“How did she suck it? Close your eyes and tell me.”

Phil had an idea of what was expected of him now. “She started at the tip, using her hands and licking right under the head. Then she licked my precum and went all the way to the base.” Jason teased his other nipple while he recounted.

“Nice bro! See that wasn’t too hard to talk about. Although something is hard.” The guys at the front table laughed. Jason snickered. Phil looked down to see the front of his briefs clearly outlining his erect cock. To make matters worse. A wet spot had formed on the fabric. “Jessica took all that? She must be a fucking champ huh Brother?” shouted a brother at the head table.

“Did she suck those big balls of yours too, bro?”

“Yes,” Phil conceded. There was no hiding anything now.

“Didn’t realize she was such a freak Phil. I bet you made her eat out your ass didn’t you?”

“No! I didn’t,” Phil was really beginning to feel the embarrassment. A guy liking to have his ass eaten was something he might admit to his best buddy but certainly not to a raucous group of frat bros.

“C’mmon buddy. Don’t deny it. You know you like to have that big cyclist booty of yours eaten don’t you?” Jason looked him in the eye. Phil had already admitted this to Jason in private so he couldn’t lie.


“Yes what?” Jason responded intently.

“Yes. I like to have my big cyclist booty eaten by a girl”. More snickers and laughter were heard from the crowd. Phil’s erection was still clearly visible and twitching. This did not go unnoticed.

“Damn Philly boy! Our little convo really got you going didn’t it? You’re fucking leaking and twitching bro! And right in front of your brothers too. Thing about choosing your best buddy to carry out your punishment is that he knows all the right buttons to press.” Jason joked as he playfully flicked Phil’s nipple. “How long did you last while fucking her bro?”

“Fifteen minutes,” responded Phil stoically.

“Tisk tisk. That just won’t do Philly boy. You got the Sigma-Phi reputation to uphold every time your fuck a chick. What do you say fellas? Should we help our fellow brother here get up to standard?” The guys responded with cheers.

“I agree! Let’s get this underwear off bro. That looks a little uncomfortable anyhow.” Jason took a scissors and snipped the sides of briefs. At the second snip, the elastic snapped back to reveal his fully erect 8 inch cock. It was the first time his brothers, except for Jason, had seem him in this state. His pink head peaked through the foreskin and his large balls hung loosely in their sack. The base of his hairy crack was also slightly visible under his gooch. “Nice one Phil!” shouted a brother. He was deeply ashamed to be in this state.

“Don’t you worry bro! We’ll get you fucking like a true Sigma-Phi brother in no time. You just need a little conditioning.” Jason reached out and gently touched his balls. Phil, startled, tried in vain to close his legs

“What the hell?! Bro..” SLAP. Jason slapped him across the face again and he made good on his promise that it would be harder than the first. “Remember the rules about not trying to hide anything,” Ankara escort bayan Jason said sternly. The slap hurt even more deeply when he thought about the fact that it was being done by someone he called his best friend for five years.

Phil shakily opened his legs and gave James access to his most intimate parts. Jason reached out and gently took a hold of his balls.

“Damn. These are some heavy fuckers right here buddy. Looks like they need some emptying.” Phil was shivering with fear not knowing what his friend planned to do with his balls.

“Oh, are you scared I’m going to hurt them? No need to worry man. I’d never be that cruel to my buddy.” The guys to the front whispered and snickered again. Phil knew something bad was coming. “On the contraire Phil, I’m going to be as gentle and delicate as you can possibly imagine.”

Jason teased and slowly tickled Phil’s balls until his scrotum tightened up making them even more sensitive to his touch. Phil shuddered and whimpered. There was no longer laughing or cheering- the room had gone silent except for Phil’s stifled moans and laboured breathing. Having conducted many disciplinary sessions, the head table knew not to interrupt the most intimate parts of the punishment.

Jason put his other hand behind Phil’s neck and leaned into his ear while he continues his ministrations of his ball sack. “That’s it bro. We’ll get through this together,” whispered Jason. A single tear rolled down Phil’s cheek.

“Ohh. It’s too much Jason. I feel like I need to..” Phil stopped short of saying what he needed.

“Need to what? C’mmon bro, you can tell me.”

“I need to bust man. I need to fucking bust.” Phil pleaded.

“I haven’t even touched your cock. Be patient. You’re gonna last longer that fifteen minutes next time you fuck Jessica,” Jason joked,

With that, Jason grasped Phil’s thick shaft and squeezed hard forcing a clear tear of precum through his slit. It rolled down his tip. Phil moaned loudly and Jason immediately released.

“Brother Alves,” said Max, “I hate to interrupt but you’ve neglected that our disciplined brother here is uncut.”

“Oh. Thanks for reminding me Brother Senior.” Jason replied curtly. Phil had hoped Jason would have forgotten.

“Remember Philly boy, no hiding of intimate parts from punishment. And what’s more intimate and sensitive that your big cock head. Just seems wrong that I should let something so tender stay hiding beneath your foreskin. Let’s get your turtle to come out its shell”

With that, Jason gently peeled back the generous foreskin until it sat comfortably behind the rim of the cock head. Phil’s frenulum and glans where now exposed to Jason’s whims. He reached under the stool and pulled out two paint brushes. Jason then got up and kneeled behind Phil’s chair. His mouth was just behind Phil’s ear and his hands with the oiled paint brushes reached menacingly in front of Phil. This allowed Jason access while giving the other brothers an unobstructed view to the all the places about to be teased, tickled, and stroked. The brushes were gentle, yet effective, administrators of punishment for young men at the peak of their sensitivity.

The first brush unexpectedly brushed against Phil’s left nipple coating it in a thin oily slick. This caused him to let out a loud involuntary gasp and his cock to give a strong twitch. Escort Ankara He could feel the eyes of his brothers to the front burning through him. Phil’s grunts and moans echoed through the room and were met with silence. The only other faint sound that could be heard were Jason’s soft whispers in his ear.

“That’s it Phil. Just let it out. No need to hold back in front of your brothers,” Jason whispered behind Phil’s neck.

Jason slid the brushes down Phil’s stomach causing him to let out a small giggle. They diverged at his crotch. One brush slid up to his shiny, pre-cum slicked cock head while the other playfully danced on his full, swollen balls. The cock brush teased against the rim of his head before migrating toward his sensitive frenulum. Another shudder and gasp. Phil had given up on trying to stifle or hide his sounds.

“Please Jason. I need just a little more. I need to bust so bad!” he begged. Phil, who had never been remotely curious in guys, was now begging his friend to let him cum.

“Shhh, no begging, bro. I’ll know when to let you bust. Remember that this is all part of your punishment.” Responded Jason with a hint of sympathy.

The brush on Phil’s balls began to migrate further down across his gooch to the small tuft of hair surrounding the base of his crack. This caused him to jump at the sensation as the brush explored the crevasse to reach his most secret and intimate place. He let out a loud giggle that quickly turned to a moan. The brush then returned to his balls and migrated between the two spots.

Jason continued his gentle, but torturous, touches for another 30 minutes. Phil’s gasps and shivers were met with soft encouraging words. This actually made him more desperate for release. Jason was right- he knew exactly which buttons to push. The brushes were then removed. Phil felt a mix of relief and frustration.

“Whaduya say boys, has our brother endured enough?” Jason asked the head table.

“Hmm. I suppose you can finish him up,” shouted Max. The brothers laughed along. Jason reached under the chair and pulled out a fully lubed fleshlight. Phil’s eyes widened. His buddy was really going to make him blow his load in front of his frat brother.

“Okay! Here’s how this is going to work Phil- I’m going to move this nice and slow on your hard cock. If you can last 5 minutes, I give you a pat on the back and we move on to the last stage of your punishment. If you don’t last for five minutes, there’ll be additional consequences. Got it?”

Last stage? Consequences? Phil’s mind was racing. He nodded meekly, his exhaustion showing on his face. He watched as Jason lowered the slick fleshlight onto his pulsating cock. He rocked his head back as the wetness and warmth enveloped his sensitive meat. The need to shoot his load was immediate. The first 3 minutes were absolute torture. He’s been trying so hard to cum for the past 30 minutes that it seemed impossible to hold himself back for another five.

The fourth minute reached and Jason began to cradle Phil’s balls while working the fleshlight.

“Oh shit bro! I can’t hold it anymore! I need to bust now!” declared Phil with 45 seconds left. The brothers had gone back to their raucous jeering as the time drew near.

“Hold it man!” shouted Jason.

“I can’t! I just can’t bro! I’m sorry J!” Phil felt his asshole tighten and his balls contract. With a pulse in his cock, he shot his thick white cum all over his chest with 40 seconds left on the clock. He was an exhausted mess. The room was silent. He fucked up again.

*Read the conclusion of Phil’s punishment in Part 3.*

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